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series multipage Covid 19 2020-2021

Creative writing
Silent no more...
Oct 2020

The Land that Time forgot
December 2020

creative writing
Christmas day
Dec 2020


How nuts can 2020 get?
do we rule out a fake
ET Invasion in our lifetime?
Dec 2020

creative writing

creative writing


creative writing


critical thinking

creative research via synchronicity
Computer says yes!
Automated Mind control
Personal testimony

July 2021

creative research via synchronicity
Automated Mind control Part 2
A Cosmic co-incidence theory!

Aug 2021

February - May 2022


The Russia-Ukraine distraction
for WW3 fear-a-ganda!

New April 2022: Old school txt file:

4th industrial opinion:
The Great Reset is
a Rinse & Repeat:
The purpose of the Great Reset is to implement the 4th industrial revolution as assented by royalty and the oligarchical classes - implemented by the self serving political PR class. All of which is completely corrupt in nature & totally unanswerable to any democratic electoral system.

(txt file)
(25 page 108.kb pdf file)

also - follow on news feed txt files through April into May 2022

News feed 1
News feed 2
News feed 3

website now on hiatus

monkeypox is a rinse & repeat

I am tired of repeating myself, increasingly feeling like Winston Smith, filing reports to nothing more than an infernal, Artificially intelligent, gigantic, panoptic machine.

I am a musician and an artist, a writer & poet. I choose to continue as what i've always been, and aspire to be.

I choose NOT to continue as some sort of amatuer slave researcher in a bottomless echochamber - for an insipid cult that hoovers up naive & vulnerable unsuspecting "seekers" of an unreachable impossible goal of the holy grail of 'the final truth'.

It's a Mystery Machine! ZOINKS!

I say no more to groups of people who play cliquey ego games to enable a mini empires built in their minds, for profit & paywalled protectionism of any real semblance of anything mildly interesting.

This page and my creating it over the last 2 years has served to reawaken something that was becoming dormant within me! I am leaner, keener, fitter & back to my fighting weight...

I have left the circus of social media

this site will remain as an archival evidence of what i thought was a good idea at the time. I refuse to telegraph my intentions further.

The internet is Mind Kontrolle - get into real life - and kick the cult!

---message ends---