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PSYOPS - The Agenda - Controlled dissent

I believe agent provocateurs have
a definite purpose of steering protest

This operation is part of a 'Psyop' to create a picture of
violent protest which the public can lap up
and use as a stereotype
to judge all dissent by.

firstly in order to build a consensus - Dissenting people are organised into groups and the agenda is agreed. what most do not realise is that the agenda is already in place. it is what gets people to meet in the first place. it is a public relations exercise, a machine is put into operation that sets a task of advertising a 'cause' and reeling susceptible people into line...

Once the Cause is controlled the authorities are free to do with a group what it wants.

It can get them to meet in a pre-arranged site - where tha Riot police are wating to bash their heads in. All for the waiting corporate press to revel in and splash all over the morning papers.

When the infiltrators are givin the signal - the group is then steered onto a MAJORLY Violent Action - which serves the purpose of criminalising the cause the particular group is fighting for.

Stage Managed Dissent

"There was no point in trying to break all the way through to the G8. We didnt have the numbers and the cops were seriously tooled up. Having said that the symbolic victory of taking down their much heralded 'security fence' was a moral boost for all. Had it been there to keep them in rather than us out then we would have quite happily reinforced it. "

Guido [...]@riseup.net


Media Event!

08.07.2005 07:31 - the whole event on Wednesday was choreographed - we get to the gate - knowhere to go but to the right - there is a thin wire fence along road and sight of security fence - uniforms cops standing in field about 2/3 meteres apart do nothing to stop people getting over fence - a few riot cops appear along wire fence but it's all show - we are being 'invited' into field - loads of people in field breach the fence while - behind us - mainstream media had been installed on cranes ready to film the whole event - enter chinook helicopters disgorging riot cops - media gets its pics and story as the police no doubt told them they would - how long does it take to hire and install 3 or 4 cranes? - were there not enough cops inside security fence to stop a couple of hundred people entering by one breach? - ok we did our bit but the media swallowed the whole thing hook line and sinker the lazy bastards

the Major

These pictures are identical to news footage taken by BBC News 24, was the footage sold to them, at a profit?

clues to the clique that run Indymedia

Institute for autonomy

76-78 Gower Street, London WC1

The Institute for Autonomy is a newly occupied social centre in central London. Created in a disused university building in a city where house & rent prices continue to climb far out of the reach of the majority, it has lain empty and forgotten for over 5 years.

The Institute for Autonomy aims to be an open space for daily development towards autonomy. It is organised by open assemblies, and it is formed by a collective of people of different backgrounds and experiences. They state that "it’s vital for us to create a space where a different reality can be experienced, where new paths can be walked, along which can emerge common action, interest and identity amongst people".

The Centre is at 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1, and opened to the public on Saturday 19th March with a party that included films, music, cafe zapatista, info-shop and kids space.

Other ongoing projects and activities in the centre include: a library, a printing workshop and banner making, fortnightly Precarity Info/Sharing, regular film nights, a solidarity kitchen that opens three lunch-times a week, and a Cafeteria Rebelde.

excerpt from this blog
"The political science department was supposed to be having a garden party, but the whole area has been sealed off by police. Under the circumstances, nothing could be as ignoble as trying to play the terrorism tourist, so with the party cancelled, I simply went off to meet friends and then walk home along the riverbank

The regulars at the Institute for Autonomy, where most of the Indymedia UK inner circle hang out, are almost certainly unharmed, as they were engaging in recreational public disorder hundreds of miles away in Scotland and successfully diverting police resources from the capital. Well done compadres!

this is complicated: so please bear with me...!!!

Here we go!

comments appeared by a 'spacebunny' in the process lists in the run up to our action it is apparent to 'legion' that he had influence over stoppong and censoring articles that involve subjects such as:


[Bilderberg] for which we believe their is an agenda to steer Indymedia away from and to focus on the G8 instead...as a photo op for steering purposes [see the latest mind control operation invloving 'Live8' and 'Make poverty history']

[masonry] for which we believe these high-ups are members

the George Soros / Rob Glaser /Rockerfeller & Ford foundation links to Indymedia funding

operation Gladio & 9-11 - [inside government / secrecy]

this being an indication of the elites current mode of control of the world via Iraq & the war on terror

now at the time our posts were being hidden a 'space bunny' appeared on the Indymedia UK process lists

seemingly urging others to hide 'conspiracy nuts'

Myself ('captain wardrobe') and 'Flamesong' (zinfandel) were labelled 'trolls'

this appeared later

interesting things we [legion] have dug up:

one of the moderators

Anarchobabe - Glasgow Scotland

has a link to 'space bunny' on her blog:

anarchobabes intro on her blog

Welcome IndyBloggers

Contributed by Anarcho Babe

It is good to see this blog now feed into indybloggers, thanks to my good friend Space Bunny who managed to catch Rabble in Internet Relay Chat when he was briefly online from India doing good work by helping Indymedia there and Bunny asked Rabble to add it. But he did add this blog under Bunnys name by mistake. Me (as AnarchoBabe) and Space Bunny are very close but we are different people.


- another entry

Our glorious indymedia meeting tonight saw disappointing 2 people, me and spacebunny as ever. Sometimes I wonder if it makes any sense trying to carry on with these meetings.

http://blog.fempages.org/?date=20040511 ------

The two space bunnies!

space bunny 1

Micah Anderson like most indymedia moderators has a handle

his was 'space bunny'

it is now MicahA http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Main/MicahA

Micah Anderson

IMC was Founded in Seattle in 1999 to cover the protests at the World Trade Organisation summit, the IMC, also referred to as Indymedia, is a loose collection of activists and amateur journalists dedicated, in the words of one participant, "to providing social and economic justice through media production and distribution".


see fbi server seizures [here][here][here]

he appears to have major contacts to linux operating development - debian

see: http://archives.lists.indymedia.org/imc-wvl/2003-July/000708.html

also see http://riseup.net/ and the red cursor collective

Micah Anderson -
Nicholas Merrill -
Brian Szymanski -
Matt Toups

and to major securitech company

he still had 2002 email address



About Us

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices and personnel in all major technology corridors, we've made a name for ourselves by helping our clients (and our clients' clients) optimize every aspect of their IT environments. Privately held and profitable, our hundreds of full-time consultants deliver services to every corner of the globe. Since our founding in 1994, we've successfully provided over 5 million hours of consultative services to hundreds of clients in the United States and abroad. We have an unequaled approach to helping improve their bottom line through more efficient and effective delivery of IT infrastructure services.

We've done it for some of the biggest, most successful companies around-

Morgan Stanley, Dell, Microsoft, EMC, American Express, Disney, Amazon, Sun, Lucent, IBM, Red Hat, Hughes, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Boeing -and we will do it for you. Collective Excellence - let us show you what it can do for your business.

list of clients

Spacebunny #2

Spacebunny - Micah - Edinburgh Scotland

in his IMCUK process wiki profile - 'spacebunny'

has a website which in the strange simple layout has a link to Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh Scotland

a well known haunt of Masonic / Templer / Rosicrusian hunters

also see the teeming Da vinci code freaks, who haven't realised that the book is actually written by a member of Opus Dei as a method of regaining interest in the Catholic Church, and making shitloads of cash for the Vatican Bank

also on a search of spacebunny we discovered that he runs a website devoted to Stewart Home

who is a 'Neoist' [Avant Garde cultural anarchist] and likes to pose as a Mason with a Gavel and various other symbols

Stewart Home on bridge in London,
...in front of MI6 building...with masonic symbolic imagery???
[who does he think he is, really, oh do come on!]

Stewart Home society archive

interview with Home

spacebunny#2 [from Edinburgh] is listed as the sites maintainer and is described as

"Micah the Space Bunny, High Priest of the Home Cult."


While I like a balance of good and very bad publicity, this is merely an aesthetic preference and has no bearing on my ongoing deconstruction of the mechanics of fame. Within the commodified culture of capitalism, it's column inches that count, while the content of publicity is irrelevant. Several years ago, when a bored student on a placement at the National Art Library compiled a fame chart by weighing the press files of those artists with the most voluminous coverage, I had no trouble making the top twenty alongside the likes of Andy Warhol. Today I'd do even better, because after learning of this measure for fame, I took to xeroxing my press cuttings onto card, and then sending them as gifts to this august institution. Stewart Home

'Feuding' could be considered as a ruse by Military intelligence to justify counter-intelligence operations, creating tension between groups, dividing and ruling and destroying any meaningful dissent

as i trawled the net looking up Micah [aka spacebunny] i discovered that he had been involved in the GANDALF trial of green anarchists

Now...this is a really complicated business !!!!

but from what i got i managed to establish tha Micah was/is a neoist who basically steered green anarchists with a lean towards violent direct action [with bombs!] it was also mentioned that Stewart home wrote a pamphlet which contained evidence that only MI5/special branch could have had in its possession at the time it was published

this interview with Green anarchist John Connor mentions Micah

In their attempts to undermine support for the defendants in the Gandalf-2 trial, the Neoists have been much-aided by the anarcho-workerists around AK Press. They started carrying the Neoist's smear pamphlets to spite GA, after we helped expose their support for Paul Bowman and Tony White, assets of MI5 front zine, Searchlight. Like US anarcho-publishers, AK have excessive influence in the UK anarcho-scene, bankrolling syndicalist publications like Black Flag and the Solidarity Federation's Direct Action, and having access to others with even more money and power.

The irony of these anarchists backing fascist proxies against other anti-fascist anarchists is as lost on them this time as in the original 1994/1995 incident. Although calls by Edinburgh-based Neoist, Micah, for supporters to un-pledge themselves from the various statements of solidarity and defiance haven't had one taker so far, he did succeed in getting a May 1998 LGSC speaking tour through Scotland cancelled in the run-up to the Gandalf Three's appeal.

Pro-Neoist Carol Saunders also thought it amusing to put Steve Booth next to Fuckwit-the one who said he should "rot in jail"-at the 1998 Anarchist Bookfair and pulled out of producing the 1998 Anarchist Yearbook when its editor refused to list Fuckwit's Unpopular Books because, after Anarchist Integralism, Fuckwit clearly had no place in it. Saunders and her ilk typify those anrchists more interested in power than truth, those prepared to use the Neoists as a barricade against the rising tide of DIY direct action politics that looks set to sweep them away. - source

see GANDALF trial links at bottom

one half of pincer movement against GreenAnarchists

the gandalf trial also unearthed the other half of the pincer movement

the agent known as Tim Hepple: an ex Combat 18 Neo-Nazi thug who infiltrated green anarchy and uncovered / instigated that their founder and ideological architect Richard Hunt defending former National Front leader Patrick Harrington from accusations of fascism.

Indymedia infiltrated??? undoubtably i feel....

remember Micahs links to neoist influence on Gandalf

Hepple was MI5
Neoists were MI5

So how did Micah suddenly resurface as an IMCUK moderator?

interestingly Hepple resurfaced as UFO investigator Tim Matthews

(The Resurfacing of Agent Provocateur Tim Hepple)

AKA Ufologist Tim Matthews

Tim Hepple infiltrated GA through the Lancaster based Autonomy anti-poll tax group in 1991 but was exposed by Larry O'Hara in 1993.

During this time, he posed as an Eco-teur, wrote the Eco-defenders Handbook, and laid the groundwork for the Gandalf prosecution, so militant Greens could be presented as an 'ecoterrorist threat'.

Hepple resurfaced as 'Tim Matthew's' in 1997. Despite claims to have been broken with his past, when the Anti-Deception Committee confronted him on 24th January 1998 at his 'When Worlds Collide' UFO conference in Stockport, they found his old Searchlight crony, Ray Hill amongst his heavies.

Attendees were unimpressed by Hepples thuggery when the ADC were thrown out for leafleting (text below) - a third walked out immediately. virtually strange

so we have UFO being infiltrated by MI5

the area Matthews is steering in UFO subculture is secret technology secret bases

which is really the area of 'conspiracy theory'

UFO as a religion is dying...because it has gone mainstream this was the aim...kill off dissent/questioning of secret technology and use of UK bases for such things as human experimentation, and the US/UK bases such as Fylingdales and Menwith Hill [electronic Eavesdropping] in relation possible links to Porton Down [genetic mutation caused by electromagnetic waves]

note the trident ploughshares polaris stuff that IMCUK was rightly getting very into which i beleive was the reason for intelligence infiltration






Captain Wardrobes

Down with Murder inc.