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distractions from the inside job...

The political use of African poverty in the events preceding the London Bombings was possibly the most intense use of Mass Media PSYOPS ever seen in the UK. Tony Blair & Gordon Brown milked the whole stage-managed scenario for every angle & every opportunity.

The Huge media spin which involved Bob Geldof & Bonos Live8 series of happenings/concert became clearer when it was discovered that movers & shakers ranged from Gordon Browns best buddy, Richard Curtiss to Rupert Murdochs son. It was also leaked that NGO's had major differences with the direction of the Live8/Make poverty history movement, but were silenced along with all other well-intentioned debate & meaningful criticism. The wheels really started to come off when it was discovered that the trademark white wristbands for 'Make poverty history' were manufactured in Chinese sweatshops, and that the performers were ALL white anglo-saxons. A meeting ensued which resulted in Peter Gabriel hastily organising an 'African' ensemble to be presented separately at the Eden project in Cornwall.

Live 8 was presented as the counter to the G8 summit, but was in reality riding on the shirt-tails of grass roots projects. Many 'anarchist type' action & resistance had been prepared for, over a period of several years, via various steered front groups. When the G8 summit began, it soon dawned on many that some of the protest was managed to present the now familiar stereotype of the black attired 'anarchists' as the main face of dissent in UK. Protesters were herded into a field at 'Auchterada' to witness BBC News Cranes and cameras set-up at an area of open fencing, waiting to capture tooled-up Riot police Troop from a Chinook helicopter and run into the hapless crowds.

Every day at least 5 programmes were presented via UK TV & Radio, concerning African themes and poverty issues, which on face value appeared very conscientious. But as events unfolded later this saturation became apparent as perception management, as while this media onslaught continued, in Niger, thousands were screaming for help as a drought meant that crops failed while grain banks refused farmers credit. A Famine was becoming a dangerous possibility...Indeed, it was being 'managed'. While African Development funds say it garauntees its loans... it squeezes the farmer to enable the Multinationals to clear the land ready for another form of harvest... the development of Natural Gas, Oil fields, Minerals and other lucrative bounty.

Coincidently, these operations are defended by private defense firms, such as Aegis, Bechtel. and major benefactors from contracts 'gained' in warzones like Iraq & Afghanistan. Bechtel also have the added wrinkle factor of being a major invester in The London transport tube system via the company 'Tube Lines'

This period of 'Poverty awareness' was to come to a crashing end when the Bombs in London exploded, Blair & Bush both used it in speeches gave on the 7th July, to highlight the way that the 'terrorists' were hell-bent on stopping any meaningful action on Africa...on Poverty & Aids. Climate Change was also a major PSYOP.

A Psyop of 'IMF versus the G8' is briefly presented. The G8 came to an end in relative silence with no attention payed to the actual decisions made by the group. There was to be No debt cancellation, only debt relief, via more loans. A week later Belgian IMF representative Willy Kierkens tells the IMF executive board that "rather than giving full, irrevocable and unconditional debt relief... countries would receive grants.

With relentless Pictures of protestors being abused and trampled littering the Media. The Strange juxta-position with the Live8 gloss is gut-wrenching. Thousands of Police have been rediverted to the Scottish Hills from Cities...What next?

The Olympic bid winners are announced as London are pronounced the hosts for the games in 2012. Thousands gather to celebrate in Trafalgar Square.

And so...The stage has been set...the lines have been rehearsed. Lights, Camera, Action...

note: June 2006: The following is pure speculation...while the official version of events as portrayed by corporate media via the authorities is as leaky as a sieve...of course the possibility remains that we are living in times which see macho security and think tank / perception management obsessed government overstate preparedness for attack...and hide factors which could have prevented such events

It remains unknown as to whether four men actually bombed London on July 7th...so what follows is how i interpreted the confused media information & Government data

The information conveyed is in no way intended to smear the memories of those who suffered injury and death on that day, or to cause any discomfort or pain...

But...it still doesn't feel right...especially after PM Blair announced that there would be NO public enquiry because this would somehow mysteriously drain vital resources from within the security services...


The Official story: Hussain in Kings Cross?

It is 8:55 am on the 7-7 2005

Three bombs have exploded on Tubetrains in
Edgware Rd...Russell Sq & Liverpool St...
a fourth bomber, HASIB MIR HUSSAIN, 18, FROM LEEDS,
is in the Kings Cross Euston area
panicking he decideds to take another route

Huh??? Have a Big Mac 4 martyrdom?

Hussain goes walkabout & texts from McD's

Upon hearing the bombs exploding
Hasib Hussain apparently walked around and then took the no.30
which would be going to Hackney Wick

It is now being asserted he was phoning/texting
his 'bomb buddies' in a Mcdonalds restaraunt - after the explosions!
[this is all media assertion - if evidence of texts exists- where is it?
how can a printout of a text be evidence - so easily counterfeited]

once again we are told there is CCTV footage of Hussain in Kings Cross Mcdonalds

Why would Hussain panic? Apparently he has a bomb in a backpack ...why not just leave the pack in Mcdonalds
Would a suicide bomber care where he blew himself up, after his colleagues have died?

Is this burger munching story trying to insinuate he was considering blowing himself up inside a Mcdonalds?

Are the media further hammering home that Hasib Hussain was really there... and was an Islamic militant Hell-bent on destruction? This is an exercise in trying to get the reader to semantically link the western values of Mcdonalds to the 'suicide bomber' archetype.

Hussain wants to go North?

initially Hasib Hussains movements were reported - that he deviated
'instead of taking a Northern line tube which was closed at the time'
as of Aug 2005 - The Northern line is asserted to have been open
on the morning of 7th July at 8:50
this is all media assertion - how can anyone truly know a mans 'intentions' as there are multiple possibities of routes he could have taken to get to a 'northern area'... there is no way of knowing which tube he might have taken...
If he was there at all...

if he was observing the media spin as this was all taking place....
Hussain would have heard rumours & reports of 6-7 explosions initially

these 6-7 explosions were actually reports coming
from close proximity to the 3 tube bombs

Edgware Rd
[near] Paddington / Baker Street

Russell Sq
[near] Kings Cross

Liverpool St
[near] Moorgate & Aldgate & Aldgate East

reasserted movements

Burning Cross PSYOP

That 'burning cross'

the idea Hasib Hussain wants to get to a northern area comes from
the media assertion that the bombers wanted to make a 'burning cross'

but the bomb that exploded Russell Sq / Kings cross is in a central area
compare to the eastern explosion [Aldgate/Liverpool st]
and the western bomb [Edgware Rd]

Russell Sq / Kings cross
was hardly a 'southern location'

The initial reports space the explosions out over a 26 minute period
but was changed to assert all three tube bombs were simultaneous.
If the simultaneous bomb theory is to stand up -
as the trains were exploding...
one to the east, one to the west and one just out of Kings Cross,
Hasib Hussain would have already been on a train...as part of this operation
not trying to board one...in Kings Cross so why didn't he get on a tube the same time as the other three bombers?


If a burning cross was really the intention of these bombers
and these 'bombers' really did detonate simultaneously
then it would have had to have been a complicated timed scenario
[now using the button detonated bombs as asserted in news reports Aug 25th]
So why was the Russell Sq bomb detonated so quickly after leaving
southbound from Kings Cross ?

The two concepts of the Burning cross & the simultaneous explosions
presents a near impossible task for anyone doing these bombings

"right we are going here, you go here,
and we'll explode together...on the press of a button"

so... this 'burning cross' concept is all an assertion...part of the scripted
psyop to convince the public via media of an 'evil terrorist intention' complete with
religious symbolism, and a helpful threat to all areas of London...

Terror drills

The scenario has been posited that the bombers were duped into carrying bags
as part of an exercise...which was referred to by ex Scotland Yardie Peter Power of Visor risk mangement company...
on a talk radio show BBC 5 Live on the 7th July
it would explain why Hasib Hussain was riding along with three bombers...perhaps he was a wild card?

does this involvement in a terror drill
leave too many things to chance?

in my opinion, Human error is the number one thing which
always occurs, to jeapordize success.
so it would be beneficial to have the
involvement of as few humans in a relationship
with an operation as possible

But perhaps 'The terror drill scenario' is there also as a psyop to convince us that
Hasib Hussain is not only a wild card...but that ALL the Bombers are REAL
and that they were all actually in London...
as part of a plausable scenario which has been
considered by High ranking security professionals.

Power actually says that the exact same scenario was being planned for and envisioned...
this would suggest that three tubetrains and a bus were in the Visor terror drill...a drill supposedly carried out on paper.
These Television & Radio apperances have the purpose of
convincing us that the terrorists were REAL

Yet another Psyop to distract any inquisitive attention away

Tracking back

we have to consider
that they weren't carrying bombs at all

we have to consider that these 'bombers were just patsies
who were tracked by MI5/special forces, who perhaps
had gathered knowledge
that they were taking a holiday / break in London...

recruited via Westminster contacts with Khan...
were they sent whitewater rafting as a surveillance exercise?
for an intelligence cell to monitor and find out their movements?
perhaps steer into coming down to London?
Is this same DET '14th intelligence' that hit Menezes?

perhaps Khan was told he was to have another meeting in
Westminster...so while he was to do this, his buddies would all do their own thing
visit freinds or visit famous Mosques etc...sight-seeing

according to this story by Jason Bennetto of the Independent: The assertion that a Whitewater rafting trip is also attended by the 21 July 'bombers' is in fact a Myth

But is the whole 'bonding holiday' yet another Psyop to distract any inquisitive attention away?
Dry Run?

what is this photo???

The London MET police website has no mention of any CCTV footage from Kings Cross being released...WHY?

Update: bombers now did a dry run!!! But not all of them...

8.10 a.m. - Surveillance footage shows three of the bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Germaine Lindsay and Shehzad Tanweer meet at Luton train station, north of London, buy tickets and board a train to the capital.

8.55 a.m. - The three, dressed casually and with Khan and Lindsay carrying rucksacks, arrive at London's King's Cross station. 12 p.m. - The men are spotted at Baker Street underground station.

12.50 p.m. - Footage shows the men back at King's Cross where they board a train for Luton.

1.40 p.m. - The group arrives back at Luton.

Strangely there are more CCTV pictures of this dry run than any pictures of the 'bombers' on the rail/tube system on the day of the ACTUAL ATTACK...

The 'mastermind'

as the hunt for the bombers began, Media presented various scenarios

a claim made by the Al Masri Hafs brigade appeared, like clockwork

a search for 'the Mastermind' was announced

and reports were circulated that a chemistry student Magdy Elnashar had been arrested in Egypt ...to heighten fear he was initially reported as a biochemist...a few days later he was completely cleared of all accusations.

Further desperate linking was made to Richard Reid - the shoe bomber

While the type of explosives used was being presented as everything from military explosives to perfume, days passed as supposedly expert analysis produced nothing more from the news media but baseless rumour. Speculation continued that the London bombs may have been made from household chemicals this morphed into the 'Mother of Satan' Tabloid rumour. An Israeli newspaper Insider even tried to blame China.

A Bath filled with explosives was reportedly found at 'operational base' of terrorists in Leeds. Luton Station was cordoned off & searched ...cars towed 15-20 miles from Luton Station to Leighton Buzzard, Explosives were 'found'. There was news of a Controlled explosion. The amount of bombs reportedly found varied between 9-16

An Aegis report suggested the possiblility that the explosives were 'constructed by an experienced bomb maker, possibly coming to the U.K. for that very purpose. Aegis, however has a track record of less than savoury mercenary endeavors in both Iraq & throughout the Third world

'Private security officials' in New york announced that London Bombers used commonly available products for their explosives. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the NYPD had clearance from British authorities to present the information during a briefing. It appeared as though the British Authorities were not amused.

Christophe Chaboud, the head of the French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit and one of five senior officials sent by the French government to London immediately after Thursday's attacks, told Le Monde that the explosives used appeared to be of military origin. UK Home Sec. Charles Clarke was apparently furious. But it is not widely known that Eliza Manningham Buller was in France days before the London Bombings. This enitire spectacle of Anglo-US-Franco diplomatic wrangling was a theatre designed to create a distracting intrigue.

The hunt for the mastermind grew to include Pakistan as assertions were made concerning madrasses and terror camps...

Tony Blair said: "Al Qaeda is not an organization. Al Qaeda is a way of working ... but this has the hallmark of that approach."

while, simultaneously, the film-scriptesque hunt for a 'mastermind' continued, and Pakistan signed an extradition treaty with UK ...Stories were then leaked of a bomb making factory in the USA. FBI documents 'obtained' by The Times were said to reveal details of how a London-based cleric Abu Hamza, sent West Yorkshire born Haroon Rashid Aswad to America in 1999 to set up camps in Oregon for U.S.- born recruits.

More strange stories of Aswat permeated the Media, and his arrest in Pakistan was anounced... but this was the wrong man, taken in as mushareff used the London Bombings to issue a crackdown on all dissent. Haroon Rashid Aswad was finally arrested in Zambia. This eventual story led to baseless rumours that, in fact Aswat was a MI6 agent, who had been let go from Pakistan...and finally been picked by his handlers up in Zambia...

No Bombers scenario

Is this what really happened?

As the 4 men were travelling to London on the 7th
they were then pulled over at Luton or the services at Toddington and 'taken away'...

The cars were filled with 'evidence' of '9-13 bombs' and planted in Luton train station car park.

IDs were verified and taken to the 'special ops boys' ready to be planted after the bombs were detonated in London...

if this is so - why leave the parking ticket which
indicates the car was going to be
returned to? Why say the bombers had return tickets?

answer - the whole 'parking ticket'
'return tickets' is a psyop to distract any inquisitive attention away

[The Mirror reported this first - they have history with psyops in Iraq
fake photos - and also has connections via trinity mirror to the Moonies

did the 'bombers' park at Luton station?
or...were the car/s 'placed there'?

the 'return ticket ASSERTION' is tagged onto the car park ticket ASSERTION
it is presented in the same context as the CCTV at Luton
to prove they actually were on the train
so now it doesn't matter whether a 'TRAIN left for Kings Cross at 7:40' or not
because the bombers weren't even in Luton...

Luton Station Psyops

Train times psyop

once again we are presented with a strange situation to deal with... because of the simple lack
of anything to prove they were there at all

CCTV - only in Luton
2 pictures

one of group caught on CCTV
[see right]

one of Hasib Hussain
entering Luton station on his own
[see left]

If these guys all walked thorugh where that CCTV camera is... then, where are the 3 other individual shots of the other bombers?

We have the 'announced' CCTV evidence in Kings Cross - none has been provided

We have the 'announced' CCTV/text cellphone evidence in McDonalds - none has been provided

we have no proof they were on the 3 tube-trains or the bus in London at all

We have the 'announced find' of Identity evidence in tube trains
We have the 'announced find' of Identity evidence in vicintiy of no.30 Bus - no evidence of which has been provided by the Authorities via the media

leading to the possibility that the whole DNA evidence gathered from bombers remains is a PSYOP which needed to be amplified
by the media via ID discovery...

of course this also handily brings subject Identity cards to the forefront of a fearful & docile public consciousness.

If there were no 'bombers' ...

then this whole scenario is an elaborate PSYOP to convince us of a secret deal to pay or allow 'terrorists' to bomb London.

synthetic terror

so the scenario for the bombings is that of explosives fitted by an insider organisation within the UK governments military operations

1. on the Tube trains
2. on the tracks/tunnels

line closures in the morning
were to create the scene
enabling special ops to get bombs
into place

trigger by power surge
with a trigger that relies on power supply
cut power for detonation

taken to be treated on buses, in hotels

then a bus explosion nearly an hour later...
via a re-diverted bus
in close proximity to Russell Square

Is this bus explosion the designed diversion
away from the Tube bombings?

The Red Bus is a Major 'Symbol of London'
so grabbed all the headlines
while the tubes secrets remained
literally underground...


The the scripted 'burning cross' psyop complete with religious symbolism was a helpful threat to more than The City of London...
The search widens to generate more fear as Areas are condoned off In Leeds & West London
20,000 people are evacuated in Birmingham...Armed police and Bomb disposal
create a theatre of fear and threat-response is shown as Arms are mannishly paraded
and theatrical controlled explosions take place

Patriotic Psychic driving exercise

A vigil is organised to takes place in Trafalgar Square, where, not days before, there had been celebrations for the London 2012 Olympic bid. This event was briefly referred to as a 'Rally' by news media. Speeches were made by union leaders, The Mayor Ken Livingstone, Lord Coe, director of the Olympic bid, a Bus driver, a FireFighter.Religious leaders. Rather shockingly, The Spokeswoman for 'Liberty', supposed Civil rights campaigner Shami Chakrabati, gave a chilling masonicly coded speech which referred to the rebuilding of the city as a symbol of regeneration, collective strength, and opportunity. No one failed to mention the olympic bid, as if some sort of schooling had prepared them to use this example as a ganvanizing symbol of national hope.

The whole event was presented and hosted via TV by actors...Notably the presenter onstage was a well-known love-interest face from a 'coffee commercial'. These semi-Famous B-list Actors were interviewed afterwards for their opinion. Actors being asked for their opinion was becoming a familiar theme to these bombings.

The second wave

the 'second wave 'Bombings of the 21st -
Areas are searched - People held without trial - News Media spin this event
out of all proportion compared to the initial attacks on the 7th July

more revelations concerning the nature of the incendiary device permeate the Media as 6.25-liter plastic food storage containers are suggested.

This Psyop becomes even more apparent when ABC News in America screened 'unauthorised images' of the damage left by the London bombs on July 7, and of unexploded devices found in a car parked at Luton railway station. The advisor to the ABC TV show, Bob Ayers is referred to as a security consultant with expertise in explosives, based in London. What many fail to notice is, that he is actually a former US DoD official, ex-employee of northrup grunmann, and an expert in Information warfare to boot.
The 'Ringleader' is named as one 'Osman Hussein' - This name will raise an eyebrow to those familiar with the Western Alias Usama Bin laden traveled under while a CIA asset - Tim Osman - which seems to have been clumsily morphed to another prominent CIA bogeyman Saddam Hussain...

Later, he reveals that the bombs are
just made to scare not kill, as part of an anti-war protest.
This helps to handily link the concept of the 'terrorist' to 'anti war protest' Arrangements are made to see him extradited from Rome, where he managed to flee to, after boarding a Eurostar train... Eurostar has similar security standards to a modern airport, and is overseen by French staff. This angle helps to drive home the need for even tighter border/Airport/port controls.

This is all a PSYOP arranged in collusion with the French / Italian Berlusconi Government
hinting that the origins of the entire operation, are that of a
secret Gladio style synthetic terrorism, utilizing both hard warfare of terror and the soft warfare of media programming [PSYOPS] on its own citizenry

The London suicide bomber myth helps to create a connection between the Iraq war & Al Queda, helping to garner support for an increased transit based securi-tech budget & more powers to control the population via draconian anti terror legislation, biometric ID Cards and higher Border controls, anti Immigration rhetoric, secret powers of trial / detention and linking 'asylum seekers' / political militancy' to the concept of 'terrorism'.

The Bombings of the 21st are an eleborate HOAX designed to take
attention away from the glaring flaws in the 7-7-7 official story
[which is being tweaked constantly by a compliant News Media]

Just like 'the hunt for the mastermind', extradition treaties are hastily signed without any protocol...job done...more fascism has been acheived

Millimetre wave radar scanning machines

This denial made on the 8th July, 2005 means its coming soon!

"QinetiQ, the privatised former Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, and London Underground have rejected claims made in the Times newspaper that body scanners are to be used on the Tube.

The two organisations say the report is "inaccurate" and there are no plans to use the scanners. QinetiQ is providing some equipment but cannot discuss it. " BBC

Voila! U.K. rail to install body scanners

LONDON, Oct. 30 (UPI) -- British railway stations will soon install airport-style security checks using body scanners and X-ray machines for increased security.

Following the July 7 London bombings that caused 52 deaths, new rail security will also allow passengers to be frisked and random bag searches made, on the orders by Alistair Darling, the Transport Secretary, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

The security changes will be tried in selected locations on the network and if successful, the government plans to implement the measures at railway stations across Britain and at the subway stations and at other transport interchanges- science daily


This scenario is capped by the Brutal slaying of Jean Charles de Menezes on a Stockwell tubetrain, as News Media assert his connections to the terror threat, and witnesses such as the PSYOP PLANT Mark Whitby - speak of a Tall Asian with a heavy coat and protruding wires...vaulting the ticket barrier in attempt to flee the oncoming police as they chased him onto the train.

MET Police Cheif Sir Iain Blair commented only hours afterwards that Menezes had failed to obey police warnings.

This Killing is initially reported as 5 shots fired, then revised to 8, with 7 shots fired to the head...
Gymn slips?

it is also asserted that Menezes was thought to be 21st July Bomber - Osman Hussein,
because of a gymn pass which was found on the bomb scene in a bag containing a fake flour bomb

This is uncanny as It was asserted that for the 7-7 bombers a gymnasium in
Lodge Lane, Beeston, was used by Khan to radicalise two younger Leeds-based men - Hussain and Tanweer.

The use of Gymnasiums is an attempt to make the 'terrorists' appear ...agile...fit...& threatening...It implies devotion to physical training and martial arts knowledge

A leak is reported from the IPCC [investigating body in charge of this case]
which contradicts the initial reports and reveals that the Police used this
FAKE story which used to established in the NewsMedia a plausible reason for the shooting...
However the Police also used this evidence as advice given to the Coroner
in charge of the Menezes autopsy

Brazilian Menezes family members accuse the Police Authorities of a cover-up
and are then offered £15,000, as a 'gesture of good will'.

It is interesting to note that PM Blair has been on Holiday since the Menezes Killing
and stayed away while his former cabinet member Robin Cook died while hillwalking in Scotland,
he was also absent from his funeral. While Blair continued to 'relax'... his former Northern Ireland
minister Mo Mowlem died, after collapsing, weakened by her debilitating condition., which had blighted her for many years.

The headlines continue to assert that the Menezes shooting was a 'blunder'...
but this belies the evidence given by a young freelance journalist...Sue Thomason
That 27 years old Menezes suffered 11 shots fired over a period of 30 seconds...

Early speculation that the Firearms officers were actually an ex-Northern Ireland
FRU Special-ops team [DET 14th Intelligence] are yet to be confirmed

Myths & Realities


The Press is a trustworthy source of information with a history of journalistic principals, to investigate and report in a clear and meaningful manner.


The Corporate owned Press is a machine which produces propaganda which has the purpose of misdirecting and misinforming the general public. This occurs to protect the Global reach & strategic interests of both Nation states and their corporate shareholders.




Captain Wardrobes

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