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Who are the 'Terrorists'?

The London Bombings A Far - Right Terror Plot?
Islamofascism with Nazi steering?
Infiltration & Control of extremist groups?

The following items are just some interesting things to consider...draw your own conclusions


spot the connections

1980: Massacre in Bologna, 85 dead

Like in the attacks in Madrid, the target of the bomb that exploded on August 2nd, 1980, in the train station of Bologna (Italy) was the railroad. On that occasion the attack left 85 people dead and 150 wounded. The bomb was planted in the waiting room of the second-class passengers. It was August and it was an important intersection point of the national railroad traffic. The objective was to kill as many passengers as possible. The target was the common people: Bologna was a bastion of the Italian Communist party .In Madrid, the trains attacked were mainly used by a sector of the working class of the suburbs who come from the working-class neighbourhoods. They were the target of the terrorist attacks.
One of P-2's specialties was the art of provocation. Leftist organizations like the Red Brigades were infiltrated, financed and / or created, and the resulting acts of terrorism, like the assassination of Italy's premier in 1978 and the bombing of the railway station in Bologna in 1980, were blamed on the left. The goal of this "strategy of tension" was to convince Italian voters that the left was violent and dangerous-by helping make it so. - Mark Zepezauer

7 July London bombs, Gladio and freemasons


"Links between Gladio, Italian secret service bosses and the notorious P2 masonic lodge are manifold. The chiefs of all three secret services - Generals Santovito (SISMI), Grassini (SISDE) and Cellosi (CESSIS) - were members of the lodge." - The Guardian, 5 12 1990.

Have top policemen and politicians and journalists been keeping quiet about the real reasons for the London Bombs? Are these top people all freemasons?

Was there, in the fairly recent past, a secret organisation carrying out acts of terror in Europe?


P2 was a fascist Masonic Lodge. Its members were the top military officers, political leaders, industrialists, bankers and diplomats in Italy. P2 was a government within the government.

P-2 had an Israeli connection.

The July 1981 issue of The Middle East International Journal stated that the P-2 had close links with Israel and Mossad.

Top people who allegedly had contact with P-2 include Henry Kissinger, Edmond de Rothschild, and David Rockefeller.

In 'The Pope, The Mafia and Agca', Ugur Mumcu, a Turkish journalist wrote:"Henry Kissinger is a member of the Monte Carlo lodge, which is the P-2's 'board of directors,' also known as the Monte Carlo Committee. All the members of this lodge are Grand Masters and Masons of the 33rd degree."

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in 'The Other Side of Deception',1994, wrote that Licio Gelli, P-2's Grand Master, was the ally of Mossad in Italy and that Gelli also had a close relationship with the Gladio group. According to Ostrovsky, Mossad used this Gelli-Gladio alliance for its arms dealings with Italy in the 1980s.

'You had to attack civilians, the people, women children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game,' he said. 'The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the State to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the State cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened.'

sworn testimony by Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra - operation Gladio

Berlusconi warns rally of communist threat

22/11/2005 - Premier Silvio Berlusconi told supporters that Italian communists posed a lingering threat to democracy, returning to one of his favourite themes as he campaigned ahead of next year's general election.

Berlusconi told a rally of his Forza Italia party late yesterday that it was necessary to explain to citizens, "that in Italy democracy is still not guaranteed and that liberty is not so certain".

At national elections expected next April the centre-right will be facing "parties that still have on their symbols and their flags the symbols of the terrorism of communist domination and tyranny, the hammer and sickle," the premier said to loud cheers.

Berlusconi mentioned two small left-wing parties by name, the Communist Refoundation and the Italian Communist Party.

Berlusconi's main rival in the national vote, former premier and European Commission president Romano Prodi, is allied with the two communist parties.

Berlusconi said the Italian left disguised itself as social democratic, socialist or liberal while continuing to fight for communist goals, and for a system "that uses the judiciary for the elimination - not physical but moral - of political opponents."

The premier has been plagued by legal woes since he entered politics more than a decade ago.

Opposition deputy Renzo Lusetti said Berlusconi's comments were unclear. "What does it mean when Berlusconi asserts that in Italy democracy is not guaranteed? What threatening signal is he pointing to?" Lusetti said. - IOL

  Aznar slams NATO, calls for terror focus

"NATO is at a crossroads," writes Aznar in the foreword to the pamphlet. "It may choose the path of continuity, risking becoming marginal to the security needs of its members, or, alternatively, it could walk the path of strategic change."

The changes proposed by Aznar and the report's authors amount to nothing less than a complete overhaul of the 26-member alliance, which was founded in 1949 to contain the threat posed by the Soviet Union.

"Nazism gave way to communism as an existential threat to Western democracies," writes Aznar. "After living in a decade of a false peace, we, today, are facing a new existential threat, Islamist terrorism, and NATO must give an answer to that." - upi.com

Putin: Prophet or Provocateur? - Islam the enemy in the year 2000

During an April 2000 visit to England, Putin [ex KGB] reiterated his warning:

"The West must wake up... war with Islam is coming."

In light of current U.S.-Russian collaboration in a global "war on terrorism," Putin's words seem nearly prophetic. At a summit meeting with European Union leaders following the Black Tuesday attack, Putin reiterated the theme that Russia and the West share a common enemy.

He drew a specific parallel between that atrocity and the September 1999 bombings in Russia, insisting that Moscow possesses "objective proof" that bin Laden-connected Chechen radicals were responsible for the terrorist assaults. - source

Russia: Putin ex-Head of the KGB - One of the most blatant cases of this state involvement in terrorism was the bombings of working class apartment blocks in Moscow during 1999. These bombings took place during a period of acute economic crisis in Russian. They were blamed on Chechen terrorists without a shred of evidence. Suspicions at the time that forces closer to home were really behind these attacks appear to have been borne out, with detailed allegations that Russian intelligence carried out the attacks being made. The bombings created a massive sense of fear in Russia, resulting in a marked upsurge in racism, the election of the senior Russian intelligence chief Vladimir Putin as head of state, and the launching of a second murderous war against the Chechens. All this acted as a distraction from a very serious domestic crisis.
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in it together

now look at Russian Chechen Terror again

now look at the Madrid Bombings again

Spanish Train Bombs before election

"MADRID (Reuters) - No warning was given before any of the explosions on packed rush-hour trains which killed scores of people in Madrid Thursday, Spanish Interior Minister Angel Acebes said. "A few minutes ago there was a fourth explosion ...

There have been four explosions in four different places," said Acebes, who declined to give a precise death toll. "We are still finding victims inside some of the carriages ...

There was no warning." Authorities have blamed the blasts on armed Basque separatists ETA, who are listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.

Spain holds a general election Sunday." - Reuters report - No Warning Given Before Spain Rail Blasts, Minister Says


Flashback - Omagh 1998

Police received a telephone warning approximately 40 minutes before the blast.

But the location of the bomb was unclear and the wrong area was evacuated, with people being directed towards the danger zone. - BBC

The British security service, MI5, withheld vital anti-terrorism intelligence just months before the Omagh bombing in 1998, it has emerged. Michael Gallagher, whose son Aidan, 21, was among those killed, said: 'At best, this is criminal negligence. At worst, it's assisting a terrorist murder plot.' more on Northern Irelend

Just how far

were they going to go?

Mr Clarke defended the tough new [terror] law. He reminded MPs that the Madrid bombings took place during the Spanish general election campaign.

"Maybe such things can always be possibilities here too," he said. - February 2005

Do they care...? Do they F**K!

In this two picture combo Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is seen blowing a kiss to the audience as he addresses the committee on foreign affairs at the European Parliament in Brussels, Tuesday July 12, 2005. Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw spoke to the European Parliament less than a week after the terrorist bombings which hit central London. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

Straw rejects Iraq war link to London bombings

18/07/2005 - 10:43:38 Foreign Secretary Jack Straw today rejected suggestions that nations which backed the US in Iraq were more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Straw was responding to a report by Chatham House, Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs, which said Britain's close ties with Washington and involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan left it at greater risk of a terrorist attack.

"I'm astonished Chatham House is now saying that we should not have stood shoulder to shoulder with our long-standing allies," Straw said before chairing an EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels. "The time for excuses for terrorism is over," Straw added. "The terrorists have struck across the world, in countries allied with the US, backing the war in Iraq and in countries which had nothing whatever to do with the war in Iraq."

Chatham House and another think-tank, the Economic and Social Research Council, said the situation in Iraq had given "a boost" to the al Qaida network's ability to recruit and raise money. Straw said this weekend's attack at a beach resort in Turkey also showed that terrorists "will seek any excuse" to strike. "They struck this weekend in Turkey, which was not supporting our action in Iraq," Straw said.

The EU foreign ministers endorsed a decision made last week by EU justice and interior ministers to speed up implementation of the EU's anti-terror action plan following the deadly attacks in London on July 7.

"The attacks are an affront to everything the European Union stands for," the ministers said in a statement. "The Union is absolutely determined terrorists will not succeed."

The EU ministers also said they would help other, poorer countries set up tighter anti-terrorist measures - like improved border checks.

PM meets Italian Prime Minister

Prime Ministers Blair and Berlusconi today confirmed the 'excellent relationship' that exists between the UK and Italy in a summit in London.

Mr Blair said the talks today were "amicable, productive and constructive".

"I really do not think the relationship between Britain and Italy has ever been stronger," he said at a press conference following the meeting.

"I am delighted at the cooperation we have across a whole range of issues." - Number 10 press release

2005: Blair in tuscany: deciding on the fate of the EU superstate for his minions

Question raised about Europe's future, says Blair

30.05.2005 The British prime minister has said that France's strong rejection of the EU constitution raises a profound question about the future of Europe and its economy.

Speaking from Tuscany where he is on holiday, the UK Press Agency (PA) reported Tony Blair as saying "underneath all this there is a more profound question, which is about the future of Europe, and, in particular, the future of the European economy and how we deal with the modern questions of globalisation and technological change".

But Mr Blair did not indicate whether his country would hold a referendum, after much speculation in Brussels about whether France's Non has killed the constitution outright.

Instead, he called for a period of reflection. - By Honor Mahony [euobserver.com]


Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi (photo) not only exercises control over RAI as prime minister, but his family owns a vast media empire, including three private television channels. He is said to effectively control 90 percent of the Italian media. As of Wednesday, Berlusconi is Italy's longest-serving prime minister since World War II. Head of Italian TV Quits over Government Interference

Quoting the man, the moron, the fascist

On Mussolini:

"Mussolini never killed anyone. Mussolini used to send people on vacation in internal exile."

In the wake of 11 September:

"We must be aware of the superiority of our civilisation, a system that has guaranteed well-being, respect for human rights and - in contrast with Islamic countries - respect for religious and political rights, a system that has as its value understanding of diversity and tolerance...

"The West will continue to conquer peoples, even if it means a confrontation with another civilisation, Islam, firmly entrenched where it was 1,400 years ago."

His response to worldwide condemnation of the above speech:

"They have tried to hang me on an isolated word, taken out of context from my whole speech."

"I did not say anything against the Islamic civilisation... It's the work of some people in the Italian leftist press who wanted to tarnish my image and destroy my long-standing relations with Arabs and Muslims"

A joke about Aids told by Mr Berlusconi:

An Aids patient asks his doctor whether the sand treatment prescribed him will do any good. "No," the doctor replies, "but you will get accustomed to living under the earth."

His response to critics who said the joke was offensive:

"They have lost their minds; they really have come to the end of the line, indeed they have gone beyond it. I would advise them, too, to undergo sand treatment..."

more quotes

July 6, 2005 -- Italian police and prosecutors investigating secret neo-Fascist Italian "parallel network" linked to Pentagon covert kidnaping team and Israel. Two arrests made, many others probable. Possible "control" links between Bush administration and terrorist groups also probed. Assassinated Deputy SISMI chief Nicola Calipari and kidnaped Imam Abu Omar (a U.S. intelligence asset) also likely aware of U.S. control links to terrorist groups.

- for more on this see Dr Kelly & the whole shebang!!!

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi formed Italy's 59th post-World War II government in June 2001; a Forza Italia [Go Italy] member, Claudio Scajola, was appointed Interior Minister, while the coalition party leader Umberto Bossi of the Northern League was named minister of reform and devolution. Italy's National Alliance party, is another of the parties in the Berlusconi coalition


Italian MPs plan control of new mosques

March 25, 2004 - Members of Silvio Berlusconi's coalition government have proposed a law to control the building of mosques in Italy because they can be used to "spread hatred for the West". Under the law, requests to build or open mosques and their method of finance would be assessed by local authorities and put to a local referendum. Federico Bricolo of the Northern League, a key member of Mr Berlusconi's coalition, outlined the proposals yesterday. He said that mosques in Italy "aren't simple places of prayer" but sometimes serve as "centres of recruitment for terrorists and for propagation of hatred for the West". - source

Compare with:

The threat is most likely to come from those people associated with an extreme form of Islam, or who are falsely hiding behind Islam. If a threat is from a particular place then our action is going to be targeted at that area. It means that some of our counter-terrorism powers will be disproportionately experienced by the Muslim community. It was a reality that should be recognized. - UK Home Office minister Hazel Blears

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The Queen today became embroiled in a row over fascism and football when she met Italy's foreign minister, Gianfranco Fini, the leader of the neo-fascist National Alliance, at Buckingham Palace. Mr Fini and his wife Daniela arrived in London this morning accompanying Italy's president, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, on a three-day state visit.

The couple sparked a bitter row in Italy over a pledge by Ms Fini and two Northern Alliance MPs to raise money to pay the €10,000 (£7,000) fine imposed on the former West Ham player Paulo Di Canio. Di Canio, who now plays for the Serie A club Lazio, caused outrage when he gave a straight-arm salute to the club's notoriously rightwing fans after their 3-1 win over rivals Roma on January 6.

Today dozens of anti-fascist protesters lined the Mall today as Mr Fini and his wife were taken by open-top horse-drawn carriage to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen.

"He waved at us and managed to hold himself back from his normal salute," said the joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, Weymouth Bennett. "It is a very dangerous precedent that someone like him, who has swapped his black shirt for an Armani suit, should be able to claim respectability by meeting the Queen."

Palace officials admitted the Queen would have shaken hands with Mr Fini when the Italian party was introduced to the monarch at Buckingham Palace.

"He is here in his official capacity as foreign minister and the Queen is effectively looking after the guests of the Italian president," a palace spokesman said.

He added that visits of heads of state were proposed by the government not the royal household. Although officials would not confirm the guest list, Mr Fini and his wife were expected to attend a state banquet at Buckingham Palace this evening.

The row over Di Canio's salute and the payment of his fine has been a setback for the National Alliance in its bid to ditch its fascist heritage. Ms Fini said the collection for the player would be "an act of solidarity". She complained that leftwing players and supporters had been given less harsh penalties for political gestures and added: "If politics has no place in the stadium, then it should have no place there for anyone."

The Alliance, the second biggest party in Silvio Berlusconi's rightwing coalition, grew out of the Italian Social Movement, which was founded after the second world war to perpetuate the ideas of Italy's former dictator, Benito Mussolini, and his black-shirted supporters.

In an effort to become more mainstream, Mr Fini has publicly condemned Mussolini and distanced himself from his granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini, founder of the far-right Social Alternative movement. Ms Mussolini went on hunger strike yesterday to protest against being banned from next month's regional elections.

The roots of working class discontent? The strategy of tension

Terrorists 'helped by CIA' to stop rise of left in Italy

Philip Willan in Milan - Monday March 26, 2001 The Guardian

US intelligence services instigated and abetted rightwing terrorism in Italy during the 1970s, a former Italian secret service general has claimed.

The allegation was made by General Gianadelio Maletti, a former head of military counter-intelligence, at the trial last week of rightwing extremists accused of killing 16 people in the bombing of a Milan bank in 1969 - the first time such a charge has been made in a court of law by a senior Italian intelligence figure.

Gen Maletti, comannder of the counter-intelligence section of the military intelligence service from 1971 to 1975, said his men had discovered that a rightwing terrorist cell in the Venice region had been supplied with military explosives from Germany.

Those explosives may have been obtained with the help of members of the US intelligence community, an indication that the Americans had gone beyond the infiltration and monitoring of extremist groups to instigating acts of violence, he said.

"The CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], following the directives of its government, wanted to create an Italian nationalism capable of halting what it saw as a slide to the left and, for this purpose, it may have made use of rightwing terrorism," Gen Maletti told the Milan court. "I believe this is what happened in other countries as well."

The general has been living in South Africa for the last 21 years as a fugitive from Italian justice. He has been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for leaking a secret service document to the press and last year received a 15-year sentence for obstructing justice. He was granted a special 15-day immunity from arrest to enable him to give evidence at the trial for the bombing of a bank in Milan's Piazza Fontana, the atrocity that inaugurated the "strategy of tension", a series of bombings intended to shift the country's political centre of gravity to the right.

"The impression was that the Americans would do anything to stop Italy from sliding to the left," Gen Maletti said during an interview at his Milan hotel. "Don't forget that [former US president Richard] Nixon was in charge and Nixon was a strange man, a very intelligent politician but a man of rather unorthodox initiatives."

The CIA supported SID, the Italian defence intelligence service, financially, but Gen Maletti's US counterparts were rarely willing to share information. There may have been good reason for the American caginess. In a posthumous memoir published last year, the wartime resistance hero Count Edgardo Sogno described how he visited the CIA station chief in Rome in July 1974 to inform him of his plans for an anti-communist coup.

"I told him that I was informing him as an ally in the struggle for the freedom of the west and asked him what the attitude of the American government would be," Mr Sogno wrote. "He answered what I already knew: the United States would have supported any initiative tending to keep the communists out of government."

Despite contacts with his CIA counterparts, no word of the Sogno plot was uttered. "I, for one, didn't know about the Sogno thing. I knew Mr Sogno was being investigated by a Turin magistrate but I didn't know he had such important contacts with US agencies in the United States and Italy," Gen Maletti said. "Clearly, Sogno had great confidence in the complicity of the American service."

The lucid 79-year-old general, whose English is almost perfect, has spent his retirement in South Africa painting and writing his memoirs, which are due to be published soon. He admits to feeling nostalgic for his homeland.

But the judges who convicted him in absentia last year were far from convinced of his gentlemanly qualities. In their written verdict they said he had obstructed an investigation into a 1973 attack on the interior minister by withholding crucial information from the magistrates.

Four members of the public were killed and 45 injured when an anarchist, Gianfranco Bertoli, hurled a grenade into a crowd outside police headquarters in Milan. Bertoli, according to the judges, was really a man of right-wing sympathies and a long-standing SID informant, codenamed Negro. Gen Maletti's men were warned in advance of the attack on the minister, Mariano Rumor, but took no action to prevent it and failed to pass on their information on Bertoli even after the killings.

Gen Maletti's role at the heart of the complex intrigues makes him an illuminating witness. Italy must clarify the mysteries of that time if it is to recover its national dignity and sovereignty, he said.

"Among the larger western European countries, Italy has been dealt with as a sort of protectorate. I am ashamed to think that we are still subject to special supervision."

Flashback Italy 2002 - The 3 million march

Italian workers will never forget the 'strategy of tension' employed by elements of the ruling class and its apparatus. It culminated in 1980 in the killing of more than 80 people by a bomb left by fascists in Bologna railway station. Although it seems the Red Brigades, in an e-mail, have claimed responsibility for Biagi's murder, many Italians will not rule out the possibility of reactionary elements in today's Italy resorting to similar tactics - a political murder that can be pinned on the left and the workers' movement as it gathers momentum and threatens their survival.

Berlusconi talked of the strike struggles providing "the water in which the terrorists can swim". The organisers of Saturday's demonstration, the Cgil, held a minute's silence for the man who was actually the author of the government's package of attacks that was announced in Barcelona, including that on article 18. - socialistworld.net

The following is loosely transcribe from an original German article
92 patronenhuelsen, a ballet dancer and the CIA by Harald Neuber 25.03.2002

The history of the red brigades in Italy is like a didactic drama of the infiltration of a political organization by the several secret services

Last Saturday, millions protested against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Rome. The most influential of the three trade union federations, CGIL can from now on praise itself as the largest demonstration in the history broight to the Italian republic . This demonstration was an expression of an extremely strained situation between the center right government and the social organizations. Cause for the recent protests is the planned change of the right to give notice. The defense of article 18 however, is unexpectedly substantial. "this fight became the symbol for the fight against Berlusconi and the symbol for the fight against the neoliberale policy", says the philosopher Domenico Losurdo.

four days before this expected large demonstration professor Marco Biagi was shot infront of his house in Bologna

The 51-year old industrial lawyer Roberto Maroni, member of the extreme-right Lega north advised the welfare Minister on the overhaul of article 18 of the Workers' Statute

The Berlusconi government finally laid its cards on the table on July 18 by declaring that in all workplaces with less than 15 workers, new employees would not be covered by article 18 of the Workers' Statute (the law that obliges employers to give workers their jobs back if they are unfairly dismissed). The company would not have to re-employ the sacked worker, but would be able to simply pay him or her compensation of between two and six months' wages. In exchange, the government has promised 700 million euros for increased unemployment benefits (which would be up to 60% of one's previous wages during the first six months of unemployment, dropping to 40% and then 30% in the last few quarters). - marxist.com

The murdered lawyer Biagi was co-author of the Berlusconi governments White Paper which was introduced in past October.

At the scene of the shooting, the police found stencils on the walls of the group symbol of the "Brigate Rosse" (BR), [red brigades] .

The red brigades had been created in August 1970. The first part of their name indicates the group were an offshoot of the German "Red Army parliamentary group" (RAF the "brigades" label was selected a few decades following the partisan fight against the fascists.

The murder at Marco Biagi did not only release unrest in Italy . Many Newsmedia prophesied a "new episode of the terror", and several newspapers received email claims of the groups responsibility .

Now one was safe because The Red Brigades had appeared again on the political stage.

In a television speech Prime Minister Berlusconi appeared shaken. The notice is an indication for the "deep hate", which still determines the country. Berlusconi requested to the trade unions that they agree to the reforms. That one should not be under pressure of giving way to terror.

But there are also critical voices.

Nevertheless, the abolishment of the common symbol, a five-pointed star, in 1981, was considered to be the official end of the red brigades.

In the years before it - the group had been infiltrated as can be proven by several secret service sources.

According to the Italian correspondent and book author Gerhard Feldbauer : "the murder of Biagi furthers the goverments agenda, as we have seen in the seventies & eighties the strategy of tension was practiced and is apparent again. Within this framework, the US-American CIA did not only conceive of a strategy. Murder and terror were stimulated in radically left-wing groups by police and secret service agents .

Police agents, usually fascists, facilitated innumerable terrorist attacks, for which innocent Anarchists and autonomous ones were then pursued and locked up, often for many years...Harald Neuber

London Bombings CIA-Gladio connections

Bob Kiley head of London Underground...
Union Basher, Anti-Communist - Investigating radical students???

Although former colleagues insist that he is not a "spook", Kiley travelled the world in the 1960s fighting communism and spying on radical students before settling down as the executive assistant to that most frigid of all Cold War warriors, the director of central intelligence, Richard Helms.

He left the CIA in 1970 and went into management. - BBC

More of the business angles on this page

compare: Londen Underground Tube strike - 2001

A furious London Underground management is now threatening further legal moves against the union for breaching the injunction, naming all three, and accusing them of "inciting" RMT members to strike. Other workers not employed by LUL also risked the wrath of the law when they engaged in 'illegal secondary action' by refusing to cross strikers' picket lines.

One person who did not show up on the picket line, despite his previous commitment given to hundreds of tubeworkers at their rally last month, was of course Ken Livingstone, mayor of London. The union bureaucrats diplomatically announced that they had asked him not to come, as he would "detract attention" from their campaign. How do they work that one out?

In fact Livingstone's cynical 'support' for tubeworkers has now been exposed for what it is in their eyes: he had been using them as pawns in his power battle for control of the underground with Blair and his deputy prime minister John Prescott. Just two days before the strike Livingstone was celebrating a retreat by the government over plans to implement its public-private partnership - the real target of the unions' action.

Not that PPP was to be abandoned. On the contrary, it was to be 'modified' in line with the wishes of the mayor's commissioner for transport, Bob Kiley. Whereas originally the running of the tube itself was to have been handed over to Livingstone's team, while the tracks, tunnels and signalling would have been placed in the hands of private consortia, now there is to be a "unified management". It seems that former CIA man Kiley, renowned for his tough anti-union stance when he ran New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is to have a large say in which companies are to receive the lucrative contracts. The firms concerned must now reapply for a third time. - weekly worker

was the London Bombing a way to transform the transport unions from militancy to patriotic pawns?

Now thanks to Al Queda, the underground system can be upgraded and the Unions will be nullified into accepting new security, longer working hours, lower wages, less pension rights...see also the Fire strikes over service changes and new pay structure...These attacks are A DUPE ON THE BRITISH PUBLIC...They are a way to enable the further privatisation of UK infrastructure and a road to CORPORATE FASCISM

FBI admits monitoring of rights groups [imagine what MI5/6 are doing]

18/07/2005 - 10:18:36 - The FBI has thousands of pages of records in its files relating to the monitoring of civil rights, environmental and other advocacy groups, the US Justice Department admitted today.

The organisations, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Greenpeace, are suing the government for the release of the documents. They say the material will show that they have been subjected to scrutiny by FBI task forces set up to combat terrorism. The FBI has identified 1,173 pages related to the ACLU and 2,383 pages about Greenpeace, but it needs at least until February to process the ACLU files and until June to review the Greenpeace documents, the government said in a filing in US District Court in Washington. The FBI has not said specifically what those pages contain.

The ACLU's executive director, Anthony Romero, said the disclosure indicated that the FBI was monitoring organisations engaging in lawful conduct. "I know for an absolute fact that we have not been involved in anything related to promoting terrorism and yet the government has collected almost 1,200 pages on our activities," Romero said. "Why is the ACLU now the subject of scrutiny from the FBI?"

John Passacantando, Greenpeace's US executive director, said his group was a forceful, but peaceful, critic of the Bush administration's war and environmental policies. "This administration has a history of using its powers against its peaceful critics. If, in fact, the FBI has been deployed to help in that effort, that would be quite shocking," Passacantando said.

Justice department and FBI spokesmen declined to comment, citing the continuing case. The FBI has denied singling out individuals or groups for surveillance or investigation based solely on activities protected by the US Constitution's guarantees of free speech.

Officials have said agents adhere strictly to justice department guidelines requiring evidence of criminal activity or indications that a person may know something about a crime.

The ACLU has sought FBI files on a range of individuals and groups interviewed, investigated or subjected to searches by the task forces. The requests also are for information on how the task forces are funded to determine if they are rewarded with government money by labelling high numbers of cases as related to terrorism.

The government did release one document it gathered on United for Peace and Justice that Romero said reinforces his concerns. The organisation describes itself as a coalition of more than 1,300 anti-war groups. A memo from September 4 2003, about internet sites that were promoting protests at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York was addressed to counterterrorism units in Boston, Los Angeles and New York.

"Why is this being labelled as counter-terrorism when it's nothing more protests at a political convention, a lawful First Amendment activity?" Romero asked. - IOL

COINTELPRO is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents - see COINTELPRO: THE FBI'S COVERT ACTION PROGRAMS AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story by Paul Wolf

Gays, Commies, Reds, Unions...it's all the same to them...

UK Stalls On Compensation In Gay Terror Attack

by Peter Moore 365Gay.com, London Bureau Posted: October 31, 2005 9:00 pm ET (London) LGBT rights groups in Britain want to know why many of those injured in a nail bomb attack on a gay club six years ago have received no compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority while people injured in last summer's terrorist attack on the the transit system have received cash payouts, in some cases in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Three people were killed and 73 injured in the attack on the Admiral Duncan Pub in 1999. A skinhead and self proclaimed fascist was later arrested and convicted in the attack.

Several of those still waiting for compensation are people who lost limbs and serious burns in the explosion. One man was left a double amputee as a result of the blast.

Lawyers representing the survivors say it points to a double standard.

When those injured in the terrorist attacks on the London Tube in July did not receive immediate compensation the government was harshly criticized in Parliament. By the end of September the Compensation Authority had paid out claims by those hurt in the bombings.

But, say lawyers for the Admiral Duncan victims, there has been no movement on settling claims for their clients.

"'Why has my case not been given special treatment?" asked lawyer Tracey Storey who is representing a man who had both of his legs blow off in the attack on the Soho gay club told The Observer newspaper.

"He was the victim of a horrendous crime and yet they have not even made a first decision," Storey said.

She said her client has had to have prosthetic limbs fitted, and has had to pay all the bills which were not covered under the national health plan. He remains unable to work and is struggling to make ends meet.

A spokesman for the CICA said delays were the result of resolving complex "loss of earnings" issues but could not explain why it was taking six years. Nor could he explain why those injured in the July bombing did not have similar "complex issues". 365Gay.com

Religious and political involvement

Throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's, Myatt was involved with paramilitary and neo-nazi organizations such as Column 88 and Combat 18, and following his conversion to Islam in the late 1990's, he was active in trying to bring National Socialists and radical Muslims together to fight what he regarded as their 'common enemy', especially after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks.

Myatt was the founder and first leader of the National Socialist Movement and was regarded as the mentor of David Copeland.

Myatt also founded and led the neo-nazi Reichsfolk organization, which advocates a new racialist philosophy called The Numinous Way of Folk Culture. - Wikipedia on David Myatt

This site is connected to Al-Qaeda. It is mostly a propaganda and recruiting site, with several known participants such as Azzam Publications and Abdul Aziz Al-Qari, a Nazi who converted to Islam, named David Myatt.

This site is mainly used to gain support for Al-Qaeda. It especially focuses on recruits in the United Kingdom.
Radical Islamic Websites

The Muslim Association of Britain is a Muslim group in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1997. MAB states its aim as to "promote and propagate the principles of positive Muslim interaction with all elements of society to reflect, project and convey the message of Islam in its pure and unblemished form".

In the 1920's there was a young Egyptian named al Bana. And al Bana formed this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Bana was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the new Nazi Party that in the 1930's, al Bana and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi Intelligence.

The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt.

When war broke out, the Muslim Brotherhood promised in writing that they would rise up and help General Rommell and make sure that no English or American soldier was left alive in Cairo or Alexandria.

The Muslim Brotherhood began to expand in scope and influence during World War II. They even had a Palestinian section headed by the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the great bigots of all time. Here, too, was a man - - The grand Mufti of Jerusalem was the Muslim Brotherhood representative for Palestine. These were undoubtedly Arab Nazis. The Grand Mufti, for example, went to Germany during the war and helped recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis. They based it in Croatia and called it the 'Handjar' Muslim Division, but it was to become the core of Hitler's new army of Arab fascists that would conquer the Arab peninsula from then on to Africa -- grand dreams.

At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood was wanted for war crimes. Their German intelligence handlers were captured in Cairo. The whole net was rolled up by the British Secret Service. Then a horrible thing happened.

Instead of prosecuting the Nazis - - the Muslim Brotherhood - - the British government hired them. They brought all the fugitive Nazi war criminals of Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt, and for three years they were trained on a special mission. The British Secret Service wanted to use the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood to strike down the infant state of Israel in 1948. Only a few people in the Mossad know this, but many of the members of the Arab Armies and terrorist groups that tried to strangle the infant State of Israel were the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood. - John Loftus

see more on the Muslim Brotherhoods ties to the Nazis, The CIA, and British Intelligence

Dr Azam Tamimi - Muslim Association of Britain

Dr Azam Tamimi

'The Muslim community must combat extremism and the ideology of hate that equates innocence with guilt.'

Dr Tamimi is no moderate. He is a leading light in the Muslim Association of Britain, which is the voice in the UK of the Muslim Brotherhood, the sect which is banned in Egypt on account of its extremism and which has been a major influence in promoting the murderous global jihad. What's more Dr Tamimi, who has said he is a supporter of Hamas, has also said he supports suicide bombings against Israelis - the very slaughter of the innocents he so piously said he abhorred. - melanie phillips

"Look at the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), whose chief spokesman, Dr Azam Tamimi, says that Arab women "ask for" wife-beating, and believes thieves should be punished by cutting off their hands." - johann hari.

note: The global Jihad is doublethink - the Muslim Brotherhood
were founded by the Nazis in Egypt & then utilised by the British, in 1948

Qutb, born in 1906, dedicated his life to making the world a fundamentalist Islamic state, and is seen as the spiritual inspiration of al-Qaeda. He is also promoted by the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), our most active Islamic political group. The MAB has on its website a glowing account of Qutb's life, concluding that he died smiling "showing his conviction of the beautiful life to come in paradise - a life he definitely and rightfully deserved".

The MAB says that it is opposed to anti-Semitism, but this is as convincing as the British National Party's saying it is opposed to racism. The MAB published an article calling Jews "vampires", claiming that it was written by Benjamin Franklin; in fact it was a forgery. The MAB's high-profile spokesman, Azzam Tamimi, a Palestinian academic, wrote: "If they want to be as human as anybody else, Jews must wake up before it is too late."

On its website, MAB has equated Israel with Nazi Germany. The Internet Watch Foundation (a partnership between the Government and service providers) has referred the website - along with that of the BNP - to the Home Office for containing allegedly criminally racist material.

The MAB was founded in 1997 by Kamal el-Helbawy, then the London-based spokesman in Europe for the Muslim Brotherhood, a pro-terrorism group that has been largely responsible for the rise of militant Islam in recent decades, and claims to have taken part in most pro-Islamic conflicts including Afghanistan and Kashmir. The brotherhood's objective is: "Mastering the World with Islam", and its motto concludes: "Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." Anas al-Tikriti, a past president of the MAB, is the son of Osama al-Tikriti, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq.

It has branches in 70 countries, often under different names. In Palestine it is Hamas, which pioneered the use of suicide bombers, and whose aim is to destroy Israel. Hamas is banned as a terrorist organisation in both the UK and the US, but Dr Tamimi has said he not only supports it, but has also advised it on its public relations strategy.

The MAB was more than just founded by the Muslim Brotherhood's European spokesman, according to the Labour MP Louise Ellman, who told Parliament last year: "The Muslim Association of Britain itself is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Ahmed Sheikh, MAB's president, says they are "not ashamed" to admit that they share some of the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood, but insists: "We have no link with any international organisation outside this country."

It was the MAB that invited the controversial cleric Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader, to London last month. Dr al-Qaradawi is editor-in-chief of Islamonline.net, which insists that it is the duty of Muslims to "achieve supremacy on earth and put their enemies to rout" and "the means for doing so is taking up arms in addition to preparation, financing and planning strategies".

The MAB says it wants to help Muslims to integrate in the West, but it doesn't believe in liberal democracy. Dr Tamimi wrote this month in a Lebanese newspaper that it is "a futile effort to try and reformulate Islam in order to espouse liberalism; this would simply be the end of Islam as a divine revelation". Dr Tamimi, who shocked a Cambridge University debate by saying that many Arab women ask for domestic violence, insisted that the punishment for thieves must be amputation because the Koran "tells us in the clearest possible terms faqtau aydiyahuma (cut off their hands)".

THE MAB rose to national prominence in co-organising the Stop the War Coalition, and launched the pro-hijab campaign to oppose the banning of the Islamic veil in schools. Many leftwingers have joined the campaign on the ground of women's right to choose, even though they are joining forces with Dr al-Qaradawi, who insists women must be forced to wear the hijab.

Like the BNP, the MAB presents a moderate face to hide its extremism. Just as the BNP says it represents mainstream Britain, MAB says it represents mainstream British Muslims. But there the similarity ends. Unlike the BNP, which is rightly tackled at every turn, the MAB is uncritically accepted by the liberal Left, including the BBC, The Guardian and The Independent. - Harrys Place

see also: The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe by Lorenzo Vidino

Anti-war Movement steering operation?
ex Labour -George Galloway - Muslim Brotherhood MAB - SWP Respect Coalition?

Divide & Rule?
Flashback election Shenanigans

A series of threats and provocations by a group of Islamic fundamentalists against Respect candidate George Galloway and other political figures, combined with efforts to intimidate Muslim voters, represents a serious attack on democratic rights that must be opposed by all working people.

On Tuesday, April 19, Galloway was addressing a tenants' meeting on the Osier council estate, in the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency, London, where the expelled Labour MP is standing in the May 5 parliamentary election against the pro-war Labour incumbent Oona King. Part way through the meeting, a group of some 30 Islamic militants entered the room and began threatening Galloway.

The Respect leader was forced to hide in his car after the men denounced him as a false prophet and threatened him with "the gallows." The youths shouted at Galloway: "We are going to follow you," and "We know where you live."

The group also warned Muslims that they faced a "death sentence" if they voted in the elections.

Galloway was, in fact, due to appear on a platform alongside Jalaluddin Patel, the leader of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Britain, Iqbal Sacranie, the secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, and Dr. Azam Tamimi of the Muslim Association of Britain, as well as Oona King and the Conservative Party candidate. The event, due to take place on Saturday April 23, was cancelled without notice. In its place, the promotion firm IQra media offered a discount-priced viewing of a Respect video. Organisers told the Socialist Equality Party that the debate was cancelled due to "the presence of certain individuals on the platform."

- excerpts from WSWS story

MI5 double agent: Guess where...?

Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent

Allies say warnings were ignored

March 25, 2004 - ONE of al-Qaeda's most dangerous figures has been revealed as a double agent working for MI5, raising criticism from European governments, which repeatedly called for his arrest. Britain ignored warnings - which began before the September 11 attacks - from half a dozen friendly governments about Abu Qatada's links with terrorist groups and refused to arrest him. Intelligence chiefs hid from European allies their intention to use the cleric as a key informer against Islamic militants in Britain. Abu Qatada boasted to MI5 that he could prevent terrorist attacks and offered to expose dangerous extremists, while all along he was setting up a haven for his terror organisation in Britain.

Among the scores of young militants who came to visit him in London was the chief suspect in the Madrid train bombings. His followers also included people who wanted to be suicide bombers for al-Qaeda, such as Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. A special tribunal that has investigated his operations in Britain described him as "a truly dangerous individual". A ruling by the Special Immigrations Appeals Commission revealed yesterday that there was evidence to show that Abu Qatada "has been concerned in the instigation of acts of international terrorism".

A security source in Madrid said yesterday: "Who knows how much violence and bloodshed could have been prevented if Britain had heeded the warnings about this man a long time ago." With terrorism at the top of the agenda at the European Union summit today in Brussels, Tony Blair is bound to be asked about MI5's history with Abu Qatada and other militant clerics who have used Britain as their base.

Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the United States and Jordan all asked to question Abu Qatada about his links to al-Qaeda but were refused. Instead, MI5 agents held three meetings with the cleric, who bragged of his influence among young Islamic militants and insisted that they were no risk to Britain's national security.

He pledged to MI5 that he would not "bite the hand that fed him".

He also promised to "report anyone damaging the interests of this country". Instead, he was recruiting for al-Qaeda training camps. His continued liberty for years after international demands for his arrest was an embarrassment for Britain. When David Blunkett introduced his controversial Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Act, 2001, which allowed him to detain foreign suspects without trial, Abu Qatada claimed that the law "was enacted with him particularly in mind".

He disappeared from his family home in West London just before the law came into force.

Indignant French officials accused MI5 of helping the cleric to abscond. While he remained on the run, one intelligence chief in Paris was quoted as saying: "British intelligence is saying they have no idea where he is, but we know where he is and, if we know, I'm quite sure they do."

Almost a year later Abu Qatada was found hiding in a flat not far from Scotland Yard. Abu Qatada was appealing against his continued detention in Belmarsh top security prison, but Mr Justice Collins ruled that the cleric was "at the centre in the UK of terrorist activities associated with al-Qaeda".

He is a Jordanian national who arrived here with a forged United Arab Emirates passport in September 1993 claiming asylum. Jordan told Britain that he had been convicted for terrorist attacks in Amman seven months before September 11. Spanish investigators produced evidence that a militant they had in custody in Madrid - Abu Dahdah - had visited the cleric more than 25 times, bringing him money and new recruits. Abu Qatada was banned by most mainstream mosques, so held his own meetings at the Four Feathers Club, near Baker Street in Central London. His lawyer says that he "entirely denies" any involvement with terrorism. - timesonline.co.uk

Do these events in Holland hint at the UK's approach?

Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down

FPF - Nijmegen - Nov. 16th 2005 - Last night Louis Seveke, 41, a very well known political activist and secret service watcher, was killed with two shots in the center of the city of Nijmegen, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. ''Indications are that this is a political murder" journalist Gerard Legebeke said, interviewed on Dutch national radio early this morning. Legebeke is an investigating journalist of renown who lives in Nijmegen, and has known the killed political activist for years.

The question 'Who profits?' - until further information is available - again only points in one direction: the specialists with a license to kill.* The police spokeswoman confirmed his death and said "technical investigation is still going on". Louis Seveke during the past twenty years had become the nightmare of illegal police, secret services and many covert neocon government activities.

Seveke juridically also specialized in the growing 'false flag' behavior of the super secret groups in Holland's shady services world which is helping to orchestrate the US-made 'War of Terror'. Those by the taxpayers paid 'spooks' are not defending the human rights of the 16 million Dutch, but only the profitability of the economical system and the Dutch government's place as #5 on the list of richest countries, and #6 as the world weapons exporter. Legal and illegal.*


There are a couple of possible motives for this murder. In an article* published two weeks ago in the dutch neocon's flagship, the information paper NRC Handelsblad, Seveke as a fighter against crime at the top and 'false flag' operations by special squads wrote:


Among many examples, he wrote critically about the dutch secret service AIVD - (Algemene Inlichtingen en Veiligheids Dienst) - which apparently ran it's own fake 'al Qaida terror group' named Hofstadgroep. "That is their normal way of working", Seveke wrote in his last NRC article.

One of the AIVD's 'moles' is Ali B. in this 'moslem militant's group' - an agent provocateur who - according to Seveke and dutch TV Netwerk: "Supplied handgranates to 'a very dangerous group': handgranates he covertly had received from an agent of the secret service AIVD". The same handgranates wounded police officers later on when they stormed the safe house after the usual 'water damage'-tip of 'unknown'. To restore Ali B.'s 'cover' - and in a very unintelligent way trying still to bolster Ali B.'s status as 'terrorist' - the same AIVD agents a couple of days ago 'arrested' the man fast, when too many of those facts became known.

Seveke - among many other activities - was the juridical adviser of a very active group of people - which are critical towards the society and city they live in - occupying a large house called 'The Orphanage' in the historical center of the city of Nijmegen, claiming to be the oldest city in The Netherlands. 'We are working day and night to save the city from 'greedy developers' the group says. But last 30 October a local judge ordered the group out by November 30th. Otherwise the police would make them go since the people in power have decided to 'reconstruct the area' in a for them profitable way. Seveke as juridical advisor was a big 'stumbling block' which now is gone. When money millions are involved, people do not count in Holland either.

The gunning down of Louis Seveke looks like a case symptomatic of the fear of attacks on the profitable system which the managers of The Netherlands run, and why probably also politician and new prime minister of The Netherlands - professor Pim Fortuyn was killed. - Henk Ruyssenaars via indymedia

Left: Artist's impression of British al-Qaeda suspect Haroon Rashid Aswat, 30, appearing at the Magistrates Court in London, Monday. He was Extradicted from Zambia with the help of Italian Intelligence.

Right: Abu Hamza worked as a civil engineer at Sandhurst for 6 years.


Psyops -

Nairobi -- British and Italian authorities say the four chief suspects in the July 21 attempted bombings in London come from the Horn of Africa, a region that counter-terrorism experts say is fertile ground for al-Qaida-linked terror groups. Two of the four suspects in the July 21 attempted bombings in London came to Britain from Eritrea 15 years ago. A third suspect in British custody was born in Somalia, and the fourth suspect, who is being held in Italy, was born in Ethiopia.

Extreme poverty, lax security, porous borders, proliferation of weapons and the growing influence of Islamic extremists make the countries of East Africa and the Horn fertile recruiting ground for terrorists, says Matt Bryden, East Africa senior analyst for the Brussels-based research organization, International Crisis Group.

Mr. Bryden says terrorist networks are attracted to East Africa and the Horn countries because conditions in emerging democracies allow terrorists a level of freedom that enables them to move around undetected. - VOA

7-7 Local Cell? - Military Explosives?
French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit gives the game away?

London bombs suggest local but well-equipped cell

Jul 11, 2005 - By Mark Trevelyan and Mike Holden

LONDON (Reuters) - Suspected al Qaeda militants behind the London bombings may well have come from a previously unknown local cell and yet had access to military explosives, European security officials familiar with the probe said.

"The explosives appear to be of military origin, which is very worrying," said Christophe Chaboud, head of the French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit and one of five top officials sent by Paris to London immediately after Thursday's attacks.

"We're more used to cells making home-made explosives with chemicals. How did they get them?" he said in an interview with Le Monde newspaper.

"Either by trafficking, for example, in the Balkans, or they had someone on the inside who enabled them to get them out of a military establishment."

Chaboud's comments went further than London police, who have only said so far that the bombs contained less than 10 lb. (4.5 kg) each of "high explosives" and were small enough to be carried in rucksacks.

By comparison, the 10 bombs that blew apart four commuter trains in Madrid last year weighed about 22 lb. (10 kg) each. The explosive, known as Goma 2 Eco and used in quarrying, had been stolen from a mine in northern Spain. Asked about the French comments, a senior London police spokesman said the explosives were still being examined and there was no confirmation that they were military in origin.

"We are waiting for the forensic tests," he said.


London police summoned investigators and intelligence officials from about 30 countries to a meeting at Scotland Yard on Saturday to brief them on last Thursday's bombings which killed at least 49 people. A source at a European intelligence agency represented at the meeting said the attacks were most likely carried out by a local cell of Islamist militants with no previous track record

"We think the known Islamists who live in Britain are under such close observation that they're limited in their capacity for action. Against that background, the suspicion is that it's a local group," the source said. "At the moment there's no proof, but the thinking is that Islamists who have been known since Afghanistan or through other attacks could not have been involved in detail ... That is less suggestive of a big central network."

Even before the bombings, British officials had expressed increasing concern about a "homegrown" militant threat, and suspects held in several foiled plots have been British citizens.

The United States has sent FBI forensic specialists to help British investigators analyze the bomb sites -- a vast challenge because three of the attacks were on underground trains. The other, on a bus, spread debris over a wide area. Spanish investigators are also assisting, because of the similarity between the mode of the attacks and those on Madrid 16 months ago. Back then, Spanish police obtained an almost immediate breakthrough by analyzing a bomb which had failed to go off and tracing the origin of a cellphone whose alarm had been meant to trigger it. This led to early arrests. London investigators have had no such breaks, but an anti-terrorist spokeswoman said the scarcity of updates about the investigation did not mean there was no progress.

"We wouldn't want that to come across at all. We are not in a position to go public with it," she said.

(Additional reporting by Jon Boyle in Paris) Reuters

A Balkans Connection to the London Bombings?

Christophe Chaboud, the head of the French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit and one of five senior officials sent by the French government to London immediately after Thursday's attacks, told Le Monde that the explosives used appeared to be of military origin.

"The charges were not heavy but powerful," said Mr Chaboud. "Among the victims, many of the wounds [lesions] were in the lower limbs, indicating that the explosives were placed on the ground, perhaps under the seats. The type of explosives appear to be military, something which is very worrying. We're more used to cells making home-made explosives with chemicals. How did they get them? Either by trafficking, for example, in the Balkans, or they had someone on the inside who enabled them to get them out of a military establishment." - guardian.co.uk

Note: French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit are working for Oil interests in Algeria as a competitor to Similar British Intelligence Interests

we also know that Eliza Manningham Buller was in France days before the 777

Eliza Manningham-Buller, the director general of MI5, Britain's domestic intelligence agency, was in Paris days before the bombings on a visit to exchange ideas with her French counterpart, Pierre de Bousquet. And senior officials at France's Directorate-General of External Security, the equivalent of the CIA, routinely praise their close working relationship with Britain. - Source

consider this: in the 1970s British and French officials involved in the network
visited a training base in Germany built with US money.

Secret Italian unit 'trained in Britain'

Richard Norton-Taylor/David Gow, Guardian, 17 November 1990, page 10 - archived here

BRITAIN hosted a unit responsible for organising Operation Gladio - the name given to the Italian section of a secret West European underground network set up to combat communism, it was disclosed yesterday.

Their counterparts in Britain, where the plan was give the name Operation Stay Behind, visited Italy soon afterwards, in 1974, according to a senior Italian military intelligence official.

General Gerardo Serravalle, who said the Italians trained at a military base in Britain, was giving evidence yesterday in Rome to a parliamentary committee of inquiry into allegations that Gladio was linked to a series of rightwing terrorist attacks in Italy between 1969 and the early 1980s.

Documents shown to the committee revealed that in the 1970s British and French officials involved in the network visited a training base in Germany built with US money.

A number of West European governments have acknowledged the existence of the network over the past few days and in some countries national sections are still in place. However, the British government has repeatedly refused to comment. "It is a security matter.We are not speaking about," a Ministry of Defence spokesman said last night.

However, General Sir John Hackett, a former commander-in-chief of the British Army on the Rhine, said yesterday that a contingency plan involving "stay behind and resistance in depth" was drawn up after the second world war.

Earlier this week, Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley,a former Nato commander in northern Europe, told the Guardian that a secret arms network was established in Britain after the war but he would not say whether it still existed.

The German government is to disband its part of Gladio, the secret resistance network, Bonn officials said yesterday.

According to a German television report, the section consisted of former SS and Waffen-SS officers as well as members of an extreme rightwing group, the Federation of German Youth, and drew up plans to assassinate leading figures of the opposition Social Democratic Party in the event of a Soviet-led invasion.

AP adds: The Defence Secretary, Tom King, said yesterday that he had never heard of Gladio. "I'm not sure what particular hot potato you're chasing after. It sounds wonderfully exciting, but I'm afraid I'm quite ignorant about it. I'm better informed about the Gulf," Mr King said.

Eastern Europe?

Blair with KLA leader Hashim Thaci

[The KLA inside Kosovo is] "led by the sons and grandsons of rightist Albanian fighters [from the]Skanderbeg volunteer SS division raised by the Nazis, or the descendants of the rightist Albanian kacak rebels who rose up against the Serbs 80 years ago. Although never much of a fighting force, the Skanderbeg division took part in the shameful roundup and deportation of the province's few hundred Jews during the Holocaust. The division's remnants fought Tito's Partisans at the end of the war, leaving thousands of ethnic Albanians dead. The decision by KLA commanders to dress their police in black fatigues and order their fighters to salute with a clenched fist to the forehead has led many to worry about these fascist antecedents." Kosovo is KLA country now

Perhaps most revealing is the report's description of a CIA covert operation cynically named "Operation Roots." It is aimed at sowing ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia to encourage its breakup. The report says that this operation has been going on "since the beginning of Clinton's presidency." It is a joint operation with the German secret service, which has also sought to destabilize Yugoslavia. The final objective of "Roots," according to this report, "is the separation of Kosovo, with the aim of it becoming part of Albania; the separation of Montenegro, as the last means of access to the Mediterranean; and the separation of the Vojvodina, which produces most of the food for Yugoslavia. This would lead to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable independent state." - Who Is The So-Called Kosovo Liberation Army?,

From the 'The Washington Times' June 22, 2001

"The rebels would have their big brothers in America - the same heroes who led the NATO mission against their enemies, the Serbs - believe that the violence they are now perpetrating in Macedonia is merely about protecting minority rights. But the National Liberation Army (NLA), a splinter of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), also has another motive: It is fighting to keep control over the region's drug trafficking, which has grown into a large, lucrative enterprise since the Kosovo war. In addition to drug money, the NLA also has another prominent venture capitalist: Osama bin Laden. The Muslim terrorist leader, according to a document obtained by The Washington Times and written by the chief commander of the Macedonian Security Forces, puts out the front money for the rebel group through a representative in Macedonia: 'This person is representative of Osama Ben laden sic , who is the main financial supporter of the National Liberation Army, where up to date he has paid $6 million to $7 million for the needs of the National Liberation Army.'" - archived here

Jane's Defense Weekly reported April 20 1999: "Special forces involvement confirmed." The report said that that special units from Britain, the United States, France "and other NATO groups'' were working undercover in Kosovo:

Among those believed to be operating in Kosovo to pick out targets and glean intelligence are small, five-man commando units from France's 13th Airborne Dragoon Regiment, which reports to the DRM military intelligence agency. Others operating covertly in the province come from the Commando Parachute Group, a specialised behind-the-lines force, totalling about 100 men. Also likely to be there are men from the 13th Marine Infantry Regiment, which regularly works for the DGSE foreign intelligence agency. - janes.com

MI6 Disinfo Campaign serves Britains economic interests

For those of you interested in how the British MI6 conducts its disinformation campaigns, particularly in the Balkans, I attach this article by Ed Vulliamy below. This attempt to link Gotovina to the IRA is a classic, and transparent, MI6 tactic.

[MI6's] "information" was that the Muslim-led government was massacring its own people in Sarajevo to win sympathy and ultimately help from outside. Sarajevo's defenders were dumb with disbelief; if there was any evidence for this satanic notion, the spooks never produced it. . .The MI6 scheme worked - beautifully. The allegation - off the record, on the QT, hush-hush, old boy - became a clamour, started by the London Independent, and appearing in British, then American, then German and other papers. So these Balkan fuzzy-wuzzies were all as bad as each other after all, just as the FCO had said.

Note the objective of the MI6 scheme: to make the "Balkan fuzzy-wuzzies all as bad as each other after all," thus justifying British policy of inaction and obstruction of US and EU action (i.e. let Milosevic finish the job). It is this British policy that MI6 continues to defend and justify by pursuing the falsely indicted Gotovina.

This reponds to a report which alleges
involvement of former Croatian General Ante Gotovina in the recent Belfast bank robbery

Two articles under the name of Kenneth Roberts were published in early 1994 - at the height of the civil war. In one article titled "Salving Consciences in Hampstead", Roberts is described as having worked "for the UN in Bosnia". He argued, it said, that "we should pull out now".

A month later, in March 1994, the MI6 officer wrote a second article under the heading, "Glamour Without Responsibility". In a passage now rich in irony, the Spectator noted: "Kenneth Roberts, who works with the UN forces in Bosnia, says that journalists there should be held accountable for their actions."

In a reference to Kate Adie, one of the BBC's most respected reporters, the author stated: "The power of the modern journalist, especially the television journalist, is nowhere more apparent than in Bosnia."

He added: "Emotion rather than political or practical interest drives the public opinion that steels Western governments to send troops . . . Unlike those governments, the press has no proper accountability for the consequences of its actions."

He referred to two highly controversial incidents during the Bosnian war - the attack on a bread queue in Sarajevo in 1992, and the attack on a Sarajevo market in 1994.

"For some time now," Roberts told Spectator readers, "there have been UN mutterings about the Muslims shelling their own people in bread queues or markets." Journalists were accused of failing to investigate claims by the Bosnia Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, that the 66 deaths at the market were due to a Muslim attack.

The suggestion was that the Muslims fired on their own people to provoke Nato into taking tougher action against the Serbs. Both the United Nations and the Tory government in Britain were desperate to counter reports in the British and US media of attacks on civilians by Bosnian Serbs.

Atrocities, they insisted, were being carried by all sides, by Muslims and Croats as well as Serbs.

Douglas Hurd, then foreign secretary, was deeply concerned about the prospect of what he called "the first muslim state in Europe".

- cryptome.org


In 1999, the newspaper, 'Dani,' announced that bin Laden had been issued a Special Passport from the Washington-Backed Bosnian Government in 1993. Two weeks ago, the Bosnian government issued a denial. Given that this denial took two years and came immediately after September 11th, we suggest it be taken with a grain of salt.


Agence France Presse September 24, 1999

SARAJEVO - Osama bin Laden, the Saudi billionaire wanted by the United States for organising bloody terrorist attacks, was granted a Bosnian passport in 1993 by the country's [i.e., Bosnia]embassy in Vienna, an independent weekly reported Friday.

The Bosnian embassy in Vienna granted a passport to bin Laden in 1993,' Dani magazine said, quoting anonymous sources, emphasizing that files and traces linked to his case have recently been destroyed by the [Bosnian] government. However, Bin Laden 'did not personally collect his Bosnian passport,' Dani said, without elaborating or explicitly stating that his passport was ever collected. High Muslim officials of the Bosnian foreign ministry agreed that it [the destruction of files linked to bin Laden] was the top priority. It was even more important than investigating a person responsible for granting a passport to the most wanted terrorist in the world,' Dani reported. According to the article, Muslim political circles claim that six years ago officials at the Bosnian embassy in Vienna could not have known who bin Laden was.

During the 1992-1995 Bosnia's war, the Vienna embassy has been 'making contacts with many Arab-world people seeking aid' for the mainly Muslim Bosnian army, the article said. The foreign ministry issued no comments on the article. Bin Laden, believed to be in Afghanistan, is accused by the United States of masterminding bloody bomb attacks against its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August of last year. Over 200 people were killed in these attacks. Washington has offered a reward of five million dollars for information leading to his arrest.

Earlier this week the Bosnian government confirmed it had granted citizenship and passport to a Tunisian-born senior aide of bin-Laden in 1997. The government said citizenship was given to Mahrez Amduni, known in Sarajevo as Mehrez Amdouni, on the basis of his Bosnian army membership, stressing that there was no Interpol arrest warrant against him at that time. Amduni was arrested by Turkish police at Istanbul airport on September 13, in an operation in which Interpol also took part.

"During the Bosnia 1992-95 war some Islamic fighters battled alongside Muslim soldiers in central Bosnia against Bosnian Serbs and Croats. Most of them left the country after a US-brokered peace deal was signed in 1995. Some of them gained Bosnian citizenship as members of the Bosnian army or by marrying Bosnian women.

"The government has never revealed how many foreign fighters were granted Bosnian citizenship."

Copyright 1999 Agence France Presse - archived here

MI6 1992 proposal to assassinate President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia

The first page of the document was a political "justification" to assassinate President Milosevic. Fishwick's justification was basically that there was evidence that Milosevic was providing arms and support to President Radovan Karadzic in the breakaway republic of Bosnian Serbia.

The remainder of the document proposed three methods to assassinate Milosevic. The first method was to train and equip a Serbian paramilitary opposition group to assassinate Milosevic in Serbia. Fishwick argued that this method would have the advantage of deniability, but the disadvantage that control of the operation would be low and the chances of success unpredictable. The second method was to use the Increment (a small cell of the SAS and SBS which is especially selected and trained to carry out operations exclusively for MI5/MI6) to infiltrate Serbia and attack Milosevic either with a bomb or sniper ambush. Fishwick argued that this would plan would be the most reliable, but would be undeniable if it went wrong. Fishwick's third proposal was to kill Milosevic in a staged car crash, possibly during one of his visits to the ICFY (International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia) in Geneva, Switzerland. Fishwick even provided a suggestion about how this could be done, such as by disorientating Milosevic's chauffeur using a blinding strobe light as the cavalcade passed through one of Geneva's motorway tunnels. MI6 1992

The Rt Hon Beverly Hughes MP for Stretford and Urmston
flashback: The Beverly Hughes scandal, visa scams?

An investigation by watchdog the National Audit Office has since been critical of interference by the Home Office saying it led to thousands of visas being issued in Romania and Bulgaria.

Whistleblower Steve Moxon claims key checks were waived at the Sheffield office of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate. He says the change affected migrants from the eight eastern European countries due to join the EU in May. He claims the idea was to rush through as many applications as possible now to make the numbers coming to Britain less dramatic when the EU expands. He is later suspended and Ms Hughes orders an internal investigation into the claims.

while thousand of innocent asylum seekers are persecuted in Police State UK, these lucky people are fast-tracked through the red tape...WHY? Does the amounts of visas being waived, apparently thousands, serve another purpose?..would this .help to hide, trained Mercenaries, ex soldiers from the Balkans / Russia...members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who'd helped Blairs Junta out in the Balkans in late 90's?

whistleblower harrassed

"Foreign Office doubts on visa witch-hunt

The Foreign Office has admitted its campaign to silence a diplomat who blew the whistle on an immigration scandal will be seen as a witch-hunt, confidential Whitehall e-mails reveal. The files relate to James Cameron, the British consul in Romania, who earlier this year exposed a series of visa scams, including the case of a one-legged roofer granted a work permit to run a business in Britain. The documents, released to Cameron after he applied for them under data protection laws, detail Foreign Office concerns shortly before a police inquiry was launched into his embassy work and after he had been recalled to Britain.

The Scotland Yard inquiry was launched into what Camerons friends say are entirely false accusations of taking backhanders or obtaining sexual favours in exchange for granting visas. They say the allegations are smears to discredit him and punish him for speaking out. The Yards fraud squad has raided his home in the West Country and seized his computer and private papers. Nine days ago he was interviewed by detectives from the Yards specialist crimes directorate. During five hours of questioning at Belgravia police station, detectives accused him of bringing women back to his four- bedroomed embassy villa in Bucharest. They said the theft of expensive perfume from the villa that he reported could be explained by this. Cameron was outraged when police said they suspected he was being blackmailed by criminals who had sought visas in return.

Cameron has told police the allegations of wrongdoing are categorically untrue."

"The diplomat recently applied under the Data Protection Act for all Foreign Office documents relating to his case, mainly e-mails and reports.

One Foreign Office diplomat wrote to a counterpart at the Bucharest embassy in May that they were open to accusations of persecuting Cameron, given that: He already faces a disciplinary case with regards to leaks to the opposition on the visa issue . . .

"In a report to London on the case, Quinton Quayle, the British ambassador to Bucharest, said diplomats feared negative publicity for the Foreign Office if news of Camerons forced return to London leaked out.

The dossier shows Camerons superiors regarded him as an awkward employee even before he exposed the visa scams. He has a history of odd and erratic behaviour, wrote Quayles deputy. There are also other strange happenings . . . He has an uncanny knack of being in the spot where lightning strikes (numerous break-ins, a mugging and other strange goings-on). This latest episode shows poor judgment and a degree of bloody-mindedness. " Cameron's wife, Angela, said the couple were shocked by his treatment. "These are Walter Mitty allegations. It's 007 and a half," she said.

- David Leppard - times online

whistleblowers face trials

"A DIPLOMAT who exposed visa scams allowing thousands of illegal east European immigrants into Britain is facing the prospect of charges."

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) plans to charge James Cameron, the former British consul in Romania, with "facilitating immigration fraud", a leaked government memo has shown"

"The tribunal was due to be heard last week. But in an e-mail to the tribunal, Peter Bennett, an official at the Treasury Solicitor's Department, said the CPS wanted the case adjourned "so as to avoid the risk of prejudice to the prosecution".

The e-mail said the CPS had "intended that Cameron would be charged with facilitation of immigration fraud in June 2005". However, it said prosecutors "had decided to put off charging until evidence gathering was completed later this summer". The CPS said a final decision on whether to press charges had not been made." - spy.org.uk

While Hughes was put back into government?

Back from the brink and ready to tackle childcare

Just over a year ago, she was delivering her resignation statement in the Commons after stepping down as immigration minister amid a storm over waived visa checks for east Europeans.

Now, a general election later, Beverley Hughes, one of the brightest stars of the 1997 generation of Labour MPs, is installed again in a ministerial office high above Westminster, returning to the government this time as children and families minister in the Department for Education and Skills. The aftermath of her departure, which followed weeks of increasingly fierce media pressure, was "very traumatic", she admits, her face still tightening at the memory. It took her several months to feel she was herself again, a process she compares to victims recovering from trauma. "It was nasty at the time, very difficult to go through, but it is over and finished and I have moved on, if anything stronger. But it has not changed me fundamentally."

Her robust defence of her own actions, too, remains unchanged: "I only ever said in public what I had been advised by ministers and that turned out to be wrong. I took responsibility for that." Some may still suggest the pressures of one of the most stressful jobs at the Home Office caused Ms Hughes's focus to slip, but others argue she is one of the most skillful mistresses of a detailed brief in the government.

Taking over from Margaret Hodge as children's minister - a job she says she is "thrilled" to have - Ms Hughes will have plenty of scope to demonstrate her reputation as a highly competent deliverer of policy; she is charged with nothing less than seeing through the government's ambitions to make childcare a new universal arm of the modern welfare state, not to mention handling the highly politically sensitive teenage pregnancy brief. - guardian

beverly Hughes forced to resign - caught out?

The Eastern European visa row
What it could mean...

"Whistleblower Steve Moxon claims key checks were waived at the Sheffield office of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate. He says the change affected migrants from the eight eastern European countries due to join the EU in May. He claims the idea was to rush through as many applications as possible now to make the numbers coming to Britain less dramatic when the EU expands. He is later suspended and Ms Hughes orders an internal investigation into the claims" Timeline


Are the UK Government smuggling and training politically useful terrorist groups?

Could this be a rat run similar to the one exposed by Michael Springman? Former head of US Visa Bureau, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In the 80's he witness hundreds of people being given Visas to travel to Afghanistan on the say so of the CIA...

MICHAEL SPRINGMAN: In Saudi Arabia I was repeatedly ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These were, essentially, people who had no ties either to Saudi Arabia or to their own country. I complained bitterly at the time there. I returned to the US, I complained to the State Dept here, to the General Accounting Office, to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and to the Inspector General's office. I was met with silence.

PALAST: By now, Bush Sr, once CIA director, was in the White House. Springman was shocked to find this wasn't visa fraud. Rather, State and CIA were playing "the Great Game".

SPRINGMAN: What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets.

The attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 did not shake the State Department's faith in the Saudis, nor did the attack on American barracks at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia three years later, in which 19 Americans died. FBI agents began to feel their investigation was being obstructed. Would you be surprised to find out that FBI agents are a bit frustrated that they can't be looking into some Saudi connections? BBC

flashback to 2002: Blair Junta Bungs Osama bin laden 100,000

"On the evening of 7th October, Tony Blair ordered a D-Notice on British media reporting government officials signing court gag orders. This regards the case of former MI5 officer David Shayler, who has evidence to prove MI6 gave 100,000 to bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, arms to Iraq and had prior knowledge of several terrorist attacks on London in the 1990's. The original articles stated that top Labour MP's had signed gag orders, whereby upon mention of this evidence in court, media have to immediately leave the trial. Newspapers all over the country, including the Guardian, the London Evening Standard and the Scotsman either completely removed or amended their articles. This evidence is damning. The British government is trying to bury the story before it buries them."
Shaylergate [propaganda matrix]

Flashback: Berg beheading in Iraq:

Video discrepancies:

Their Arabic is heavily accented (Russian, Jordanian, Egyptian). An aside in Russian had been translated as 'do it quickly'. - source


Poles probe Briton's claim of involvement in London bombing

13/07/2005 - 21:53:58 - A British citizen under investigation in Poland in connection with the London bombings sent a series of threatening messages after last week's attacks, Polish officials said today.Polish media reported that the man allegedly sent threatening e-mails and cellular telephone text messages to banks and residents of an eastern town claiming involvement in the July 7 bombings that killed at least 52 and injured hundreds. Internal Security Agency spokeswoman Agata Studenny said the media reports were "in general" correct, but she declined to give details of the alleged threats.

The man, who is of Pakistani origin, has not been arrested, but the agency so far has been unable "to exclude beyond any doubt that he is a member of an organised terrorist group," Studdeny said.

She declined to identify the suspect.

The agency, which is Poland's domestic intelligence service, began investigating his activities on Monday. Polish radio station RMF FM reported that the man had sent e-mails and cell-phone messages to banks and residents in the town of Lublin that claimed involvement in the London attacks.

"This is my doing," one message reportedly read. "I hope that you now understand what jihad is," said another, according to RMF.

Lublin newspaper Kurier Lubelski said the man arrived in Poland seven years ago from Britain, where he owned a taxi company, and moved to Lublin a year ago with his Polish wife. - IOL

Bomber was MP's Westminster guest

One of the London bombers visited the Houses of Parliament as a guest of an MP, the Labour Party has confirmed. Mohammad Sidique Khan accompanied a school trip to parliament in July 2004 in his capacity as a learning mentor at Hill Side Primary School in Leeds. The bomber, who was responsible for the Edgware Road blast, met Labour MP Jon Trickett, whose wife Sarah is the headteacher at Hill Side.

Mr Trickett said on Friday he found the revelations "profoundly disturbing".

Home visit

In a statement released by the Labour party, the MP for Hemsworth near Pontefract said: "I was shocked to learn that someone who had grown up in the area of Beeston where I lived and which I represented on Leeds City Council for 12 years should turn out to be one of the London bombers." It was confirmed that Mr Trickett's son was in the same school year group as Khan 17 years ago. Khan also visited Mr Trickett and his wife at their home.

In July last year, the MP's wife took a number of her schoolchildren on a trip to London and Khan accompanied the party as a member of school staff. It is profoundly disturbing to discover that a person, who appeared to care so deeply for the children at that time, should so callously take the lives of others only a year later

Jon Trickett MP

The Labour Party said the school group visited a number of attractions including the London Eye and St James's Park. During the visit, Leeds Central MP Hilary Benn joined the group in Portcullis House to talk about his role as their local MP and answered the children's questions. They then met Mr Trickett who accompanied the group on the rest of their visit around the Palace of Westminster. The whole group was fully screened by the House of Commons security system on entry into Portcullis House, and was accompanied at all times throughout the visit until the time it left the building, the Labour Party said.

Mr Trickett lived in the Beeston area of Leeds until he became an MP in 1996. He represented the area as a councillor on Leeds City Council between 1984 and 1996. The Hemsworth MP added: "Many years after leaving the area, I met Mr Khan in July 2004 when he accompanied a school trip to London during which time they briefly visited Portcullis House for a sandwich and met with their local MP.

"It is profoundly disturbing to discover that a person, who appeared to care so deeply for the children at that time, should so callously take the lives of others only a year later."

As soon as Mr Trickett realised this man was one of the London bombers he informed the Chief Superintendent in charge of Commons security, the Labour Party said. BBC

Russian FSB/KGB???

The correspondent: Alexander, who, in your opinion, is the originator of this terrorist attack?

A. Litvinenko: You know, I have spoken about it earlier and I shall say now, that I know only one organization, which has made terrorism the main tool of solving of political problems. It is the Russian special services. The KGB was engaged in terrorism for many years, and, in mass terrorism. At the special department of the KGB they trained terrorists practically from all countries of the world; these courses lasted, as a rule, for a half-year. Specially trained and prepared agents of the KGB organized murders and explosions, including explosions of tankers, captures of passenger air liners, strikes on the diplomatic, state and commercial organizations practically worldwide.

The correspondent: Could you name though some of the terrorists prepared at the "special courses" of the KGB-FSB?

A. Litvinenko: The bloodiest terrorists of the world were or are agents of the KGB-FSB. These are and well-known Carlos Ilyich Ramiros, the nickname "Jackal" (he is condemned for terrorism in France), deceased Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Adjalan (he is condemned in Turkey), Vadi Haddad, the head of the service of external operations of the Popular front of releasing of Palestine, Hauyi, the head of the communist party of Lebanon, mister Papaionnu from the Cyprus, Sean Garland from Ireland and many others. All of them were trained in the KGB, received money from there, weapon and explosive, counterfeit documents and a communication facility necessary for carrying out of acts of terrorism practically worldwide.

The correspondent: You can be objected, that each of the listed figures and the forces, supporting them, were engaged in solving of their own political problems …

A. Litvinenko: Certainly, all these figures and movements headed by them operated under their own slogans, however thus none of them hid especially their "intimate" (we shall say so) communications with the Kremlin and Lubyanka. There is a simple question: whether Russian special services would train and finance those people and those groupings, which were not supervised by Lubyanka and did not serve to the interests of the Kremlin? You understand perfectly, they would not. Each act of terrorism made by these people was carried out according to the task and under the rigid control of the KGB of the USSR . And it is not casual after the disintegration of the USSR and disorder of the KGB terrorism in the world practically came to naught. But this calm lasted only till the time, until security officers seized power in Russia and then everything began anew. After Putin's assignment to the post of the head of the FSB, in this special service political investigation was revived and those, who in days of the KGB had been engaged in terrorism, were are returned to the service.

- The originator of the acts of terrorism in London was standing near Tony Blair

FlashBack: FSB - RDX training

Irish Government gives FSB lesson on IRA bomb making techniques

Human rights groups have expressed concern about the Irish government's decision to reveal IRA bomb-making techniques to Russian security agents.

The Glasnost Foundation, Moscow's Helsinki Watch and the Memorial group, claim that training the KGB's successor agency to defuse bombs manufactured by terror groups such as the IRA could be highly dangerous.

The three human rights groups say suspicion hangs over the Russian FSB's role in a series of bombings in Moscow three years ago, which the authorities claimed were the work of Chechen terrorists.

Twelve FSB officers are nearing the end of a six-week training course with the Irish Defence Forces' Ordnance Corps. The Russians are in Ireland at the invitation of Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to learn from the Irish army's experience in dealing with 'improvised' IRA and loyalist bombs.

The Irish Defence Forces and the British Army are world experts in dealing with sophisticated 'improvised' bombs after 30 years of terrorism in Northern Ireland.

But Sergei Grigoriants, the president of the Glasnost Foundation in Moscow, expressed doubt about the wisdom of the training project.

'This kind of project can be useful only if there is a guarantee that the newly acquired expertise will be used solely for peaceful purposes,' he said. 'But we have no such guarantee. If used wrongly by the FSB, this kind of knowledge could be very dangerous.' - Guardian - guardian.co.uk

Flashback December 2004 - The payoff?

IRA accused of stealing £22m in 'Northern Bank' robbery

The heist was carried out by the IRA even though the group has denied any involvement. It is believed they got away with in the region of 35 million in sterling -- up until now the authorities have said it was over 22 million, but they are still counting.

IRA army council member Brian Gillen took complete charge of the operation by unregistered mobile phone. Bobby Storey, the IRA's head of intelligence, provided all of the "inside information" alarm codes, etc.

The cash was driven to a premises on the Grosvenor Rd and placed into bread vans which were driven to Dundalk. One of the mobile phones used was recovered on Christmas Eve morning during a raid on the home of Eddie Copeland. The role played by Copeland remains unknown. Authorisation for the heist was given as far back as March when it was originally proposed. - cryptome

Police Botch up? How convenient....

Police deny 'bank robbery botch'

Police have denied they botched the operation over the robbery of £22m from a Belfast bank. It comes as the serial numbers of 150,000 £10 notes thought to be stolen were released. It has emerged police missed the robbers by a matter of minutes. Officers went to the area after reports of suspicious activity near the Northern Bank's headquarters on the night of the raid.

Monday's raid is thought to have been one of the biggest UK cash robberies. Police have urged other banking institutions, retailers and members of the public to look out for the suspected stolen new Northern Bank £10 notes.

The serial numbers run from BC8500001 to BC8550000, BC9100001 to BC9150000 and BC9350001 to BC9400000.

The IRA has denied involvement in the robbery, the BBC has learned. A senior republican dismissed "any suggestion or allegation that we were involved". - BBC

[later reported as £26.5 million]

Police say IRA behind bank raid

Police deny 'bank robbery botch'

Raiders had police tip-off

Northern Banks changes notes

Northern Bank sold off

Question: If the UK government needed a terrorist incident, one which could be blamed on Al Queda, would they hire the remnants/defectors/infiltrators of the IRAs expertise?

When the British government wished to communicate with the IRA and vice-versa, MI6 was invariably the conduit that was chosen. Senior MI6 officers played a crucial role in developing the Adams-McGuinness peace strategy and towards the end of the IRA's war the leadership of the two groups increasingly found themselves in agreement on the direction and analysis of the way forward for Northern Ireland. IRA-MI6 relationship protected spy HQ - mathaba

By sheer coincidence as London is still reeling
from Bombs, scares, round-ups & and the shooting dead of
a young innocent Brazilian man
- The IRA ceases all armed activity

WOW! how nice of the IRA to help Blair & Bush in this way...

Computer technician accused of terror link

Angelique Chrisafis - Thursday November 10, 2005

A computer technician arrested by detectives investigating the £26.5m Northern Bank robbery in Belfast was yesterday charged with collecting information likely to be of use to terrorists.

Peter Kelly, 30, from Newry, County Down, denied the charge, which relates to an unauthorised document on his work computer allegedly identifying 36,000 Northern Ireland civil servants, plus 3,300 who worked for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and 70 prison service employees.

Mr Kelly also denied possessing a document likely to be of use to a person committing an act of terrorism. - guardian.co.uk

Spy case in Irish Republican Army [vanishes like snow in June]

17:24 2005- Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern expressed bewilderment on Friday that prosecutors dropped all charges in a spying case that dealt a severe blow to Northern Ireland's political institutions. Prosecutors in Belfast dropped charges Thursday against three men accused of spying for the Irish Republican Army in 2002 a scandal that destroyed power-sharing, the central accomplishment of Northern Ireland's peace accord.

Following talks in London with British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Friday, Ahern noted that the charges had "vanished like snow in June." "This brought down the institutions. This created huge grief for me and the prime minister. We had hundreds of troops descend on the Stormont (government) building for what we were told at the time was irrefutable evidence," Ahern told reporters outside Blair's Downing Street office.

"It vanished yesterday with no prosecutions," he said. "That is a lot of grief for no prosecutions. I think it is all very interesting and I do not quite understand." The case collapsed with no advance warning, and was announced in Belfast Crown Court without explanation.

Sinn Fein, the IRA-linked party that represents most Catholics, accused British security officials of fabricating the charges to help Protestants opposed to power-sharing. But Protestants countered that Britain dropped the case because it would have embarrassed the Sinn Fein leadership. The three men, Denis Donaldson, Ciaran Kearney and William Mackessy, were charged with gathering information useful to terrorists, such as personal details of potential IRA targets like army and police officers.

Critics suggested the IRA was planning for a potential breakdown of its 1997 cease-fire and power-sharing disintegrated. Talks meant to revive it have failed.

The Protestants want the IRA to disband before they will resume cooperation with Sinn Fein. The IRA made long sought concessions, declaring its cease-fire permanent and handing over weapons stockpiles, but hasn't disbanded, reports the AP. - news from russia


Captain Wardrobes

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