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Modern world and mercenaries

Ferghana.Ru, stline.4t.com, 04.08.2005

We hear about mercenaries every now and then. They occasionally show up in the news and get mentioned in the press. They pop up around places of civil unrest and social conflict. Where do they come from and how do they work? They do the job, and they get paid - they provide service and there is someone who is paying for it. Obviously, there is market for mercenaries and their companies, there are forces of economics at work and there are common business rules for everyone there. Mercenaries are satisfying demand for private military operations. What kind of operations, how buyers and sellers find each other; how they negotiate price, what is included in the negotiation, and how agreements are reached - all is schrouded in the secrecy of industry as old as the world itself.

Ferghana.ru has come across a document that gives our readers a chance to peek inside the workings of mercenaries industry .The document is a proposal of the company to an interested party. Company is specialising in covert military operations - modern day mercenaries, Northbridge Services Group, Ltd. Potential customer is under plain looking name "Turkmenistan Liberation Organisation" - we believe it is a placeholder prepared for the future client ready to put its name down. Document is company's proposal to apprehend, and, if required, assacinate Turkmenistan leader - Turkmenbashi Saparmurad Niyazov. Document appears to be a sketch of the business project, prepared in advance, before ( if ever ) real negotiation takes place and details are filled in.

Modern day mercenaries were quick to realise that as long as dictatorships, strife and struggle for power exist, there will be interests willing to pay for their service. You just have to be in the market and be proactive. Ferghana.ru came across one example of evidence of such market activity. How many proposals like this are floating around, how many are in operation, and how many are being negotiated is anybody's guess.


- Northbridge Services Group Ltd is an independent private organisation providing private military services on the free market.


February 2005


OFFICE +44 (0) 20 737 10066


Proposal to provide the Turkmenistan Liberation Organisation with a Constabulary force for the arrest and (or) execution of Saparmurat Niyasov
Client: Turkmenistan Liberation Organisation (TLO)
Provider: Northbridge Services Group Ltd. (NSG)


Notice is hereby given that Northbridge Services Group Ltd. (NSG) puts forward a proposal to provide a cost effective solution to enforce the TLO potential to execute arrest and capital punishment.


On January 5, 2005, the TLO issued an indictment and warrant for the arrest and capital punishment of President of Turkmenistan for his crimes against humanity. The document was approved before February 2005. Such a step was taken on the grounds of human rights violation by S.Niyasov and his refusal to implement agreements on human rights as a state leader and a full member of the international community. The agreements ( the Genocide Convention of 1948 and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, as well as the new Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture of 1984) have not been ratified yet. Niyasov declines to break off all statements and activities on forced resettlement of people (particularly national minorities and political opponents), to terminate the practice based on the national purity concept, which contravenes all international norms. The present dictatorship and personal cult of Niyasov, as well as his blatant disregard for the international law and his fellow countrymen along with the absence of constabulary force in Turkmenistan, which could guarantee the proper execution of the warrant issued, forms a deep gap in the legal system of the state. The current situation has resulted in profound concern within the TLO and other organization.

Northbridge Services Group has designed a viable and cost effective option to act as constabulary body of the Turkmenistan Liberation Organisation. Through this proposal we are aiming to enforce the arrest and (or) execution of S.Niyasov. We are determined to carry on an efficient campaign under the direction and in accordance with the guidelines of the Turkmenistan Liberation Organisation. Consistency of acts shall prevent other organizations from uncoordinated activities, which are unlikely to accord with the international norms and score a success.

Northbridge Services Group

Northbridge Services Group`s corporate headquarters are located in the United States. Besides affiliate agencies in the UK, Italy, and South Africa, NSG has a partner company - EHC Group - based in France. NSGs CAGE Code number according to US Defense Logistics Agency is 1XKW0. Owing to that NSG suits perfectly to meet the requirements of our clients throughout Europe and Africa. NSGs expertise in international relations is quite equal to offer a wide range of responsive and adaptable services.

At NSG we pride ourselves on the caliber of our personnel, hand-picked from governmental, military and private organizations, including CIA, MI6, British Forces PARAS, US Navy and Royal Marine commandos.

Proposal Summary

Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., proposes to act as the constabulary body of the Turkmenistan Liberation Organisation. In accordance with the valid warrant of the arrest and (or) execution of President S.Niyasov, Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., suggests a multiphase operation aiming at the arrest and surrender of S.Niyasov to the International Criminal Court or his execution on the spot.

Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., is aware that the current situation is unsteady. The present proposal is based upon the knowledge of the current events.

Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., and the Client should both realize that the situation might change and the calculations have been performed proceeding from the developments at hand at hand.

We, however, think that the steps following Phase 1 present the best possible operation plan.

Extended services are also available.

Phase 1 - Consultation

Should time permit, Phase 1 shall include a meeting of an advisory team with TLO delegation.

Our initial advisory team shall travel to a third country (Afghanistan, Sweden, etc.) to discuss the following:

1. Viability of the overall operation planned

2. In-depth consultation with key level decision-makers

3. Time line for the operation

4. Development of rules for the operation in compliance with the Geneva Convention articles

5. Prior intelligence data organisation

6. Restriction and limitation

7. Definition of the mission success

8. Jurisdiction, authority and sanctions

9. Post-Niyasov government and stability should also be viewed.

Costing Phase 1

We have attempted to estimate the costing of the operation, and arrange consultation with key decision-makers. A detailed plan of the operation will complete calculation of expenses will be submitted at the end of our preliminary conference. All data pertaining to the operation are to be kept strictly confidential.

The advisory team of 4-5 high ranking consultation shall go to third country. Travel arrangements shall be made immediately upon receipt of the retaining fee.

We would like to ask the Client to cover costs for a 5-7 day consultation, including

Air fare: $15.000 - $20.000 (depending on the third country selected)

Lodging and food: $ 9,000 USD

Personnel cost: $12,000 USD

(consultation, planning, travel time and preparation)

Miscellaneous costs: $ 2,000 USD

Total costing Phase 1 $ 50,000 USD approx.

Phase 2 Intelligence Data Organisation

NSG plans the intelligence team landing in required regions to carry on situation assessment and

obtain information data in real time. It may help us detect S.Niyasovs location (whether he is at his residence place, in the office or at trip) to arrest (and/or execute) him. NSGs secret agents will also be able to determine the best way to detain him without causing serious consequences to the local people. We recommend using five (5) agents in the phase

Costing Phase 2

Estimated costing and budget requirement for Phase 2 - $400,000 USD
Remaining balances will be applied to Phases 3 and 4.

Phase 3 Arrest and (or) Execution

The phase includes necessary outfit and equipment acquisition, required certificates getting, possible last minute changes planning.

Costing Phase 3

We estimate preparatory work to proceed to Phase 4 amounts to $1 million. The funds shall be used to reimburse monthly expenses, initial outfit, maritime and air logistics.

Phase 4 - Arrest and (or) Execution

We wish that the TLO would appoint a special prosecutor and (or) executioner to work with us in the proceedings of arrest (execution). This prosecutor and (or) executioner shall observe proper

Implementation of the proceedings. As an extra service NSG can deliver an executioner at the disposal of the Client.

In the event S.Niyasov is detained prior to Phase 4 operation, NSG can then offer a 15-20 men convoy team to take the arrestee to a designated point.

The TLO is to authorize Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., to utilize a specially chartered ship as a vanguard operation base in the Caspian Sea.

Taking into account preliminary costing and the current situation we may assume that the local budget will not exceed $4 Million. This total sum shall be enough to carry out the operation on the territory of the country within 90 days.

The total amount is calculated to pay expenses of 60 men constabulary force (arresting officers, executioner, and security agents inclusive). NSG shall also utilize local people in the operation should the need arise. The people attracted shall have similar authorities to make an arrest. On receipt of extra intelligence data we may be able to speed up the operation und utilize fewer participants. Any savings shall be split between the Client and NSG.

The overall operation is expected to cost $1,000,000 per 30 day period.

Maximum budget for the operation - $4,000,000

Airborne Support

The airborne support price is dependent on the clients ability to provide the air support. This shall be determined in Phase 1 planning. NSG shall request that the TLO provides a helicopter to deliver the indicted to the point designated by the TLO.

Maritime support price

Price for the vessel chartered: is fixed by a contractor

Price for a Zodiac boat depends on the vessel type and terms of purchase

Mark IV $11,000 17,000 USD
Mark V $14,000 21,600 USD

NSG may try to purchase secondhand boats and charter a vessel for this operation independently.

- The Client is under obligation to pay freight charges and charter a ship large enough to transport Zodiac boats o the coast and serve as a vanguard operating base.

The Client also agrees to cover all and any repatriation and medical costs should they be required.

Company Background

Company Registered Offices and Contacts
US Defense Logistics Agency CAGE Code Number: 1XKW0
Northbridge Services Group Ltd USA Corporate Headquarters
51194 Romeo Plank Rd

# 214

Macomb, MI 48042
United States of America
Tel: (001) 586 493 7989
Tel: (001) 703 997 8942
Fax: (001) 703 997 8943
Web: http://www.northbridgeservices.com/

Northbridge Services Group Ltd UK
Riverside House
1 Putney Bridge Approach
United kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 73710066
Web: http://www.northbridgeservices.com/

Propriety Notice

This proposal contains confidential information of Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., which is furnished for the sole purpose to enable the receipt to evaluate the proposal submitted hereby.

On receipt of this document, the recipient agrees to maintain confidentiality and not to disclose the information to a third party beyond the group peculiarly responsible for its contents evaluation.

There is no confidentiality obligation on any information which has become known to the recipient prior to the receipt of the information from Northbridge Services Group, Ltd., or has becom publicly known through no fault of the recipient, or has been received without obligation of confidentiality from a third party.

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