by Captain Wardrobe

my name is Captain Wardrobe from the 20th August I no longer will be able to access goods and services. QR code entry points are being introduced by Government dictat without any convincing evidence of a health emergency by the Health Ministry of the ****

i am not a part of your inventory - i, or my data refuse to be listed / used / scanned / tracked / traced / stored / watched / databased / blockchained /

Aug/Sep 2021 New!

- North Cyprus - Welcome to a Dystopian Theme Park ride

- North Cyprus 2 - Pollution - The REAL Cause of Disease

Aug/Sep 2021

- The Futures dream is a shopping spree!

- Vaccine Passport QR System - Gateway to GeoZonal Behaviourism & constant DNA based health monitoring

This is WAR!

Welcome to Bat Country

Spooky Action - July / August 2021

playing the interwebs like pinball

a new series following co-incidences as a dice man type content creation deal. Are our minds becoming trained into simpler polarised / bias towards / entrained in interacting with the way cyber reality is designed to elicit choices & responses?

New Computer says YES!
Strange things happening after watching movies & surfing the interwebs - synchronicity or gradualised digital brain entrainment?

New Cosmic co-incidence theory?
Spooky actions at a distance? synchronicity? From a Dandelion cults disappearance from a Peerless platform, to Quantum parrallel states to a WEF approved digital spacecults city in the a monster starfish attacking a South American island

The Joke is on you!
Global emergency is an Elite deep state spooky operation.

Computer says NO!
The Pingdemic is a behavioural experiment

Be seeing you... The surveillence state is going nano nano!

Welcome to the 21st Century - age of neo-eugenics - round up of the Bio-gEN industry

Delta Variant new wave rinse & repeat The PCR / Vaccine merry go round?

One-State Health Spying / Graphene...and the coming Robotnik quantum brain - Minde Kontrolle is global

be seeing you - July / August 2021

A Critical analysis of Events January 2021
The US election, The Greater Reset & The Washington Coup

Fake Hippys with Burning man / Young Global Leaders / WEF blockchain connections

Q-anon Corporate Shaman & Covid Contreprenuers

Fake new age Ascensionism as
Solarpunk zeitgeist utopianism

Bitcoin as Transhumanist religion

Pt 1 - Hippocrates Shrugs

Pt 2 - Who is Lucien Tarwnoski?

Pt 3 - Washington Woo Woo!

Pt 4 - Politicians will be Politicians

Pt 5 - freedom sells

Hippocrates Shrugs

Captain Wardrobes
21st Century Cyberpunk jams

Feb 2021 - Time To Die? - An Ode to the Replicants

March 2021 - Making Enemies; why calling 'the obedient' names is wrong

Feb 2021 - Humanity is not your enemy.

Dec 2020 - Hey PUNK! What are you going to do about it?

Dec 2020 - The Descent of The Man an old fart reflects on the good old days and the Horror of the NOW!

Christmas Day 2020

Oct 2020 - Silent No More - When i was a kid on my school holidays, we used to sometimes sit and watch telly... the tv show was called 'why don't you'

Welcome to Miseryland

The "Branch Covidian" Conformity Cult
in an Endless Pandemic emergency scenario

April 2020 - Immunity Passports
Are you behaving yourself?

Dec 2020 - Feb 2021 - Immunity Passports 2
Hey! What's the Big Deal?

Feb - March 2021 - Immunity Passports part 3

March - April 2021 - Immunity Passports part 4 - So, as if no one could see this coming - full on technofascism...

Jan 2021 - Are you Having a Bubble?

Global Protests 20th March - Where is this all leading, one has to ask

2 Articles; compare & contrast; how times change

April 2021 - Panic in India

April / May 2021 - Panic in India - Part 2 - The mutating narrative

Pills next - Technofascism in effect...a futureshock happening now.

Weaponized Narratives
Public Relations Psyops
A.I to control the Covid narrative?

April/May 2021 - A Monkey Wrench in The Gears - Revolution?

Archive - 2001 - 2017









Psycopathic upwardly Career towards Korea like a bullshitter in a China syndrome


Give thanks for a slice of Turkey PizzaPie


Innovation Slavery
Control of imagination via corporate consumerism


why it is going nowhere

I was only following last orders


Yes...I'm a looney, Sonny!


The Aliens are coming?


Rant to self? self critisism?-oh, yeah, maaan, the polemics of it all...


A strange dream that I had...


time to wake up


waiting for the mushrooms


Independent media? I don't buy it...
Alternative culture is just as steered as 'normality culture'