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War-crimes as a psy-op- The art of deception

Physical means. Activities and resources used to convey or deny selected information to a foreign power. Examples include military operations (including exercises, reconnaissance, training activities, and movement of forces); the use of dummy equipment and devices; tactics; bases, logistic actions, stockpiles, and repair activity; tests and evaluation activities.

Technical means. Military material resources and their associated operating techniques used to convey or deny selected information to a foreign power through the deliberate radiation, re-radiation, alteration, absorption, or reflection of energy; the emission or suppression of chemical or biological odors; and the emission or suppression of nuclear particles.

Administrative means. Resources, methods, and techniques to convey or deny oral, pictorial, documentary, or other physical evidence to a foreign power. The above taxonomy focuses upon the form rather than the utility of the means; an alternative would be to focus upon their function:

Camouflage/concealment. The former is the use of natural or artificial material on or about the deceiver to evade detection. The latter is the judicious use of cover and terrain by the deceiver to hide from observation.

The Art of Darkness: Deception and Urban Operations: Chapter Three: Deception

Demonstration/feint/diversion. The act of drawing the attention of a target away from an area or activity the deceiver chooses. Demonstrations make no contact with the adversary, while feints do.

Display/decoy/dummy. The placement of a natural or artificial construct away from a deceiver to portray an entity or object of significance to the target.

Mimicry/spoofing. The use of a natural or artificial construct by the deceiver allowing him or her to portray an entity of significance to the target.

Dazzling/sensory saturation. Overloading the sensory processing abilities of the target with an overabundance of stimuli. The principal idea is to raise the "noise" level high enough to drown out the target signal.

Disinformation/ruse. The doctoring of media (printed, electronic, photographic, etc.) passed to the target.

Conditioning/exploit. Either (1) exploiting a target's preexisting bias, belief, or habit, or (2) generating and then exploiting such a bias, belief, or habit. As noted by Collins (1997), "No matter how security-conscious someone is, there is almost always some aspect of his behavior which becomes habitual." Whether the habit is naturally acquired or induced by the would-be deceiver prior to an operation is incidental.

Are the Military infiltrating & recruiting from fundamental CIA Islamic / Neo-nazi groups... Via a masonic hierarchy?

Is this ritualistic rape, murder and torture prepared specifically as Psy-ops to goad Islam?

Will it help justify yet another staged terrorist outrage
by the Terror-masters?


Torture & Murder as Psyops

"Thy will be done?"

"...Viral marketing.

Sinister as hell.

It's when an ad company creates a twisted little promotion specifically designed to bypass the mainstream and penetrate the subculture and be spread by word of mouth and word of e-mail, and everyone forwards it on to their friends and family and says oh my God you've got to see this hilarious video oh my God it's so funny/sick/horrible/twisted oh my God click here now. And Ford and the ad company cheer and applaud and grin malevolently.

Viral ads are everywhere. They hit your in-box all the time. They are a favorite of bloggers and 'zines and metafilters. There are hundreds. Maybe more. It's a hugely popular marketing segment. The ads often become enormous cult hits. The agencies often encourage users to download the video and never bat an eye when fans post them all over the Net without copyright permission. This, again, is the point. "
Mark Morford

Flashback: Iraq, Earlier this year...Strange Kidnappings all at once...

The work of the P2OG Group

"According to a classified document, "Special Operations and Joint Forces in Countering Terrorism" prepared for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, a new organization has been created to thwart potential terrorist attacks on the United States. This counter-terror operations group the "Proactive Preemptive Operations Group" (P2OG) will require 100 people and at least $100 million a year. The team of covert counter-intelligence agents will be responsible for secret missions designed to target terrorist leaders. The secret missions are designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts which would then expose them to "counterattack" by U.S. forces"
Rumsfeld's Plan to Provoke Terrorists

what if...The Kurdish had Saddam captive in the hole...

"Yvonne Ridley [who] reported in last weekend's Sunday Express that Saddam Hussein was actually captured by Kurdish forces who then drugged him and abandoned him for U.S. troops to find after brokering a deal. In 2001, Ridley was imprisoned for 10 days by the Taliban while on assignment in Afghanistan." Democracy now

...and they offered a ransom to the US of say 50 million USD...

but the US renage on that when Saddam is wheeled out... and ask the kurdish forces to do some dirty black ops-

like for instance :
kidnap members of countries thinking of pulling out...

giving the political weight to those regimes as to appearing not to capitulate to 'terrorists' while actually still in reality being aggresive occupiers... what if...???

why would insurgents kidnap people with whom the government doesn't really sympathise with? namely 2 volunteers & a journalist...

these workers have been targets of the coalition for a year!!!! they haven't been kidnapped for the benfit of the Gov... it's for public sympathy...pure psyops.

rebels are to be made into terrorists...PURE CIA!!!!

Blair meets with Bush

11 April 2004

Tony Blair is to rally to George Bush's side this week as the violent uprising in Iraq threatens to unleash a domestic backlash against both leaders. Downing Street sought to play down indications that US military tactics in Iraq are causing dismay among senior ministers. The Prime Minister will instead offer the President unstinting support on his White House visit this Friday, his aides insisted last night. However, they did not deny that Mr Blair, currently on holiday in Bermuda, is to make clear Britain will resist calls for additional troops to quell the disturbances. As military analysts suggest 100,000 more soldiers may be needed if the trouble spreads, ministers are keen to switch attention to the diplomatic front. Blair defies his critics to back US over Iraq

Sharon meets with Bush

11 April 2004

Ariel Sharon flies to Washington this week increasingly confident of securing the new accord with President George Bush that he needs to convince right-wing sceptics in his own party to back his unilateral plan to "disengage" from Gaza. The Israeli Prime Minister, still under the shadow of deliberations by the Attorney General, Menachem Mozuz, on whether to indict him over the "Greek island" bribery allegations, holds talks with Mr Bush on Wednesday. These have become pivotal to his ability to win a referendum of 200,000 Likud members at the end of this month on the disengagement plan."
Sharon flies to US to seek backing on Gaza

While Cheney , the REAL US President, visits Japan

11 April 2004

Vice President Dick Cheney arrived Saturday in Japan for talks with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi that are expected to focus on Iraq and North Korea.
On the top of the agenda will be the three Japanese nationals kidnapped in Iraq by a militant group that has threatened to kill them if Japan refuses to pull its Self-Defense Forces from that nation by Sunday night. The Japanese troops are assigned to reconstruction aid assistance in Samawah, Iraq.
The Kyodo News Service reported Koizumi and Cheney are also expected to call for complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of all North Korean nuclear programs and to reaffirm the need to launch a six-nation working group.
Vice President Cheney In Japan For Talks



surely some coincidence?

HMMM...very strange Cheney visits S Korea

11 people Kidnapped & then released :

...and BINGO...

"South Korea is ready to send 36-hundred troops to Iraq, making it the third largest coalition partner behind the United States and Britain. South Korea's foreign minister acknowledges the deterioration of the situation in Iraq, but he says Seoul will proceed with the deployment. The issue -- in his words -- "deals more with keeping a promise with international society."

Cheney visits Japan

3 kidnapped

"Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's handling of the Japanese hostage crisis in Iraq and said Monday he promised Koizumi the United States would ``do everything we can to be of assistance.'' Cheney met with the Japanese leader in a session overshadowed by new violence and the holding of foreign hostages in Iraq, including three Japanese civilians. Koizumi's government has refused to bow to demands that it withdraw its roughly 530 ground troops performing humanitarian missions in Iraq, part of an eventual deployment of 1,100 non-combat troops. `We wholeheartedly support the position the prime minister has taken with respect to the question of the Japanese hostages,'' Cheney told reporters. ``We have consulted closely with the prime minister and his government to make certain we do everything we can to be of assistance.'' The kidnapping of the Japanese civilians by Iraqi militants cast a pall over Cheney's visit to Japan, his first stop on a weeklong Asia trip that also is taking the vice president to China and South Korea. "


"The three Japanese taken hostage last week are Noriaki Imai, 18, who wanted to look into the effects of depleted uranium weapons, freelance journalist Soichiro Koriyama, 32, and aid worker Nahoko Takato, 34. Their captors had threatened to kill them if Japan did not withdraw its troops from Iraq. The television channel said the three were in good health. "
Three Japanese Hostages Released, Al Jazeera Says

Cheney visits China :

7 kidnapped

"Seven Chinese men have been kidnapped in central Iraq, China's Xinhua news agency said today, the latest in a spate of hostage-taking in the war-ravaged country. The abductions yesterday came days before a visit to China by US Vice President Dick Cheney, a key force behind the US-led invasion of Iraq, which China opposed. The seven entered Iraq via Jordan on Sunday morning and were most probably abducted in Fallujah, west of Baghdad, Xinhua quoted a Chinese diplomat as saying." SMH


"...The seven Chinese citizens abducted last Sunday in Falluja were freed on Monday morning and are now under the protection of the Chinese Embassy in Baghdad, a spokesman for the country's embassy said. The seven Chinese citizens were workers who had entered Iraq from Jordan. On the morning of April 11 they were immediately captured in Falluja. Two of them were injured due to a car accident that occurred during their abduction."

"...The Chinese economy's urgent need for energy pushes Beijing to keep a low profile in international politics, subjecting all its foreign relations to the need of guaranteeing the country's economic development. This leads China to being closer to the Saudis and Iranians than to the United States"
Seven Chinese released. Yet were they abducted by mistake?

On a trip to China next week to talk about high-stakes issues like terrorism and North Korea, US Vice President Dick Cheney will have another task -- making a pitch for Westinghouse's US nuclear power technology.

At stake could be billions of US dollars in business in coming years and thousands of US jobs.

The initial installment of four reactors, costing US$1.5 billion apiece, would also help narrow the huge US trade deficit with China.
Tapei Times

While 'The BUSH' stumbles & fumbles through a press conference
Cheney is the pirate... an extortion artist...
presenting countries with an
opportunity to call 'rebels'... 'terrorists' ...

on pain of economic warfare...

we are now all living in Bush / Cheney world...
a new western starring corporate gunslingers, industrial spies and global money launderers...

So, fly the jolly roger , me hearties, the Skull & Bones are on the open seas... coming to a mineral rich area near you...

"Some say that Richard Bruce Cheney is the real power in the White House, just as "Poppy" Bush was the real power during the Reagan presidency, following the strange 1981 John Hinckley-connected assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. According to journalist Eleanor Clift, Cheney will accompany George W. Bush when he speaks privately with members of the commission investigating the surreal events of September 11, 2001. ("The Wizard Of Oz Letter: Bush Pulls Back the Curtain on Who Really Runs the White House," by Eleanor Clift. Newsweek, April 2, 2004) Clift perceived Cheney as Bush's handler, there to keep "W" from saying anything too stupid. A relevant excerpt from Clift's report follows: "This was the week the curtain got pulled back on the Bush presidency. In exchange for allowing Condoleezza Rice to testify under oath, President Bush gets to bring along his vice president when he appears privately before the commission..." (In a previous report, Conspiracy Nation noted that Tom Kean, head of the 9/11 commission, is related to George W. Bush through their common ancestor, Robert Livingston. www.shout.net/~bigred/KeanBush.htm)

Although "Dick" Cheney is not a Bonesman, there are nine Cheneys in the membership list of Skull & Bones. [1] Cheney too belongs to the secret blue-blood aristocracy: the first Cheney arrived in Massachusetts in 1667.
Update: The New Skull & Bones [conspiracy nation]

see: Bush pulls back the curtain on who really runs the White House

This is a US / UK global military takeover
using semitic religon as a mask, a patsy, an excuse...

What does the word "Al-Qaeda" mean ? In Arabic, "Al-Qaeda" has a different meanings, among them Base", "Ground", "Norm", "Rule", "Fundament", "Grammar". The exact meaning is dependent on the context in which it is used. It depends on the word which follows Al-Qaeda in the sentence. "Qawa'ad Askaria" is an Army Base, "Qawa'ad Lugha" stands for Grammar Rules (the Bases of Grammar).

"Qa'ada" is the infinitive of the verb "to sit". "Ma-Qa'ad" is a chair. "Al-Qaeda" is the base or fundament of something. "Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet". A very common and widespread use of the word Al-Qaeda in different Arab countries in the public language is for the toilet bowl. This name comes from the Arabic verb Qa'ada which mean to sit, pertinently, on the Toilet Bowl. In most Arabs homes there are two kinds of toilets: Al-Qaeda also called the "Hamam Franji" or foreign toilet, and "Hamam Arabi" or Arab toilet which is a hole in the ground. Lest we forget it, the potty used by small children is called "Ma Qa'adia" or "Little Qaeda".

Those who founded the glorious "International of Islamic Terror, Al-Qaeda, probably knew too little about common use of Arabic language to know that by using this name for their organization, they risked becoming the laughing stock of everybody who speaks the Arabic "public" language.
Kawther Salam


is demonstrating an act of terrorism? - it will be soon...

Psyops : Connecting left-wing miltancy to terrorism

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey says three Turkish hostages held under threat of execution by an al Qaeda-linked militant group in Iraq have been freed. "We only know they have been released," a Turkish government official told Reuters on Tuesday, saying he had no other immediate details.

Al Jazeera television, monitored in Dubai, said a group led by suspected al Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had freed the three. The group had kidnapped the three civilian workers last week and threatened to behead them on Tuesday unless Turks stopped working for U.S.-led forces in Iraq. State-run Anatolian news agency said Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul confirmed the release of the three hostages.

"Jama'at al-Tawhid and Jihad announces the release of the Turkish hostages for the sake of Muslims in Turkey and their demonstrations against (U.S. President George W.) Bush," a masked man said on a video recording aired by Jazeera."


What this report suggests is that anyone opposing Bush-Juntas plans by using any form of protest is effectively helping Terrorists make decisions...

this is a deliberate process of demonization through negative association...aimed at the apathetic masses in order to keep them in line...

are all these protesters Muslim 'extremists'? are they 'supporters of terrorism'? or are they a coalition of the willing that are being demonized...? I know what I think - Bush is a Hitler

and while this association is happening : an American Hostage is reported killed by his captors:
Hitting further home the message : Turkish FREE - American Killed

Iraqi kidnappers shot an American soldier held hostage in the back of the head saying the killing was because of US government policy in Iraq, Al-Jazeera television said Tuesday, hours after Washington transferred sovereignty in Iraq to an interim government.

The Arab-language station reported that the slain soldier was Spc. Keith M. Maupin, but the US military said it could not immediately confirm whether a man shown being shot in a murky videotape was indeed Maupin, who was taken hostage after an April 9 attack outside Baghdad.

The report did not say when Maupin, 20, of Batavia, Ohio, was killed.


Noun 1. militancy - a militant aggressiveness combativeness, militance aggressiveness - the quality of being bold and enterprising scrappiness - the trait of being scrappy and pugnacious

Adj. 1. militant - engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"; "a fighting war"

2. militant - showing a fighting disposition without self-seeking; "highly competitive sales representative"; "militant in fighting for better wages for workers"; "his self-assertive and ubiquitous energy"

Why are anti-war protesters being labelled along with these abductors as militants?

What happened to the 'war on terror'?

Is this now the 'war on militancy'?

Why would these people abduct a fellow Muslim?

Why would a deserter be of any use to kidnappers?

was he caught by the US forces and being punished for deserting & used as a commodity in the Information war by The Psyops dept.?

Militants Deny Killing U.S. Marine Hostage in Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An Islamist militant group denied on Sunday it had beheaded a U.S. marine missing in Iraq and seen earlier being threatened by his captors with a sword.

Fears for Lebanese-born Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun had risen after a statement appeared on two Islamist Web sites on Saturday saying the Army of Ansar al-Sunna had decapitated him.

"This statement that claimed to be from us has no basis in truth," the Army of Ansar al-Sunna said on what it called its official Web site. However, the group said it believed that killing "such filth brings one closer to God."

There was no way to verify which, if either, of the statements attributed to Ansar al-Sunna was authentic.

To compound the confusion, Hassoun's kidnapping was first claimed by a group calling itself the Islamic Response Movement, security wing of the 1920 Revolution Brigades. Reuters

Noun 1. terrorist -

a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities


Noun 1. terrorism - the calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimindation or coercion or instilling fear

opposition=Protest=militancy=fundamentalism=Muslim=Terrorist=American deaths

Real practising Muslims are forbidden to do this to each other...

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended good treatment for hostages and prisoners during the past Islamic wars. He said: "You should not kill an old man, a child, or a woman. You should not cut a tree or destroy a church...". Murdering and killing is outside of Islamic morals and principles, which are inviolable.Seen from a more secular standpoint, an Arabic proverb says "Nobody can cut the head of a person but his Creator". This means again that nobody has the right to put an end to anothers life. While Islam expressly forbids suicide, it is still more acceptable to put an end to ones own life than to kill another person.
Kawther Salam

Al-Jazeera aired a video showing a blindfolded man identified as Maupin sitting on the ground. Al-Jazeera said that in the next scene, gunmen shoot the man in the back of the head, in front of a hole dug in the ground. The station did not broadcast the killing.

Maj. Willie Harris, spokesman for the Army's 88th Regional Readiness Command, said the man in the footage could not be clearly identified but that the videotape is being analyzed by the Department of Defense.
Jerusalem news

Wassef Ali Hassoun
More strangeness:

The family of Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun began an anguished wait as images surfaced from around the world showing him being held by Iraqi captors and threatened with decapitation.

Cpl. Hassoun's relatives in Utah issued a brief statement late Sunday confirming that the Marine, a Muslim of Middle Eastern origin, was the same man shown blindfolded with a sword held over his head. Kin of captured Marine wait in anguish

Why would Captors release Turkish hostages because of Muslim solidarity while others take a US Muslim hostage?

Abducted Marine Had Reportedly Deserted

BAGHDAD, Iraq, June 29 The American marine who is being threatened by his kidnappers with beheading had deserted the military because he was emotionally traumatized, and was abducted by his captors while trying to make his way home to his native Lebanon, a Marine officer said Tuesday.

The officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he believed that Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun was betrayed by Iraqis he befriended on his base and ended up in the hands of Islamic extremists.

The officer said Corporal Hassoun, a 24-year-old Marine linguist who was born in Lebanon, was shaken up after he saw one of his sergeants blown apart by a mortar shell.

"It was very disturbing to him," the officer said. "He wanted to go home and quit the game, but since he was relatively early in his deployment, that was not going to happen anytime soon. So he talked to some folks on base he befriended, because they were all fellow Muslims, and they helped sneak him off. Once off, instead of helping him get home, they turned him over to the bad guys."

"It's all we know right now," the officer added.

New York Times

Brother Denies Captured Marine Deserted

SALT LAKE CITY - The brother of missing Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun denied reports that the Marine had deserted the military before being captured by insurgents in Iraq.

"To me it has no foundation. It's all wrong," Mohammad Hassoun told The Associated Press Tuesday night. Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, the coalition deputy operations chief in Baghdad, said earlier this week that Hassoun had gone "on an unauthorized absence," but provided few details.

"Based on his personal situation, there was reason to suspect that he was heading over to Lebanon," where Hassoun was born, Kimmitt said. On Wednesday, The New York Times, citing a Marine officer it did not identify, reported that Hassoun had deserted the military with the help of Iraqis on the base, and was apparently turned over to insurgents by those he had befriended.
The Associated Press

Militants Say They Beheaded U.S. Soldier in Iraq

- Militants said on Saturday they had beheaded U.S. Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun, the second reported killing of a kidnapped American soldier in Iraq this week.

"We beheaded the marine of Lebanese origin Hassoun and you will see the film with your own eyes soon," the Army of Ansar al-Sunna group said in a statement on at least two Internet sites. The group said it was holding another "infidel" hostage.

It was not immediately possible to verify the authenticity of the Arabic-language statement, which was addressed to President Bush and demanded he withdraw troops from Iraq. No immediate comment was available from the U.S. military.

Arabic television Al Jazeera last Sunday broadcast a video tape of militants holding a blindfolded Corporal Hassoun, 24, with a sword poised over his head.

The militants had warned previously they would carry on attacking Iraqi officials and U.S.-led foreign forces, despite Washington's handover to an interim Iraqi government last Monday, until "God's law" prevailed in Iraq.

Hours after Washington's handover, al Jazeera broadcast a video tape showing what militants said was the killing of U.S. Private Keith Matthew Maupin, 20. (Reuters)

Relative Believes Marine Freed in Iraq

WEST JORDAN, Utah July 6, 2004 A glimmer of hope grew in this Salt Lake City suburb on word Tuesday from a relative in Lebanon that an U.S. Marine abducted in Iraq was well and might even have been freed.

Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun, a translator with the Marines in Iraq, disappeared on June 20. On Saturday a militant group claimed it had beheaded him, a claim that was later denied.

On Tuesday, a brother of the Lebanon-born Marine said the family was confident he was well.

"We have received reliable information the guy is free," Sami Hassoun told The Associated Press from the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, where the missing Marine has family.

ABC news

Hostage forced to desert

AN Islamic group holding a US marine hostage was reported as saying yesterday it had released him unharmed after he announced his desertion from the military.

The unconfirmed announcement came as US planes bombed a suspected rebel safehouse in Fallujah, based on intelligence from the new Iraqi government, killing at least 12 people.

Rumours swirling around US marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun, who has been missing from his unit since June 21 and was reported executed only two days ago, took an unexpected twist yesterday when his presumed captors said the Lebanese-born marine had been freed and taken to a safehouse because he had promised to take off his uniform.

Herald Sun

RIPOLI, Lebanon (Reuters) - Lebanese-born U.S. Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun, reported at one stage to have been beheaded by militants after going missing in Iraq (news - web sites), was safe at the U.S. embassy in Beirut on Thursday, U.S. officials said.

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the 24-year-old corporal, who disappeared from his unit on June 21, had been picked up in Beirut after making contact.

"We were able to go get him this morning," Boucher told reporters in Washington. Other officials said Hassoun seemed to be in good health, but details about him were sketchy.

In another twist to the story, relatives of Hassoun fought a gunbattle with a family who taunted them as U.S. agents in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, witnesses said.

At least two people were killed and several were wounded in the incident, said the witnesses.

Yahoo news - Thu Jul 8 2004


Why would a deserter hoax his own execution and then suddenly just turn up?

If you had gone to the all the time & trouble of hoaxing your own death... wouldn't you just DISAPPEAR?!!!

The missing Lebanese-born US marine who was allegedly kidnapped in Iraq is in Beirut, US officials have said.

Cpl Wassef Ali Hassoun, 24, who went missing on 21 June, is now safe at the US embassy in the Lebanese capital.

Cpl Hassoun's disappearance has been mired in confusion - last weekend he was reported to have been beheaded by his Islamist captors.

Earlier this week, his brother said the family had received word that the militants had freed him.

"He is safe. He appears to be healthy. We're working through the details of what the next steps are," a US defence department official told Reuters news agency.

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the marine had been picked up on Thursday morning after he contacted the embassy.

Meanwhile fears are growing for the safety of a Filipino hostage, the latest victim of a spate of kidnappings in Iraq.

But as news came that Cpl Hassoun was safe there were reports of a gunbattle in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli between members of his family and another which apparently accused them of being US collaborators.

BBC-8 July, 2004

US Marine who went missing in Iraq denies deserting

WASHINGTON (AFP) Jul 19, 2004 Marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun denied Monday reports that he had deserted, in his first public comments since returning to the United States last week.

"I did not desert my post. I was captured and held against my will by anti-coalition forces for 19 days," Hassoun said from the Quantico Marine base near Washington.

"This was a very difficult and challenging time for me," he told reporters.


Is the Wassif Hassoun 'story' being used to create & justify blatent Islamaphobia?

DefenseWatch "The Voice of the Grunt"-

By Derek Collins

The bizarre case of Marine Corps Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun should be showing those among us who are still learning-impaired that a large percentage of Muslims in this country cannot be trusted in sensitive military or intelligence positions.

As has been demonstrated in an alarming number of cases, the loyalty of most Muslims is to their religion and not to any adopted country, nation-state or fellow citizens. In addition, as we have discovered since 9/11, Muslim terrorists are not all Arab or Pakistani. Muslim terrorists come in all shapes, sizes and colors, whether Anglo, Black, Hispanic, or Asian. Overindulged American-born Caucasian, John Walker Lindh from California, is a case in point.
more racist bullshit from Soldiers for the truth

Spy Suspect Eyed Before Guantanamo Posting

WASHINGTON -- The Air Force translator accused of espionage at the prison camp for terror suspects was under investigation before he arrived at the Guantanamo Bay base, a military investigator says.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations began looking into the case of Senior Airman Ahmad I. al-Halabi in November 2002 while he was a supply clerk at Travis Air Force Base in California, the agent wrote in court documents. Al-Halabi was sent to the Cuban base weeks later as an Arabic language interpreter for the al-Qaida and Taliban suspects there.


14 April: Fabrizio Quattrocchi, 36, Italian security guard is shot dead

11 May: Nick Berg, 26, US businessman is beheaded

22 June: Kim Sun-il, 33, South Korean translator is beheaded

29 June: Keith Maupin, 20, US soldier is reportedly killed (not confirmed)

Beheading shows world must unite against terror: UN

"On behalf of the members of the security council, I wish to condemn in the strongest terms this abominable act of terrorism against an innocent civilian," she said. The Philippines holds the rotating presidency of the 15-nation council for June.
Navhind Times

Flashback: 2 Guantanamo Bay staff always under a climate of suspicion [see right]
Why? Because They are Muslim

Espionage Suspect Returns Home

December 19, 2003

Yee, 35, is accused of mishandling classified information - notes found by Customs officials when they searched him on Sept. 10 at the Jacksonville, Fla., airport.

He is also charged with disobeying an order, making a false statement, adultery and storing pornography on his government computer.

A preliminary hearing in Fort Benning, Ga., was postponed earlier this month until Jan. 19 to allow the Army time to determine whether documents requested by Yee's defense are classified.

Yee's attorneys say they want to see the documents taken from Yee as he returned from Guantanamo, where he worked with detainees captured during fighting in Afghanistan.

The defense has said the documents include two small notebooks, a typewritten page and a term paper on Syria that Yee wrote for a college course on international affairs.

Yee was investigated as part of an espionage probe at Guantanamo but was never charged with spying.
Komo News

Will RP-US War Games Be Held in MILF Stronghold?

ZAMBOANGA CITY, 5 July 2004 American and Filipino troops are to hold anti-terrorism training exercises in southern province of North Cotabato, where separatist rebels are actively operating, the provincial governor revealed yesterday.

There will be joint training in North Cotabato, probably in Carmen town, Gov. Emmanuel Pi?ol said during an interview with the radio network DZRH.

Carmen town is a known stronghold of the countrys largest separatist group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Pi?ol said troops participating in the exercises are also expected to hold a series of medical missions in remote villages in the province as part of the training dubbed Balikatan 04, which means shoulder-to-shoulder.
Al Jazeerah

Freed Pakistan Hostage Says Three Beheaded in Iraq

A Pakistani man freed from captivity in Iraq last week said Saturday he saw his captors behead three hostages -- two Americans and an Iraqi -- while he was being held.

His account could not be independently confirmed and there have been no recent reports of two Americans and an Iraqi being abducted. Previously, militants have been quick to announce the taking of hostages, usually releasing videotapes showing armed, masked men standing threateningly over the captives.

Amjad Hafeez, a driver working for a U.S. contractor, was taken hostage on June 25 as he returned from work north of Baghdad. He was blindfolded and taken to a nearby house.

Filipino taken hostage in Iraq: Al-Jazeera

July 08 2004
A Filipino abducted in Iraq will be executed unless the Philippines withdraws its troops from the country within 72 hours, said a video broadcast on Al-Jazeera television, showing a hostage cowering on his knees.

The kidnapped Filipino, employed by a Saudi company working with US troops based in Iraq, was kidnapped by an armed group calling itself the "Khaled Ibn al-Walid Brigade" linked to the "Islamic Army in Iraq," Al-Jazeera said.

The pan-Arab television station broadcast footage of a man sitting on his knees, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, and surrounded by three masked men touting guns and reading their threat from a statement.

The group said it had killed an Iraqi security guard who was with the Filipino. An identity card bearing the picture of an Iraqi and a company card on which was written: Hafidh H. Amer, Security Officer, was also broadcast by Al-Jazeera.
New Straits times

Bulgaria hostages 'alive in Iraq'
Wednesday, July 14, 2004

(CNN) -- Two Bulgarian hostages may still be alive, according to an Iraqi police chief, despite reports that one of them had been executed by Iraqi militants.

Bulgarian government spokesman Dimitri Tsonev said Wednesday the only evidence that the men had been killed was a report by an Arabic-language news network.

But General Mohammed Khairi Barhawi, the police chief of the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, later said sources confirmed the two hostages are still alive and are "somewhere in Mosul province."

Al-Jazeera reported Tuesday that it had received two videotapes, one showing the execution of the Bulgarian hostage and the other containing a message from an Egyptian hostage also being held in Iraq.

The broadcaster said the Unification and Jihad group claimed responsibility for the killing.

Headless Corpse in Orange Jumpsuit Found in Iraq

Thu Jul 15,
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A headless corpse dressed in an orange jumpsuit has been found by Iraqi police in the Tigris River and handed over to U.S. forces, but it has not yet been identified, a U.S. military spokeswoman said Thursday.

She said it was not known whether the body was that of a Bulgarian hostage killed by his captors earlier this week. A deadline for the threatened execution of a second Bulgarian hostage passed last night without news.

The body was found near Baiji, 112 miles north of Baghdad, Wednesday night.

"The body had been decapitated. It was dressed in an orange jumpsuit," the spokeswoman said.

Videotapes of foreign hostages in Iraq have often shown them wearing orange jumpsuits, which are typical of U.S. jails and associated around the world with images of Muslims detained at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

NPR has confirmed that terror websites have been uploading photos and videos from London and Texas.

June 30, 2004
In an interview with NPR, researcher and cyber-terrorism expert Gabriel Weimann has confirmed that the recent terror websites that have posted beheading videos and pictures have been uploading their files from London and Texas. This interview confirms the information that JackBlood.com has been reporting since the Nick Berg beheading video was posted on the Al-Ansar 'Islamic' websites last May of 2004.

Mr. Weimann, however, says that the web hosting companies could have been 'hijacked' by Al-Qaeda without the web hosting technical personnel knowing about it. Further in the interview, he doesn't discard the possibility that some of the 'terror' websites may be actually created and controlled by the CIA or the Mossad in order to "provoke or send false information to the terrorists." As a solution for the 'abuse of free speech,' he calls for giving up civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, in order for the government to monitor and track websites more efficiently.

It is important to know that Professor Gabriel Weimann is a GLOBALIST. He is a senior fellow at the United States Institute of Peace and professor of communication at Haifa University, in Israel. He has written extensively on modern terrorism and the mass media. Some of his research material has been adapted from a six-year study of terrorists' use of the Internet published in March 2004 by the United States Institute of Peace, and later appeared in YaleGlobal Online (www.yaleglobal.yale.edu), a publication of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization.
JackBlood.com -

NPR terrorism interview


analysis of 'terrorist' ISPs

Is a real Muslim solidarity being shown by the restraint of the League of Arab nations? After all a Jihad has not been called...and there are 1.3 billion Muslims...

I wonder how many of the 2 billion Christians are following Bushes call to the new crusades [TM]?

Bush lays down the gauntlet...

accept the US corporatism of 'managed democracy' or you will be an enemy.

"Bush believes democracy can flourish in Muslim countries, just as it has in Turkey. He said that supporting freedom and democracy in volatile nations will help secure America and other countries too.

But Bush's initiative has been criticized by some Arab leaders, who accuse the United States of trying to export its brand of democracy while not doing enough to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "
Bush says Muslims need not fear democracy

Believe me, Mr Bush...it's not just Muslims that fear
your twisted brand of corporate democracy

Well Done to you, sir

American made hoax execution video

Sat 7 August, 2004 14:04
By Heba Kandil
DUBAI (Reuters) - A video posted on a website used by Islamic militants has purported to show the beheading of an American hostage but the man shown in the video has been quoted as saying it was a hoax.

Benjamin Vanderford of San Francisco, California, told the Associated Press he had faked the video at a friend's house.

The video appeared in the Web format used by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and was introduced by a headline that said it showed Zarqawi killing an American.

The American then identifies himself as Benjamin Vanderford and urges U.S. forces to leave Iraq.

"If we don't, everyone is gonna be killed in this way ... I have been offered for exchange for prisoners here in Iraq," the terrified-looking man said, rocking back and forth in his chair, his hands tied behind his back.

The video then showed a hand with a large knife apparently slicing through the neck of a limp body.

Vanderford told the AP on Saturday he staged the beheading using fake blood and began distributing the videotape on the Internet months ago. "It was part of a stunt, but no one noticed up until now," he said.

Vanderford's website identifies him as a 22-year-old independent candidate for district supervisor in San Francisco. He is also a musician and video-game programmer.

His political manifesto on the website addresses local issues such as tenants' rights, the homeless and government transparency, with no mention of Iraq.

The video on the website looked like previous tapes released by Zarqawi's Tawhid and Jihad Group, but did not show the group's flag, or masked militants. The American was wearing trousers and a T-shirt, not an orange jumpsuit as worn by previous hostages of Zarqawi's group. - - reuters

Video Purportedly Shows Killing of Iraq 'CIA Agent'

DUBAI (Reuters) - A Web site used by Islamic militants carried a video on Wednesday purporting to show militants beheading a "CIA agent" in Iraq. The four-minute long footage showed a Western-looking man sitting on a chair surrounded by armed masked men. One of the men struck the captive's neck repeatedly with a sword, severing his head amid shouts of "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest).

A militant later held up the severed head for the camera.

An Arabic sign placed around the man's neck identified him as a "CIA agent." The video, which could not be immediately authenticated, showed what seemed to be the captive's picture identification card with the caption "visitor."

The Web site did not say which group issued the video, nor did the masked men identify themselves or make any political statements as previous kidnappers in Iraq had. The men could be heard speaking in the background but the audio quality was too poor to understand. The tired-looking captive was wearing a plain shirt and trousers. Militants in Iraq have waged a campaign of kidnapping aimed at driving out individuals, companies and troops supporting U.S. forces and the new Iraqi interim administration. Scores of hostages have been kidnapped by armed groups. Some have been freed but at least nine have been killed -- including an American, a South Korean and a Bulgarian. - Reuters

Video - WARNING Graphic content

British journalist kidnapped in southern Iraq

A British journalist was abducted by gunmen from his hotel in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, according to the hotel's management.

In London the Sunday Telegraph newspaper told AFP Friday it was extremely concerned about the situation regarding its journalist James Brandon but said it couldn't confirm directly that he had been abducted.

"James Brandon was in Basra filing materials for this Sunday newspaper amongst other projects," said Sunday Telegraph deputy editor Matthew d'Ancona in a statement read to AFP.


An AFP correspondent in Basra said he met with the British journalist on Wednesday afternoon shortly after he arrived from Baghdad.

"He told me he wanted to work on the Mehdi Army and oil topics and asked for my help," said Nawfal Hashim. "We chatted for about half-an-hour at the hotel lobby."

Hashim said he heard again from the journalist on Thursday by telephone to inquire about a demonstration that day against the US-led assault on Najaf.
- Channel news Asia

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there is so much of this going on -
I can't even begin to keep up with it!

an allignment of chairs

Top left to right: Nick Berg before his beheading, Abu Griab Abuser Lyndsey Englend poses...UK abuse next to chair and wall ensemble ...and left another scene from Abu Ghriab

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