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DOWN WITH MURDER INC. Bombs in London - strange days indeed

note: June 2006: The following is pure speculation...while the official version of events as portrayed by corporate media via the authorities is as leaky as a sieve...of course the possibility remains that we are living in times which see macho security and think tank / perception management obsessed government overstate preparedness for attack...and hide factors which could have prevented such events

It remains unknown as to whether four men actually bombed London on July 7th...so what follows is how i interpreted the confused media information & Government data

The information conveyed is in no way intended to smear the memories of those who suffered injury and death on that day, or to cause any discomfort or pain...

But...it still doesn't feel right...especially after PM Blair announced that there would be NO public enquiry because this would somehow mysteriously drain vital resources from within the security services...

Update 2006: Intelligence blames lack of resources?

777 nothing to do with Al Q?
PISCES system is CIA window in Pakistan
Public Enquiry ruled out AGAIN
Clarkes "Foreign Criminal scandal" allows final foreigner-terrorist semantic link
Human rights law may be altered for public safety
MI5 infiltrated by Al Q?
Khan visited Parliament & Pakistan in July '04

The London Files - round up: distractions from the inside job...

The political use of African poverty in the events preceding the London Bombings was possibly the most intense use of Mass Media PSYOPS ever seen in the UK. Tony Blair & Gordon Brown milked the whole stage-managed scenario for every angle & every opportunity. ...continued here

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