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Down with murder Inc.


UK PLC - subsidiary of Planet-Earth Corp.

This war machine, this new empire, wants
to bomb foreign soil forever...and eventually 'order'
their Home grown chaos...

create Racism/Fascism from the effects of suspicion, fear and loathing, greed and envy...



spot the difference: UK & USA

"I thought it was a powerful piece of political satire from a disruptive citizen's group, but then it dawned on me that they were real, It's acutely disturbing." Simon Davies, the head of Privacy International

more psyops

Social engineering via the myth of modernity.
While simultaneously there is a constant
...which is a hidden beaurocratized gradualistic erosion of public services...

Education...health[pdf file], housing, and emergency services

less workers rights, less training, more crass beaurocratic autonomy from central government,
more management, red tape and money laundered to endless 10 year plans.

...illuminating the hypocricy of the anti-terror message.

World emergency = taxes raised?= cut vital national services?

In an Emergency situation People are told to stay in their homes,

not to ask questions - obey the governments commands
via Television & Radio

while the same media spin Terror - In an era of 'Threataganda'

Choice Quotes:

"Organised crime is big business" former Home secretary David Blunkett

"The priorities that are adopted by Britain's elite crime fighting force will be partly based
upon the number of column inches newspapers give to different types of organised criminality"
- Sir Stephen Lander, SOCA [Chairman of the New UK's new FBI style agency]

...and child abuse becomes the excuse to set up a
'National intelligence database'
and is equated with 'Foreigners'

Sir Michael says a 'national system' must be put in place

Changes after Soham 'fall short'

The head of the inquiry set up after the Soham murders says there is still a "great deal to be done" in implementing his two main recommendations.

Sir Michael Bichard reported in June on failures that allowed murderer Ian Huntley to work as a school caretaker.

"Good progress" had been made in implementing most of his 31 proposals.

But the introduction of the national IT intelligence system and the barring system for those working with children were "by no means guaranteed", he said.


But he warned that, however stringent domestic procedures were, it was hard to check out the background of workers who arrived in the UK from overseas.

He called on ministers to "engage urgently" with other countries to increase co-operation. - BBC FEAR

This report makes no mention of 'foreigners'

Soham officers get commendations

24 February 2005 - A POLICE force which was heavily criticised in the wake of the Soham murders last night handed out scores of commendations to officers who played a part in the investigation.

Tom Lloyd, Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire police, gave awards to 78 police officers, 39 police staff, 11 members of the public and 21 "outside contracted staff" who were involved in the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murder inquiry.

The parents of Holly and Jessica attended the awards ceremony in Cambridge – as did Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Sir Ronnie Flanagan.

Cambridgeshire officers were criticised for errors which cleared Ian Huntley to work at Soham Village College. They had not asked police in Humberside – where Huntley lived before moving to Soham – for a check into his history.

Humberside was also criticised for deleting files on Huntley, which would have revealed sex attack allegations against him . An inquiry headed by Sir Michael Bichard found both forces had made serious errors and, in a separate report, Cambridgeshire came under fire for its handling of the early stages of the murder hunt.

Mr Lloyd said: "These tragic events have attracted huge public interest and, sometimes, controversy.

"I understand that and I also understand that it is now right to acknowledge the many people who were deeply affected by, and the many people who contributed to, what was a difficult, demanding and ultimately successful investigation and prosecution." - Yorks Post

I'm starting to see a trend here...

Mail / Murdoch press attacks Gypsies:

The Sun started a campaign on Wednesday the 9th of March to "stop (the) Gypsy invasion". One front page was followed by another, which claimed mass popular support for their racist ramblings. By the second day the Daily Mail had caught up on this incursion onto their own home ground and come out with their own headline.

The Sun's first article was headlined "stamp on the camps". Had this been any other minority group, would they have got away with it? The Sun is calling for a repeal of the Human Rights Act so that Gypsies and Travellers won't have the right to a home, but they claim this is not racism because they are highlighting 'good' Gypsies who apparently agree with them and live in a way they find acceptable. The Sun claims that Gypsies and Travellers deliberately flout planning regulations and get a special deal due to the Human Rights Act, which makes them "untouchable" - Indymedia

The Suns reputation exposed

Derision greets BBC plan to turn asylum into a game

"The BBC is about to take the reality game show format to a new low - by asking the public to vote on whether individual asylum seekers should be thrown out of the country. The planned programme, which has the working title of You, the Immigration Officer, is to be part of a BBC "asylum day" along similar lines to previous crime and NHS days of themed programmes. The format of the programme, to be made by the BBC current affairs department, has provoked an angry reaction from some MPs and refugee groups. Emails sent out by BBC staff to asylum organisations seeking suitable candidates to feature in the programme say it will be "an hour-long studio show" and will examine real case studies of people seeking asylum. "
The Guardian

"Attention has been drawn to the headlines [on "scare" stories about asylum seekers and Roma travellers] displayed around the walls and drawn largely from the Daily Express. It is important if we are to propose solutions, that we understand why such inaccuracies about Roma and asylum seekers are published. Richard Desmond, owner of the Express, is said to have told one of our members working on those stories that he would keep doing them despite the criticisms because every one added 20,000 sales."

- Jeremy Dear, general secretary, National Union of Journalists speaking at the NUJ/Mediawise conference on Journalism and Public Trust, University of Westminster, London, December 2004

spot the difference: UK & Russia

Can YOU trust British Media?

double embedded Journalists...

We have our very own fake journalists operating in the UK. The government pays for their wages and they provide news as if they were normal journalists rather than paid propagandists. Normally they work in a little known outfit with the acronym BFBS, which stands for British Forces Broadcasting Service. BFBS exists to 'entertain and inform' British armed forces around the world and is entirely funded by the British Ministry of Defence. BFBS is run by the SSVC. But on this occasion no mention of Ministry of defence funding was made. She was introduced simply as a reporter 'from the British Forces Broadcasting Service' who 'has been embedded with the Scots Guards'. - David Miller for SpinWatch

The age of the Fake David Miller

London 777 - Mind jobs & victims...The Tavistock institute

Remember: This is a Government that invaded Iraq Illegelly
on Evidence MADE UP by intelligence
& Lied to us that it was a WAR

ALL on 1 PAGE of 'evidence'

The cabinet secretary yesterday astonished politicians by disclosing that Britain went to war against Iraq on just one page of legal advice from Lord Goldsmith, the attorney general.

The disclosure by Sir Andrew Turnbull to MPs was described as "beggaring belief" by Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, and "a new twist in the spin over the war" by Clare Short, the cabinet minister who quit after hostilities had begun.

Labour backbenchers who opposed the war said the disclosure amounted to "gross maladministration" by the government while the Tory shadow home secretary, David Davis, described the revelation as "another example of Blair's government by whim".

Sir Andrew's disclosure came after questioning by Tony Wright, Labour chairman of the Commons public administration committee and Gordon Prentice, a Labour backbencher. He kept repeating that Lord Goldsmith had presented his conclusions to the cabinet which had been summarised in a parliamentary answer.

Finally, after repeated questioning, he said: "There is not a longer version of that advice. This is the definitive statement of his views.

"He gave his definitive view at the time. He has said that that was not a summary. It was his view that he had formed at the time. He does not regard the statement in the parliamentary question as a summary. He regards it as his conclusive view."

Sir Andrew's comments come as Mr Blair faces calls for an inquiry from Ms Short for breaching the ministerial code of conduct for failing to present the full advice to the cabinet.

A Downing Street spokesman said last night: "The attorney general did not put a summary of his legal advice to the cabinet; it was an explanation of how he came to his conclusions."

Sir Andrew sought to differentiate between earlier advice given to the prime minister - before the attempt to get a second resolution to justify the invasion of Iraq collapsed at the UN. It was these documents that Lord Butler, the former cabinet secretary, who investigated the affair last year, demanded from Lord Goldsmith. They are said to include a 13-page letter warning Mr Blair that the action could be ruled unlawful by the international court.

Ms Short said: "This appears to be a new variant of spin over the war. There obviously should have been a much longer paper presented to the cabinet and I think this might be an attempt to prevent the earlier documents mentioned in the Butler report being published." Guardian

War resignation letter censored

Wilmshurst resignation letter

Lets look at the way the British Government is 'dealing' with a 'terror' emergency situation...
Some ( not all ) Fire and rescue services have been given buckets, mops and even in some places ....shower booths!!!

"...if an incident like this one were to actually happen in the centre of London tomorrow, hundreds if not thousands of people would die through lack of proper equipment being available to access the affected area and bring people out in order for them to be taken to hospitals for urgent treatment. The Systems tested in the exercise no doubt worked to perfection AFTER the casualties had been brought to the surface, but the fact remains that with the gear we have at the moment, they would never be able to be brought to the surface for the transportation to hospital and further treatment to take place.

The armed police were there to shoot people if
necessary who will not stay within the cordoned off area

source- thanks to 'global elite'.

Ask yourself this...If terror is such a threat ...

why are the government cutting services and numbers...

of the very people who will be charged to deal with it?

Firefighters refuse to cover terror unit

Firefighters in Wales are refusing to operate special units designed for use in the event of a major terrorist attack. They blame the decision on problems with an agreement made to end the industrial dispute in 2002. Union leaders said members had only agreed to go ahead with training on the incidence response units as part of the deal, which was now on hold. No-one from the fire service was available to comment on the move. The units, which contain mass decontamination equipment, were being taken out of service by the South Wales Fire Service and the Mid and West Wales Fire Service from 1800 BST on Wednesday following meetings across the three services in Wales.

Guess what? Modernisation isn't very MODERN!

The BBC confuses the issues:

"The row, over training on new equipment during overtime "stand down" time, has led to unofficial industrial action in several parts of the country. A union source told BBC News he feared employers wanted to scrap the rest periods taken between emergency call-outs in the early hours. "


"union sources say they believe employers wish to park vehicles in lay-bys overnight and plan to close fire stations overnight..."

"Union members and employers have locked horns over the delayed 3.5% pay rise agreed last summer and due to be implemented last November. BBC [*my notes]

*overtime and stand down time are not the same thing:

overtime is time worked after the official ending of a shift

Stand down time is some of the hours during the night shift
when firefighter are allowed to rest between emergency call-outs
and other essential work. This time is used by some to study for promotional exams or, to carry out other work.

*the deal agreed in 2002 was the outcome of a strike and long negotiations

Conference Unites Behind Action Against Employers Delaying Tacticts on 3.5% Pay-Out

Welcome to the 'Stalinist' New UK

Employers' chairman in fire dispute is 'sacked'

(Filed: 05/08/2004) The chairman of the employers' group negotiating with union leaders in the long-running firefighters' pay dispute has claimed that she was sacked for backing a settlement.

Christina Jebb accused the Local Government Association of being "totally irresponsible" after it rejected a deal in a vote on Monday.

Firefighters will be balloted on strike action next week following the rejection and troops are being trained to man fire engines if a walkout is called.

Ms Jebb, a Liberal Democrat councillor, claimed the deal was rejected because Conservative and Labour members were "focusing on political manoeuvring" instead of trying to resolve the dispute.

She said she had been told that she was sacked for voting in favour of the deal and revealing her support for it in a radio interview. - Daily Telegraph

Christina Jebb Backed a settlement
and was sacked...and she was
Chair of the employers!

UK Fire Brigades Union news latest

Remember... this government are continually warning of terrorist attacks...

[excerpt from 'wreckers' - FBU news statement]

... elements within the [Office of the deputy Prime Minister - JohnPrescott] ODPM and Local Government Authority [LGA] clearly do not want a settlement of this dispute; at any cost!

Their first attempt at wrecking the meeting involved pressurising the Chair of the Employers side, Councillor Christina Jebb. She was subjected to incredible pressure to cancel the meeting; to her credit, she resisted that pressure.

The wreckers then tried plan B. this involved suggesting to employers that they do not turn up at the National Joint Council. This would have the effect of making the meeting inquorate and the meeting would be abandoned. They quickly realised that this was way too risky and instituted plan C; the Wrecking Crew!

This involved gerrymandering the vote by parachuting in a group of mostly London Labour councillors the Wreckers - who had nothing to do with the National Joint Council; nothing to do with the talks, and nothing to do with the Fire Service! The parachutists were instructed to vote against any settlement, even though they had no idea what the settlement would be or the consequences of not ratifying the deal.

So, at the meeting, the National Employers, infiltrated by the Wreckers, decided by a vote of 13 to 10 NOT to reach agreement with the Union. Had they not been present, the vote would have been 10 to 6 in favour of reaching an agreement, the dispute would have been over, and you would have been paid the money owed to you. We did in fact reach a constitutional agreement, but one which was wrecked.

It is clear that Nick Raynsford has once again intervened to wreck a deal as he has on numerous occasions in the past. This is not just the view of the Union, but of many on the employers side. - Fire Brigades Union

Nick Raynsford MP

- another grinning moron

The New dimensions initiative [pdf file]
they will dictate where they can work...where their 'priorities' lie.

Why would the Government want to wreck a Pay deal with fire fighters that had already been reached?

Using covert union breaking methods such as politically biased & incorrect information as press releases, rumour campaigns...and terrorist scaremongering They are insinuating that the fire-services are holding us all to ransom.

This will usher in a new atmosphere of no rights for workers because 'we are all fighting the war on terror'

Eventually the emergency services will be merged to create a nationwide

An army of Jackbooted state represntatives hired from private corporate security firms.

Snoopers Charter - Firefighters to get more 'powers' [they don't want them]

ATTACKS on Scottish firefighters could soar as a result of new requirements to report unlawful or dangerous activities encountered during home visits, it was claimed yesterday.

The warning came after firefighters from Strathclyde conducting home safety visits were instructed to report drug or alcohol misuse which they felt could result in loss of life.

Strathclyde Fire Brigade said the move was designed to drive down the "horrific" number of fire deaths and injuries across the the region. However, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said members were concerned the guidelines went too far and would turn the public against them. Although they are prepared to report specific incidents where they believe someone's life is at risk, they don't believe other matters should be their responsibility.

In particular, the union is concerned over proposals to report suspect building work or children at home alone. Last year, Scottish brigades were subjected to daily attacks with missiles such as bricks and bottles thrown at crews and fires started deliberately to lure them into ambushes.

Recently, Andrew Morton, two, died after being hit in the head by a stray pellet from an airgun as he watched firefighters tackle a blaze in Glasgow. A firefighter was also shot in the back and leg.

John McFadden, spokesman for the FBU, said: "The communities we are going to be targeting are the same deprived communities where fire crews are most likely to come under attack, and also where alcohol and drugs are most likely to be used. "This snooper's charter is going to compromise our ability to go into these communities."

He added the guidelines would change our status from a "neutral" position to one where we are associated with law enforcement agencies. But Phil Robinson, deputy firemaster of Strathclyde Fire Brigade, whose area has two to three times more chance of fire deaths than similar size brigades in England and Wales, said: "This initiative is about driving down these figures and reducing the horrific toll of fire deaths and injuries in this area." the herald.co.uk

What happens If you are caught in a fire
& you "live in a poor area?..."
- will you be a suspect?

[listen to '911 is a joke' by public enemy']

In the U.S. , These 'Brave heroic saviours'
[Let's remember their bravery in the 9/11 attacks]

...are also being treated like shit by government weasels...

Bravery beyond all expectation...
Picture source

September 11 inquiry criticises fire chiefs

'New York's former police and fire chiefs, who were lionised after the attack, came under harsh criticism. One member said the departments' lack of co-operation was scandalous and "not worthy of the Boy Scouts".

The investigating commission sat in New York for two days with the often emotional hearing focused on how leaders of the two departments failed to share information effectively in the early frantic moments after two hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Centre.

The commission also released a report which found that people who watched the towers' collapse from their living rooms had more idea what was happening than some firefighters on the ground."

911 : Scandalous 9/11 Panel, Giuliani heckled, families outraged

MEANWHILE - The cops are already being privatized and militarized, worldwide, preparing for the next level of corporate take-over. A Global fascist military state


"MORE than 50 officers from Lancashire Constabulary will be returning to frontline policing as the force uses police staff to cover custody duties. Around 90 civilian custody detention officers will be employed by private security firm Global Security Limited in a move that aims to tackle bureaucracy in the force."
Janes Police review- 09-Jun-2004


law and order? - Pervasive racism - the death of Zahid Mubarek

A prison officer, Deborah Hogg, told the inquiry she had seen a letter from Stewart, then 20, referring to a lot of "niggers" on the wing, on January 12 2000. The letter also con tained references to "Pakis" that she took to be threatening.

On February 8, Mubarek was put in the same cell as Stewart, and was battered to death with a chair leg on March 21, the night before he was to be released. In November 2000 Stewart was convicted of murder and given a life sentence. Feltham prison officers give evidence

'Inmate died in game of prison gladiators'

a prison chief told how he secretly called the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) to reveal that he believed teenager Zahid Mubarek was a victim of the shocking "game". Mubarek was battered to death with a table leg at Feltham in 2000 by known violent racist Robert Stewart.

In an inquiry into his death, a telephone transcript today revealed a secret conversation between the CRE and Duncan Keys, assistant secretary of the Prison Officers' Association (POA).

Mr Keys said: "That kid was murdered for other people's perverted pleasure. Mubarek was killed because people thought it would be funny to see what would happen when they put a young Asian lad in with someone who wanted to kill Asians."

Mr Keys said he had been told of the practice by a colleague who said that staff at the young offender institution found the games "amusing".

He claimed he was "haunted" by the revelation - but when he approached senior figures at the POA he was blanked. He said: "I was effectively told to shut up." Mr Keys said he only learnt about the "gladiator" games four years after the death of Mubarek, but instinctively linked the two together. - This is London


HM Young Offender Institution & Remand Centre Feltham was formed by the amalgamation of Ashford Remand Centre and Feltham Borstal in 1990/91. source


The Visitors' Centre at Feltham Young Offenders Institution has closed its doors to children and families visiting their teenage relatives in prison, leaving families without a vital source of support. Feltham Visitors' Centre Association, the charity which ran the centre, provided essential information and support to those visiting their loved ones and has closed after failing to reach agreement with the Prison over the future running of the service.

Visitors' Centres can significantly improve the visits experience for families, helping them and the prisoner survive the damage of imprisonment. Feltham Visitors' Centre had a long track-record of providing a consistently high service to prisoners' families and has received high praise from Chief Inspector of Prisons over the years; even when much else was failing at the prison. However, the charity has struggled to get realistic funding and a long-term commitment from the prison.

Feltham is not a privately run center - But these are



MILITARIZATION is happening...as the invasion forces get ready for the next level.

Control of the common people by a centralised corporate culture

This is CORPORATISM which is really Fascism

this term was originally coined by Mussolini...

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

-- Benito Mussolini (from Encyclopedia Italiana, Giovanni Gentile, editor).


Mussolini...Bush'n'Blair Next...


Modern politics has become mind control.

As the career aspirations of the power hungry

are held way above the welfare and hope for the future

that the population desperately cling on to.

...and when the politicians have that look in their eye...

they hope, that we have not worked out the strategy.

The real prime minister?Oxygen thief!!!

Welcome to the the End-of-Ideology

The Political Psychology of Contemporary Anti-Politics: A Discursive Approach to the End-of-Ideology Era

David Weltman & Michael Billig1Loughborough University

This article advocates a discursive approach for examining political rhetoric. Such an approach is particularly useful for studying contemporary political ideology. The current political climate, especially in Britain, has been described as exemplifying a "Third Way," which is said to have replaced the old ideological division between "left" and "right" by a consensual, non-ideological politics. TThe discursive approach allow the analyst to look at the continuing dilemmas of an ideology that denies its ideological character. In discursive analyses of interviews with 20 elected local officials in the Midlands of England, the respondents (regardless of party affiliation) tended to give accounts that celebrated the development of consensual, less ideologically divisive politics. These accounts, however, were dilemmatic: As the speakers told of social change, they also stressed their own personal stability, as if they themselves existed outside the previous political climate. They also explicitly distanced themselves from the language of "left" and "right," but in this distancing a further ideological dilemma was detectable. All the local politicians were officially affiliated to a political party. In discursively subtle ways, the speakers used the left/right continuum as they distinguished between the parties, thereby showing the sort of variability that discursive theorists have noted in other contexts. The implications of such findings and of the discursive approach to studying ideology are discussed in relation to the possibilities for developing a critical political psychology. - source

oil puppet
You can see this process on display openly in the UK every year at political conferences. Speech after speech is made to sycophantic audiences, which is then strangely referred to as a 'debate' by the chair-person...

the emperors new clothes are ragged and now very old...

oil puppet
"Nor is it wise to vote negatively merely to prevent the more "evil", or stupid, or corrupt of two candidates from being elected. There are usually more than two candidates, some of whom are 100% "evil" free. Wake up! The lesser of two evils remains evil, and I am absolutely amazed by this overused rationalization coming out of the mouths of some fairly reasonable and intelligent people, and we wonder what has gone wrong. Come on! Citizens have continued to elect "evil" people to represent them, and continue to agonize over the results. Now that's denial!

My friend and 1992 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Andre Marrou, calls this "insanity." Doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result is insanity or a metaphor of the manifestation of the battered spouse or abused child syndrome."

The "Abused Voter" Syndrome by Richard Boddie

Perception Manipulation IS mind control

Among the American strategists drafted into the Labour campaign was Zach Exley, a Democrat and expert in internet campaigning who pioneered the use of emails to supporters appealing for money - copied by Labour, who persuaded the author John O'Farrell to put his name to them - and is closely associated with astroturfing.

The technique, which began with Bush's Republican party encouraging pro-war letters to local newspapers, and then by Democrats to push Kerry, is said to have originated with pharmaceutical firms encouraging patients to write letters praising the effects of certain drugs. It is now so widespread in the US that country singer Chely Wright was recently accused of astroturfing a record, when members of her fan club bombarded radio stations asking them to play her latest song. Gaby Hinsliff, political editor - The Observer

New Labour were also happy to use dirty tricks pioneered in the US. "Astroturf" campaigning (ie fake grass roots) was in evidence during "spontaneous" flash-mob protests at Tory and Lib Dem events. "Home-made" placards and posters, all echoing New Labour slogans, all apparently written by the same hand, using the same black marker, were prominent at many of these sabotage demonstrations. During the last week of the campaign a group of Labour supporters dressed in Grim Reaper costume and wearing Michael Howard masks shadowed the Tory leader's campaign, heckling and disrupting when they could.

A feature of New Labour's campaign was the use of party members to help spin the media. The complicity of members, admittedly often young student types, but also senior and experienced professionals like doctors and police officers, gives the lie to the notion that New Labour's corruption of public communication is simply the product of a few unscrupulous spin doctors. What this film showed is that this cancer in the body politic is spreading. Spinwatch


The neoliberal programme draws its social power from the political and economic power of those whose interests it expresses: stockholders, financial operators, industrialists, conservative or social-democratic politicians who have been converted to the reassuring layoffs of laisser-faire, high-level financial officials eager to impose policies advocating their own extinction because, unlike the managers of firms, they run no risk of having eventually to pay the consequences. Neoliberalism tends on the whole to favour severing the economy from social realities and thereby constructing, in reality, an economic system conforming to its description in pure theory, that is a sort of logical machine that presents itself as a chain of constraints regulating economic agents
The essence of neoliberalism

Neoliberalism is a philosophy in which the existence and operation of a market are valued in themselves, separately from any previous relationship with the production of goods and services, and without any attempt to justify them in terms of their effect on the production of goods and services; and where the operation of a market or market-like structure is seen as an ethic in itself, capable of acting as a guide for all human action, and substituting for all previously existing ethical beliefs. - What is "Neo-Liberalism"? A Brief Definition

a primer -global issues


this is not a civilised response

Slavery in the police state called UK PLC...

Rejected asylum seekers who cannot go home will in future have to undertake compulsory unpaid community work in return for benefits as part of a last-minute package of measures to tighten Britain's asylum laws announced last night.

The package will also see thousands of successful refugees dispersed around Britain being banned from moving to live in London or south-east England if they win their case to stay.

Uk govt using forced labour

A report - Forced Labour and Migration to the UK was delivered last August to the International Labour Organisation in Geneva and the TUC in London, which jointly commissioned it in January last year. But six months later it remains unpublished.

It catalogues the coercive techniques used by private employers to force migrants to work for low wages and in poor conditions, from physical and sexual violence to debt bondage and blackmail.

It also gives examples of where the government has paid wages well below the minimum legal wage, following deductions to agencies.

The research focuses on building work, farming, contract cleaning and residential care. Its findings conclude that:

· many foreign migrants were forced to work through violence and intimidation and were prevented from seeking help;

· many have been forced into debt bondage, having taken loans to fund their travel to the UK repayable at exorbitant rates of interest. One woman had borrowed $1,000 (£530) to come here and had not paid the debt off four years later;

· migrants were often working in dangerous conditions, and for excessive hours. Some deaths of migrants at work had been identified;

· nurses brought to Britain to work in the NHS and in private care homes in particular complained of exploitative deductions from their wages. A group of 32 nurses from Asia were paid just £46 a week by an NHS trust after deductions to their agency.

see 'Government fears pre-election backlash' &
'The third way's dirtiest secret '
posted on Indymedia

David Blunkett - EVIL- the childcatcher from the movie chitty chitty bang bang
"Parents whose claims have been rejected will be offered a stark choice: take a 'voluntary' flight to their native country, paid for by the state, or lose all benefits in the UK and have their children taken."

Asylum children may be forced into care -observer November 23, 2003

Human rights?

"In contrast to hysterical claims of "waves" of asylum seekers which New Labour has encouraged, Britain only takes 0.05% of the world's refugees. It is New Labour's backing of IMF/World Bank policies, US imperialism and repressive regimes around the world which is helping to fuel the massive increase in the world's population of asylum seekers."

from 'Blunkett's plans for asylum seekers 10 things you need to know'

Fortress Britain
[click on map to enlarge]
Cruel asylum system blamed for suicide in Glasgow

Full enquiry demanded into suspected suicide of asylum seeker in Glasgow NASS flat Positive Action in Housing is calling for a full enquiry into the death of a 27 year old man, understood to be an asylum seeker, who was found dead today (Tuesday 18 May) around 3.00pm at an address used to house refugees seeking asylum in the UK.

The Home Office confirmed today that the property where the man was found was being used by the National Asylum Support Service, which provides housing for asylum seekers. It is understood the man was awaiting a decision by the Home Office on his application for asylum in the UK. Police do not believe the death to be suspicious. They refused to reveal any details about the man's status. We understand that the man hung himself in his flat.

Michael C Indymedia posting

Global solutions?

In 1990 the Prison Service invited private sector companies to tender for the contracting out of the management of prisons. The theory could bring additional value, expertise and ideas to the Prison Service.

HM Prison Wolds, East Yorkshire, which opened in 1992, was the first contract for a privately managed prison in the UK.

The Prison Service agreed that the injection of competition "brought significant benefits, both in terms of increased efficiency and better quality of service." (Sixth Report of the Commons Public Accounts Committee Session 1994-1995, into Wolds Remand Prison)

The expansion of the company grew in experience and contracts with the undertaking of the transportation of prisoners for the police and courts.

In 1994 another pioneering contract was won – the first prison in the UK to be built under private finance initiative (PFI). HMP Altcourse, Liverpool, a 900 bed adult male prison, commenced operation in December 1997, ahead of schedule and on budget.

Over a number of years we have expanded our capabilities which has enabled us to diversify our experience in a number of businesses, in partnership with governments and corporate organisations on three continents. - GSL History

GSL employ around 8,000 staff in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Jason Martin, known as 'Wolfie' was filmed racially abusing immigrants

Ex-Detention Centre Guard Sacked over Abuse Programme

A former detention centre guard featured in an undercover investigation into alleged racism and violence in the immigration system has been fired from his current job in the fallout from the programme, it emerged today.

Jason Martin, who was known to colleagues at Oakington detention centre in Cambridgeshire as Wolfie, will be shown on TV tonight telling a detainee whose mental wellbeing was reportedly causing concern: "Get out of f****** bed before I do you some damage."

He tips him out of bed after saying: "You just don't want to do it because I'm white. And you think you're not going to do anything cos a white person tells you what to do.

"Well I'm afraid you're wrong. My great-grandfather shot your great-grandfather and nicked his f****** country off you for 200 years. I'm not to be f***** about with. Personally I don't go with this Gandhi sh*t. Passive resistance means f*** all to me."

His alleged behaviour emerged in a BBC investigation into Oakington and a service which escorts asylum seekers and immigrants around the country.

Both operations are run by Global Solutions Ltd (GSL), which has launched a full investigation into the allegations. The Scotsmen


a list of key points in neoliberalism:

transaction maximalisation

maximalisation of volume of transactions ('global flows')

contract maximalisation

supplier/contractor maximalisation

conversion of most social acts into market transactions

artificial maximalisation of competition and stress

creation of quasi-markets

reduction of inter-transaction interval

maximalisation of parties to each transaction

maximalisation of reach and effect of each transaction

maximalisation of hire/fire transactions in the labour market (nominal turnover)

maximalisation of assessment factors, by which compliance with a contract is measured reduction of the inter-assessment interval

creation of exaggerated or artificial assessment norms ('audit society')

Paul Treanor


1973 - September 11 30 years since the US-backed coup in Chile

September 11 marked the 30th anniversary of the bloody US-backed coup that brought to power the fascist-military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet & Allende

The struggle in Chile that culminated in bitter defeat three decades ago constituted one of the most important strategic experiences of the international working class. The coup itself was an event that played no small role in shaping the world as it exists today.

CIA Acknowledges Ties to Pinochets Repression - National security archive

and...Why Blair likes Lord Hutton

Recall that Hutton was one of five law lords who accused their colleague Lord Hoffmann of acting as a judge in his own cause by failing to declare his links with Amnesty International when deciding whether the Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, was immune from arrest and extradition in 1999. The Guardian reported:

"Lord Hutton said public confidence in the integrity of the administration of justice would be shaken if Lord Hoffmann's deciding vote that General Pinochet could be prosecuted was allowed to stand." ('Law lords condemn Hoffmann', Clare Dyer, The Guardian, January 16, 1999)

Pinochet was released and, on arriving in Chile, rose miraculously from his wheelchair to embrace well-wishers."

In an astonishing admission after the disclosure of the cover-up in yesterday's Independent, Tony Blair's official spokesman said MI6 decided not to tell the Hutton inquiry - set up to investigate the death of the government scientist David Kelly - that crucial intelligence on Saddam's chemical and biological weapons was unsound.

The security services, he said, felt it was "too sensitive'' to be made public. The head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, also decided not to tell Mr Blair. The Prime Minister's spokesman said Mr Blair only became aware of the withdrawal of the intelligence as a result of the inquiry by Lord Butler of Brockwell, which was delivered three days ago. -Independant UK - see Spin Genocide

Fascist coup in Britain?

It may seem difficult to believe now, nearly eight years into the most secure Labour government in British history, but across the country pockets of the traditional ruling class were preparing for military action. General Sir Walter Walker, former commander of allied forces in northern Europe, formed the Concerned Citizens' Vigilante Association to stamp out Communism in Wiltshire, and Colonel David Stirling, founder of the SAS, invited volunteers to join his 'strike-breaking army' to crush the unions.

According to former MI5 officer Peter Wright, a group of his colleagues, including Margaret Thatcher's mentor Airey Neave, began discussing a political coup. According to Wright, they believed that the Labour government had been infiltrated by the KGB and should be overthrown. He also claimed they were backed by a right-wing financier. Goldsmith always denied he put the money behind the group or discussed MI5 matters with former intelligence officers.

To some people at the time, the politics of fascism seemed romantic. David Bowie advocated an 'extreme right-wing government' and said Britain needed a dictator. Andrew Lloyd Webber explained the idea behind his musical, Evita, which celebrated the life of Eva Peron, wife of the Argentinian dictator, by saying: 'We had a government basically overthrown by trade unions. There was serious talk of private armies, and people were really thinking the country was going to nothing. We kept seeing parallels in the story of an attractive extremist.' observer

The Pre- Blair Labour Leader

died of a heart attack...
[Sodium Pentathol]

A very British coup- Was John Smith Murdered?

John Smiths death in 1994 allowed creation of New Labour by the more modernising Blair in 1995 - notably, abandonment of Clause IV , a movement which specialised in planning and implementing campaigns for the trade union and labour movement
[and dissent within it]

"I was disturbed to read some weeks ago that the late John Smith's widow had been given a job with Hakluyt.

A smoking gun if ever there was one. Hakluyt is an MI6 company, and it is difficult not to conclude that Mrs Smith was placed there for purposes of surveillance.

There was speculation after John's death that he had been poisoned. The Americans had been cultivating Blair, Mandelson and Brown since the eighties, and Blair was too promising, and manipulable, for them to pass up.

Meta Ramsey must have 'failed' John, and MacColl and Spedding [Diana's KILLERS] would have taken care of the rest. I have met that kind of murderer several times. They would watch you drop dead on the carpet without turning a hair. I have been told (by someone connected with MI6) that Smith would have had the courage to resist MI6 if he had become Prime Minister. Blair, by contrast, is paralyzed if there isn't a Mandelson or a Campbell to hold his hand." MI6, BUSH AND FOOT AND MOUTH

"Hi! I'm Tony, I'm a macho man!!!"

Just who is this grinning moron?

he's one of these...!

Are they going through a mid-life crisis, together?

Preserving the Status quo: Richest nations snub poorest

Save our civil liberties

REAL VIDEO: Protest Of G8 And War In Brunswick, Georgia USA

Blair tells parliament -
'Rejoice over Iraq': an echo of Thatcher

Tony Blair, on the eve of his tenth anniversary as leader of the Labour Party, echoed one of the most famous quotations from Lady Thatcher yesterday by telling critics of the war in Iraq to "rejoice". Lady Thatcher told Britain to "Just rejoice... rejoice" when British forces recaptured South Georgia on 25 April 1982. She was under pressure for allowing the Falkland Islands to be invaded by Argentina. Mr Blair's use of the word "rejoice" - loaded with all the defiance that Lady Thatcher had given it - made Labour backbenchers wince during the Commons debate on the Butler report. "We couldn't believe it when he said that," said one Labour MP. "We shouted 'Thatcher' at him." Mr Blair immediately recognized the gaffe, and quickly added: "Yes - let us be pleased." A former whip, loyal to Mr Blair, said: "Rejoice is a word that we will have to wipe from the dictionary. I was appalled he used it." independent via common dreams

Trotsky was Blair's inspiration

Good books end happily, say readers

(Filed: 02/03/2006) - Tony Blair has revealed that Trotsky was the inspiration for his entry to politics.

Launching World Book Day the Prime Minister cited his two top reads, a biography of Trotsky and the children's book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, a favourite of Mr Blair's five-year-old son, Leo. But the rather more heavyweight Trotsky trilogy by Isaac Deutscher is the book which has meant most to him, inspiring him to pursue his career in politics.

At the launch in London's Commonwealth Club Mr Blair said:"I might as well make a confession now." "There were people who got me very involved in politics. But then there was also a book. "It was a trilogy, a biography of Trotsky by Isaac Deutscher which made a very deep impression on me and gave me a love of political biography for the rest of my life. "My association with books has continued through the rest of my adult life, but particularly with my children."

For the first time, this year's World Book Day is being extended to adult readers. - telegraph.co.uk

Bush & Blair - Kissing cousins?

Blair is not what he seems

Did you know that Tony Blair is a cousin of the Queen of England? (And therefore a cousin of the George's Bush)

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is the son of Leo Blair, a barrister and a Tory. Leo was the son of Charles Parsons and Gussie Bridson. Charlie and Gussie were a musical-hall 'turn' in which Charlie took the stage-name of Jimmy Lynton. Gussie, Tony's grannie, was the daughter of a well-heeled, Lancashire family who were relatives of the Earls of Strathmore, the Queen Mother's family. Tony's illegitimate father, Leo Parson's was fostered out to the family of a Glasgow shipyard-worker, James Blair, which is where the new name comes from.

A curious tale, full of intrigue, and one that matches the mysteries of other 'statesmen' of recent times such as Hitler and Clinton.

Former diarist for the Daily Express, Evening News and Evening Standard, Compton Miller, writes in his book, "Who's Really Who," :

"Pragmatic "Bambi" is the most top-drawer PM since Sir Alec Douglas-Home."

Perhaps prime-minister, Blair's real name, Parson's may go some way to explain his sermonesque, clerical style.

Blair is a committed Christian so he always turns the other cheek, does not judge others and loves everybody. Does not tell any lies, is completely open and honest and will give away everything he has to help anyone less fortunate than himself.

Whilst he has been in office he has redeemed his creed's spat with the money-changers. Heartily sorry for Christ's rampaging attack on their tables he has shovelled mountains of dosh their way whenever the opportunity has arisen. Oh, and he has nothing to do with killing anyone.

I find it more than interesting that Blair's probable real name of Parsons is the same surname as the Hell-Firer, G.M. Freemason, Earl of Rosse. But why should his real grandaddy's alt-mon, Lynton be so important that it has been carried through the male line? - BITSANDPIECES blog

Blair Family History

Mystery lifted on Queen's Perogative powers

Full list of those powers

Domestic Affairs

The appointment and dismissal of ministers;
The summoning, prorogation and dissolution of Parliament;
Royal assent to bills;
The appointment and regulation of the civil service;
The commissioning of officers in the armed forces;
Directing the disposition of the armed forces in the UK;
Appointment of Queen's Counsel;
Issue and withdrawal of passports;

Prerogative of mercy. (Used to apply in capital punishment cases. Still used, eg to remedy errors in sentence calculation)
Granting honours;
Creation of corporations by Charter;

Foreign Affairs
The making of treaties;
Declaration of war;
Deployment of armed forces overseas;
Recognition of foreign states;
Accreditation and reception of diplomats.

"In October 2001 and after the September 11th attacks, Robert Cooper, an advisor to Blair was transferred to the Foreign Ministry to accomplish a specific mission, polishing the final touches on the project of the future empire The former British empire is the imperial advisor to the future American empire

In Prospect magazine, Cooper explicitly said that Nation States had proved their failure after independence and that all conditions are set for the beginning of a new imperialism with an Anglo-Saxon culture This is what really happens and Iraq is only a part of a series of plots. "
The importance of Iraqi oil to the US

In a tribute to sixteenth-century Italian philosopher Niccol Machiavelli, Robert Cooper, formerly chief foreign policy adviser to Tony Blair, said that "good laws and good armies" are the best weapons with which to defeat tyranny in the world. He explained by saying that laws are meaningless unless they can be enforced.

Mr Cooper, who has been described by one commentator as "a warrior espousing the rhetoric of 'enlightened' colonialism" was speaking in London at the launch of his new book, "The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the Twenty-First Century".

EU needs "good laws and good armies"

Gordon Brown: stop apologizing for Empire

The UK's powerful chancellor and prime minister-in-waiting, Gordon Brown, has become the first frontline post-imperial British politician to tell the world the days of apology for Britain's colonial past are over.

Brown's outspoken comments about Britain's controversial past came at the tail-end of his week-long mission of mercy to the region Churchillian imperialists once called ‘the Dark Continent'.

The remarks, within a fortnight of Britain assuming presidency of the G8, set off a maelstrom of muttered comment at home in London with at least two prominent Indian-born British peers clashing about the irresistible symbolism of a powerful 21st-century British politician appearing to give the Raj a clean chit. - Times of India

Charles Clarke

Clarke is the former President of the National Union of Students who stood, he said, for civil liberties and social justice. He went on to become a right-wing Education Secretary in the Blair Reich and is now the Home Secretary who demands the right to decide who is put under house arrest without charge or trial. He also supported jailing people without charge or trial purely on his say-so until it was shown to be illegal. But give him time.

Thanks to David Icke.com for this section

Neil Kinnock

Cultivated his reputation as a 'fiery welsh radical', which, in fact, involved shouting very loudly and never using one word when 6,769 would do. He claimed to represent the poor and 'working classes', but went on to realise, like his European politician wife, that representing the system is far more profitable. Made a fortune as an appointed 'commissioner' to the European Union where he played a key role in removing staff who sought to expose its grotesque financial corruption. Ironically he did this after being given the job (in theory) of rooting out such corruption. He has now returned to the UK to become a member of the House of Lords, appointed by his master,Tony Blair. Baron Kinnock of Gross Hypocrisy once described the peers in the House of Lords as 'descendants of brigands, muggers, bribers and gangsters', and 'a bunch of Tories'. He should feel right at home.

Peter Hain

In the late 1960s he made his name leading the campaign to stop the visit to Britain of the cricket team from the then apartheid South Africa. He joined the UK Liberal Party, where he would never have experienced government, and switched to the Labour Party. Since then, in a series of ministerial posts under Blair, he has supported and campaigned for measures that fundamentally dismantle civil liberties. While supporting the new European constitution, which will centrally control Europe like never before, he called it merely a 'tidying up exercise'.

Straw: i'm a Stalinist!!!

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw sent an extraordinary letter to the Independent newspaper on November 16. It was in reply to an article by Robert Fisk the previous Saturday. In a description of Yassir Arafat's funeral, Fisk had disparagingly referred to Straw, who attended on behalf of the British government, as a former Trotskyist or 'an old Trot.'

Straw responded to Fisk's factually incorrect aside like a man accused of a heinous crime, stating that to call him a Trotskyist was 'a malicious libel' Far from being a former Trotskyist, Straw indicated that his political sympathies and training could be traced back to Stalinism. WSWS

UK Democracy is dead

"Under the Blair regime, much more than under Margaret Thatcher, British constitutional arrangements are crumbling. The votes of one in four of the people in the 2001 election produced a majority of 64 per cent in the Commons. This means almost anything can be rammed through the Commons and the only resistance comes from the House of Lords. Power has been sucked into No 10 and policy is driven by headline-grabbing announcements. It means that checks and balances have broken down, and that leads to ill-considered policy"

Claire Short international development secretary, 1997-2003, when she resigned from the Government.

Blair attacks swinging 60s

Tony Blair today launched an extraordinary attack on the decline of the traditional family and the rise of "different lifestyles". In a speech which risked a backlash from single parents' groups and Labour MPs, the Prime Minister said the culture of the "Swinging Sixties" was partly to blame for crime and social breakdown.

"A society of different lifestyles spawned a group of young people who were brought up without parental discipline, without proper role models and without any sense of responsibility to others," said Mr Blair. "All of this was then multiplied in effect by the economic and social changes that altered the established pattern of community life in cities, towns and villages."

He added: "Today, people have had enough of this part of the 1960s consensus. People do not want a return to old prejudices and ugly discrimination. But they do want rules, order and proper behaviour. They want a community where the decent lawabiding majority are in charge."

Mr Blair spoke out in a speech to a community centre in Somers Town, Camden, as he launched the Government's law and order strategy. His words will be seen as highly controversial because they appeared to criticise divorced couples and single parents for failing to give their children proper role models.

The speech evoked memories of John Major's infamous "back to basics" speech, which attacked the permissive society but backfired disastrously when a string of Tory MPs were caught up in sex and financial scandals.

Mr Blair blamed "swinging Sixties" attitudes for encouraging criminals to think they could get away with it. He said laudable attempts to understand criminal behaviour had bred "freedom without responsibility" while a new generation of criminals were more violent and better organised. - This is London

Blair declares end to '60s liberal consensus' on crime

"Mr Blunkett believes the satellite system will provide "prison without bars", and will also be a useful way to track potentially dangerous offenders.

He is said to view the technology as a key development in criminal justice over the next decade, which can be used as a cheap alternative to building new jails. "
Sky news

Tag, track, watch, analyse- UK goes mad on crime and terror IT

False dichotomy:

"People do not want a return to old prejudices and ugly discrimination.

"But they want rules, order and proper behaviour." Tony Blair

basically if you don't agree with our idea of proper behavior...you are a bigot!!!

My comment:
What is this '60's liberal consensus'?

would that be the repression of homosexuality?
the bashing of dissidents by riot police?
the right to gather and protest gone
the right to silence upon arrest taken away
the right to trial by jury, GONE!

Mr Blair is redefining what culture is...& what anti social behaviour is...
it is anyone who doesn't want to live in an open prison, devoting their lives to slavery via corporate rule

He's suggesting that it is those of us who rebel against the system that are the problem
putting us all back culturally aproximately 50 years

Is he seriously suggesting that repression by the state [a prison without bars run via tagging & global positioning] is better than free expression and free will by adults over themselves & their young?

Will 'free-expression' only be allowed if it is of some benefit to the state apparatus.

Funny! it doesn't feel quite so free...when you put it in those terms...

or is it the case that the constant degeneration of progressive society, Education Health, Public services by these powers led to a culture in which they can now justify FASCISM?

For years the poor have been treated like animals, and now they act in the only way they know how...
and why shouldn't they? They have never seen the benefits of any of the promises and continual 10 year plans made by ALL politicians.

Elderly too costly to treat???

Treatment for elderly not always worth it, say advisers

By Sam Lister, Times Health Correspondent ELDERLY patients could be denied some treatments because of their age under new proposals set out by the Government's national health advisory body. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which provides guidance on health issues for England, confirmed yesterday that it had set out the controversial ideas in a consultation paper. Members of the institute's Citizen's Council said that in cases in which age could affect the benefits or risks of treatment, medical staff would be justified in discriminating. Charities have raised concern that the views, which will be taken into account by the institute when it makes recommendations about policy or drugs, could lead to the elderly being refused some services.

Gordon Lishman, director- general of Age Concern, said that the consultation document indicated that elderly people could suffer further discrimination from the NHS. He said that policies against the elderly already existed in cases such as breast cancer screening, which was denied to women over 70 as a routine procedure. Rates of breast cancer in this age group remain highest, at close to 350 per 100,000 people. Some mental health initiatives also revealed age discrimination, the charity said, including situations where pensioners were moved from consultations with a psychiatrist to dementia schemes simply on the grounds of age.

"These draft guidelines are muddled and if applied could be a real step backwards," Mr Lishman said. "We have a long way to go to scrap unfair practice suffered by older people in the NHS . . . Everyone should have the right to treatment according to what they need as individuals, never on the sole basis of their date of birth." Age Concern said that around 80 per cent of GPs already believed that there was discrimination against older people in the system. Campaigners argue that as the over-70s are the most intensive users of the NHS, and given the country's ageing population, the age group should be at the forefront of health policy thinking.

The Citizen's Council, a panel of 30 members of the public which considers ethical and moral judgments on behalf of the institution, had been asked to discuss issues of age last year. It followed discussion of whether health services should discriminate against the obese or those who smoke.

The institute's report recommended that all patients should be treated equally regardless of age, gender, race, or socio- economic status. But it said that there should be exceptions if a patient's condition was self-inflicted and the "self-inflicted causes of the condition influences the likely outcome of the use of the intervention". The second exception should apply "where age is an indicator of benefit or risk". In these cases "age discrimination is appropriate", the report recommended.

The institute said that the issue of treatment for different age groups was a common one and that any discrimination would have to be based on justifiable clinical evidence.

Andrew Dillon, its chief executive, said: "The institute has to make difficult decisions about how well treatments work and which treatments offer the NHS best value for money. We know that factors such as age and lifestyle can influence how clinically or cost-effective a treatment is. We are asking people whether NICE is getting it right when we take this type of factor into account."

Jonathan Ellis, a policy manager at Help the Aged, said that any possible discrimination contravened the Government's stated aim of tackling the prejudice against older people that exists in health care services.

"To suggest that anyone should receive less care and attention simply because they happen to be older is blatant discrimination," he said. times online

Does privatization create an environment of inequality, help create social injustice, poverty and it's effects?

which seek to justify: A POLICE STATE???

Don't worry: The rate New labour are selling off prime real estate,
which used to be parks & school playing fields
& building shabby apartment complexes in there place
[blocks of 15 selling for a million each]
soon ther won't be any 'views' at all...
What then? A Window tax? er...

Government to tax the view from your house

By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor(Filed: 06/11/2005)

Having a nice view or living next door to a golf course are going to cost householders more in council tax under Labour plans.

Taxpayers are set to be charged hundreds of pounds extra a year if they are in a conservation area, next to an open space, have a swimming pool or tennis court or enjoy full or partial views of the sea, hills, mountains, lakes or rivers.

Extra charges are also expected to be levied on homes with more bedrooms than average, conservatories, large patios or gardens, roof terraces or balconies. Homes in "gated communities" will also face higher bills.

Official documents show that ministers are going to extraordinary lengths to build a detailed database of properties across England, with the intention of placing them in a higher council tax band.

Last night Caroline Spelman, the Tory local government secretary, described the proposed new regime as "more punishing than ever". She added: "This is the latest stealth tax - it's a tax on the view from your house rather than a fair charge for local services."

The charges will come in after a long-awaited revaluation of each property in England and will take into account the huge rises in property values since the last valuation in 1991. Earlier this year, ministers postponed the revaluation, which was originally set for 2007, fearing a backlash from middle-income voters in the South, who are expected to face the highest rises. However, MPs will tomorrow debate plans to let ministers begin the revaluation at a time of their choosing, and effectively without further parliamentary scrutiny.

Detailed documentation from John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, shows that the exercise will cost at least £105 million. Of this, £45 million is going on a new "computer-assisted mass appraisal system" which will help officials to obtain specific details on every property in England.

Properties will be described in great detail using "value-significant codes" to make an assessment for revaluation. Some of the code descriptions, such as living on a "small plot" or on a "main or busy road", having a cesspit, not having street lighting or living near a radio mast or pylon, suggest that certain households will be moved down a band and face lower bills.

However, there are many more codes which appear to add value to a property, including some to denote four different sizes of balcony and roof terrace, living beside a park or on a quiet road or cul-de-sac, in a penthouse, or near convenient public transport.

A whole range of details - from "equestrian facilities" to patio size - will be tabulated. No fewer than 10 "value-significant codes" detail a range of possible views that a property can offer.

Analysis of the revaluation in Wales last year suggests that, in England, the owner of a benchmark Band D property will face an extra £267 on their bill if they go up one band and £534 if they go up two.

A Band D property is one valued in 1991 at between £68,001 and £88,000. Homes in other bands get bills which are proportionately higher or lower.

Miss Spelman said: "The new computer system has been designed to enable John Prescott's department to identify homes with garages, greenhouses, large patios or gardens, near a golf course or in a conservation area.

"These characteristics will then be used by Labour to increase council tax on homes by pushing them into a higher council tax band. This is just the latest stealth tax. It can only mean even higher taxes on hard-working families and pensioners, without any improvements in local services." - telegraph.co.uk

Enough to drive you mad isnt it?
Now that would be criminal

Mental Health Bill 'to cause thousands to be detained'

NINE times as many people as first thought will be forced to undergo compulsory mental health treatment under planned reforms in England and Wales, a new study claims.

The draft Mental Health Bill proposes allowing patients to be made to take medication and detained if necessary. The King's Fund study said that in 15 years as many as 13,000 could be placed under such orders, rather than the Government's 1450 figure. But the Government said the "flawed" study produced incorrect estimates. The bill was first introduced in 2002.

Under the 1983 Mental Health Act patients can be sectioned, but only if their condition is treatable. The new bill, which received 2000 objections when it was first unveiled, proposes allowing people to be forcibly treated to protect the public.

Campaigners say it will make it too easy to detain people who have mild personality disorders. - scotsman.com

Below: A typical example of the 'dumbing down' of political Philosophy

PC thinking 'is harming society'

3 January 2006 - Britain's institutions are infected with political correctness which is damaging society, according to a book published by a right-wing think-tank. Civitas says political correctness has allowed the creation of "Muslim ghettos" which produce suicide bombers.

PC thinking now dominates schools, councils and the media, Anthony Browne says in The Retreat of Reason.

But Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said even the term ghetto was inflammatory.

Mr Browne, a journalist for the Times, said he had been motivated to write the report by the media's coverage of rises in the number of people with HIV. He said the rise in new infections since 1997 was down to increasing levels of HIV infected migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, but that political correctness had stopped the government tailoring public health policy to this. The author said PC views labelled some groups as victims, and banned dissent.

"By closing down debates, it restricts the ability of society to tackle the problems that face it," Mr Browne said.

Giving one example, he told BBC News that the issues behind the Bradford riots, where most of the rioters were Asian, had not been tackled because of political correctness. "It creates an atmosphere where it's almost impossible to actually say, look there are real issues going on here, there are real tensions going on here... "You have ghettoisation of the mind where people don't start trusting each other, where they don't know about the wider community, where actually their opportunities are damaged because they don't know about wider mainstream British society."

But Mr Bunglawala said he objected to the use of the word ghetto. "The very use of the word ghetto is deeply unfortunate. There's a historical pattern, when large scale immigration occurs people will tend to flock together... "You still have Jewish areas, you wouldn't describe them as ghettos, and you know the term itself is very inflammatory."

'Moral cowardice'

Mr Browne said "soft totalitarianism" had led to "moral cowardice" and "intellectual dishonesty". Political correctness once prevented overt discrimination but now "causes more harm than good", he said. It caused censorship as some views were being suppressed simply because they caused offence or aroused emotions such as hatred, he said. He said it had affected crime, education and community relations.

Terror impact

"The most overt racism, sexism and homophobia in Britain is now among the weakest groups, in ethnic minority communities, because their views are rarely challenged, as challenging them equates to oppressing them," Mr Browne added. Mr Browne said terrorism and the economic rise of India and China could see the end of political correctness. As Western democracies felt more vulnerable, their inhabitants would be "more hard-headed about the real benefits and drawbacks of Western civilisation", he said.

"The West will no longer feel inclined to indulge in self-loathing, but will seek to reaffirm its sense of identity." - BBC

so...according to a 'right wing think tank': ALL political correctness is wrong,

Hang on...surely they mean:

"all views which aren't promoted as 'right wing' are politically incorrect to their viewpoint" ?

ahh, but this is the British version of 'politically correct': which has come to represent: "a humanistic approach to individual treatment of others lives around us based on notions of equality & humanitarianism",

other less dumbed down countries see political incorrectness as a relativist concept - as anyone "opposing the shared ideology of the common people, the majority or ruling party"...

To admit this to the British public is to admit that common traits in political thought [the left-right paradigm, for instance] are indoctrinated as a method of thought control, that in fact such notions of 'shared values' [a Blair favourite] 'common sense' or the 'moral majority' is a symptom a linguistic indoctrination via a process of the now Corporate/State controlled Church, Education & Mass Media

In 1930's members of the NAZI party had to conform to the parties strict ideology...obeying the party line was the 'politically correct' thing to do...failure to adhere to this doctrine meant punishment for being politicall incorrect, resulting in banishment from the party / imprisonment / death

To have been against the institutionalised racism that began as name calling / propaganda / rounding up / imprisonment / & ended up as the murdering of minorities on an industrial scale, in the Germany of the 1930's/ 40's would have been the equivalent of being politically incorrect

Notice in the story above the phrase

"political correctness has allowed the creation of "Muslim ghettos" which produce suicide bombers. "

appears in a similar context to the way Hitlers NAZIS used it in Germany ...Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain notices this too... as we rapidly edge towards another dogmatic political era of National Socialism [this time a GLOBAL SYSTEM] based on the subjegation of the minorites to help keep the majority 'in line' with a strong national identity based on state/corporate sponsored indoctrination of Pride coupled with ignorance, violence, fear & envy.

No 10 press release:
poor people live in deprived areas...
er...because they are on benefits [???]

Clear link between benefit dependency and deprivation

3 January 2006

New figures released today show a clear link between high numbers of people claiming incapacity benefit and deprivation.

And John Hutton, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has today written to 100 MPs across the country who represent the areas with the highest numbers of incapacity benefit claimants.

The letter has been sent ahead of planned reforms aimed at getting people off incapacity benefit and back to work.

In his letter, John Hutton tells MPs that we should not accept a system that "perpetuates hardship and denies people the opportunity to better their lives by accessing the world of work."

Although the government has made progress in reducing the number of new claimants, the reforms in the welfare green paper will break down the remaining barriers faced by people trying to get back to work. Incapacity benefit will be replaced with a new system that properly assesses what people can do and offers the right level of support to help them back into work. Those who truly cannot work will be given genuine protection.

The link between benefit dependency and deprivation is striking; research shows that nearly half of the most deprived areas in England, Wales and Scotland are in the hundred constituencies that have the largest numbers of incapacity benefit claimants. People who live in these constituencies are five times more likely to live in pockets of deprivation than those in the rest of the country. number10.gov.uk


Captain Wardrobes

Down with Murder inc.