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Distractions and diversions

"Disinformation might be the chief job of an intelligence agency." - JAMES ANGLETON, ex-head of CIA counter-intelligence

JERRY FALWELL: And, I know that I'll hear from them for this. But, throwing God out successfully with the help of the federal court system, throwing God out of the public square, out of the schools. The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way - all of them who have tried to secularize America - I point the finger in their face and say "you helped this happen." Horrifying words from Falwell

A big clue?

Al-Qaida member trained by U.S. Air Force

Tuesday 1st February, 2005 (UPI)

A Saudi military official with links to al-Qaida was apprehended by the FBI after training at a U.S. Air Force base, the New York Daily News said Tuesday.

No names or locations were given in the report, which the newspaper quoted from a publication by the Office of Strategic Influence.

FBI agents stopped and quizzed the suspect and his family at a U.S. airport last year as they were leaving the country. The man was allowed to return to Saudi Arabia, where he was detained and interrogated further, sources said.

As a result, arrests of other al-Qaida operatives were made elsewhere, sources said.

"We have since established a process to screen and monitor activities of foreign students to focus on early discovery of other possible penetrations. In addition to capturing that al-Qaida member in the United States, 51 others were arrested overseas," Air Force Brig. Gen. Eric Patterson wrote in Global Reliance magazine. - BNN

The office of strategic influence - PSYOPS dept.

The Office of Strategic Influence started as the brainchild of the Defense Department and ended as an embarrassment for the Bush administration--all within a matter of months.

The Pentagon planned to use the office to feed false reports to foreign journalists. By doing so, the government hoped to influence public sentiment abroad among allies and enemies alike. But when the story broke in mid-February 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld went on NBC's "Meet the Press" to deny accusations about misinforming the foreign press.

"The Pentagon does not lie to the American people. Nor does it lie to foreign audiences.

The Department of Defense was to fund the Office of Strategic Influence from the emergency $10 billion Congress provided in October to fight the war on terrorism.

The office closed in late March 2002 because of a backlash from American citizens and the media. "The problem is that misleading information comes back to the United States," said Seth Amgott,in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Amgott, a spokesman for the government watchdog agency Common Cause, added that it was a Lebanese newspaper that broke the Iran Contra story. "Any misleading news reports released abroad result in false propaganda for American citizens too." - War of Words

Why would the [supposedly closed down] 'office of strategic influence' release
an report saying an Al Queda was trained by US Air force?

Doug Feith announced his resignation only days before this report

Pentagon's No. 3 Man, Doug Feith, Resigns

Thursday, January 27, 2005 - WASHINGTON - The No. 3 man at the Pentagon, Douglas J. Feith (search), undersecretary of defense for policy, is resigning his Pentagon position, FOX News learned Wednesday. Feith's reasons for resigning are unclear, but Pentagon sources say the undersecretary will offer "family reasons" as his explanation. His last day will come at some point in the summer, the sources said. Feith has not submitted a letter of resignation, but he verbally informed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld of his intentions.

"He has had that discussion with me. I am hopeful he'll stay until we are able to find an appropriate successor, which we've not started looking for," Rumsfeld said in an evening press conference.

Pentagon spokesman Larry DiRita said Feith was weary of missing events in the lives of his children and wanted to spend more time with them.

"He feels good about this," DiRita said. "The up-before-the-kids and go to work, home-after-they-go-to-bed routine was getting old for him. He wants to participate more in their lives." DiRita added that Feith had many tasks he wished to complete before his departure, including continued work on the Quadrennial Defense Review

Feith, who follows Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz in civilian authority at the Pentagon, has spearheaded a number of major policy initiatives during his four years at the Pentagon, including the QDR, which aims to reposition American troops around the world and could mean a partial withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea and Germany.

But Feith has also taken a significant amount of heat over a number of issues, particularly since the beginning of the Iraq (search) war in March 2003. He has been criticized for his role in planning the Iraq war and for the administration's justifications for going to war.

Feith was in charge of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans (Iraq abuse), which critics claim provided policymakers with uncorroborated prewar intelligence on Saddam Hussein's Iraq, including its alleged ties to the Al Qaeda terror network. Pentagon officials have said the office was a small operation that provided fresh analysis on existing intelligence and was not in the intelligence-collection business. Some groups have also pinned responsibility on Feith for cases of abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz have both stated they plan to stay in their positions for the long haul. - www.foxnews.com

has The subterfuge of double bluff US government PSYOPS now gone doubleplus secret?

Look again at the footage of the planes hitting those towers.

"Michael Moore's new film "Fahrenheit 9/11" has done a tremendous favor for some proponents of a war upon the Arabian Peninsula. The film achieves what endless pages of conservative think-tank studies and panel discussions, hours of PR time and books can not: spill gasoline on the anti-Saudi sparks already ignited within the United States. Moore's film lambastes the Saudis not only for their business relationships but also for leaving the US after the attacks of September 11th 2001 as did other non-Saudi officials on the same day when specific flights were permitted. The overwhelming popularity of this documentary takes the anti-Saudi message to a whole new market. It is the latest manifestation of a rationale for war that could finally execute a long-term plan to invade and occupy the Kingdom. In spite of its progressive producer and target audience, "Fahrenheit 9/11" falls lock-step in line with the stated agenda of neoconservative hawks: rid Arabia of the House of Saud thereby granting the US and allies full access to the Middle East's biggest prize."
Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why? - Is Mikey working for the oil man

In Michael Moores Farenheit 9-11, he makes an astonishing assumption.
That America was attacked by a foreign entity...

We only know this because Media constntly parroted the same lines:

Bin Laden, New Pearl Harbor, Al Queda, & then - Iraq-Saddam

Can you see ANY foreigners, Arabs, Mossad?

because all I can see are 2 planes
slamming into the towers of a building which has become
an icon of western financial control.

And even then we are only told by Media via news & witnesses
that they are from American Airline companies...as none of the footage was clear enough to see...

take a good long look at this photo - There are people just standing around in tall buildings watching 'the show'...

If I was in one of these surrounding towers - i'd get the F**K OUT!!! how would you know that the planes were only going to hit the WTC After all...It could be random...

I don't get it... Why would a terrorist just target these 2 buildings? Why not hit more in order to create more chaos and confusion?

why not hit the stock exchange, the UN. Why not the IMF & the world bank? - both in Washington.

9/11 suspect acquitted, expelled

By Diana Niedernhoefer in Karlsruhe, Germany June 09, 2005

A GERMAN federal court has confirmed a not guilty verdict on a Moroccan accused of complicity in the September 11 attacks, but authorities say they will expel him regardless.

In the latest of a series of setbacks for prosecutors in high-profile terrorism trials in Germany, the court ruled the acquittal of Abdelghani Mzoudi by a Hamburg court last year was sound.

The court turned down an appeal by the prosecution, which had argued the verdict was flawed and sought a new trial.

Despite the decision, a Hamburg interior ministry spokesman said the city would press ahead with the expulsion of Mr Mzoudi on the grounds of "support for a terrorist group".

Mr Mzoudi was given two weeks to leave the country or be deported to Morocco.

"He can go where he wants, we don't care," the spokesman said.

"He must just leave Germany because he represents a danger for the German people and for German security.

When asked how Germany could expel Mr Mzoudi despite his being found innocent of a crime, the spokesman said: "These are two different things. A criminal offence has to be proven before a court, but under the law on foreigners, suspicion is enough," as grounds for deportation.

The trial and Mzoudi's acquittal have increased tensions between the German and U.S. governments. German prosecutors blame the United States for refusing to allow members of al-Qaida to testify at the trial. - bignewsnetwork

Let's assume for the sake of argument that this U.S. lawyer is telling the truth, when he says Ashcroft is holding secret evidence that establishes this defendant's guilt. That would mean that this guy's guilty -- and the U.S. government has the evidence to prove it -- but the evidence is so secret it can't be used in a court of law. The U.S. government would be saying, straight out, that its secrets are more important than justice for those who killed thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001. German court acquits alleged 9/11 conspirator

Germany, where three of the September 11 suicide hijack pilots were based, introduced a law on January 1 making it easier to expel suspected foreign militants.

Mr Mzoudi's lawyer said he would not exercise his right to appeal and would go home to Morocco.

Mr Mzoudi was a friend of lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and other members of the Hamburg cell that led the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001 with hijacked airliners.

He has always denied knowledge of the plot.

Mr Mzoudi was acquitted in February 2004 of complicity in the attacks and of belonging to a terrorist group.

The presiding judge described him at the time as a "fringe figure" and said he was being freed because there was insufficient proof against him, not because the court was convinced of his innocence. - the australian

"under the law on foreigners,
suspicion is enough, as grounds for deportation"

It seems, suspicion is now also enough to get an extradition warrant...see: NEO-UK Torture incorporated

What a neat peice of theatre:
It all Justifies THIS FAKE EU wide TERROR RING:

as does The UK connection...

"...it wasn't until after 11 September, 2001, that Britain responded, presenting a crucial piece of evidence - that Moussaoui once attended an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan.

Moussaoui was detained in the US on 16 August, 2001, for overstaying his visa after his flying lessons raised suspicions.

Contrary to previous reports, he did not raise attention by saying he was not interested in learning to take off or land the plane, the commission report said.

"Instead, he stood out because, with little knowledge of flying, he wanted to learn how to take off and land a Boeing 747," it said.

US representative in London hand-delivered a written request to the government for information about Moussaoui on 21 August, and informed the British of developments in the case on 4 September, the commission report added.

"The case, though handled expeditiously at the American end, was not handled by the British as a priority amid a large number of other terrorist-related inquiries," it said.

After the attacks in New York and Washington killed nearly 3,000 people, the government told the US it had asked for information relating to Moussaoui. Two days later, on 13 September, the British received intelligence that Moussaoui had attended an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, the report said.

"Had this information been available in late August 2001, the Moussaoui case would almost certainly have received intense and much higher-level attention," the commission stated yesterday. "

Britain blamed for failing to act over 9/11 clue

It also helps justify 'The Patriot Act' and
other worldwide anti-terror draconian legislation
used to stifle protest at the Global corporate asset grab

In the wake of 911 Muslims were 'rounded up'

In the hours and days immediately following the September 11 attacks, Attorney General John Ashcroft . . . directed that FBI and INS agents question anyone they could find with a Muslim-sounding name . . . in some areas . . . they simply looked for names in the phone book. . . . . Anyone who could be held, even on a minor violation of law or immigration rules, was held under a three-pronged strategy, fashioned by Ashcroft and a close circle of Justice Department deputies including criminal division chief Michael Chertoff, that was intended to exert maximum pressure on these detainees .

. . "From a summary of Ashcroft strategy sessions contained, in further detail, in Steven Brill's After: How America Confronted the September 12 Era (Simon & Schuster) source

- [read more in the Village Voice on the attack on civil liberties]

Americans Warned Of Asian Immigrant Flood

Immigrants from Asia are poised to strike at the very heart of the nation, and the problem can only get worse as America moves further into the twenty first century, warns a clandestine document currently circulating among America's top policy makers and conservative think tanks.

Hearkening back to legislation that barred the entry of Asians into America 100 years ago, a frightening scenario is once again being projected by white racist groups (supremacists) in America through this document.

The document warns: 'If we do not act now to reverse this invasion, the America we know and love will be destroyed, never to reappear. Our children and grandchildren will love and die in an overcrowded, poverty stricken land torn by ethnic strife.'-Indolink

Muslims being Interviewed

The Washington Post in a report published Saturday says, FBI agents have launched a series of interviews of Muslims and Arab Americans in the Washington area and across the country, hoping to glean information that could prevent a major terrorist attack during this election year.

Bylined Mary Beth Sheridan, the banner lead is headlined 'Interviews Of Muslims To Broaden: FBI Hopes to Avert a Terrorist Attack.'

So far, it quotes attorneys and Muslim activists stating, a few dozen voluntary interviews of community leaders, students, business people and others have been conducted. "Authorities said they do not know how many people will be contacted, but the effort is expected to expand significantly in the next week or so."


The report says: "the new round of questioning is also far more targeted than an earlier program of voluntary interviews with men from Arab and Muslim countries, which followed the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and was criticized for being ineffective and using profiling."

"This is not a general population. They are identified by intelligence or investigative information," said an FBI official who spoke on condition of anonymity, in line with department policy. He added that the questioning did not signify that the people were under investigation themselves.

The questions being posed vary widely, according to attorneys, activists and interviewees. Several people in California and Arizona have been asked "whether they knew anyone who had recently been in the Pakistani border region of Waziristan, regarded as a possible refuge for al Qaeda figures." - Pakistan Times


Rights activists told the [Washington] Post that Muslims and Arabs were nervous about responding to the FBI, in part because thousands of immigrants end up being deported after being contacted in earlier phases of the government's anti-terrorism campaign.

They were even panicked when they get FBE phone calls, they added.

"Within two days, I received 10 calls from people freaking out because the FBI was contacting them," said Deedra Abboud, executive director of the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Asim Ghafoor, a Muslim attorney in Washington who was visited by two FBI agents about a week ago, is concerned that FBI agents are going to people's workplaces.

"I said, 'Hey, some people lose their jobs when the FBI shows up at their offices,'" Ghafoor recalled.

"It creates fear in the community and accomplishes absolutely nothing," stressed James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute.

The new FBI move is part of recent clampdown on Muslims in the states.

On July 1, agents raided an Islamic institute in Northern Virginia, with no reasons cited, a move seen by an American Muslim civil rights group as a "new fishing expedition".

A May report released by the US Senate Office Of Research concluded that the Muslim community in the United States has taken the brunt of the Patriot Act and other federal powers applied in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. - Islam online

Bush told federal law-enforcement agencies that "racial profiling is wrong and will not be tolerated" and that "stereotyping certain races as having a greater propensity to commit crimes is absolutely prohibited." (The directive, which is not a law, lacks any enforcement mechanism, so the prohibition is absolute only in theory.) But he created a crippling exception: "The above standards do not affect current federal policy with respect to law enforcement activities and other efforts to defend and safeguard against threats to national security."

In effect, that "national security" loophole has become the exception that would erase the rule. Like a political ray gun, it neutralizes any critic who would cry racism or xenophobia when it comes to 9-11"related profiling.

Corallo pointed out, "There were 19 hijackers who were from an Islamic background." Certainly it makes sense to hunt for people like them"but like them how? There was once a time when people defended the "driving while black" variety of profiling, because searching certain minorities for drugs was said to make sense. But as publicindignation mounted over the years, the U.S. Customs Service, for example, scaled back its profiling and turned to behavior-and intelligence-based investigations instead. Drug-runner apprehensions more than doubled.

This administration has not scored big points for its investigative depth. Nevertheless, it "outright rejects" allegations that it engages in broad, stereotype-based profiling, Corallo said. "I understand what they're saying when they feel there's a focus on them," he said of Arab, Muslim, and South Asian immigrants and citizens who complain of biased treatment, "but there's not."

Maybe it depends on how one defines "focus." - Civil Rights Rollback by Chisun Lee

On June 9, 2002 Jose Padilla--a.k.a. Abdullah Al Muhajir--was transferred from control of the U.S. Department of Justice to military control. Since that time, Padilla has been held in a navy brig in South Carolina.

Padilla has not been charged with a crime, and does not have access to a lawyer in his detention. This is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment, and probably a violation of the 6th Amendment. It is also a clearly abominable violation of the democratic traditions of the United States.

Padilla has been accused of plotting heinous acts of terrorism, particularly the setting off of a "dirty bomb". He has been accused of conspiring with members of al-Queda, and planning to scout for that terrorist organization, using the benefits of his U.S. citizenship. President Bush has designated Padilla an "enemy combatant". These are frightening accusations, and they may be true. Accusations do not give the President the authority to lock someone away, however. According to the laws and traditions of the U.S., the way to determine who gets imprisoned is through the due process of a trial by jury.

Jose Padilla may be a traitor and a terrorist. But he was not captured in Afghanistan with a gun in his hand. He was arrested at Chicago O'Hare airport. If Jose Padilla can be held without criminal charges, strictly on the say-so of the President, then any American can be. That is tyranny. We must put an end to it. It is essential that Padilla be either freed or charged with a crime.
Charge Jose Padilla

Richard Clarke spins it away from an inside job
It's NOT SADDAM - ITS BIN LADEN, er...honest...!

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, President Bush ordered his then top anti-terrorism adviser to look for a link between Iraq and the attacks, despite being told there didn't seem to be one. The charge comes from the adviser, Richard Clarke, in an exclusive interview on 60 Minutes.

The administration maintains that it cannot find any evidence that the conversation about an Iraq-9/11 tie-in ever took place.

Clarke also tells CBS News Correspondent Lesley Stahl that White House officials were tepid in their response when he urged them months before Sept. 11 to meet to discuss what he saw as a severe threat from al Qaeda.

"Frankly," he said, "I find it outrageous that the president is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done such great things about terrorism. He ignored it. He ignored terrorism for months, when maybe we could have done something to stop 9/11. Maybe. We'll never know."

Clarke went on to say, "I think he's done a terrible job on the war against terrorism."

The No. 2 man on the president's National Security Council, Stephen Hadley, vehemently disagrees. He says Mr. Bush has taken the fight to the terrorists, and is making the U.S. homeland safer. Clarke says that as early as the day after the attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was pushing for retaliatory strikes on Iraq, even though al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan.

Clarke suggests the idea took him so aback, he initally thought Rumsfeld was joking. Clarke is due to testify this week before the special panel probing whether the attacks were preventable.

His allegations are also made in a book, "Against All Enemies," by Free Press, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster. Both CBSNews.com and Simon & Schuster are units of Viacom.

Clarke helped shape U.S. policy on terrorism under President Reagan and the first President Bush. He was held over by President Clinton to be his terrorism czar, then held over again by the current President Bush. - cbs news

same op: this time...Army Intelligence knew different callsign: Able danger

9/11 Panel Explains Move on Intelligence Unit

By DOUGLAS JEHL - Published: August 13, 2005

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 - The Sept. 11 commission concluded that an intelligence program known as Able Danger "did not turn out to be historically significant," despite hearing a claim that the program had identified the future plot leader Mohammed Atta as a potential terrorist threat more than a year before the 2001 attacks, the commission's former leaders said in a statement on Friday evening.

The statement said a review of testimony and documents had found that the single claim in July 2004 by a Navy officer was the only time the name of Mr. Atta or any other future hijacker was mentioned to the commission as having been known before the hijackings. That account is consistent with statements this week by a commission spokesman, but it contradicts claims by a former defense intelligence official who said he had told the commission staff about Able Danger's work on Mr. Atta during a briefing in Afghanistan in October 2003.

The statement was issued by Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton after a week in which the Able Danger program, a highly classified operation under the military's Special Operations Command, rose to public prominence. The Sept. 11 commission report made no mention of the unit, disbanded in 2002, and the statement by Mr. Kean and Mr. Hamilton defended that omission, saying the operation had not been significant "set against the larger context of U.S. policy and intelligence efforts" that involved Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Mr. Kean and Mr. Hamilton also noted that the name and character of Able Danger had not been publicly disclosed when the commission issued its public report in 2004. They said the commission had concluded that the July 2004 testimony by the Navy officer, who said he had seen an Able Danger document in 2000 that described Mr. Atta as connected to a cell in Brooklyn "was not sufficiently reliable" to warrant further investigation, in part because the officer could not supply documentary evidence to prove it.

The leaders said the staff learned about the program in the October 2003 briefing and later sought Defense Department documents about it. But those department documents, they said, "had mentioned nothing about Atta, nor had anyone come forward between September 2001 and July 2004 with any similar information."

Representative Curt Weldon, a Pennsylvania Republican who has called attention to the program, said the commission had done too little to follow up on the information. Mr. Weldon said he would continue to "push for a full accounting of the historical record so that we may preclude these types of failures from happening again."

Among the questions left by the commission statement is whether the Special Operations Command received information about Mr. Atta and others from the Able Danger team in the summer of 2000 and chose not to forward it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as Mr. Weldon and the former defense intelligence official have said.

If verified, that would be the first indication that Mr. Atta was identified as a threat by any American agency before the Sept. 11 attacks. The Special Operations Command and the Pentagon have declined to comment, and the statement issued by the commission on Friday evening addressed only its own role in reviewing information about the program.

In an interview this week, a former senior military officer disputed that the unit members had ever presented to their superiors information that identified Mr. Atta or other suspected members of Al Qaeda. A second former officer said any information presented by the team to the leaders of the Special Operations Command would have been unlikely to be shared outside the command in the environment that prevailed before Sept. 11.

The former defense intelligence official, who was interviewed twice this week, has repeatedly said that Mr. Atta and four others were identified on a chart presented to the Special Operations Command. The former official said the chart identified about 60 probable members of Al Qaeda.

In interviews, former military officers have said the Able Danger unit was established in September 1999 by Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, then the head of the Special Operations Command, under a charter issued by Gen. Hugh Shelton, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Shelton, now retired, has said he does not recall the program; General Schoomaker, now the Army chief of staff, has declined to comment, as has Gen. Charles R. Holland, who took over the Special Operations Command in October 2000. - nytimes

a terror cell code-named "Brooklyn"...

9/11 commission defends omission of intelligence on hijackers

WASHINGTON: The leaders of the 9/11 commission disputed a congressman's criticism that the panel did not adequately investigate a claim that four hijackers were identified as Al Qaeda members more than a year before the attacks.

In a joint statement late Friday, former commission chairman Thomas Kean and vice chairman Lee Hamilton said a military official who made the claim had no documentation to back it up. And they said only 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta was identified to them and not three additional hijackers as claimed by Rep. Curt Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security committees.

"He could not describe what information had led to this supposed Atta identification," the statement said of the military official. They also said no else could place the other three hijackers with Atta in a purported terror cell code-named "Brooklyn" during the time period cited by Weldon.

The pre-Sept. 11 intelligence on Atta was disclosed recently by Weldon, who said a secret military unit called "Able Danger" had identified the four hijackers as part of terrorist cell. He said the information should have been forwarded by the military to the FBI. In response to the statement by Kean and Hamilton, Weldon accused the commission of purposely omitting information on Able Danger.

Pakistan dailytimes.com

this time...Navy Intelligence knew?

Navy Officer Affirms Assertions About Pre-9/11 Data on Atta

By PHILIP SHENON - WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 - An active-duty Navy captain has become the second military officer to come forward publicly to say that a secret defense intelligence program tagged the ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks as a possible terrorist more than a year before the attacks.

The officer, Scott J. Phillpott, said in a statement today that he could not discuss details of the military program, which was called Able Danger, but confirmed that its analysts had identified the Sept. 11 ringleader, Mohamed Atta, by name by early 2000. "My story is consistent," said Captain Phillpott, who managed the program for the Pentagon's Special Operations Command. "Atta was identified by Able Danger by January-February of 2000."

His comments came on the same day that the Pentagon's chief spokesman, Lawrence Di Rita, told reporters that the Defense Department had been unable to validate the assertions made by an Army intelligence veteran, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, and now backed up by Captain Phillpott, about the early identification of Mr. Atta.

Colonel Shaffer went public with his assertions last week, saying that analysts in the intelligence project had been overruled by military lawyers when they tried to share the program's findings with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2000 in hope of tracking down terror suspects tied to Al Qaeda.

Mr. Di Rita said in an interview that while the department continued to investigate the assertions, there was no evidence so far that the intelligence unit had come up with such specific information about Mr. Atta and any of the other hijackers.

He said that while Colonel Shaffer and Captain Phillpott were respected military officers whose accounts were taken seriously, "thus far we've not been able to uncover what these people said they saw - memory is a complicated thing."

The statement from Captain Phillpott , a 1983 Naval Academy graduate, who has served in the Navy for 22 years, was provided to The New York Times and Fox News through the office of Representative Curt Weldon, Republican of Pennsylvania, who is vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a longtime proponent of so-called data-mining programs like Able Danger.

Asked if the Defense Department had interviewed Captain Phillpott in its two-week-old investigation of Able Danger, another Pentagon spokesman, Maj. Paul Swiergosz, said he did not know.

Representative Weldon also arranged an interview with a former employee of a defense contractor who said he had helped create a chart in 2000 for the intelligence program that included Mr. Atta's photograph and name.

The former contractor, James D. Smith, said that Mr. Atta's name and photograph were obtained through a private researcher in California who was paid to gather the information from contacts in the Middle East. Mr. Smith said that he had retained a copy of the chart for some time and that it had been posted on his office wall at Andrews Air Force Base. He said it had become stuck to the wall and was impossible to remove when he switched jobs.

In its final report last year, the Sept. 11 commission said that American intelligence agencies were unaware of Mr. Atta until the day of the attacks.

Commission members did acknowledge in a statement on Aug. 12 that their staff met with a Navy officer last July, only 10 days before releasing the panel's final report, who had asserted that Able Danger, a highly classified intelligence operation, had identified "Mohamed Atta to be a member of an Al Qaeda cell located in Brooklyn."

But the statement, which did not identify the officer by name, said that the commission's staff had determined that "the officer's account was not sufficiently reliable to warrant revision of the report or further investigation" and that the intelligence operation "did not turn out to be historically significant."

With his comments today, Captain Phillpott acknowledged that he was the officer who had briefed the commission last year. "I will not discuss the issues outside of my chain of command and the Department of Defense," he said. "But my story is consistent. Atta was identified by Able Danger in January-February of 2000. I have nothing else to say."

What next US Airforce Intelligence knew?
...er! how would they then explain those slow reaction times to the Hijacked planes...


Mr. Speaker, September 11 touched all of us; 3,700 of us were wiped out. Two weeks after 9/11, my friends from the Army's Information Dominance Center in cooperation with special ops brought me a chart. This chart, Mr. Speaker, this chart. Two weeks after Ð9/11, I took the basic information in this chart down to the White House. I had asked for a meeting with Steve Hadley, who at that time was Deputy National Security Advisor. The chart was smaller. It was 2 feet by 3 feet, but the same information was in the center.

Steve Hadley looked at the chart and said, Congressman, where did you get that chart from? I said, I got it from the military. I said, This is the process; this is the result of the process that I was pitching since 1999 to our government to implement, but the CIA kept saying we do not need it.

Steve Hadley said, Congressman, I am going to take this chart, and I am going to show it to the man. The man that he meant, Mr. Speaker, was the President of the United States. I said, Mr. Hadley, you mean you have not seen something like this before from the CIA, this chart of al Qaeda worldwide and in the U.S.? And he said, No, Congressman. So I gave him the chart.

Now, Mr. Speaker, what is interesting in this chart of al Qaeda, and you cannot see this from a distance, but right here in the center is the name of the leader of the New York cell. And that name is very familiar to the people of America. That name is Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 attack against us. So prior to 9/11, this military system that the CIA said we did not need and could not do actually gave us the information that identified Mohammed Atta's cell in New York. And with Mohammed Atta they identified two of the other terrorists with them.

But I learned something new, Mr. Speaker, over the past several weeks and months. I have talked to some of the military intelligence officers who produced this document, who worked on this effort. And I found something out very startling, Mr. Speaker. Not only did our military identify the Mohammed Atta cell; our military made a recommendation in September of 2000 to bring the FBI in to take out that cell, the cell of Mohammed Atta. So now, Mr. Speaker, for the first time I can tell our colleagues that one of our agencies not only identified the New York cell of Mohammed Atta and two of the terrorists, but actually made a recommendation to bring the FBI in to take out that cell. And they made that recommendation because Madeleine Albright had declared that al Qaeda, an international terrorist organization, and the military units involved here felt they had jurisdiction to go to the FBI.

Why, then, did they not proceed? That is a question that needs to be answered, Mr. Speaker. I have to ask, Mr. Speaker, with all the good work that the 9/11 Commission did, why is there nothing in their report about able danger? Why is there no mention of the work that able danger did against al Qaeda? Why is there no mention, Mr. Speaker, of a recommendation in September of 2000 to take out Mohammed Atta's cell which would have detained three of the terrorists who struck us?

- iwar.org.uk

Weldon involved with UAV tech!!!

Five Silver Fox "unmanned aerial vehicles," or UAVs, equipped with thermal imaging technology to detect the body heat of storm survivors, are en route to New Orleans, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Curt Weldon has proudly announced.

Weldon told reporters in Baton Rouge that he had bypassed government bureaucracy to obtain the drones from a private company to be used in search and rescue operations in New Orleans." australianit.news

Personally I think that the Congressman's concern for people still trapped is a cover for his hidden agenda. Nobody has seemed to be too bothered about the stranded survivors up to now.

Interestingly Weldon served six years as the Chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee, is vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security and is resonsible for overseeing the development and testing of key military systems, weapons programs, and technologies that fulfill military needs. Congressman Weldon is a member of Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE) and is a champion of wetlands preservation. He received the Thomas Jefferson Award in recognition of his record of promoting economic prosperity and free enterprise.

via global elite

Muammar Gaddafi, pictured being welcomed back into the fold by U.S. Republican Reps. Curt Weldon and Nick Smith earlier this month, has agreed on the importance of combating terrorism. His compliance in opening up Libya to nuclear weapons inspectors has been spun as a major triumph in the 'war on terror'. The motives, however, are rather more cynical. - Libya

Able Danger is another distraction... with an agenda

Special Operations Command's Able Danger team received threat & warning intelligence and targeting data about Mohammad Atta and his three-man team from DIA and other intelligence agencies beginning in 1999. Rumsfeld's hand picked Army Chief of Staff, then-Special Operations Commander Gen. Peter Schoomaker, prevented "Team Atta" from being taken out. Another indication that 911 was likely a "false attribution" program run by neo-con cells in the United States and abroad.

In addition to trying to lay blame on 911 on Bill Clinton, Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) has a vested interest in pushing the story about DIA's data mining successes in enabling the Able Danger team to track "Team Atta" prior to 911. Weldon's "NOAH" data mining pet project, which has been partially funded by LIWA's budget, is centered in his suburban Philadelphia district. For more information on Weldon, data mining, and NOAH, click here.

Able Danger as elusive as ever

As the story of the Pentagon's top secret mining program that some claim linked the 9/11 ringleader to al-Qaida well before the attacks on the US becomes increasing foggy, reporters are having a hard time getting the truth to the public.

Commentary by Shaun Waterman in Washington, DC for ISN Security Watch (25/09/05)

The story of Able Danger - a top secret Pentagon data-mining program that some claim linked the 9/11 plot ringleader to al-Qaida more than a year before the attack - is the kind conspiracy-mongers love. It has everything: the destruction or loss of important documents, an inquiry accused of ignoring evidence, and a gag on key witnesses.

Did a secret data-mining project really link 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta and three of the other hijackers to Islamic extremists in Brooklyn - and from there to al-Qaida - in early 2000?

Did the project - which used proprietary software to trawl through massive amounts of information culled from the internet, purchased from data brokers or, like certain travel and other records, obtained in some cases by means that are still classified - really fall afoul of some legal interpretation of the protections against spying on Americans or military involvement in law enforcement? And was it closed down, and all its data destroyed, as a result?

Did Representative Curt Weldon (Republican-Pennsylvania), who first made Able Danger public this summer, really hand the last copy of a "proof of concept" chart from that time, bearing Atta's name and likeness - the key document that would prove the truth of the allegations - to National Security Advisor Steven Hadley at a White House meeting on 25 September 2001?

And did the 9/11 Commission, charged with providing an unassailable official account of the failures of the US government to protects its citizens from the attacks, ignore evidence of Able Danger's success?

The story is also long on colorful characters and heated rhetoric.

"I have witnessed denial, deception, threats to (Department of Defense) employees, character assassination, and now silence," Weldon said at this week's hearing on Able Danger held by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This reporter, who had been tracking the story all summer, was looking forward to the Senate hearings.

From a reporter's point of view, the story has been a nightmare: the sources initially anonymous and now silent, with cagey lawyers; the whole tale shot through with misinformation, much of it the product of careless retellings. But worst of all, the inevitable struggle between the fourth estate and the executive branch over information was waged on the bureaucratic terrain of the Pentagon - the most vast, labyrinthine, and secretive organ of the US government.

In common with others, I had been hoping to get some ground truth from the hearings – "Just one actual fact that I can check", in the words of a colleague.

Instead, the "X-Files" plotline thickened.

Judiciary Chairman Senator Arlen Specter (Republican-Pennsylvania), told the hearing he was "surprised to find that the Department of Defense has ordered five key witnesses not to testify". The five were serving and reserve military officers and civilian contractors who had worked on Able Danger and who say they remember the chart.

Specter added that his staff had been in negotiations with Pentagon officials, and that many of the documents that they had requested had only arrived the previous evening.

"That looks to me as if it may be obstruction of the committee's activities," Specter warned, "something we will have to determine."

Friday afternoon, Specter's committee announced it would hold another hearing in October, at which the five would testify. But in another twist, Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters later that day, that the department was still insisting that the five could only testify in a closed hearing.

One of the senior Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Joseph Biden (Democrat-Delaware), said he was disappointed at the Defense Department's decision.

"I think that's a big mistake," he said.

Why the witnesses had been denied permission to testify was unclear, Specter said. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, asked later that day by reporters about the decision, referred to the issue of jurisdiction. The Defense Department jealously guards its relationship with the Armed Services Committees in both chambers - and only grudgingly cooperates with other panels. One Pentagon tactic is to use the turf conflicts between competing chairmen to play their committees off against each other.

"The Senate Intelligence Committee, as I understand it, has jurisdiction over this matter and is looking into it," said Rumsfeld, adding: "The department, I'm told, offered a classified briefing because the subject matter is classified. And as I understand it, the Judiciary Committee preferred to have an open hearing on a classified matter, and therefore the department declined to participate."

But Specter told the hearing that, on legal advice he was "instructing the witnesses not to disclose any classified information", adding that if they had secrets they wished to discuss, the committee could go into closed session.

He needn't have bothered. As they were all keen to stress, none of the witnesses who actually testified knew any of the classified details of the Able Danger program.

"I have not had access to classified information on this," said Mark Zaid, an attorney who represents and testified on behalf of two of the former Able Danger operatives. "I haven't even had access to the full scope of unclassified information," he added.

"My knowledge of Able Danger is very limited," said the sole Pentagon witness, William Dugan, Rumsfeld's special assistant for intelligence oversight.

"He's a piñata," said one congressional staffer, referring to Dugan and the hollow papier-mâché animals filled with sweets which are hung from trees and beaten with sticks until they break open.

"I understand that you were sent over in a very limited capacity with perhaps a calculation that you didn't have this information," Specter told Duggan at one point.

Instead of witnesses, the committee took hearsay evidence about what they might have said had they been allowed to testify, from Weldon and Zaid.

As a result, not much of the "ground truth" some reporters had hoped for ever materialized.

Zaid told Senators he would try to put the record straight on some issues. He said, for instance, that the project had never identified Atta as being in the US in early 2000 - only linked him with US-based Islamic extremists in that timeframe.

But that only begs another question, and reveals that there was a problem with the Judiciary Committee inquiry that could not have been solved by more or different witnesses. Zaid was never asked how it came to be reported - in at least three different places - that the project had identified Atta as being in the country at that time.

Weldon even said - on the floor of the US Congress - that military intelligence had been barred from keeping information on Atta because he had a green card.

He actually did not have a green card, but Weldon has never admitted his error.

We'll have to hope for better next month.

Shaun Waterman

Note: Mark Zaid is a lawyer who specialises in Intelligence cases. On his books are Sibel Edmonds [see below] and Mai Pederson [an Army intell officer who Introduced Dr David Kelly to the Baha'a religion in Monterey, California]

"...much of the political and corporate elites within these countries were integrally networked with their American counterparts - indeed, largely subservient to them - to such a degree that they would also serve as useful proxies in building their own counter-legends under Anglo-Euro-American supervision. In the early stages of the 9/11 Legend, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were employed as the central bases for building up a terrorist home front within the borders of Afghanistan. As for Israel - despite its aforementioned spy ring and its supposedly allied neo-con "cabal" - its most direct and public contribution to the 9/11 Legend in fact occurred after 9/11, with the November 2002 coordinated attack on an Israeli-owned hotel and airliner in Kenya - an attack for which Israeli investigators now marshaled evidence as proof of Osama bin Laden's opening shot against the State of Israel (which was more likely Israel's "buy-in" in return for a promised attack on the Saddam Hussein regime)."
Stacking the Patsies of 9/11-
Global research

FBI Translater - More diversions?

"A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened. She said the claim by the National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, that there was no such information was "an outrageous lie".
'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'

FBI translator says she was bribed not to spill beans on 9-11 cover-up

INN World Report

Memo 'warned' of attack inside U.S.


Sibel Edmonds

Edmonds is the translator hired by the FBI after 9-11 to help its woefully inadequate staff translate documents and wiretaps pertaining to the attacks in languages such as Farsi and Turkish. As she has told the Voice in past and recent interviews, she was given a top secret security clearance. She soon discovered that there were what she describes as two enemy moles with possible connections to 9-11 working both in the FBI and with the Air Force in weapons procurement for Central Asia, at one point. These were the Dickersons: Douglas with the Air Force and his Turkish-born wife, Melek Can Dickerson, with the FBI as a translator monitor. After they were subpoenaed for a court hearing, they left for Belgium in September 2002 and have not been heard from since.

Among other things Edmonds told her FBI superiors, she had discovered that Melek Can Dickerson affixed Edmonds's name to a printout of inaccurate translations. Properly translated, she says, these wiretaps revealed a Turkish intelligence operative in communication with his spies in both the Pentagon and the State Department. village voice

2 interviews

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) ...she'd had a relationship with a Turkish intelligence officer stationed in Washington who was the target of that investigation. According to Sibel Edmonds, Jan Dickerson tried to recruit her into that organization, and insisted that Dickerson be the only one to translate the FBI's wiretaps of that Turkish official.

What was her reaction when you didn't go along with--with her plan?

Ms. EDMONDS: She got very angry, and later she threatened me and my family's life.

BRADLEY: Threatened you?

Ms. EDMONDS: Correct.

BRADLEY: Did--did you take her threat seriously?

Ms. EDMONDS: Oh, yes. She said, Why would you want to place your life and your family's life in danger translating these tapes?'

LOST IN TRANSLATION - interview for 60 minutes from October 27. 2002

"This week Edmonds attended the commission hearings and plans to return in April when FBI Director Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify.

"I'm hoping the commission asks him real questions -- like,

in April 2001, did an FBI field office receive legitimate information indicating the use of airplanes for an attack on major cities?

And is it true that through an FBI informant, who'd been used [by the Bureau] for 10 years, did you get information about specific terrorist plans and specific cells in this country?

He couldn't say no," she insists."
"We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001" interview -Salon- March 26, 2004


Case thrown out before evidence is heard!
Another false flag to the investigators of TRUTH

Edmonds said the judge dismissed her lawsuit without hearing evidence from her lawyers, although the government's lawyers met with Walton at least twice privately. She noted that Walton, the judge, was appointed by President Bush.

"This shows how the separation of power has basically disappeared," Edmonds said in a telephone interview. "The judge ruled on this case without actually this ever being a case."

In his decision, Walton acknowledged that dismissing a lawsuit before the facts of the case can be heard is "Draconian" and said he was throwing out the lawsuit "with great consternation."

"Mindful of the need for virtual unfettered access to the judicial process in a governmental system integrally linked to the rule of law, the court nonetheless concludes that the government has properly invoked the state secrets privilege," Walton ruled.
FAUX news

Does Sibel Edmonds and her - Turkey drugs terror/angle act as a useful diversion away from US complicity in 911?

noting that Sibel Edmonds had the same lawyer as Mai Pederson, the Army intelligence officer, trained at Monterrey Language institute, who befriended one Dr David Kelly, who, incidentally ended up very DEAD...after the Saddam / WMD shenanigans enabled the Iraq invasion & occupation to take place

If not, then WHY was she bandied about by Dan Ellesberg, a known CIA damage limitation front operative

see 'the secret team' by L. FLETCHER PROUTY Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

this is in the context of a book written by Ellesberg about the Vietnam war; Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers and how the 'secret team' suggested & approved the rewriting of two sides, one nice, & one nasty of the official version of history

CIA: The "Cover Story" Intelligence Agency and the Real-Life Clandestine Operator

The tremendous pressures in this country that have built up during the long tragic years of the conflict in Indochina are driving researchers, politicians, and other concerned Americans to search for the origins and sources of responsibility for that disaster.... This pressure is now forcing Agency and ST (Secret Team) supporters to begin a serious program of rewriting history, in a massive effort to protect and shield the Agency while shifting the search into other avenues.

We have already said that the work of Daniel Ellsberg and the number of people who helped him may have been the first major step in this effort. The released Pentagon Papers do much to portray the CIA as it is supposed to be, while doing all it can to shift any censure of the CIA as an organization primarily concerned with clandestine operations, to the military, the National Security Council, and the White House.

more here

they are doing the very same 'official history' psyop with the 9-11 scenario

Bin Laden is dead...but is in....wait for it...drumroll please...IRAN!
from the Mil-tech drone share-owning creep who gave us the 'able danger' distraction

Curt Weldon: Bin Laden is Dead

Newsmax | March 17 2006

Rep. Curt Weldon, who broke the Able Danger story last year revealing that military intelligence had identified lead hijacker Mohammed Atta as a terrorist threat before the 9/11 attacks, now says that Osama bin Laden has died.

Weldon made the stunning claim during an interview Wednesday with the Philadelphia Inquirer, which reported:

"Weldon is making explosive new allegations. He says a high-level source has told him that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden has died in Iran, where he has been in hiding."

Weldon cited as his source an Iranian exile code-named Ali, telling the paper: "Ali's told me that Osama bin Laden is dead. He died in Iran."

Weldon said he last spoke to Ali three weeks ago. The Iranian exile was a prominent source for his 2005 book, "Countdown to Terror." The book also contained the first mention of the Able Danger data mining operation. The Pennsylvania Republican has long alleged that bin Laden has been using Iran for sanctuary.

In June last year, Weldon said in a TV interview: "I'm confident that I know for sure that [bin Laden] has been in and out of Iran . . . Two years ago, he was in the southern town of Ladis, ten kilometers inside the Pakistan border. I also know that earlier this year, he had a meeting with al-Zarqawi in Tehran . . . "If you look at the recent comments coming out of both the CIA and some of our military generals in theater, they're now acknowledging the same thing that I've been saying -- that in fact, he's been in and out of Iran. "[But] no one can prove it exactly until we capture him." - newsmax.com

Right wing hawks such as Newsmax are touting this book as proof 911 was perpetrated by China

"Unrestricted Warfare is evidence linking China to 9-11. It is also their plan for global operations against America."

As incredible as it may be to believe, three years before the Sept. 11 bombing of the World Trade Center a Chinese military manual titled Unrestricted Warfare touted such an attack - suggesting it would be difficult for the U.S. military to cope with.

It was actually a collusion of global corporate interests which have vested interests to bring the world to the brink of armageddon in a stage managed World War

Other Noteworthy NewsMax Propaganda


Captain Wardrobes

Down with Murder inc.