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Flashback: David Copeland - lone operator?

But...David Copeland - is apparently NOT a TERRORIST????


Nothings changed: the media back in 1999
were still unbelievably callous in their use of graphics


London nail-bomber arrested--What shapes the psychology of hate?

By the Editorial Board 4 May 1999

A 22-year-old engineer has been arrested and charged with the three London nail-bomb attacks that killed three people and injured more than 100.

David Copeland, from Cove, near Farnborough, Hants, was also charged with the murder of the three victims who died following last Friday's explosion in the Admiral Duncan pub in Old Compton Street, a gay bar in Soho.

The nail bomb attacks in Brixton on April 17, Brick Lane on April 24 and Soho last Friday evening were targeted at black, Asian and other ethnic minorities, along with homosexuals. Police said the devices used were "crude and unsophisticated", made up of shoe boxes containing hundreds of pieces of shrapnel including nails and a detonating charge packed in a sports bag.

The most devastating blast was the last that injured 65 and killed three. One of those who died was Andrea Dykes, 27, who was three months pregnant. Her husband Julian, 26, has been left fighting for his life with severe burns and nails lodged in his lungs. John Light, 35, the best man at the couple's wedding two years ago, was also killed along with another friend, Nick Moore, 31. Between 15 and 19 people remain hospitalised with serious burns and limb injuries. Four men were critically injured; three of whom have had a leg amputated.

Copeland's arrest on Saturday came the day after detectives released photographs of a suspect in a white baseball cap. The pictures were taken from closed-circuit television film in Brixton at the time of the first bombing, in which 39 people were injured.

A right-wing message praising the act of David Copeland
Anti-terrorist officers, supported by a team from the Organised Crime Group Flying Squad, sealed off a street in Cove, before smashing down the door of a house at 2 a.m. and making the arrest. Police woke about 100 families in surrounding houses and took them to a recreation centre while the arrest was made. They also closed off a section of the M3 motorway behind the estate. Copeland appeared at a West London magistrates court yesterday.

It was with a palpable sense of relief that David Veness, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, told the press on Sunday that Copeland had been acting alone for his own motives. "There is no suggestion at this stage that the arrest is linked in any way to the extreme Right-wing groups that have been reportedly claiming responsibility for these attacks on innocent people."

Veness went on to say, "There appeared, and still appears, to be no trigger event or specific date that has sparked these attacks."

The arrest has come after weeks of media speculation about whether the bombings represented a turn to overt terrorism by various right-wing groups in Britain. "Combat 18", the "White Wolves" and other neo-Nazi organisations have all claimed responsibility for the bombings.

Immediately, press coverage of the events has shifted focus to the psychological causes that provoke an individual to commit such outrages. The Guardian has cited the views of Cary Cooper, professor of psychology at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, who said that the spark for acts of terror comes from "resentment towards somebody or something", built up in childhood.

Explaining that Copeland must be a disturbed individual says very little. That the "lone bomber" is always a disturbed personality is at best a truism. What is not addressed at all are the broader societal causes of such disturbed behaviour, nor why psychological problems should manifest themselves in a murderous hatred of entire groups of people. It remains the case that, whether he belonged to a neo-fascist organisation or not, Copeland's targets were blacks, Asians and homosexuals. Such prejudices must still be accounted for.

According to the media and the government, extremism and intolerance is the province of a marginalised group on the fringes of society. To emphasise that this was "alien to the British spirit of tolerance", the media noted that Britain's right-wing groups drew their inspiration from the American militia movements and terrorist acts like that committed by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. The vehicle for this pollution of liberal Britain was the Internet and "popular" US media, they claimed.

The parallels with the United States are indeed obvious. But more is involved than simply emulation. What fundamentally connects the US and Britain is not a telecommunications network, but a social and political model.

For the past two decades, under both the Thatcher and Blair governments, Britain has sought to emulate the American example. The welfare state policies of the post-war period have been replaced by a celebration of the free market, social laissez-faire and law-and-order measures. Both nations are today characterised by a hitherto unprecedented polarisation between a fabulously wealthy few and widespread social hardship for the majority.

Beneath the surface, social tensions have reached explosive proportions. [webmasters note: how tactful] The ruling elite attempt to suppress and conceal the antagonisms their policies generate by creating a cultural and political climate which glorifies wealth and power, and that blames the less fortunate for their own situation. But these tensions must manifest themselves nevertheless. In the absence of any progressive alternative, such manifestations take on increasingly violent and inchoate forms. From the Colorado school shootings to the London nail-bombings, the consequences are making themselves felt.

David Copeland NSM cards

Moreover, the political climate created by government to justify its policies itself shapes the reactionary form in which social discontent is manifest. In Britain, New Labour has sought to suppress any discussion of the growing class divisions through the promotion of "identity" politics, based on race, religion, nationality, sex and sexual preference. Acknowledging and celebrating such distinctions is meant to be the hallmark of a new "inclusive" agenda for Britain. Hours after Copeland's arrest, Blair proclaimed his agenda of a "new Britannia" as the answer to the intolerance exhibited by a marginalised right-wing minority. Addressing a meeting of representatives from Britain's Sikh community, he said that an attack on any Asian, black or homosexual was an attack on "the whole of Britain". Patriotism and national identity in the past had been defined by a reference to those excluded, he continued. "Nationalism in this sense can be dangerous. But today we take pride in an identity, limited by the geography of the country, but within that country, open to all, whatever their colour, religion or ethnic background."

This attempt to repackage British nationalism is far from the liberal agenda Blair claims it to be. If geography is to define the limits of toleration, then those outside Britain must be, by definition, excluded. On this basis, his government justifies some of the most draconian anti-immigration and asylum legislation ever seen. It hardly needs pointing out that blaming immigrants for unemployment and other social problems is the stock-in-trade of the extreme right.

Moreover, since it came to power, Labour has participated in the almost continuous bombing of Iraq, supported US military action against Afghanistan and Sudan. And now it is playing a leading role in the NATO onslaught against Serbia. Blair even began his paean to tolerance with the claim that NATO was fighting in Kosovo for the same values as those the police sought to protect in Britain -- "The right to live in freedom from fear, whatever your race or religion."

He neglected to say that they were doing so by raining bombs down on those considered to be a threat to British values. Blair may believe that the government can dictate what constitutes a legitimate "hate target", but right-wing elements and disturbed individuals define their own and act accordingly. The one message they retain is that it is necessary to terrorise "outsiders". - WSWS

another mind controlled slave
drugged up to the eyeballs
by the authorities?

"Yep, they are all down to me. I did them all on my own."
[really? that's handy]

"The jury at the murder trial of nail bomber David Copeland, who detonated bombs in three London locations last year [1999] , today heard how he told the police officer who arrested him: "Yep, they are all down to me. I did them all on my own."

The jury also heard evidence from the husband of Andrea Dykes. She was pregnant when she and two other people died in the bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, which the prosecution claims was motivated by Copeland's homophobia.

Copeland admitted at an earlier hearing that he caused the explosion at the pub, and two others - in Brixton and Brick Lane - in April last year. He has also admitted the manslaughter of the three who died in the pub blast on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but his plea was not accepted by the prosecution. He denies their murder"

excerpts from 'I did them all' - nail bomber

The White Wolves

'White Wolves' linked to Soho bomb

Friday, April 30, 1999 - The White Wolves claimed they were behind the Brixton bomb

The group laying claim to the Soho pub bombing is a neo-Nazi splinter organisation which takes its name from a Serbian paramiltary death squad.

Police said a short garbled call attributing the attack to the "White Wolves" had been telephoned into the BBC.

The same group has already claimed it carried out the bombings in Brixton and Brick Lane, both areas of London with large ethnic minorities. Police believe the same people are responsible for all three attacks. In the last few weeks the White Wolves have sent a series of racist threats to prominent members of the UK's ethnic minorities and anti-racist campaigners. It is one of four groups which say they carried out the nail bombing of multi-racial Brixton, south London, two weeks ago.

The group, described as amateurish but violent, is a breakaway faction of Combat 18 - one of the UK's most notorious extremist groups, which has also claimed responsibility for the Brick Lane and Brixton bombings.

Mike Whine, of the Board of Jewish Deputies, said: "The organisation comprises only half a dozen people but then you do not need many to carry out an act of violence."

In recent weeks up to 25 people have contacted the organisation after receiving identical stencilled death threats from the White Wolves.

Mr Whine said: "The letters are fairly amateurish in terms of their phraseology but nevertheless are very real because the people we know are involved in the group have a history of violence.

"They first emerged in Combat 18 several years ago and they are named after a Serb terrorist group that was terrorising Kosovars in Serbia.

The White Wolves are an off-shoot of the neo-Nazi Combat 18

"Some people from Britain and Germany had gone as volunteers to Serbia and brought the name with them. It featured in racist literature distributed a few years ago."

Police have taken many of the letters, which are always stencilled in black ink to disguise the identity of the writer, away for DNA testing. The letters, issued by the so-called "high command" of the White Wolves, read: "Notice is hereby given that all non-whites (defined by blood, not religion) must permanently leave the British Isles before the year is out.

"Jews & non-whites who remain after 1999 has ended will be exterminated. "When the clocks strike midnight on the 31st of December 1999 the White Wolves will begin to howl and when the Wolves begin to howl the Wolves begin to hunt. You have been warned. Hail Britannia."

'Over-the-top and maniacal'

Oona King, the Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, in whose constituency last week's Brick Lane bomb exploded, received a letter at her offices at the House of Commons before the Brixton attack.

"Threatening extermination to a group because of their ethnicity is what Milosevic is doing now. It should not be allowed to happen," she said. "The point is that history shows we do not tolerate this type of racism, however violent." - Gerald Hartup of the anti-racist group The Freedom Association received a letter on 15 April.

Mr Hartup described the letter as "foolish, over-the-top and maniacal."

He said: "It is the sort of thing that loopy racists do from time to time but they have taken the trouble to communicate with a reasonable number of people." - BBC

The BBC's Jane Peel reports on the White Wolves' "aim to ferment a race war through acts of terrorism"

Pictures of the Aftermath of the London Bombings 1999

Tovey: "white supremacist"

Arsenal of arms to ignite a race war

Police uncover a racist' s plot in village in Oxfordshire.

4/10/2002 - A white supremacist, amassed a terrifying arsenal of guns and explosives to start a race war and kill Black and Asian, detetctives said yesterday.

David Tovey, living in Carterton, near Witney, deep in rural Oxfordshire, was working on a napalm-type explosive -- and was described as a cross between Hungerford killer Michael Ryan and David Copeland, the Soho-nail bomber. He was only stopped from unleashing his deadly arsenal when he was caught daubing racist graffiti in public toilets. Tovey was convicted at Oxford Crown Court yesterday of two charges of racially aggravated criminal damage relating to the graffiti. After the verdict, the court was told that he had already pleaded guilty to three explosives charges and six weapons charges at a hearing in July, which had been subject to a reporting ban pending the outcome of his second trial.

Anti-white graffiti

The court was told that he had scrawled anti-white graffiti - including "All whites are shit," "Black Powa" and "Die white trade centre scum" and "4,000 plus white pigs died (a good start)" - in lavatories in Witney, Oxfordshire, last year. In January he was filmed going into the lavatory of a petrol station in Stratford-upon-Avon where more racist slogans were daubed. The pony-tailed Tovey is a bodybuilding fanatic who is separated from his Hong Kong Chinese wife and has had black girlfriends. He married Oi Yi Yip in 1989 after they met at an Oxford hospital. They ran a Chinese takeaway in Birmingham together that later went bust.They had not lived together since they were both involved in a serious car crash on New Year's Day 1995. She said that she had no idea he had a number of girlfriends at the same time, including one from Johannesburg, another from Central Africa and a nurse in Witney.

When Police searched his untidy rooms, an officer came upon a cupboard with a false bottom in which a submachine gun, dating from the second world war but in working order, was stashed When they searched further, officers were shocked to find a huge arsenal of weapons and explosives. Also hidden in the house was a sketch map showing a mosque and lists of number plates for cars belonging to black or Asian people.

Police quickly realised they were dealing not just with a racist vandal but a much more dangerous character. They now believe Tovey, 37, is a rightwing extremist who, angered at asylum policies, was on the point of launching a one-man race war. They think he may have been planning the sort of campaign carried out by the London nail bomber, David Copeland, or might have gone on the rampage, as Michael Ryan did in Hungerford.

Five officers raided his home in Carterton, near Witney, in February. They quickly called in reinforcements, including experts in explosives. The search also revealed a map of the area around a mosque in Swindon and lists of car number plates which belonged to, or were used by, black and Asian people. In some cases, notes beside the numbers said Paki or nigger.

Letter from the BNP

According to media reports, the police search also revealed a letter from the British National party, suggesting he join. He had written to them asking about the party's attitude to asylum seekers.

The son of a cabinet maker, Tovey grew up in the RAF house he was living in at the time of the raid, next to the air base at Brize Norton. Police believe he had been collecting weapons for years. It is thought he stepped up the stockpiling after the attacks on America on September 11, but police could find no links with violent far-right extremist groups. Police have concluded that he was a loner and it is possible that a minor slight led him to plan a campaign of terror.

Towns like Swindon, which has quite a large ethnic minority population, saw an increase in racially motivated attacks after September 11.

In the summer Tovey admitted nine firearms and explosive offences. However, he denied two charges of causing racially aggravated damage to property, perhaps hoping that if it could not be proved he was a racist he would get a lighter sentence.

A jury at Oxford crown court yesterday took less than an hour to find him guilty. He will be sentenced on all the charges in three weeks, after a psychiatric report has been prepared.

Director of The 1990 Trust, Karen Chauhan, was concerned with the focus that Tovey was "a loner". Commenting on the case, she said: "It is difficult to believe that Tovey was simply acting on his own accord, that he had amassed this arsenal of weapons by himself. When David Copeland, the nail bomber was arrested, it was said that he was acting alone, but the Trust cautioned against this.

"Then the Daily Mirror revealed that he had links with racist groups in Britain. The authorities need to probe and investigate Tovey further to make sure that he is not part of any group, particularly after his correspondence with racists."

The Internet Computer checks made by the Police revealed that he had been surfing white racist and US survivalist sites.

Books found in Toovey's home included the following:

Vigilante's Handbook
Death Dealer's Manual
Poisoner's Handbook
The Black Book of Arson
The Black Book of Booby Traps
Revenge Encyclopaedia

Hidden arsenal

Among the weapons, ammunition, equipment and information found at Tovey's house were:

- a SPAZ pump-action smooth bore gun. Often used by swat teams in the US and shown in Hollywood action films, it has a range of 40m

- a second world war Sten submachine gun, adapted so that two or more missiles could be successively fired without repeated pressure on trigger. Deadly in close combat

- a Baikal pistol. A new barrel less than 30cm long and silencer had been added to this. Police believe Tovey adapted the weapon on his workbench

- a single shot weapon which had been disguised as a police-style baton.

- a quantity of PE4 explosive of the kind used by the British army. Tovey had enough to destroy a small building.

- a homemade explosive containing sodium, chlorate and sugar, which can have a similar effect to napalm. The sugar makes the material stick to skin.

- components for pipe bombs and some already assembled pipe bombs, which had been carved with lines in order to create shrapnel

- a CS gas gun and CS gas spray

- body armour of the kind used by Nato forces and camouflage clothing

- videos from the US which have instructions on how to make nailbombs

- blink.org.uk

The 'Mastermind'

David Myatt - Nazi Satanist or Military intelligence?

David Myatt, a native of England's Midlands, was the founder of a fascist group called Combat 18, the security service for the British National Front. Members of British intelligence penetrated the group as a way to insert agents into Northern Ireland's Protestant paramilitary groups. Myatt, an Adolf Hitler admirer and self-styled "Satanic Fuhrer" since the 1960s, has been trying to stir up an ethnic war in Britain by pitting his followers against Africans, Asians, and Jews. The founder of a Fascist satanic occult group, the Order of the Nine Angels, Myatt's blueprint for a fascist takeover of Britain was contained in his 1997 book, "The Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution."

However, according to an article in the Birmingham, UK Sunday Mercury in 2003, Myatt experienced a metamorphosis from white Aryan nationalist to Islamic fundamentalist follower of Osama bin Laden. In his writings and web postings, Myatt/Aziz continues to attempt to meld Nazism with Islamic fundamentalism. Myatt converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Aziz. He also used the names Abdul bin Aziz, Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt, and Abdul al Haqq and has used the email address sheikh@al-qaeda.com. Myatt/Aziz continues to fan the flames of British Fascism while adhering to his newly-found Islamic beliefs. He runs Britain's National Socialist Movement and a web site called Aryan Nation at the same time he leads a pro-Al Qaeda group called the Islamic Liaison Group.

In many Islamic circles in Britain and abroad, Myatt/Aziz, who has become an "expert" on the Koran, is viewed as an Islamic "scholar" and even a "holy man." After 911, Myatt/Aziz began echoing the most extreme Al Qaeda propaganda. He continued to pen such anti-Semitic tracts as "The Crusader War Against Islam" and "The Zionist Quest for World Domination."

Myatt/Aziz's extremism was embraced by one British Islamic extremist group, Al Muhajiroun, whose leader, Sheikh Omar Bakri, told The Mercury in 2003, "I am very keen to meet up with him [Myatt/Aziz] as we both share a lot in common and I am sure he can help the Islamic cause."

Although he moved from his Worcestershire home in 2003, Myatt/Aziz has continued to post inflammatory messages on Islamic and Nazi web sites using various aliases. Now comes word from The Guardian that the fascist British Nationalist Alliance and British National Front are planning a series of incendiary anti-Muslim marches and seeking support from British football hooligan groups in West Ham, Milwall, Crystal Palace, and Arsenal (oddly, Arsenal, in particular, has multi-ethnic players), which contain cells of racist and neo-Nazi football club fans. - wayne madsen

Football rhetorics

"Forza Italia" used to be shouted at football matches as an encouragement for the national team ("Go on Italy"), but has since been dropped because of the obvious political implications of using the name of a major political party. It should be noted that founder Silvio Berlusconi is also the owner of Serie A team AC Milan, and has used its many successes in football as a propaganda subject. In 1994, talking about his direct rival in his electoral college, economist Luciano Spaventa, Berlusconi said "He should return when he's won a Champion's League". Forza Italia supporters call themselves "Azzurri", another clear reference to the national football team, but this is rarely used by others. Names as "forzista" or sometimes "forzitaliano" are considered neutral, while opponents sometime use the pejorative "forzitaliota" - wikipedia

Religious and political involvement

Throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's, Myatt was involved with paramilitary and neo-nazi organizations such as Column 88 and Combat 18, and following his conversion to Islam in the late 1990's, he was active in trying to bring National Socialists and radical Muslims together to fight what he regarded as their 'common enemy', especially after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks.

Myatt was the founder and first leader of the National Socialist Movement and was regarded as the mentor of David Copeland.

Myatt also founded and led the neo-nazi Reichsfolk organization, which advocates a new racialist philosophy called The Numinous Way of Folk Culture. - Wikipedia on David Myatt

"The chief representative of Nazi satanism in Britian is David William Myatt, whose thought has been a major influence on this international cult.

Born in 1952, Myatt was brought up in East Africa and Singapore, where he was fascinated with spirit-dancing and martial arts.

In 1967 Myatt came to England to complete his secondary education, while his father returned to Africa.

The young Myatt made contact with a coven in Fenland the following summer and later joined secret groups in London practicing the magic of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. Around this time the activites of Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan became widely known. Yet Myatt remained unimpressed by what he saw of ritual magic and occultism. He sought something alltogether more exciting, dangerous and truly evil. At the same time he began to think of satanism as a means to create an new fearless individial, a higher human type in a Nietzschean sence (Anton Long [i.e. David Myatt], Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist.(Shrewsbury, U.K.: Thormynd Press, 1991)"
Pages 216-217, Black Sun: Chapter "Nazi satanism and the new Aeon", Goodrik-Clarke, 2002

"...his plan all along was to understand Islam, find allies, and bring militant Muslims and National Socialists together to fight their common enemy. Myatt has since confirmed that this was his plan, his aim. Not once did he renounce his National Socialism; instead, his experiences enabled him to complete his ethical National Socialist philosophy.

In addition, Myatt has asserted that Islam is not compatible with National Socialism: "There are fundamental, and irreconcilable, differences between National-Socialism, Islam, and Christianity. National-Socialism, as I have stated, is a complete Way of Life - independent from, and different from, other Ways." (From: "The Theology of National-Socialism")
Myatts homepage [caution advised]

Steve Sargent, from Essex, was one of the hard-line nazis who split away from Combat 18 to set up the NSM in 1997. When Copeland applied to join, Sargent was one of those who approved his membership.

NSM leader Tony Williams wrote to Copeland to tell him he had been accepted as a full NSM member. In February 1999, Williams wrote to Copeland again, appointing him Unit Leader, in charge of the NSM in his own area.

The letter said "Welcome to leadership, responsibility and accountability to your comrades. Yours ever, Heil Hitler." But like Steve Sargent, Williams was not at all keen to discuss with Panorama his involvement with Copeland.

But the man whose ideas had more influence than most on Copeland was David Myatt from Worcestershire, founder member of the NSM and its first leader. He once said the nazi movement needed people "prepared to fight, prepared to get their hands dirty, and perhaps spill some blood."

Myatt, the group's intellectual, shaped the ideas that propelled David Copeland on his road to terrorism. He was confronted by Panorama reporter Graeme McLagan but refused to comment.

But despite many letters between Copeland and his political leaders, when his terror campaign began, the police Special Branch had never heard of David Copeland.


"Myatt is an ethereal character. He is a dangerous man who has twice been jailed for his violent right-wing activities and who openly asked for blood to be spilled in the quest for white Aryan domination. We believe that despite his claims to be a devout Muslim he remains a deeply subversive intellectual and is still one of the most hardline Nazi intellectuals in Britain today. Myatt believes in the disruption of existing societies as a prelude to the creation of a new more warrior-like Aryan society which he calls the Galactic Empire." (Gerry Gable)

"The leader of the English neo-Nazi movement, David Myatt (now Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt) appeals to all enemies of the Zionists to embrace the Jihad, the 'true martial religion' which will most effectively fight against the Jews and the Americans." Ely Karmon, from a paper presented at the NATO Workshop On Terrorism and Communications - Countering the Terrorist Information Cycle, Slovakia, April 2005 AD

"[Myatt was the] mentor of the nail-bomber David Copeland. As former leader of the NSM David Myatt is the man who shaped the minds of at least 80 young men like Copeland, who was convicted of three nail bomb attacks in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho in which three people died and over a hundred were injured. Myatt has been at the fore-front of extreme right-wing activity in Britain since the 1960s..."

"I'm sure you've heard of other cases of "infiltrators" who external observers can't figure out what their aim is. David Myatt in Britain is famous for that--the "neo-Nazi" who set up a "Satanist" group known as the Order of Nine Angles, which espouses anti-NWO and racialist doctrines. Then he left all that behind and converted to Islam and praises bin Laden. Some say he really means it and is now a true Muslim. Others say this is all part of his right-wing, anti-NWO strategy. And yet others still claim that both Myatt's "neo-Nazi" incarnation as well as his Muslim incarnation are "insight roles" that help him probe the limits of darkness in the human experience as a Satanist. So which of the three is he really? Who knows?"

"[Myatt] is the 'Satanist Fuhrer' who shaped the warped mind of neo-Nazi nail-bomber David Copeland. Riding a bicycle around his Worcestershire home town sporting a wizard-like beard and quirky dress-sense, the former monk could easily pass as a country eccentric or off-beat intellectual. But behind David Myatt's studious exterior lies a more sinister character that has been at the forefront of extreme right-wing ideology in Britain since the mid-1960s."

note the comparison below is worthy of note: both Le Vey and Aquino works for US intelligence

"Even if only some of what's written or told about Dave Myatt is true, he sure puts people like Crowley, La Vey and Aquino in their place. A true example for the Satanist, that's what Myatt is, for sure, as opposed to those posers. I should have written - true example for the real Satanist, for the Sinister. What IS known about him - and documented - is sure proof of this. Let's see, here's a few - street fighter for a number of years for which he went to jail twice. Rabble rousing public speaker in those days. Busted by Regional Crime Squad for criminal activities - Insight Role? Membership of Column 88. Insight Role in a Naz monastery (talk about going to extremes!). Leadership role in Combat 18 and NSM - not to mention inspiring David Copeland to do some stuff. Arrested for conspiracy to murder and other stuff. A multitude of inspiring writings - both Satanic (ONA) and NS, which have attracted thousands of people, or more, around the world. Now - this Islam stuff promoting terrorism. Also - leading the ONA. Is this satanic, or what?"

Note: Manson was an MK Ultra LSD frekazoid stooge: ...is Myatt?

"I genuinely like Myatt. I see him in the same mold as Manson: a prophet of the Kali Yuga; a nihilistic visionary -- but with a grander vision than Manson's, and far more ruthless, fanatical and determined to see it come to fruition..."

"Comparisons have been made between Myatt and Manson, and while I agree the two are similar, for me Myatt is superior in his reasoning, in his insight, his deeds, and in his aims which are genuinely cosmically sinister. Also, Manson got caught, while Myatt didn't and hasn't - which is a great plus...Furthermore, I think Myatt, through his ONA, and his other stuff, has achieved a greater influence than Manson."

various comments on Myatt [bizarrely including my own!] - on a fans website

NAZI Myatt [Abdul Aziz Al-Qari]
ran & participated in 'Al Queda' recruiting website

Is David Myatt one of many ultra patriotic stooges
creating politically useful armies for the global terror network?

This site is connected to Al-Qaeda. It is mostly a propaganda and recruiting site, with several known participants such as Azzam Publications and Abdul Aziz Al-Qari, a Nazi who converted to Islam, named David Myatt.

This site is mainly used to gain support for Al-Qaeda. It especially focuses on recruits in the United Kingdom.
Radical Islamic Websites


In an interview with NPR, researcher and cyber-terrorism expert Gabriel Weimann has confirmed that the recent terror websites that have posted beheading videos and pictures have been uploading their files from London and Texas. This interview confirms the information that JackBlood.com has been reporting since the Nick Berg beheading video was posted on the Al-Ansar Islamic websites last May of 2004.
see: NPR has confirmed that
terror websites have been uploading
photos and videos from London and Texas.

flashback: June 2004 - NAIL BOMB hits turkish community in Cologne

Yesterday a nail bomb ripped through a turkish working class area of Cologne, injuring 22.

The officials were quick to declare it was an result of gangland warfare among the turkish community.

"It was not a terrorist or extremist attack", the Berlin interior ministry claimed.

So a nail bomb on turkish immigrants is no terror?

The media incorporated the bomb story promptly into the current hate campaign against muslim immigrants.

"See how far we got?" There isnt a day without a scare story about dangerous islamist preachers who should be expelled from the country, about to many mosques being constructed, possible bombing campaigns by islamists cells, about the threat of world wide islamofascism on the rise. Laws are tightened, civil rights are being undermined. Unfortuntely, some on the left join in the "islamofascism" slander, claiming "antisemitism is rising among muslim", claiming all palestinians and muslim are nazis, alleging links to German nazism. This bellicist left also claims there is a "united front of nazis, islamists, altermondialist and the anti-war movement". In turn, this slander is echoed by some media and pro-war politicians. ":
German lad - Indymedia

German Agent provocoteur -
more worried about giving state secrets away
than delivering justice for victims of RACE-HATE

Main witness in German neo-Nazi party trial exposed as secret service agent

"the actual circumstances of the case are far more important than the procedural matters and so-called sloppiness in the interior ministry. They throw a sharp light on the long-standing, close links between sections of the state apparatus and the neo-fascist NPD and its racist supporters. The unprofessional handling of secret service information is a result of the fact that the connection between the neo-fascists and the secret service was long known in government circles and was regarded as completely normal.

Concretely, it concerns 66-year-old Wolfgang Frenz, who is a founder member of the NPD and sits on its national executive committee. According to his own admission, from the first day he played a key role in the NPD?s regional organisation in North Rhine-Westphalia and worked intensively on the party's publications Deutsche Zukunft-Laenderspiegel NRW and Deutsche Stimme.

In a recent television interview, Frenz admitted he had been an informant and contact of the secret service for 36 years. During regular meetings with his secret service handlers, however, he claims he passed on only publicly accessible information and nothing internal. Frenz told reporters said he was able to square this collaboration with his conscience since I did not reveal any secrets. - WSWS

Neo-Nazi leader 'was MI6 agent'

Tuesday August 13, 2002 Germany's most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the British, according to both published and unpublished German sources. The alleged agent - the late Adolf von Thadden - came closer than anyone to giving the far-right real influence over postwar German politics.

Under his leadership, the National Democratic party (NPD) made a string of impressive showings in regional elections in the late 60s, and there were widespread fears that it would gain representation in the federal parliament. Yet, according to a report earlier this year in the Cologne daily, the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the man dubbed "the New Führer" was working for British intelligence throughout the four years he led the NPD, from 1967 to 1971. However, a former senior officer in German intelligence told the Guardian this week that he had been informed of a much longer-standing link between Von Thadden and British intelligence. His recollection raises the question of whether the German far-right-winger was under the sway of M16 when he and others founded the NPD in 1964. Dr Hans Josef Horchem, who was the head of the Hamburg office of the Verfassungsschutz - the West German security service - from 1969 to 1981, said he received regular visits from British intelligence liaison officers.

"We held general discussions on security. At one of these - I think it was towards the end of the 70s- they said, 'Adolf von Thadden was in contact with us', and that that was in the 1950s". Mr Horchem did not know whether the links between the German and British intelligence had continued into the 60s and 70s.

According to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, whose report passed virtually unnoticed when it was published, the neo-Nazi leader met his British contact at a hotel in Hamburg. Germany's government is currently trying to ban the NPD on the basis that its policies violate the constitution. But the government's case is in danger of collapse after the disclosure that some senior NPD members were agents of the Verfassungsschutz. This has sparked debate about the extent to which counter-intelligence officers were sustaining the far right in their efforts to monitor it. Similar issues arise in Von Thadden's case. The question also arises of whether MI6 was seeking help from the neo-Nazi movement when far-left militancy was sweeping Europe after the uprising of May 1968 in Paris.

Von Thadden left the NPD in 1975, and died at the age of 75 in 1996. His younger sister, Barbara Fox von Thadden, said she had had no reason to suspect her brother worked for British intelligence. But she added that they had very different political views and steered away from political discussion. They had an English grandmother, and Ms Fox von Thadden said her brother "did like coming to Britain, and did like Britain very much". - John Hooper in Berlin Guardian

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The KKK are the only people
I can recall who burn crosses
[photo by Charles Moore]

Bombers 'wanted burning cross'

July 14, 2005- LONDON'S four suspected suicide bombers had wanted to to scar the city with a "burning cross" of blasts in its north, south, east and west, in the hope of being declared Islamic martyrs, reports say. The theory came as a global manhunt began for the man suspected of being the mastermind behind the suicide bombings. [snip]

Late last night, anti-terror police spread their search to the market town of Aylesbury, about 64km north-west of London, searching one residential address but making no arrests and finding no explosives. - The Australian

The four suspects were caught on security cameras at London's King's Cross, heading off in different directions shortly before the three bombs went off near Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square Underground stations early on Thursday. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later.

Police suspect that three of the young men carried bombs east, west and south, while a fourth had planned to take the north-bound Northern Line, but as this was disrupted at the time he changed plans and boarded a bus, London's Evening Standard said. - iol.co.za



A. Synchronized timing devices ........not triggered by suicide bombers (CNN)

B. "high explosives" .......not homemade material...The bombs used in the attacks held less than 10 pounds of explosives each. (CNN)

C. Bombs had 'level of sophistication' ...military grade...attacks had used timers.... "In Israel we've had coordinated (suicide) bombings but they've never been that close," ..."If they've got down to a minute that would be an all-time record." (CNN)

Prime Minister Tony Blair said investigators still don't know who was behind the attacks, but said a group like al Qaeda was probably responsible ????

1. Synchronized timing devices
2. Bombs with a high 'level of sophistication'
3. Military grade explosives
4. Closely coordinated bombings down to a minute

al Qaeda was probably responsible ????

It sounds more like all the hallmarks of a Western intelligence service. - Philip Hoag



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