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civilisation: It costs money to create a convincing illusion.

In order to afford the big things in life...I have to work ...for life...
from cradle til grave
In order to afford the little things in life...I have to work ...for life?
from cradle til grave
when i have worked enough hours i can take a little break...

I can eat a snack...can I?

from cradle til grave
and if i work for a year...
I can take a holiday? Is that right?
from cradle til grave
from cradle til grave
or maybe buy some other shit i dont need...

Every piece of equipment used to indoctrinate us

wage slavery

has to be payed for out of our own slave labour

from corporations

...the system of ritualised abuse.


"I am battery hen. I live in a cage so small I cannot stretch my wings."

now that's what i call advertising!!!

now that's what i call advertising!!!

"When Zhang Guo Hua dropped dead in Hartlepool, after stamping the word Samsung on microwave ovens for 24 hours on end, it turned out to be in no one's interests to make too much of a fuss - not his employer, nor his workmates, nor the gangmaster who brought him there, nor even his widow back home. News was anyway unlikely to spread fast, as Mr Zhang's friends spoke no English. The bereaved Mrs Zhang did not understand the death certificate when it was eventually sent to her back in China. The body was soon cremated, without the benefit of an inquest. "
samsung uk: sweatshop labour?

Clean up your computer!

Adbusters: Brand Cool

The McLibel Trial -
Mc d's hoisted by their own arrogance....and the bravery and persistence of a few good 'uns!

The McLibel Trial is the infamous British court case between McDonald's and a former postman & a gardener from London (Helen Steel and Dave Morris). It ran for two and a half years and became the longest ever English trial. The defendants were denied legal aid and their right to a jury, so the whole trial was heard by a single Judge, Mr Justice Bell. He delivered his verdict in June 1997.

The verdict was devastating for McDonald's. The judge ruled that they 'exploit children' with their advertising, produce 'misleading' advertising, are 'culpably responsible' for cruelty to animals, are 'antipathetic' to unionisation and pay their workers low wages. But Helen and Dave failed to prove all the points and so the Judge ruled that they HAD libelled McDonald's and should pay 60,000 pounds damages. They refused and McDonald's knew better than to pursue it. In March 1999 the Court of Appeal made further rulings that it was fair comment to say that McDonald's employees worldwide "do badly in terms of pay and conditions", and true that "if one eats enough McDonald's food, one's diet may well become high in fat etc., with the very real risk of heart disease."

As a result of the court case, the Anti-McDonald's campaign mushroomed, the press coverage increased exponentially, this website was born and a feature length documentary was broadcast round the world.

The legal controversy continued. The McLibel 2 took the British Government to the European Court of Human Rights to defend the public's right to criticise multinationals, claiming UK libel laws are oppressive and unfair that they were denied a fair trial. The court ruled in favour of Helen and Dave: the case had breached their their rights to freedom of expression and a fair trial.

Who said ordinary people can't change the world?

read about the long battle by two truly decicated heroes here

"We believe that we and other campaigners were defending the public interest up against the power and propaganda of a highly influential multinational corporation and an oppressive and unjust legal system." - Dave Morris, McLibel defendant

It's Mcsport, but not as we know it...

Health experts have criticised MPs for going on a trip to Euro 2004 funded by McDonald's, according to a newspaper. The fast food chain confirmed it is paying part of the trip to Portugal by a Westminster parliamentary team. Public health doctors told the Sunday Mirror it was "seriously irresponsible" for MPs to promote fast food.

Last month, a Commons health committee warned fast food advertising had to be reduced in order to tackle the obesity "timebomb" threatening life expectancy. Its report called for measures such as cookery lessons and a voluntary ban by the food industry on TV junk food ads.

The paper claims the four-day trip by the Westminster Parliamentary Football Club will cost 20,000. It says MPs will watch England's game with France on Sunday and play a charity match with their Portuguese counterparts. Dr Steve Watkins, of the British Medical Association's public health committee, told the newspaper: "For Members of Parliament to allow their names to be linked to promote fast food is seriously irresponsible.

"It is entirely inappropriate for fast food chains to be linked to sport."

A McDonald's spokesman declined to say how much the trip cost but said it had arranged the match as one of the sponsors of Euro 2004. He said the company promoted

"BenQ joins NTT Com and Portugal Telecom as official technology partners, and Canon, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Hyundai Motor Company, JVC, MasterCard, McDonald's and T-Mobile as official partners in the UEFA EURO 2004 marketing programme."
Euro 2004 news Mcspotlight

spying on sports day:
NATO's AWACS planes help with security at high-profile sporting events

World cup 2006 - Master 'card' or is it 'race'?

a classic case of enforced choice:

Soccer Fans Slam World Cup Tickets 'Raw Deal'

Tickets for next year's World Cup finals in Germany went on sale over the internet today - but fans in Britain were angry that the only credit card they can use to buy them is Mastercard.

Kevin Miles, international co-ordinator of the Football Supporters' Federation, said: "Once again, the ordinary fan is getting a raw deal.”

Tickets can be bought by Mastercard, or by sending cash via a bank transfer, which can cost up to £30, or via a German bank account.

Mr Miles said of the Mastercard arrangement: "This is a new departure which discriminates against most English football fans, ruling out, as it does, the majority of British credit and debit cards.

"It seems bizarre that Mastercard seem prepared to jeopardise the goodwill built up over years of tournament sponsorship in favour of coercing possibly thousands of reluctant, resentful and short-term new customers.”

A spokesman for Fifa, world football's governing body, said: "It's true that Mastercard is the exclusive card at this stage of the process, but no objection has been raised by the European Commission and there are other payment methods.

"Every customer throughout the world has two months to place his or her order for tickets. All the orders will be registered and if there is a surplus of demand, a draw will be made.

"There has never been a more transparent or fairer approach to sale of tickets for such an event." Scotsman


Kathie Lee Gifford...
poverty awareness labels made in conditions of ....er...poverty

Just three years after the weepy television queen pledged to help end labor abuse in the apparel industry, new allegations have surfaced claiming thousands of Salvadoran woman are making Gifford's signature Wal-Mart clothes under horrible conditions.

A teary Frank appeared at a Washington, D.C., press conference Wednesday to defend his Kathie Lee, telling her accusers, "I resent what you have done to my wife. You have assassinated her character."

Also on the defensive was the perky talk-show host. On Thursday's Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, she said her critics should attack sweatshops, not her. "This is an issue that just doesn't go away because sweatshops, unfortunately, haven't gone away."

Speaking at a New York press conference Tuesday, two former factory employees said they were fired after speaking up for workers' rights. The women, who once worked at the factory in Santa Ana, El Salvador, described 11-hour, six-day work weeks in sweltering conditions for a base wage of 60 cents an hour.

The ex-workers related a story far removed from Kathie Lee's happy, made-for-TV life. They said fellow women in the factory were subjected to pregnancy tests, and worked 12-15 hour days in poorly ventilated buildings surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards. One union rep allegedly received death threats after complaining about workers' treatment. - source

Bush & Blair limited by the expense of war...???
An expense that taxpayers are forking out for...
how does that make poverty history?

Geldof says Bush has done most for Africa

Sunday 19th June, 2005 (UPI) - Live 8 organizer Bob Geldoff says President George W. Bush has done more for Africa than any other U.S. president. In an interview with Time magazine, Geldoff said he recently defended Bush in France on that score.

"They refuse to accept, because of their political ideology, that he has actually done more than any American president for Africa," said Geldoff. But it's empirically so.

U2 singer Bono, who also participated in the interview, said Bush could still show more commitment to Africa.

"He feels he's already doubled and tripled aid to Africa, which he has," said Bono. "But he started from far too low a place. He can stand there and say he paid at the office already. He shouldn't, because he'll be left out of the history books."

Bono acknowledged that Bush is limited by the expense of war and growing U.S. debt.

"But I have a hunch that he will step forward with something," said the Irish rocker.

Geldoff, Bono and screenwriter Richard Curtis are the main organizers behind the upcoming Live 8, a series of free concerts scheduled for July 2. A show in London will feature Pink Floyd reunion on a bill with U2, Coldplay, Madonna and Paul McCartney.

Live 8 is intended to build public support for debt forgiveness and other aid for Africa by the world's major economic powers. - Big News Network.com

Geldof goes nuts at e-bay...
why give tickets away in the first place???

now that's what i call advertising!!!

"As of late this week the mess still had not subsided completely. During the period when eBay was still allowing the auction of tickets, many users had logged on to the site to make outrageously high bids to ensure the tickets could not be sold, undermining the process. EBay informed the high bidders via e-mail that they had been suspended from the site. "

But what if these high bids were going to charity? Is Bob really stopping good work being done ?

eBay, Geldof Knock Heads Over Live 8

Geldof was angered this week at the auction giant because the free tickets for the July 2 concert in London's Hyde Park -- featuring Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, U2, Sting and Madonna -- were being auctioned for as much as $2,000 on eBay's U.K. site.

The 150,000 tickets were to be free to lottery winners who entered via text messaging. More than 2 million people sent text messages for tickets. The rocker told Britain's Sky News that eBay's refusal to stop the auctions was "despicable," and "they should have thought about it before they did this," the AP reported. "The people who are selling these tickets on Web sites are miserable wretches who are capitalizing on people's misery," Geldof reportedly told Sky News. He also accused eBay of being "electronic pimps."

But eBay defended its right to auction the tickets.

"A ticket to the Live 8 concert is no different from a prize won in a raffle and what the winner chooses to do with it is up to them," the company said in a released statement.

After continued pressure and haranguing from Geldof, eBay offered to make matching donations to charity, but once again, Geldof went on the offensive.

"It is filthy money made on the back of the poorest people on the planet. Stick it where it belongs," he told the BBC.

However, eBay decided to change its course after Geldof had called for a worldwide boycott of the auction site and suggested Internet users take down the sites through whatever means.

"Though selling these tickets on eBay is not illegal and we believe people do have the right to buy and sell items as they choose, we made an exception to our policy on the occasion of this unique, charitable concert," the auctioneer said in a statement - internetnews

Live 8 is intended to build public support for debt forgiveness?

These countries wouldn't be in debt if it wasn't for Governments / NGO's & Multinationals
and their shared global corporatist ideology
- carving up the planet...

This is where Bono, Geldoff & the 'entertainment' industry fit in

They rely on citizens being customers...as a global industry, which controls on a local level


Every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty. This year, 2005, we finally have the resources, knowledge and opportunity to end this shameful situation. That's what this website is about. Join the band of people who are taking action to make poverty history. It only needs to take you a matter of minutes every month, but it will help us to literally change the world. - makepovertyhistory.org

Geldof...Bono...Ure...pop-star endorsements - Hypocrites!

Clothing and shoe shops across the UK, owned by the Scottish multi-millionaire business tycoon and philanthropist, Tom Hunter, who is bankrolling the Make Poverty History campaign to the tune of £1million, are selling the coalition's special white anti-poverty wristbands branded with the logos of companies campaigners accuse of violating workers' rights in developing countries.

The wristbands in question, personally endorsed by Bob Geldof and Hunter, have been on sale since Monday 6 June for £2 at every store of Hunter's high-street fashion retail outlet, USC, and his shoe chain, Office. A quotation from Geldof is printed on the perspex display box in which the special edition Live8 wristbands are displayed:

"When you buy this band you promise me you will do everything you can to get on the road to Edinburgh and join us in changing the world. This rubber band is your solemn word, you are now part of Live8, well done!"

The wristbands feature the standard Make Poverty History logo with the Live8 logo, but are also stamped with the logos of six global fashions brands including the controversial Hilfiger Denim, owned by Tommy Hilfiger Corporation.

According to Stephen Coats, Executive Director of the Chicago-based US/Labor Education in the Americas Project that monitors and supports the basic rights of workers in Latin America, Hilfiger's labour record falls short of minimum standards:

"In our experience, Tommy Hilfiger is at the bottom of the list in demonstrating refusal to accept responsibility for the way workers are treated."

Back in October 2003, the company was accused by labour rights campaigners of cutting and running from its responsibilities to workers when evidence was uncovered of labour abuses at the Tarrant blue jean factory in Ajalpan, Mexico. - Make Poverty History in turmoil over new wristband scandal

"...the Black Information Link had criticised the "hideously white" London show for failing to feature black British acts such as Beverly Knight, Jamelia and Dizzee Rascal. "Sir Bob Geldof picked a virtually all-white line-up to perform in a concert to highlight African poverty," it said. Albarn hits out at 'Anglo Saxon' Live 8

steering protest...

Shortly after Bob Geldof called for a million people to converge in Edinburgh for the opening day of the G8 summit, Midge Ure, the co-organiser of Live 8, was asked if he was worried about the events being hijacked by anarchists. His response was that Live 8 was, in fact, hijacking the anarchists' event. There is more than a little truth in this statement. What is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that Blair and Brown, in turn, are trying to do something similar with the Live 8 and Make Poverty History campaigns. The First Embedded Protest

Full low down on the whores: Inside the Murky World of Make Poverty History

celebrity squares...access to power

New direct action: praying to consumerism!!!

07.06.2005 - An action took place in Birmingham City Centre to draw attention to the issues of consumerism. The action coincided with the CIRCA workshops that took place over the same weekend.

Shopping is the new religion, praying to products is the next logical step.

below: scenes from John Carpenters anti-consumerist sci-fi caper - 'They live'

MK Christmas : Javol mein fuhrer!

Emotional mind control

"...it was in the 1930s that the now-familiar American Santa image solidified. Haddon Sundblom began thirty-five years of Coca-Cola Santa advertisements which finally established Santa as an icon of contemporary commercial culture. This Santa was life-sized, jolly, and wearing the now familiar red suit. He appeared in magazines, on billboards, and shop counters encouraging Americans to see Coke as the solution to "a thirst for all seasons." By the 1950s Santa was turning up everywhere as a benign source of beneficence. This commercial success has led to the North American Santa Claus being exported around the world where he threatens to overcome the European St. Nicholas, who has retained his identity as a Christian bishop and saint. "
Saint Nicholas and the Origin of Santa Claus


Santa Claus is as much a part of Christmas celebrations in Australia as the giving of gifts, bright decorations and the singing of festive songs.

The delightful image of Santa, a gift-giving merry gentleman with a red suit, rosy cheeks and flowing white beard, is so entrenched in the Christmas festivities that it is hard to imagine a time without the North Pole's most famous resident.

The Swedish commercial artist Haddon Sundblom gave form to the image of Santa that we know and love as part of an advertising campaign for The Coca-Cola Company in 1931.

Over the next few decades, Sundblom created a total of 44 Santa illustrations. His works are still reproduced in careful detail on millions of festive holiday bottles and cans of 'Coca-Cola' around the world, putting Sundblom paintings of Santa Claus literally at hand.

Sundblom modelled his Santa on friend and salesman Lou Prentice, chosen for his cheerful, chubby face. His selection of bright red for the fur-trimmed suit was undoubtedly taken to reflect the corporate colour of The 'Coca-Cola' Company.
coke-buddy [!!!]

Coca Cola (GmbH) were the German bottlers for Coke under the leadership of the CEO Max Keith (pronounced Kite).

Coke sponsored the 1936 Nazi Olympics where Hitler showcased his Aryan vision to the world, while hiding the "Don't shop at Jewish shops" posters.

Coca Cola GmbH sought to be associated with the Nazis, it became a bit of a joke that if Hitler or a high ranking Nazi was on the front cover of a magazine Coke would advertise on the back.


After the US entered the war in 1941 Max Keith couldn't get Coca Cola syrup from America to make Coke, Keith invented a new drink out of the ingredients he had available to him and made it specifically for the Nazi market and the Third Reich. The drink was called Fanta. In 1943 alone he sold 3 million cases of Fanta in the Nazi empire.
Mark Thomas - Coke Nazi ad campaign


Guilt - a tool for consumer blackmailing-

What better way to ensure consumer activity than to
hitchhike and twist a religious holiday
into seasonal gift buying event -

& all from a corporation that treats children so nicely:


El Salvador Coca-Cola is indirectly benefiting from the use of child labor in sugarcane fields in El Salvador, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW), which is calling on the company to take more responsibility to ensure that such abuses are halted.

Between 5,000 and 30,000 Salvadoran children, some as young as 8 years old, are working in El Salvador's sugarcane plantations where injuries, particularly severe cuts and gashes, are common, according to the 139-page report, 'Turning a Blind Eye: Hazardous Labor in El Salvador's Sugarcane Cultivation.'

download book: The Integral Stategy
of the Paramilitaries in
Colombia's Magdalena Medio


International Campaign against Coca-Cola.

Coca Cola stand accused of complicity in the assassination of 8 Sinaltrainal trade union leaders in Colombia since 1990. Many other leaders have been imprisoned, tortured, forcibly displaced and exiled. Of course, Coca Cola deny any responsibility for the murders, pointing out that 100s of union leaders are killed every year in Colombia. However, many of Sinaltrainal's victims were killed inside Coca Cola plants while negotiating collective agreements. Coca Cola management were reported in the national press as meeting and contracting members of the AUC death squads to “sort out their labour problems”.

Juan Carlos is one of the plaintiffs in the court case in the USA, where the multinational stands accused of complicity in the forced displacement, kidnap and assassination of trade unionists in their Colombian bottling plants.


“In a way, these cases have afforded us a certain level of security. Coke isn't stupid. They know if they kill us now, the repercussions will be too great… but the paramilitaries are now going after our families. Last year they massacred 4 members of comrade Efrain Guerrero's family, they kidnapped and tortured the son of Liberto Carranza, a Sinaltrainal leader from Barranquilla. They've threatened my kids, and they killed my brother in law. People might be willing to put their own lives in danger, but you can't expect people to endanger the lives of their children.”

However, recent information from Colombia suggests that family members are not the only target. Just last week on the 3 June 2005, paramilitaries in Barranquilla kidnapped 5 students who had been working with Sinaltrainal on Coke's environmental record. They were released the same day, but only after they had been threatened that they would be killed if they ever protested outside a Coke plant again. The People Vs Coca-Cola

Colombia Solidarity Campaign

Walt Disney - arms manufacturer & anti-democratic
mind controller

In 1959, the largest "atomic" submarine fleet in the world was owned by Walt Disney. While I'm not proposing that a bad day in the Magic Kingdom might have resulted in nuclear Armageddon, the Disney fleet is an historical fact that stems from the cooperation among Disney's business empire, major American arms manufacturers and the U.S. government.
Disney's Atomic Fleet

[yes i know it's spaceship 1!!!]

Walt Disney with the Richard Nixon family at the 1959 opening of the atomic submarine ride at Disneyland.

Photo courtesy of Mark Langer.
SMITH: Have you ever made any pictures in your studio that contained propaganda and that were propaganda films?

DISNEY: Well, during the war we did. We made quite a few -- working with different government agencies. We did one for the Treasury on taxes and I did four anti-Hitler films. And I did one on my own for air power.

SMITH: From those pictures that you made, have you any opinion as to whether or not the films can be used effectively to disseminate propaganda?

DISNEY: Yes, I think they proved that.

SMITH: How do you arrive at that conclusion?

DISNEY: Well, on the one for the Treasury on taxes, it was to let the people know that taxes were important in the war effort. As they explained to me, they had 13 million new taxpayers, people who had never paid taxes, and they explained that it would be impossible to prosecute all those that were delinquent, and they wanted to put this story before those people so they would get their taxes in early. I made the film, and after the film had its run, the Gallup poll organization polled the public, and the findings were that 29 percent of the people admitted that it had influenced them in getting their taxes in early and giving them a picture of what taxes will do.
Testimony of Walter E. Disney before House Un-American Activities Committee

In 1996, Disney's CEO Michael Eisner paid himself $200 million in salary and share options - over 300,000 times what he paid workers in Honduras for making Pocahontas t-shirts.



Captain Wardrobes

Down with Murder inc.