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The Return of
anti-red Macarthyism:

for those in control of corporate mainstream news outlets - this site represents a neutral area of the internet. I despise all state-political forces of KKKontrol within all State institutions throughout the planet. see this classic bunch of total horseshit for a classic example of such State run ideological linguistic control of information.

Through the Wardrobe - you Narnias!

note; this sites articles within the archive section were updated till 2006. nothing later.

Although you might be able to see back in time here - and figure out the pattern of The Controllers repeating the LIE!

There are some very interesting bits. NEW! 2016 OBSERVATIONS [see left] occasional thoughts on The Forever Terrordome / Neo-Gladio / WW3, predictive programming, techno-fascist & futurist belief enforcement.


CAPTAIN WARDROBE has a mindspew!

the matrix decoded - artificial reality is a CON. Prepare your self.

Happiness is sad: from the album 'The Trauma Diaries'

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define the systems of control


Population educated with elite approved paradigms which are essentially an enforced choice of survival within state mechanism


granted to those who obey indoctrinated aspiration program allow a 'have/have-not' behavioral system of control


The Elite educate the rich/well-bred/obedient other-class to a standard which enables them to obediantly sit in office - while they educate the poor to be able to 'vote' without realising the choice is enforced


Mind control - The combined effects

Our brains decode information
transmission/reception - expression/impression - language - NLP - slang - memetic virus

supplied via a media
sense brain interface/

through a medium
intervening substance through which a force acts or an effect is produced.

within an architecture
energy - access to heat, shelter, location, situation,

under the influence of what our bodies need to sustain themselves
energy - oxygen, food, water, medicine, narcotics

Brain/sense continual awareness
feedback within Reality continuum


Are we indoctrinated by a False dichotomy which is psychologically engrained as an archetype; IE 'society'.

Does this mechanism enable cognitive dissonance to be used as a tool for normality progamming?

In the fake Global War on Terror the concept of 'freedom' has been polarised against the concept of 'terrorism' States justify defending freedom as a form of civilisation, as 'order'.

They define 'acts of terror' as chaos... Theocracy is defined as a state which is political power merged with religious principals. Religion can be defined as a beleif system constructed via a method of teaching / indoctrinating a set of values which are promoted as viable lifestyle.

'Traditional' moral values are polarized against an 'alternative' within a realm of control called society.

We all live in a perpetual grey area defined by a pendulum like swing of values which continually serve to divide and rule humanity.

With each swing of this cultural pendulum, a cultural history is re-worked - morals are re-inforced as totalistic control mechanisms for both 'traditional' and 'alternative' cultures.

Through time these cultures become more defined, as the controllers/leaders/icons of these ideologies seek to justify their own existence.

Is Culture a medium, through which, via the manipulation/steering of imagination and invention, the total control of society is achieved ?

Will unbridled, uncensored imagination become the new terrorism?

Are all creative public acts secretly state sanctioned Imagination control?

Are we being allowed to 'believe' we are FREE?

Abuse / Degradation / Dehumanisation enables conversion mechanism
via aspiration culture reliant on enforced choice of cultural values
debilitation and dehumanization -
consumer is victim as passive slave
Cosmetic Free Market economy - covert mind control mechanism
rehumanized as re-educated, re-alligned, born again convert...

active slave for the cause - the moral majority which seeks to convert those affected by dehumanization

3rd world

non-globalised sector -

labelled as poverty zones - promoted as the 'disease ridden' & 'savage' enemy of 'progress'

areas such as these are rich in 'ancient knowledge' of self sustainability - thus are being 'processed'

geo-politcal asset rape is a hard-war gateway to 'globalisation',

The 2nd worlding of all 3rd world zones

2nd world -

globalised sector

- kept uninformed - dumbed down - compliant via MK operations / soft power

via propaganda...via corporate management of

politics / religion / judiciary / media / education / pharma / agriculture

utilizing the distraction of debts & addiction the choice is simple - wage slavery - or prison

1st world

Corporate Military / Industrial complex -

hold & use highly advanced technology for ultimate strategic advantage over 2nd world:

Elite managers control 'access points' within closed society structure thus ensuring aspiration culture reliant on behavioral conditioning - this guarantees compliant scientists / artisans / workers / soldiers - which willingly work for the globalisation project

Strategy of Tension: Terror Attacks enable draconian measures: who stands to gain?
Attacks! blaming of religion or ideology enable invasions on pretext of terror fight enable Fear based control enable draconian laws enable pre-emptive anti-terror measures enable use of secret locations enable arrests without due cause - on suspicion alone enable terror swoops kidnapping taken / held / abused enable unreliable evidence obtained by torture enable secret evidence in secret courts
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neo-zonal geo-psycho-behaviorism control of access to society control of innovation & imagination

fear of attack enables anti-terror laws / heightened security technology

emergence of new trillion dollar security industry

Enables tagging tracking of goods / humans


DNA Database / ID Cards enable access to vital goods & services to those who obey

Surveillence state & consumer state become merged -

SMART surveillance / access / monitoring via automated interior/exterior architecture


Society is a psycho-controlled hive mind

all products exist only on approval of the Corporate State [Global Cartel]

Education only serves the purpose of indoctrination of useful labor processes for the cause of the Cartels continued existence

dissent to the system promoted as Terror via Public Relations [Corporate Media]

Organised Religion

The promise of martyrdom / rapture / judgement / absolvement / paradise justification via fear of the end of the civilised world gives the elite a vested interest in creating hell on earth via pestilance / plague / famine / war / organised crime / addiction in order to control the flock via guilt / fear / self preservation Evolutionary theory [by no means complete] will be replaced / usurped with intelligent design - God will be promoted as the Great Architect

Neo-Christian / Communism / Islam / Terrorism / WMD threat

fear of the end of the civilised world gives the elite a vested interest in creating hell on earth bastardisation of organised religion/political will - into fundamentalism enforce polarity - promoted indoctrination & programming of clash of civilisations / ideology staged events [synthetic terrorism] creates managed perception of primary threat as a necessary illusion - a controlled nuclear armageddon will be useful in destroying those known to the elites as 'useless eaters'

New age Movement / alternative culture / Environmentalism / Animal Rights / Anti war /

Control of resources for left-wing / dissident / revolutionary movements led to the creation & steering of a political dogma [Aquarian conspiracy] which presents the promise of a 'heaven as a paradise' of Utopia... Green totalitarianism seeks to control the entire world Population via fear / pride / purpose - instinct & necessity for self-preservation & survival seeks to utilise guilt over consumption of products within managed macro-economic system... in order to control political discouse / lobbies for environmental change [steered via BIO-TECH] will give rise to a mandate of total global environmental management ALL Planet Earths utilities & resources will become artificial - 'for the sake of our childrens children'

Climate change / global warming / Earth changes

Control of scientific data via corporate media fear of the end of the civilised world gives the elite a vested interest in creating hell on earth via industrialisation / managed pollution / disease... [see: Geo-Engineering / Weather Manipulation / Sattelite Surveillance / DNA database / Genetic Modification / Nano technology / Agri-Pharma-culture ] with the promotion & gradual implementation of Transhumanism, the true nature of the biosphere as a natural cycle of global warming / cooling will become obsolete - as will the planets necessity for a sun to provide energy and our human necessity to utilise such a system...eventually neo-eugenics will see a guided evolution towards a hive mind which will upgrade towards a point of singularity. This will be the trans-rapture - The uploading of all obedient / useful / necessary consciousness into an architecture / supercomputer [spaceship earth]