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welcome...to the machine
space wars? control of outer space
The control grid Satellite system
Remotely Possible 911 by Drones? Hacked Airspace?

911 NIST - mandate for destruction why did the WTC really come down?
BabyLondon terror is big business
UK Techno-Fascism Geo-zonal behaviorism
UK ID Card/DNA database
Verichip = Human Barcode
PROMIS come down the rabbit hole
Hive mind Brain chips for a machine interface
FMRI - Brain wave command & control P300 brainwave can be manipulated
Ambient Technology all pervasive Global security state
Electro pollution?
management of disease?
Geo - engineering?
The Watson co-incidence
The rise of the machinesArtificial Intelligence/Killer Drones

Why the future doesn't need us. By Bill Joy
The new slaveryrecap on the hive mind...coming control of inner & outer space


Captain Wardrobes

Down with Murder inc.