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HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Virus never isolated

AIDS - Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Aquired? No clues?

The US government killed
some of the worlds greatest artists

At a House Appropriations hearing in 1969, the Defense Department's Biological Warfare (BW) division requested funds to develop through gene-splicing a new disease that would both resist and break down a victim's immune system. "Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases." (See - A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare by R. Harris and J. Paxman, p 266, Hill and Wang, pubs.) The funds were approved.
AIDS As Biological And Psychological Warfare


H.B. 15090 PART 5


Department of the Army
Statement of Director, Advanced Research Project Agency
Statement of Director, Defense Research and Engineering

Printed for the use or the Committee on Appropriations


There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.

Mr. Sikes. Are we doing any work in that field?
Dr. MacArthur. We are not.
Mr. Sikes.. Why not? Lack of money or lack of interest?
Dr. MacArthur. Certainly not lack ot interest
Mr. Sikes. Would you provide for our records information on what would be required, what the advantages of such a program would be. the time and the cost involved?
Dr. MacArthur. We will be very happy to.

(The information follows:) The dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology led us to investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare. A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the following observations:

All biological agents up to the present time arc representatives of naturally occurring disease. and are thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research. either for offensive or defensive purposes.

Within the next 5 to 10 years. it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at the total cost of $10 million

It would be very difficult to establish such a program. Molecular biology is a relatively new science. There are not many highly competent scientists in the field, almost all are in university laboratories. and they are generally adequately supported from sources other than DOD. However, it was considered possible to initiate an adequate program through the National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council (NAS--NRC).

The matter was discussed with the NAS-NRC. and tentative plans were made to initiate the program. However. decreasing funds in CB. growing criticism of the CB. program, and our reluctance to involve the NAS NRC in such a controversial endeavor have led us to postpone it for the past 2 years.

It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations. On the other hand, without the sure scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible. and an understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures.



Dr. Boyd E Graves

"The 1971 flowchart makes it perfectly clear, the design, intent and purpose of the U.S. Special Virus program. As Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says, the HIV/AIDS virus is the result of many steps in the laboratory, it was no accident. The 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States' intent to kill its own citizens and others."
Dr. Boyd E. Graves September 28, 2002

Dr. Robert C. Gallo, 'discoverer' of HIV, inside the 1971 US Special Virus Progress Report

US Mycoplasma Expert Confirms 1971 Flow Chart Aimed at HIV


The true history of the origin of AIDS can be traced throughout the 20th Century and back to 1878. On April 29 of that year the United States passed a "FEDERAL QUARANTINE ACT".

The United States began a significant effort to investigate "causes" of epidemic diseases. In 1887, the effort was enhanced with the mandate of the U.S. "LABORATORY OF HYGIENE". This lab was run by Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, a deep rooted-racist, who served the eugenics movement with dedication.

Two years later, 1889, we were able to identify "mycoplasmas", a transmissible agent, that is now found at the heart of human diseases, including (AIDS) HIV.

In 1893, we strengthened the Federal Quarantine Act and suddenly there was an explosion of polio.

In 1898, we knew we could use mycoplasma to cause epidemics, because we were able to do so in cattle, and we saw it in tobacco plants.

In 1899, the U.S. Congress began investigating "leprosy in the United States".

In 1902, We organized a "Station for Experimental Evolution" and we were able to identify diseases of an ethnic nature.

In 1904, we used mycoplasma to cause an epidemic in horses.

In 1910, we used mycoplasma to cause an epidemic in fowl/birds.

In 1917, we formed the "Federation of the American Society for Experimental Biology" (FASEB).

In 1918, the influenza virus killed millions of unsuspecting. It was a flu virus modified with a bird mycoplasma for which human primates had no "acquired immunity".

In 1921, lead eugenics philosopher, Betrand Russell, publicly supported the "necessity for "organized" plagues" against the Black population.

In 1931, we secretly tested African Americans and we tested AIDS in sheep.

In 1935, we learned we could crystallize the tobacco mycoplasma, and it would remain infectious.

In 1943, we officially began our bio-warfare program. Shortly thereafter, we were finding our way to New Guinea to study mycoplasma in humans.

In 1945, we witnessed the greatest influx of foreign scientists in history into the U.S. biological program. Operation Paperclip will live in infamy as one of the darkest programs of a twisted parallel government fixated on genocide.

In 1946, the United States Navy hired Dr. Earl Traub, a notorious racist biologist. A May appropriations hearing confirms the existence of a "secret" biological weapon.

In 1948, we know that the United States confirmed the endorsement of "devising a scheme" in which to address the issue of overpopulation in certain racial groups. State Department’s George McKennan’s memo will forever illuminate the eugenics mendacity necessary for genocide of millions of innocent people.

In 1949, Dr. Bjorn Sigurdsson isolates the VISNA virus. Visna is man made and shares some "unique DNA" with HIV. See, Proceedings of the United States, NAS, Vol. 92, pp. 3283 - 7, (April 11, 1995).

In 1951, we now know our government conducted its first virus attack on African Americans. Crates in Pennsylvania were tainted to see how many Negro crate handlers in Virginia would acquire the placebo virus.. They were also experimentally infecting sheep and goats. According to author Eva Snead, they also held their first world conference on an AIDS-like virus.

In 1954, Dr. Bjorn Sigurdsson publishes his first paper on Visna virus and establishes himself as the "Grandfather of the AIDS virus." He will encounter competition from Dr. Carlton Gajdusek.

In 1955, they were able to artificially assemble the tobacco mosaic virus. Mycoplasmas will forever be at the heart of the U.S. biological warfare program

In 1957, future U.S. president, Rep Gerald Ford and others gave the U.S. Pentagon permission to aggressively deploy offensive biological agents. There are no recorded cases of AIDS prior to the 1957 creation of "Special Operation-X." (The SOX) program served as the immediate prototype program for the Special Virus program to begin in 1962.

By 1960, Nikita Kruschev had been let in on the biological weapon. His 1960 statement will long reflect the arrogance of the secret blend of communism and democracy. The two countries would go to a November 1972 agreement to cull the Black Population.

In 1961, scientist Haldor Thomar publishes that viruses cause cancer. In 1995, he and Carlton Gajdusek informed the National Academy of Sciences that "the study of visna in sheep would be the best test for candidate anti-HIV drugs."

In 1962, under the cover of cancer research, the United States charts a path to commit premeditated murder, the "Special Virus" program begins on February 12th. Dr. Len Hayflick sets up a U.S. mycoplasma laboratory at Stanford University. Many believe the "Special Virus" program began in November 1961 with a Phizer contract.

Beginning in 1963 and for every year thereafter, the "Special Virus" program conducted annual progress reviews at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA. The annual meetings are representative of the aggressive nature in which the United States pursued the development of AIDS.

In 1964, the United States Congress gave full support for the leukemia/lymphoma (AIDS) virus research.

In 1967, the National Academy of Sciences launched a full scale assault on Africa. The CIA (Technical Services Division) acknowledged its secret inoculator program.

In 1969, Fort Detrick told world scientists and the Pentagon asked for more money, they knew they could make AIDS. Nixon’s July 18 secret memo to Congress on "Overpopulation" serves as the start of the paper trail of the AIDS Holocaust.

In 1970, President Nixon signed PL91-213 and John D. Rockefeller, III became the "Population Czar." Nixon’s August 10 National Security Memo leaves no doubt as to the genocidal nature of depopulation.

In 1971, Progress Report #8 is issued. The flowchart (pg. 61) will forever resolve the true laboratory birth origin of AIDS. Eventually the Special Virus program will issue 15 reports and over 20,000 scientific papers. The flowchart links every scientific paper, medical experiment and U.S. contract. The flowchart would remain "missing" until 1999. World scientists were stunned. The flowchart will gain in significance throughout the 21st Century. It is also clear the experiments conducted under Phase IV-A of the flowchart are our best route to better therapy and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. The first sixty pages of progress report #8 of the Special Virus program prove conclusively the specific goal of the program. By June 1977, the Special Virus program had produced 15, 000 gallons of AIDS. The AIDS virus was attached as complement to vaccines sent to Africa and Manhattan. However, because of the thoroughness of authors, like Dr. Robert E. Lee, we also learn the Stanford Mycoplasma Laboratory issues one of the first papers with AIDS in the title. "Viral Infections in Man Associated with Acquired Immunological Deficiency States." The primary scientist, Dr. Thomas Merigan, was a "consultant" to the Special Virus program.

Progress Report # 8 at 104 - 106 proves Dr. Robert Gallo was secretly working on the development of AIDS with full support of the sector of the U.S. government that seeks to kill its citizens. Dr. Gallo can not explain why he excluded his role as a "project officer" for the Special Virus program from his biographical book. Dr. Gallo’s early work and discoveries will finally be viewed in relation to the flowchart. We now know where every experiment fits into the flowchart. The "research logic" is irrefutable evidence of a federal "Manhattan-style project" to develop a "contagious" cancer that "selectively" kills. Dr. Gallo’s 1971 paper is identical to his 1984 AIDS announcement.

Progress Report #8 at 273 - 286 proves we gave AIDS to monkeys. Since 1962, the United States and Dr. Robert Gallo have been inoculating monkeys and re-releasing them back into the wild. Thus, even government scientists are baffled that both HIV-1 and HIV-II would "suddenly emerge" from two distinct monkey ancestral relatives during the last 100 years. A 1999 Japanese study will ultimately prove the Man to Monkey origin of Monkey AIDS. The monkey experiments summary definitively proves Monkey AIDS is also man-made.

In 1972, the United States and the Soviet Union entered into a biological agreement that would signal the death knell for the Black Population. The 1972 agreement for collaboration and cooperation in the development of offensive biological agents is still U. S. policy.

In 1973, we find that world scientist, Garth Nicolson reports on his project, "Role of the Cell Surface in Escape From Immunological Surveillance." His report is accompanied by seven published papers. Dr. Nicolson worked in conjunction with the Special Virus program from 1972 until 1978. Dr. Nicolson is considered by some to be Dr. Gallo’s "West Coast" counterpart. It is strongly held that because of Dr. Nicolson, Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Luc Montagnier would secretly meet in Southern California to coordinate what they would and would not say about the special virus development program.

In 1974, Furher Henry Kissinger releases his NSSM-200 (U.S. Plan to Address Overpopulation). It is the only issue of discussion at the World Population Conference in Bucharest, Romania.  The men in the shadows had won, the whole world agrees to secretly cull Africa’s population. Today it is Africa and other undesirables. Tomorrow it may be you.

In 1975, President Gerald Ford signs National Security Defense Memorandum #314. The United States implements the Kissinger NSSM-200.

In 1976, the United States issues Progress Report #13 of the Special Virus program. The report proves the United States had various international agreements with the Russians, Germans, British, French, Canadians and Japanese. The plot to kill Black people has wide international support. In March, the Special Virus began production of the AIDS virus, by June 1977, the program will have produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS. President Jimmy Carter allows for the continuation of the secret plan to cull the Black Population.

In 1977, Dr. Robert Gallo and the top Soviet Scientists meet to discuss the proliferation of the 15,000 gallons of AIDS. They attach AIDS as complement to the Small pox vaccine for Africa, and the "experimental" hepatitis B vaccine for Manhattan. According to authors June Goodfield and Alan Cantwell, it is Batch #751 that was administered in New York to thousands of innocent people. This government will never be able to repay the people for the social rape, humiliation and out right prejudice people with HIV/AIDS face on a daily basis. The men in the shadows of the AIDS curtain accurately calculated that you would not care if only Blacks and gays are dying. In fact you don’t care that nearly a half million Gulf War veterans are encumbered with something contagious. Soon there will be no more Black people and a confused military, older White people will start suddenly dying and you still won’t get it. Be here now for us, give us a chance to be there for you.

Suddenly, just as President Nixon had predicted, there was explosive death. On November 4, 1999, the U.S. White House announced,.... "Within a period as short as five years, all new infections of HIV in the United States will be African American...." At some point our experts must be allowed to begin the interface process of allowing the history of this virus program to count. It is ludicrous and preposterous to fail to review the U.S. virus program in which to elucidate the etiology of AIDS. - Boyd Graves via deep space 4

Black people have a gene called CCR5 Delta 32+. On the opposite end of the spectrum is CCR5 Delta 32-. The CCR5 Delta 32- is a mutation of the original CCR5 Delta 32+. The only people who have the Delta 32- gene are White people--Nordic Europeans.

The 32- allele has to be inherited from both parents to be immune from HIV and AIDS. The mutation does not have the required receptacles needed to "hold on" the HIV and AIDS Disease. This gives credence to the disease being racially designed to eliminate "people of color."

About 10 percent of European origin now carry the CCR5 Delta 32- mutation. The incidence is only 2 percent in central Asia, and the mutation is completely absent among East Asians, Africans, and American Indians. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?

The HIV/AIDS enzyme is the product of many steps in the laboratory according to all scientific criteria in every independent ?de novo? review that has been conducted to date. The science history shows an Aryan obsession with development of ethnic biological weapons targeting people of Negroid descent. At present it is unclear exactly when the genociders learned there was an exploitable difference in the blood of the Negroid Race.

Shortly after the United States Congress appropriated money (for offensive biological weapons) to the CIA and U.S. military in 1957, Negroid children on the continent of Africa became afflicted with a new cancer (Burkitts Lymphoma). Something was killing African children that utilized the CCR5 delta 32 positive gene, indigenous to all people of color. The year is 2002. Something is killing people of color that is utilizing the CCR5delta32 positive gene. There is a clear master plan to debilitate, incapacitate, eradicate and eliminate the Black populations of the world.

The Proof for the Development of AIDS

U.S. Public Law 91-213 signed March 16, 1970, by Richard Nixon states:

"In the United States effort to 'stabilize the population of Sub-Saharan Africa' and thus, increase the national security of future United States, Nixon proclaims there would be 'explosive events' (relative to John D. Rockefeller, IIIs oversight on the problem of African overpopulation).

To date nary a single U.S. official will address the peculiar public law that authorizes the United States to kill its own citizens and others in the name of the national security of future (White) Americas.

If the United States is above board, then the President should take immediate corrective action to fully disclose this secret (Manhattan-style) program.

J. Craig Venter, Jr., holds the patent to the gene called the "African American HIV/AIDS Entryway." This is the same gene that early U.S. science used on African children in the late 50s (CCR5 Delta 32 positive). - Boyd Graves

Aryans protected from AIDS? Are these NAZIS Taking the piss?

As the global HIV-AIDS death tally reaches 18 million just in three decades comparisons are being made to the European Black Death some 700 years ago. That plague eventually claimed a third of all Europeans. This comparison seems more than words when one throws into the equation the bizarre recent discovery that those immune to HIV-AIDS can thank their survivor ancestors of the original Black Death. For all those immune to HIV-AIDS carry the The mutant gene (also known as the European gene) called CCR5-delta 32....the same gene which resulted in people exposed to the Black Death surviving with either no sign of the virus or full recovery. It turns out that if both parents carry the CCR5-delta 32 gene then one is virtually immune from HIV-AIDS, however if only one parent has the gene then one has a greater chance of surviving without modern medication. CCR5-delta 32 repulses attacking viruses from the white blood cells, which without the gene are 'tricked' by the virus into taking the virus around the body and affecting the immune system. The same method of attack is used by both viruses. Indeed some suggest that the Black Death virus and HIV-AIDS are related....but this is circumstantual I believe.

Unfortunately for many the CCR5 Delta-32 gene is traced back to people of northern European origin......the mutant gene is thought to have developed from inbreading among isolated European communities during the last Ice Age. Therefore while 14% of Europeans have the Delta 32 gene (figures range from country to country) the percentage of Asians, Africans and native Americans/Australians etc is 0%. For Afro-Americans the percentage was 1% showing how much black/white interbreading has been going on over the years.

The discovery of the CCR5 Delta 32 gene does give hope that a cure is on the way.....surely modern medicine can capitalise on this find? This new plague ravaging our planet has to be stopped. Hopefully we might one day be able to thank our ancestors for finding the cure. thread

How far back does the quest for this genetic information supposedly go?
Ask Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer!

Note: the usual explanation for why the Black Death didn't kill Saami is that they were barely out of the stone-age and were isolated from the primary trade routes in the rest of Europe. On the other hand these guys had a long history of cultural and trade contact with the Norse just to their South. Some have hypothesized that the Saami trade in "Soma" (crystalized form of the freeze dried active ingredient in amanita muscaria, an hallucinogenic mushroom) kept them in close contact with just about every ethnic group in a broad area from Europe to China. Even Ghenghis Khan sent a delegation to visit them.


Amanita Muscaria is found all over the place, but many subspecies, for example those in the Western Hemisphere, fail to produce the halucinogenic chemicals. Strength varies in the Eastern Hemisphere as well.

You can buy this fungus to grow in your flower garden if you wish.

If you read up on the way this particular mushroom is ingested, you'd soon discover that the active ingredient is NOT metabolized in the human (or reindeer) systems, but is excreted by the kidneys into the urine.

You would have also discovered that upon initial ingestion there is yet another substance in this mushroom that gives you stomach cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Accordingly, you find a shaman or witch-doctor to eat the mushroom. Only he need suffer the cramps. Then you collect his urine and pass the bottle. Supposedly it is possible to run this material through the kidneys of 5 individuals before the concentration is too thin to give the desired effect.

Better yet is to feed your reindeer vast quantities of amanita muscaria. They love the stuff. Some sources say that reindeer are so addicted to this mushroom that should a Saami unloosen his trousers to urinate, reindeer will come running! (No doubt that's an apocryphal story about how to catch a wild reindeer). On the other hand, National Geographic has a film of reindeer eating absolutely huge quantities of this mushroom with tremendous gusto. Later they are shown urinating into buckets!

Add 2 and 2 together and you can see that the water in frozen urine is going to end up sublimating away leaving behind a yellow or brown powder just choc full of the active ingredients!

It is not to be believed that the Saami didn't happen upon such a process, particularly since this particular mushroom has it's peak growth period sometime in August. Whatever would the shaman do in the other 11 months if they didn't have a year round source?

In Ghengis Khan's day the Saami may well have had the best stash available, and they could produce it in large volume. There were no secrets from the Mongols.


I buy your description if you replace the Uralic speaking Saami by Paleosiberian speaking Koryak and related groups in Kamchatka.

here is a link to a description of the distribution of Sami

and here is a description from 1730 about the use of urine :

Despite the problem of identity of Soma, the knowledge that A. muscaria contains psychoactive toxins has been known to Western cultures at least since 1730. Colonel Johann von Strahlenberg, a Swedish military officer, who was a prisoner of war in Siberia for twelve years reported on the use of A. muscaria as an inebriant by the primitive tribesmen in that area.

Throughout the history of the various tribes of Siberian mushroom users, there had been no other intoxicant other than A. muscaria until the Russians introduced alcohol. Thus, not all cultures developed the knowledge of fermentation. The mushrooms are dried in the sun and later ingested alone, or as an extract in water or reindeer milk. Few people know about how the mushrooms are treated after their collection, but it seems that one method of ingestion is well known because of the unusual means by which the psychoactive toxin are introduced into the body.

During the ceremonial use of the A. muscaria, a ritualistic practice of urine-drinking had developed because the tribesmen learned that the psychoactive toxins involved passed through the metabolic system unaltered. This practice allowed the toxin to be used over and over again by drinking the urine of someone who had consumed the mushroom or who had drunk the urine of someone who had consumed the mushroom. In this matter, the ecstasy of few mushrooms could be extended for several days.

An early account, in 1809, by Georg Langsdorf, on the practice of urine drinking, among the Koryak tribe of Siberia, described the reason for this practicve. He wrote: The Russians who trade with them [Koryak], carry thither a kind of mushrooms, called, in the Russian Tongue, Muchumor, which they exchange for squirrels, fox, ermin, sable and other furs: Those who are rich among them, lay up large provisions of these mushrooms, for the winter. When they make a feast, they pour water upon some of these mushrooms, and boil them. They then drink the liquor, which intoxicate them; the poorer sort, who cannot afford to lay in a store of these mushrooms, post themselves, on these occasions, round the huts of the rich, and watch the opportunity of the guests coming down to make water; and then hold a wooden bowl to receive the urine, which they drink off greedily, as having still some virtune of the mushroom in it, and by this way they also get drunk.

Although partially true, Langsdorf's tale tells only half the story. Because the purpose of drinking the extract of the mushroom was for religious reasons, it is thought that the sharing of the shaman's own intoxicating body fluid with his fellow tribesmen, and theirs among themselves, served to show unification of the celebrants with one another as well as with the sacred mushroom. Recall also that A. muscaria contains muscarine, as well as other toxins that cause profuse sweating and twitching.

When drinking the urine of individuals, who had consumed the mushroom, apparently the muscarine and other toxins are metabolized and the urine drinker is spared the unpleasant side effects. Thus, there is a practical reason for drinking the intoxicating urine.


The root of the flying reindeer myth!!!

No one knows if reindeer really fly and the reindeer aren't talking, but all these folks, and their cirtters, are portrayed with red noses!

"Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bell Rock, dancing and prancing......" was written by Bobby Helms. He wrote a special arrangement for Johnny Cash. Bobby lived very near Mooresville, Indiana, the veritable "buckle" on the Church of the First Born "belt". These folks carry on the practices and traditions of their primitive Norwegian ancestors, right down to rejecting doctors!

Free Republic [!!!]

Ernst Sch0er, leader of the Nazi expedition to Tibet in 1938.

I think the information above gives us clues as to what the NAZIS were really doing visiting areas of Tibet.

Soon, the concept of vril appeared. In 1871, British novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton, in The Coming Race, described a superior race, the Vril-ya, who lived beneath the earth and planned to conquer the world with vril, a psychokinetic energy. The French author Louis Jacolliot furthered the myth in Les Fils de Dieu (The Sons of God) (1873) and Les Traditions indo-europ�enes (The Indo-European Traditions) (1876). In these books, he linked vril with the subterranean people of Thule. The Thuleans will harness the power of vril to become supermen and rule the world. - The Nazi Connection with Shambhala and Tibet

Were they testing what they saw as 'pure aryan' tribes? Were they also testing on North Europeans?

Was this a fact finding mission for the coming Nazi drug industrial complex as part of the thousand year REICH?

also after WWII - [remember US aquired Nazi Scientists via Project paperclip]
drugs companies [Eli Lily/Sandoz - now Novartis] continued to search Africa and South America for Ergot Fungus derivatives:

see: Wasson's alternative candidates for soma

Ergot had a mysterious, contradictory reputation. In China and some Arab countries, it was thought to have medicinal powers, but in Europe it was associated with the horrible malady from the Middle Ages called St. Anthony's Fire, which struck periodically like the plague. The disease turned fingers and toes into blackened stumps and led to madness and death.

see : mind control

more on St Anthonys fire: Migraine treatment from Ergot

the story goes - some genetic lines are immune to infection of HIV

If the HIV virus has not been isolated...

It must be something else that is causing this syndrome...

Why are non-whites all susceptible to HIV infection whereas there are 1% of whites who are impervious to HIV infection as they have the homozygous CCR5-32 deletion allele. Why would a disease evolving in sheep have a relationship to an emergent disease in humans that will infect every non-white person and not infect some white people and that relationship just happens to be by accident given there is a history of scientific racism going back to 1870? The Man-Made Origin Of AIDS - Important Notes

What is causing this syndrome?

weapons made in a lab...

Mycloplasm - weapons grade disease with a Fungi-like structure

Mycoplasmas are a specific and unique species of bacteria - the smallest free-living organism known on the planet. The primary differences between mycoplasmas and other bacteria is that bacteria have a solid cell-wall structure and they can grow in the simplest culture media. Mycoplasmas however, do not have a cell wall, and like a tiny jellyfish with a pliable membrane, can take on many different shapes which make them difficult to identify, even under a high powered electron microscope. Mycoplasmas can also be very hard to culture in the laboratory and are often missed as pathogenic causes of diseases for this reason.

The accepted name was chosen because Mycoplasmas were observed to have a fungi-like structure (Mycology is the study of fungi - hence "Myco") and it also had a flowing plasma-like structure without a cell wall - hence "plasma". The first strains were isolated from cattle with arthritis and pleuro-pneumonia in 1898 at the Pasteur Institute. The first human strain was isolated in 1932 from an abscessed wound. The first connection between mycoplasmas and rheumatoid diseases was made in 1939 by Drs. Swift and Brown. Unfortunately, mycoplasmas didn't become part of the medical school curriculum until the late 1950's when one specific strain was identified and proven to be the cause of atypical pneumonia, and named Mycoplasma pneumonia. The association between immunodeficiency and autoimmune disorders with mycoplasmas was first reported in the mid 1970s in patients with primary hypogammaglobulinemia (an autoimmune disease) and infection with four species of mycoplasma that had localized in joint tissue. Since that time, scientific testing methodologies have made critical technological progress and along with it, more mycoplasma species have been identified and recorded in animals, humans and even plants. - By Leslie Taylor, ND

mycoplasmas often establish covert and chronic infections of target cells that lead to either invalid and misleading data or introduction of mycoplasmas or their products into reagents dedicated to therapeutic or research purposes. The recent emphasis on isolating viral agents, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1, from human primary lymphocytic cells has also demonstrated the frequent cocultivation of mycoplasmas of human origin. Often, the unwanted sources of exogenous mycoplasmas are serum products and filter-"sterilized"(450 nm) solutions; cross-contamination by already infected cell cultures, viral stocks, or immunologic preparations; breaks in technique, including aerosols from the respiratory tract or by mouth pipetting; ignorance of the mycoplasma problem; or scientific indifference. Mycoplasmas: Sophisticated, Reemerging, and Burdened by Their Notoriety Joel B. Baseman* and Joseph G. Tully

MYCOPLASMA: The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases

The mycoplasma acts by entering into the individual cells of the body, depending upon your genetic predisposition. You may develop neurological diseases if the pathogen destroys certain cells in your brain, or you may develop Crohn's colitis if the pathogen invades and destroys cells in the lower bowel.

Once the mycoplasma gets into the cell, it can lie there doing nothing sometimes for 10, 20 or 30 years, but if a trauma occurs like an accident or a vaccination that doesn't take, the mycoplasma can become triggered.

Because it is only the DNA particle of the bacterium, it doesn't have any organelles to process its own nutrients, so it grows by uptaking pre-formed sterols from its host cell and it literally kills the cell; the cell ruptures and what is left gets dumped into the bloodstream.

back up

Is Gene therapy to be presented as the cure for all disease?

Gene therapy has hit many roadblocks in recent years. The most-publicized incident was the death of 18-year-old Jesse Gelsinger in September 1999 following an experimental gene therapy treatment for his rare liver disease at the University of Pennsylvania.

The leader of the study was accused of a financial conflict of interest, and the FDA found various shortcomings in the university's protocol. The Gelsinger family reached a settlement with the university in November 2000.

Not many gene therapies have been approved. Recently, the European Union approved a protein replacement therapy for Fabry Disease, and the U.S. FDA is also expected to approve the treatment. Four other gene therapies are now in clinical trials.- wired

This biologically crafted syndrome provides a guilt / fear based reason for Genetic alteration via 'therapy'

A myth is presented - That Only Pure Aryan bloodlines are immune.

Remember 'racial purity' does not exist - this is a dangerous ideology - there is only difference...

In reality it is a weapon designed to target specific genotypes...

seemingly via mycoplasma -

does this parasitic fungal based bacteria form when certain vaccines are left to rot?

Was the WHO smallpox vaccine delivered to 'the 3rd world' in the 1970's just a bad batch? I think not...

Alan Cantwell, a Los Angeles doctor confirms in his book AIDS The Mystery and the Solution that investigations revealed that the first 26 cases of AIDS in the U.S. were from New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the three cities that carried out the most extensive early hepatitis B. vaccine trials. Dr Cladd Stevens of the New York Blood Centre assembled 212 men out of the 1083 who had taken part in the hepatitis B. vaccine trials and found 85 of them with AIDS. An outside consultant to the World Health Organisation had reported to The Times that the WHO having found a connection between their smallpox inoculation programmes and the incidence of "AIDS" in Zambia, Zaire and Brazil had engaged his firm to investigate. Which they did, and found the suspicion correct. However when the report was given to the WHO they would not publish the findings. Health.org

the creation of a disease [such as AIDS] seeks to create fear of difference via fear of contracting disease via genetic 'impurity'

real reason for the assertion?

Gene therapy - genetic alteration of the human species...

This will enable all Human species to become an upgradable entity...in the disease industry.

Is this the reason for the elitism we find in Nazi / royal bloodline ideology?

this is petry dish nazism...pure & simple

"Most AIDS vaccines are based on the HIV glycoprotein gp120, that a number of virologists have warned, not only undermines the immune System of individuals but is also likely to create deadly viruses and bacteria that can spread through entire populations. These vaccines are being used effectively as slow bio-weapons in mass clinical trials around the world, as virologist Dr. Veljko Veljkovic and I have warned in a letter to Dr. Gro Bruntland, Director General of the WHO."
source [must read]

"Current "benevolent" international efforts to help poor women decide the number and spacing of their children appear to me to involve massive slander and slaughter of poor people in the Third World in general - with the HIV/AIDS hoax. ["Why AREN'T other causes of immunodeficiency taken into account in the CDC surveillance definition of AIDS, i.e., why is it that, "Regardless of the presence of other causes of immunodeficiency, in the presence of laboratory evidence for HIV, any disease [we have] listed...indicates a diagnosis of AIDS."(?) [U.S. Centers for Disease Control: JAMA, 1987;258:1143-1154]"
Nazis in the Attic [must read]

HIV=AIDS=Death assertion Now ILLEGAL in Germany!

The trial was based on actions of the defendant which were caused by the misleading statement made by the RKI (Dr. Marcus) on the 9th March 1995, that there were photographs of the isolated HIV-virus inside the publications of Montagnier (1983) and Gallo (1984). The judge proved the untruthfulness of this statement using Dr. Marcus's statement itself. The court imposed a suspended sentence of 8 months of jail because of attempted coercion of the authorities to adhere and act according to law and order.

The document of the German Bundestag DS 12/8591 holds proof that the Bundestag had already known in 1994 that neither Montagnier (1983) nor Gallo (1984) had isolated any virus in connection with AIDS. Based on this the Bundestag safeguarded the persistent lie of the AIDS information campaign (RKI) from 9th March 1995 about the successful isolation of a virus in connection with AIDS. As a consequence of non-tolerating this lie and because of non-tolerating the deadly consequences of this lie, the trial took place on 15th January 2001.

It is impossible' as far as laboratory conditions are concerned ' to develop a valid Virus-antibody-test, if the virus has not been isolated before. Every layman understands that an individual proof for an infection with a virus is impossible, if the existence of the virus has never been generally proven. This knowledge of the German health authorities, that the tests are not validated, can be proven via the authorities' or with the documents themselves. The error concerning the test validity is spread and supported by the authorities' against better knowledge. - from Sumeria

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, AIDS is not a single disease, but rather a category of 29 unrelated, previously-known conditions including herpes, yeast infections, salmonella, diarrhea, fever, flus, TB, pelvic cancer in women, pneumonia and bacterial infections. The CDC also designates HIV- positive people who aren't sick, but have a T-cell count below 200, as AIDS patients (T-cells are a subset of white blood cells). The only thing that separates an AIDS diagnosis from any of these conditions is a positive HIV test, which itself is based on Robert Gallo's research. " The AIDS Debate

Influencing Public Opinion

"In 1987, I became re-acquainted with a man who calls himself Ellis Medavoy. He has since retired from his contract work as a propaganda consultant. Medavoy supplied me with several contact numbers and a small pile of documents. Using these, I convinced myself that he was entirely legitimate. That he in fact was working on AIDS, and in a very curious way.

His job was to influence the press in the direction of completely accepting mainstream research on the subject of HIV. By 1987, this was not what you would call hard work. But he had been at it since 1982---when all sorts of theories about AIDS abounded in the press and in the specialized medical literature.

Medavoy had been retained by "individuals who were part of the Council on Foreign Relations and the British Roundtable but were not acting as official representatives of those groups."

In 1983, a year before HIV (aka HTLV-III) was announced to the world as the official cause of AIDS, Medavoy knew that Robert Gallo would be the messenger for "some kind of retrovirus that would be said to be the driving force behind a global plague."

Medavoy had several tasks before him. The first one was to soften up reporters so they would be receptive to the idea that a virus was the cause of AIDS. Essentially, Medavoy had access to certain key sources that these reporters often used for medical stories.

His job was to convince these sources that "the inside word was" a retrovirus. A retrovirus was causing AIDS. Then these sources would pass that word along to reporters.

Medavoy, of course, already knew these reporters' "reliable sources." He had been cultivating them for years, in a variety of contexts. They trusted him.

And why not? He seemed to be right on the money time and time again. What he told these sources would happen did happen. And when the sources passed down Medavoy's advance wisdom to their reporter friends, the reporters were all too happy to get this prized info.

That was how Medavoy worked. He was not alone, of course. There were others like him, and others working on the AIDS issue. Medavoy's bosses considered AIDS a very big deal. It had to be positioned correctly. It had to be thought of in a certain way, so that it could be used as a smokescreen, a lie, to conceal the depopulation agenda that had been underway for a long time in Africa, Latin America, and Asia."

Jon Rappaport -
The depopulation agenda part 1

The depopulation agenda part 2


"The pharmaceutical companies that were formed after IG Farben broke up, following the Nuremberg trails, have infected most of the population with all sorts of diseases, via contaminated vaccines. (such as the SV40 virus in polio vaccines)

All this information is in the public domain, along with articles about the mercury preservative "thermasol" used in vaccines, which has been strongly implicated in devastating neurological diseases such as autism. Young soldiers are given banned substances in their vaccines. e.g. Squalene, yet they are told their illness is "all in the head". The fact that their wives have gone on to develop neurological illnesses like ME, and their children are born without limbs, or develop autism, seems to have been constantly ignored by our governments.

The same pharmaceutical companies are currently testing loads of different vaccines e.g. several AIDS vaccines. We are all about to be given compulsory AIDS vaccines. The only problem is, stories of SV40 causing brain and bone cancers, Gulf war soldiers dying like flies, and not forgetting the autism fiasco of course, the public has started to lose it's trust in vaccines.

indymedia post by Jabbed

If the headline below isn't scary enough:
China admits AIDS infections caused by
'botched' blood supply schemes

China denies plans to build AIDS-only prisons

BEIJING, Nov 17 (Reuters) - China on Thursday denied planning to build special prisons for HIV/AIDS-infected convicts to try to halt the disease's spread.

The official China Daily said on Monday the booming southern province of Guangdong was to build at least two prisons exclusively for HIV/AIDS prisoners. "China has no plans to build special prisons for AIDS convicts," Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told a news conference in Beijing.

"China will increase facilities in the present prisons to provide free examinations and treatment for AIDS prisoners in order to give them better medical care."

China says it has 840,000 HIV-AIDS cases among its 1.3 billion population, but experts say at least a million poor farmers were infected in botched blood-selling schemes in the 1990s in the central Henan province alone.

A top Chinese HIV expert recently echoed a grim U.N. warning that the number of HIV-AIDS cases could reach 10 million in China by 2010 if no effective measures are taken to curb the disease. - alertnet.org

What other countries have seen the same scenario?


doubts - smallpox better model? remember - smallpox suspected of being used in San Francisco in 70's to spread HIV +plague was used germ warfare experiments

The unusual genetic frequency and distribution of a deletion mutation in the chemokine receptor gene CCR5 providing protection against HIV infection and AIDS is thought to have been selected by conferring resistance to the Black Death during the Middle Ages. In the February 12 Nature, Joan Mecsas and colleagues at Stanford University report that CCR5 knockout mice are not protected against Yersinia pestis infection after all, forcing a rethink of the hypothesis (Nature, 427:606, February 12, 2004).


There is no suggestion that we can use CCR5 blockage to protect against the plague. After we submitted, there was a modeling study from UC Berkeley that suggested that smallpox might have more selective power as a disease for protective mutation. So we are planning to test that idea. So the whole idea is resurrected but transferred to a different disease: smallpox rather than plague, source

Must read: Articles by Dr Alan Cantwell from 'Gay Today'

"Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus."

On May 11, 1987, The London Times, one of the world's most respected newspapers, published an explosive article entitled, "Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus." The story suggested the smallpox eradication vaccine program sponsored by the WHO was responsible for unleashing AIDS in Africa. Almost 100 million Africans living in central Africa were inoculated by the WHO. The vaccine was held responsible for awakening a "dormant" AIDS virus infection on the continent.

An advisor to the WHO admitted, "Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of AIDS." Robert Gallo, M,D., the co-discoverer of HIV, told The Times, "The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV." Despite the tremendous importance of this story, the U.S. media was totally silent on the report, and Gallo never spoke of it again.

In September 1987, at a conference sponsored by the National Health Federation in Monrovia, California, William Campbell Douglass, M.D., bluntly blamed the WHO for murdering Africa with the AIDS virus. In a widely circulated reprint of his talk entitled "W.H.O. Murdered Africa" , he accused the organization of encouraging virologists and molecular biologists to work with deadly animal viruses in an attempt to make an immunosuppressive hybrid virus that would be deadly to humans. From the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (Volume 47, p.259, 1972), he quoted a passage that stated: "An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus." According to Douglass, "That's AIDS. What the WHO is saying in plain English is Let's cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T-cell system of man, an acquired immune deficiency.'"

see WHO Murdered Africa

A deliberate vaccine compromise too farfetched?

Human experiments -
in the 'free world'?

"Glaxo has sponsored at least four medical trials since 1995 using Hispanic and black children at Incarnation. The documents give details of all clinical trials in the US and reveal the experiments sponsored by Glaxo were designed to test the 'safety and tolerance' of Aids medications, some of which have potentially dangerous side effects. Glaxo manufactures a number of drugs designed to treat HIV, including AZT. "
UK firm tried HIV drug on orphans

MUST READ: The house that AIDS built
By Liam Scheff
This brave article deals with pharmaceutical abuse in a children's home in NYC

It was through Maggiore that I met Mona, whose children, Sean and Dana, have tested HIV-positive. By the state's definition, they're not actually her children; Mona is their great aunt and legal guardian. Her niece, a long-time drug user, was unable to act as a responsible mother, so Sean and Dana were remanded to state foster care. Mona took them back to raise as her own.

When I first spoke with Mona, she was stressed and nervous. Sean had twice been sent to the Incarnation Children's Center (ICC), a "home for HIV positive children" located in Washington Heights. First, as an infant, then again four years ago. And Dana was there until June.

"Why did they take her?" I asked.

"They said I was a negligent parent because I didn't want to give the drugs."

She'd been taking Sean and Dana to a naturopath. That the children were healthy didn't matter. When city agencies found out that the children weren't on the drugs, they took them away for mandatory treatment at a clinic and then transferred them to ICC. There, they were locked up and pumped full of drugs day and night.

"What drugs?"

"AZT, Nevirapine, Epivir, Zerit. All kinds of drugs."

To read through the list of drug studies either currently underway or recently concluded at ICC studies sponsored by government agencies such as National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and huge pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo, Pfizer, Squibb and Genentech?is to take a trip through the nightmare world of pediatric drug research.

For example, the study called "The Effect of Anti-HIV Treatment on Body Characteristics of HIV-Infected Children" is looking for the causes of "Wasting and Lipodystrophy [fat redistribution]"?by using drugs known to cause wasting and lipodystrophy.

Or consider "The Safety and Effectiveness of Treating Advanced AIDS Patients between the Ages of 4 and 22 with Seven Drugs, Some at Higher than Usual Doses." The seven drugs in the study are all known to cause debilitating, potentially fatal side effects, yet they are administered at "higher than usual doses" in four-year-olds.

Then there's a study with "Stavudine Alone or in Combination with Didanosine." Stavudine plus Didanosine has killed pregnant women.

Or the vaccine study to be administered to children "12 months to 8 years" using "live chicken pox virus," even though one of the consequences of a live virus vaccine can be the disease itself.

Another measures "HIV Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid." Cerebrospinal fluid can only be gathered from a spinal tap, a dangerous and invasive procedure.

There's even a study on HIV-negative children born to HIV-infected mothers that uses an experimental HIV vaccine.

Mona was never informed that Sean had once participated in clinical trials at ICC. - more

more Human Testing in real world environment: New drug hope for HIV kids

A CHEAP and widely available antibiotic could be used to cut deaths from AIDS-related diseases in African children by more than 40 per cent, government-backed scientists said yesterday.

The findings were hailed as a breakthrough in medicine by Hilary Benn, the International Development Secretary.

Scientists from the Medical Research Council conducted a trial in Zambia to see whether the drug co-trimoxazole could stop fatal infections linked with AIDS.

An HIV-positive group of 541 children aged from 1 to 14 were given daily doses of the antibiotic or a placebo.

After 19 months, about a quarter of the treated children had died, compared with more than 40 per cent of those receiving the dummy drug. Using the antibiotic also reduced hospital admissions by 23 per cent.

The findings were so remarkable that the study was discontinued on ethical grounds and the placebo group immediately put on co-trimoxazole. - Australian

Exclusive: The Truth about Nevirapine

Dr. Edmund Tramont, Head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) AIDS division, was outed by fellow NIH AIDS researcher Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, for burying evidence of drug toxicity in an African drug trial. Documents obtained by the Associated Press show that Tramont censored reporting of thousands of toxic reactions and at least 14 deaths in the ongoing Nevirapine study in Uganda. Nevirapine is the key component of George W. Bushs $500 million donation to get AIDS drugs to Africans.

South African President Thabo Mbeki accused the U.S. of using Africans as guinea pigs. The Rev. Jesse Jackson echoed the statement, calling the cover-up an outrage. Liam Scheff


[google search world population control agenda]  

Study Says Condoms Contain Cancer-Causing Substance

"Most condoms contain a cancer-causing chemical and their manufacture should be subject to greater quality control, a German scientific research institute said Friday. The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, said it found the carcinogen N-Nitrosamine present in 29 of 32 types of condoms it tested in simulated conditions. "N-Nitrosamine is one of the most carcinogenic substances," the study's authors said. "There is a pressing need for manufacturers to tackle this problem." The carcinogen is thought to be present in a substance used to improve condom elasticity. When the rubber material comes in contact with human bodily fluids, it can release traces of N-Nitrosamine, the study said"


Condoms Contain other 'active ingredients' - Nonoxynol-9

Nonoxynol-9 (or N-9) is the active ingredient in most over-the-counter birth control products available in the United States and Canada. Contraceptive jellies and creams (such as those used with the diaphragm), Conceptrol suppositories, Delfin foam, Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF), Encare Oval suppositories and Advantage-S gel are all products that contain N-9. These products work as contraceptives because the N-9 disrupts the sperm's outer membrane, thereby deactivating it.

N-9 products were designed and approved by the FDA as contraceptives, not as microbicides. But, since N-9 kills HIV and a wide variety of other STD pathogens in the test tube, the idea of using it for disease prevention has been around for decades.

New data suggest that Nonoxynol-9 provides little, if any, protection against bacterial STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Until recently, scientists believed that vaginal use of nonoxynol-9 offered some--albeit limited--protection against bacterial STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Recent evidence, however, has called into question even modest claims of protection. Three randomized controlled trials have failed to detect any statistically significant effect of N-9 against common bacterial STDS (Roddy et al. 1998; Van Damme 2000; Roddy et al. 2002). As a result, the US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have concluded that products containing N-9 should not be promoted for STD protection.

N-9 also provides No protection against HIV.

Early hopes that N-9 might be effective against HIV have not born out. When scientists first began looking for vaginal microbicides, they decided to first evaluate whether any existing products might work for this purpose. They began testing existing spermicides containing N-9 to see if they prevented HIV transmission when used in the vagina.

After a long and complicated history of testing, scientists have concluded that products containing N-9 do not offer protection against HIV. It appears that when used frequently, N-9 containing products may increase risk of HIV transmission by causing small disruptions in the vaginal epithelium (cell wall). Scientists are concerned that these disruptions may increase a woman's risk of acquiring HIV.

- global-campaign

Recent studies have shown that Nonoxynol-9, the substance used in many brands of condoms, lubricants and creams as extra protection against pregnancy and STD's, may strip the inner lining of the rectum, making it more prone to abrasions and open wounds. For gay men that participate in anal intercourse, this can pose serious health risks as tears in the rectal area increase the chances of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as well as other STD's.

In the 1980s Nonoxynol-9 (or N-9) was introduced as an supplemental method of contraception. The liquid itself has been shown to kill the active sperm in semen, thus reducing the chance of pregnancy. The substance was also thought to battle STD's, even though it was never clinically proven. And since no contraception is 100% guaranteed, couples were still encouraged to use condoms in addition to N-9. Today, the inclusion of Nonoydol-9 has become a "normal" and expected addition. Most gay men that engage in anal sex use lubricants with N-9.

Now due to potential health risks, gay men are now being asked to use condoms and lubricants without Nonoxynol-9 during sex. This may be increasingly difficult especially during the ongoing campaign for widespread and consistent condom use in the gay community.

Now the golden rule of sex has changed from "Always use a condom!" to "Always use a condom without Nonoxynol-9!"

- Nonoxynol-9

- Proposed US condom labels warn against spermicide


Pharma-fascism - How far into Brave new World are we?

Permanent Condom For HIV Positives Soon to be a Reality

Science News Update January 23, 2006

Most of us think of condoms as something that you remove and throw away. But not anymore. The development of new, super-strong varieties of latex and improved microsurgical techniques have now made the permanently affixed condom, once a dream of public health officials, a reality.

"We have demonstrated that it works," said Dr. Harold Danvers of Johns Hopkins University. "Now it's up to our public health agencies to get this technology to the people who need it."

Danvers led a team of rubber engineers, virologists and epidemiologists from Harvard, the University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health in conception and development of the device. Funding was provided by the NIH.

The Permanent Condom is made of DuPont's new BioBrute® latex, which has proven to be virtually invulnerable to tears, rips and abrasions in intensive testing on mice. A mere 7.5 millimeters thick, the condom will allow ample amounts of sexual sensation to reach the user, the researchers say. And, most important, it's surgically attached to the penis, so it can't slip off and allow HIV transmission.

One technical problem arose when the scientists realized that with a condom that could not be removed, the semen would just sit there in the condom after ejaculation and that this might eventually cause sanitary problems. They solved it with a simple but ingenious invention. A hand-operated vacuum pump will be implanted in the user's scrotum. Similar to the pumps found in penile implants, it is used after ejaculation to vacuum the deadly semen back into the wearer's penis. Then a disinfecting detergent fluid, stored in a reservoir that will be implanted in the user's abdomen, is pumped into the condom to sanitize. "It's a closed loop system," said Danvers. "The HIV cannot escape from its owner and infect others."

Doctors and scientists are excited about the possibilities of the implanted reservoir. As needed, it could be filled and refilled with antifungals, antiretrovirals, spermicides, herbicides -- even erotic perfumes -- with a simple thrice-annual operation that could be performed in a doctor's office under local anesthesia.

Space for the reservoir will be cleared by removing the HIV positive person's appendix, Danvers said.

Another issue arose when, halfway into the research and development, Professor of Anatomy James Bulkfish of Harvard Medical School pointed out that a condom that couldn't be removed would make it difficult for the wearer to urinate. The team of scientists quickly solved that problem -- all Permanent Condom recipients will, at time of installation, also receive a urinary bypass operation that will reroute their urine through a thin silicone tube that will emerge from the navel and be very inconspicuous, even hard to notice in public restrooms, Dr. Danvers said.

The World Health Organization has scheduled a special emergency session to be held on the island of Curacao in late February, to discuss how best to implement the breakthrough technology. A special public-private partnership has already been initiated to manufacture the condoms, publicize them and attach them to People Living with HIV and AIDS. Participants include the WHO, Glaxo Smith Kline, the American Association of Urological Surgeons, the World Bank, Trojans, Inc., CNN and MTV. Low income people without medical insurance will be able to apply to have their surgical costs paid by the US Centers for Disease Control.

Among contentious issues to be discussed at the WHO meeting include whether the Permanent Condom should be mandatory for all HIV positive people, or a voluntary surgical procedure.

Ron Saucy, chief of communications for New York-based Gay Men's Health Crisis, hailed the breakthrough but had some reservations. "We have some privacy concerns," he said, noting that a permanent condom would make it impossible for a person to hide the fact that he was HIV positive from bedroom partners. "It's like a scarlet letter," he said. "Or even like William F. Buckley's suggestion some years ago that all HIV positives should have a special tattoo declaring their status, as a warning to potential sex partners." But he said that public health concerns should trump privacy issues, and, "anyway, people have a legal obligation to notify their partners of their HIV status before sex, so this really doesn't matter."

Ronetta Klein, a campaigner with Human Rights Watch, agreed. "There is no privacy right when a HIV positive person pulls his pants down for a lover," she noted. "Your status will still be a secret to those you don't sleep with."

Senator Hillary Rodham Cliton (D-NY) called the discovery "one of the great public health advances of the last 500 years," and said she would introduce legislation requiring installation of the permanent condom for all people who test HIV positive in the US. But she also criticized the researchers for ignoring the needs of women. She called on the scientists to swiftly engineer a permanent female condom so that HIV positive women would not be discriminated against. - AIDSMythExposed


Religious Groups Get Chunk of AIDS Money

By RITA BEAMISH, Associated Press Writer 19 minutes ago

New groups are springing up to win a piece of President Bush's $15 billion AIDS program, with traditional players and religious groups joining forces to improve their chances in a competition that already has targeted nearly a quarter of its grants for faith-based organizations. The administration is putting out a call for new community and church groups to get involved in HIV prevention and care in 15 target countries, most in sub-Saharan Africa. It is reserving $200 million specifically for groups with little or no government grant experience.

Groups that have deep local ties in the countries and focus on abstinence and fidelity - instead of just condoms - are faring well.

"The notion that because people have always received aid money that they'll get money needs to end," Deputy Global AIDS coordinator Mark Dybul said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. "The only way to have sustainable programs is to have programs that are wholly owned in terms of management personnel at the local level."

Those on the ground in Africa say Bush's 3-year-old effort is reshaping prevention efforts.

"You have community organizations, some that have operated for decades, asking for money and you have lots of new organizations popping up," said Sarah Lucas, a development assistance expert who recently toured four countries on the U.S. target list for HIV/AIDS grants.

Award recipients so far include a Christian relief organization famous for its televised appeals to feed hungry children, a well-known Roman Catholic charity and a group run by the son of evangelist Billy Graham, according to the State Department.

The outreach to nontraditional AIDS players comes in the midst of a debate over how best to prevent the spread of HIV. The debate has activated groups on both ends of the political spectrum and created a vast competition for money. Conservative Christian allies of the president are pressing the U.S. foreign aid agency to give fewer dollars to groups that distribute condoms or work with prostitutes. Secular organizations in Africa are raising concerns that new money to groups without AIDS experience may dilute the impact of Bush's program.

"We clearly recognize that it is very important to work with faith-based organizations," said Dan Mullins, deputy regional director for southern and western Africa for CARE, one of the best-known humanitarian organizations. "But at the same time we don't want to fall into the trap of assuming faith-based groups are good at everything," he added.

Religious organizations last year accounted for more than 23 percent of all groups that got HIV/AIDS grants, according to State Department estimates. Some 80 percent of all secular and religious grant recipients were based in the countries where the aid is targeted.

Among those winning grants were:

_Samaritan's Purse, which is run by Graham's son, Franklin. It says its mission is "meeting critical needs of victims of war, poverty, famine, disease and natural disaster while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ."

_World Vision. The 56-year-old Christian organization is known for its TV appeals - some with celebrities such as game show host Alex Trebek - that asked people to support a Third World child.

_Catholic Relief Services. It was awarded $6.2 million to teach abstinence and fidelity in three countries; $335 million in a consortium providing antiretroviral treatment; and $9 million to help orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDs. The group offers "complete and correct information about condoms" but will not promote, purchase or distribute them, said Carl Stecker, senior program director for HIV/AIDS.

_HOPE. The global relief organization founded by the International Churches of Christ recently brought comedian Chris Rock to South Africa for an AIDS prevention event. AIDS grants support HOPE in several countries.

_World Relief, founded by the National Association of Evangelicals. It won $9.7 million for abstinence work in four countries.

Most of the money in Bush's initiative goes to treatment programs, earning the administration praise for delivering lifesaving drugs and care to millions of HIV-infected patients.

For prevention, Bush embraces the "ABC" strategy: abstinence before marriage, being faithful to one partner and condoms targeted for high-risk activity. The Republican-led Congress mandated that one-third of prevention money be reserved for abstinence and fidelity.

The U.S. government provided more than 560 million condoms abroad last year, compared with some 350 million in 2001.

Condom promotion to anyone must include abstinence and fidelity messages, U.S. guidelines say, but those preaching abstinence do not have to provide condom education.

The abstinence emphasis, say some longtime AIDS volunteers, has led to a confusing message and added to the stigma of condom use in parts of Africa. Village volunteers in Swaziland maintain a supply of free condoms but say they have few takers.

"This drive for abstinence is putting a lot of pressure on girls to get married earlier," said Dr. Abeja Apunyo, the Uganda representative for Pathfinder International, a reproductive health nonprofit group based in Massachusetts. "For years now we have been trying to tell our daughters that they should finish their education and train in a profession before they get married. Otherwise they have few options if they find themselves separated from their husbands for some reason," Apunyo said.

An AIDS program pastor in Uganda explained his abstinence teaching to unmarried young people. "Why give an alternative and have them take a risk?" asked the Rev. Sam Lawrence Ruteikara of the Anglican Church of Uganda, a U.S. grant recipient. "This person doesn't have a sexual partner, so why should I report too much, saying that in case you get a sexual partner, please use a condom. I am saying, please don't get a sexual partner - don't get involved because it is risky."

U.S.-backed programs have spread abstinence and faithfulness education to more than 13 million people in Uganda, according to the State Department. Officials promote the nation as an "ABC" model, with its HIV infection rate down by more than half in a decade.

Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., said that on a tour of Uganda in January he saw pro-abstinence rallies and skits praising Bush, and U.S.-supported groups conducting house-to-house testing, care and counseling. "The good news about the faith-based groups is not only the passion they bring to the work, but it is the moral authority and the extended numbers of volunteers they can mobilize to get the word out," Smith said.

But Smith believes the administration is wrongly supporting some nonprofit groups. He and several other congressional conservatives wrote to Bush and the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, contending that several large grant recipients were pro-prostitution, pro-abortion and not committed enough to abstinence priorities. The letters followed a briefing last year by Focus on the Family, run by Christian commentator James Dobson. The group's sexual health analyst, Linda Klepacki, said even some religious groups emphasize condoms over abstinence.

"We have to be careful that the president's original intent is being followed where A and B (abstinence and faithfulness) are the emphasized areas of the ABC methodology," she said.

Six congressional Democrats, in a letter last week to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, accused the conservatives of a distortion campaign that undermines a balanced approach to fighting AIDS. "Their attack is based on a narrow, ideological viewpoint that condemns condoms and frames any attempt to reach out to high-risk populations as an endorsement of behaviors that these critics oppose," said Rep. Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif.

USAID has declined to renew funding for two major AIDS-fighting consortiums, CORE and IMPACT, headed by organizations the conservatives targeted.

CORE, whose lead partner is CARE, is losing its central source of money, meaning its work survives only if it can win grants from individual USAID missions in target countries.

Family Health International, the lead organization of IMPACT, brought hundreds of local and religious groups into its $441 million project, but was told the administration wants new partners, said Sheila Mitchell, senior vice president of FHI's Institute for HIV/AIDS.

Dybul said the changes are in keeping with the shift to local groups. Any suggestion of political motivation is "inaccurate and offensive to people doing this work," he said. Millions of grant dollars still go to the groups that were criticized. One grant was delayed when Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., complained last year about renewing $14 million to Population Services International, a leading nonprofit condom distributor.

The group's bingo-style games that teach Guatemalan prostitutes about safe sex misused funds "to exploit victims of the sex trade," Coburn said. But Sen. Larry Craig (news, bio, voting record), R-Idaho, then wrote to praise PSI's work as "provably effective and efficient."

USAID divided the grant; condom distribution was separated into the smaller part so that religious groups could apply for the other part. PSI eventually won the larger grant. The second is outstanding.

Although administration critics frequently cite PSI as a group that fell from favor under the new initiative, "we have not been eviscerated," said Stewart Parkinson, a senior program analyst. The group lost U.S. grants in Uganda and Tanzania but retained others. And Parkinson said he had no indication of political motivation. - news.yahoo.com


Mengele's Legacy Lives On: Inhumane Experiments on Children in America

by John W. Whitehead - 4/18/2005 - The Rutherford Institute

Inevitably, when we hear about humans being experimented on, our minds turn to the Auschwitz concentration camp and the infamous Nazi Angel of Death, Josef Mengele. Seen as immoral and scientifically dubious, Mengele's work included placing human beings in pressure chambers, freezing them to death, testing drugs on them and castrating them. He also injected children with lethal germs, removed their organs and limbs and performed sex change operations on them. His primary interest was twins. The Nuremberg Code, created as a reaction to the horrors of Mengele's work, provided directives for human experimentation to protect the experimental subject from even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death. Above all else, the Code stressed that it is necessary to obtain voluntary, informed consent from the patient.

Despite the existence of this code and subsequent medical ethics codes, Mengele's legacy lives on. This time, the culprit is none other than the United States government through its involvement in numerous questionable and immoral human research programs. Lest you think that the scientific community and government agencies would not carry out immoral experiments on humans, particularly children, think again. For example, the federal Environmental Protection Agency's forays into human experimentation recently came to light after the Washington Post reported that the EPA had approved a two-year study in which families who use pesticides in Duval County, Fla., would be paid to continue using them and to monitor their children's exposure. Each family would be paid $970 in order that scientists might discover how children's bodies absorb hazardous chemicals. Although scientists may not know the full effects of these poisonous chemicals, they do know that children are at greater risk than adults. Yet rather than advising parents to keep children away from pesticides, the government is paying them to poison their children. Thankfully, after U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer (CA) and Bill Nelson (FL) threatened to block the full-time confirmation of Stephen Johnson, the EPA's acting administrator, if the experiment were not cancelled, Johnson ended the Florida pesticide program on April 8, 2005.

However, the pesticide study is not the only unethical experimentation in U.S. history. It is simply the most recent case. At a prenatal clinic at Vanderbilt University Hospital from 1945-49, nearly 830 poor, pregnant Caucasian women were given a drink containing radioactive iron. They were told the drink would be good for their fetuses. Within an hour, the radioactive material was circulating in the blood of the unborn babies.

The list of criminal experiments does not stop at endangering the unborn. During the 1940s and 1950s, the U.S. government was involved in many radioactivity tests in which humans, especially young children, were used as guinea pigs. Most notable was the MIT and Quaker Oats-sponsored testing at the Fernald School in Waltham, Mass., in which mentally retarded students were fed cereal containing radioactive iron in order to trace iron absorption. However, neither the students nor their parents were informed of the use of radioactive materials or the possible health risks.

From 1948 to 1954, Johns Hopkins conducted an experiment on 582 third graders, testing the effects of Nasal Radium Irradiation. Although it is now known that this procedure places the participant at greater risk for cancer, the government still has not contacted the participants to warn them of this risk. During the 1950s and 1960s, mentally retarded children between the ages of 3 and 11 at Willowbrook State School were intentionally infected with hepatitis. The early test subjects were fed extracts of the feces of an infected patient, and later subjects were injected with the virus in order for researchers to be able to study the hepatitis virus. In the 1960s, the D.C. Children's Center in Laurel, Md., used mentally retarded children as test subjects. They were given a diet pill called NeoBazine, which contains thyroxin, a drug that causes tremors, nervousness, insomnia and tachycardia. The FDA later found that this drug was not safe for use.

As recently as 1989-1991, Kaiser Permanente of Southern California and the Centers for Disease Control treated 1,500 poor black and Latino inner-city children in Los Angeles with experimental measles vaccines. The same vaccination was given to infants in Mexico, Haiti and Africa by the World Health Organization. It was discontinued after a large number of those tested died.

In a series of articles written for the New York Press in July 2004, Liam Scheff reported on experiments at Incarnation Children's Center in New York, where AIDS drugs were being tested on HIV-positive children, the majority of whom are orphans. Although the HIV test is not always accurate, once the children test positive, they are considered terminal patients and subjected to debilitating and experimental drugs. Despite the fact that these drugs can be torturous for the children, those carrying out the experiments seem to feel justified in doing so because the children will most likely die anyhow.

For some reason, people are more apt to allow cruelty in the name of medical research. Yet human experimentation makes a mockery of the Hippocratic Oath, which doctors swear to uphold. There is obviously no true moral viewpoint here. The Golden Rule of treating others with the concern and kindness you would like them to show you seems to have fallen on deaf ears in certain sectors of the medical industry. And one can only wonder, "What kind of mind operates on this level?"

When the world learned the truth about Josef Mengele's horrific experiments, he was immediately branded a monster. However, a few years later, similar experimentation was being sanctioned by the powers that be in America and carried out on unsuspecting American citizens. As the Alliance for Human Research Protection points out, these barbaric practices continue even today, "while government agencies maneuver to weaken legal protections prohibiting the exposure of human beings to experimental drugs, vaccines and procedures without their voluntary informed consent." And with the demise of investigative reporting, these human rights violations are rarely published and gain little public notice.

Unless we reaffirm our commitment to the dignity and rights of all human beings-and teach this principle in our homes and schools and continue into the highest levels of our public institutions and government, such experiments will continue. And we will have little right to condemn or object to the inhumane practices of other countries.

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute and author of the award-winning Grasping for the Wind. He can be contacted at johnw@rutherford.org.


Panel Faults Pfizer in '96 Clinical Trial In Nigeria
Unapproved Drug Tested on Children

THE WASHINGTON POST By Joe Stephens Sunday, May 7, 2006; A01 source

A panel of Nigerian medical experts has concluded that Pfizer Inc. violated international law during a 1996 epidemic by testing an unapproved drug on children with brain infections at a field hospital.

That finding is detailed in a lengthy Nigerian government report that has remained unreleased for five years, despite inquiries from the children's attorneys and from the media. The Washington Post recently obtained a copy of the confidential report, which is attracting congressional interest. It was provided by a source who asked to remain anonymous because of personal safety concerns.

The report concludes that Pfizer never obtained authorization from the Nigerian government to give the unproven drug to nearly 100 children and infants. Pfizer selected the patients at a field hospital in the city of Kano, where the children had been taken to be treated for an often deadly strain of meningitis. At the time, Doctors Without Borders was dispensing approved antibiotics at the hospital.

Pfizer's experiment was "an illegal trial of an unregistered drug," the Nigerian panel concluded, and a "clear case of exploitation of the ignorant." The test came to public attention in December 2000, when The Post published the results of a year-long investigation into overseas pharmaceutical testing. The news was met in Nigeria with street demonstrations, lawsuits and demands for reform.

Pfizer contended that its researchers traveled to Kano with a purely philanthropic motive, to help fight the epidemic, which ultimately killed more than 15,000 Africans. The committee rejected that explanation, pointing out that Pfizer physicians completed their trial and left while "the epidemic was still raging."

The panel said an oral form of Trovan, the Pfizer drug used in the test, had apparently never been given to children with meningitis. There are no records documenting that Pfizer told the children or their parents that they were part of an experiment, it said. An approval letter from a Nigerian ethics committee, which Pfizer used to justify its actions had been concocted and backdated by the company's lead researcher in Kano, the report said.

The panel concluded that the experiment violated Nigerian law, the international Declaration of Helsinki that governs ethical medical research and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Five children died after being treated with the experimental antibiotic and others showed signs of arthritis, although there is no evidence the drug played a part. Six children died while taking a comparison drug.

The panel recommended that Pfizer be "sanctioned appropriately" and directed to issue "an unreserved apology to the government and people of Nigeria." The company should also pay an unspecified amount of restitution, the report said. The panel recommended that Nigeria enact reforms to prevent a recurrence.

Aspects of the affair remain mysterious, such as why the report remains confidential. The head of the investigative panel, Abdulsalami Nasidi, said in a brief telephone conversation from Nigeria, "I don't really know myself" why the report was never released. "I did my job as a civil servant," said Nasidi, who is quoted in the report as saying he has been the target of unspecified death threats.

A New York City attorney for the families of the children, Elaine Kusel of Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman, said her firm had spent years looking for the report, of which they believed there were only three copies. They tracked one to a Nigerian government safe, but it was reported stolen, she said. Another copy was reported to have been held by an official who died. "It sounds like a mystery novel here, like John le Carré," Kusel said.

The current Nigerian health minister, Eyitayo Lambo, did not respond to calls and e-mail messages from a reporter. Dora Akunyili, director of the Nigerian drug control agency, said she did not know why the report remained confidential but added that her agency had independently concluded that "these people did not have authority to conduct the trial."

Executives at Pfizer, the world's biggest drug company, said they had not seen the report. After reviewing a copy, they responded in a two-page statement: "The Nigerian government has neither contacted Pfizer about any of the committee's findings nor are we aware that the committee has approved a final report. Therefore it would be inappropriate for the company to respond to specific points in the document.

"However, as we have stated repeatedly over the past several years, Pfizer conducted this trial with the full knowledge of the Nigerian government and in a responsible way consistent with Nigerian law and Pfizer's abiding commitment to patient safety."

Pfizer said it had previously tested the drug in thousands of patients and found it effective. Local nurses explained the experiment to Nigerian parents, it added, and obtained their "verbal" consent. The company said that Trovan demonstrated the highest survival rate of any treatment at the hospital.

"Trovan unquestionably saved lives, and Pfizer strongly disagrees with any suggestion that the company conducted its study in an unethical manner," the statement said.

At the time of the Nigerian experiment, Pfizer was developing Trovan for release in the United States, where it was expected to gross up to $1 billion a year. The FDA never approved Trovan for use in treating American children. After being cleared for adult use in 1997, the drug quickly became one of the most prescribed antibiotics in the United States. But Trovan was later associated with reports of liver damage and deaths, leading the FDA to severely restrict its use in 1999. European regulators banned the drug.

After The Post published its report, Nigeria's health minister at the time, Tim Menakaya, appointed a blue-ribbon panel of medical experts to look into Pfizer's actions, saying, "Let me assure you that my ministry will take all necessary steps to obtain details of this incident and make them known to the general public." The committee collected hundreds of documents and interviewed at least 26 people.

Pfizer had told authorities that a Nigerian doctor directed the experiment. The committee, however, found that researchers from Pfizer's U.S. office controlled the trial, and the inexperienced Kano doctor, Abdulhamid Isa Dutse, was the principal investigator "only by name." Publications listed Dutse as the lead author of articles on Trovan, but the committee found that depiction "did not sufficiently reflect his role." Dutse indicated he was kept in the dark about the experiment's results and said he did not see at least one publication until the committee showed it to him.

"He was shocked that Pfizer could publish such data without showing him or intimating him with details," the report said, concluding that Dutse was "naive and exploited." The report quoted Dutse as saying that Pfizer's motive was far from philanthropic. "I have trusted people and am disappointed," Dutse told the committee. "I regret this whole exercise, I wonder why on earth I did this."

Dutse admitted that he created a letter after the experiment purporting to show that the test had been approved in advance by a Nigerian hospital's ethics committee. He then backdated the letter to March 28, 1996 -- a week before Pfizer's experiment began.

Pfizer used the letter as a key justification for the trial in discussions with reporters and submitted it to the FDA. U.S. regulations require the sponsors of foreign medical research seeking FDA approval to show that the tests have been reviewed in advance by an ethics committee.

The Post previously reported that the hospital had no ethics committee in March 1996 and that the letterhead stationery used was not created until months after the experiment's conclusion.

In a statement last week, Pfizer said that after that article appeared, the company investigated and found that the letter was "incorrect." "Obviously this should not have occurred and the company very much regrets that it did," the statement said. "It is important to point out, though, that Pfizer thought proper procedure had been followed at the time of the clinical study."

The former director of Nigeria's version of the FDA said the agency had been unaware of the experiment. He told the panel that he "viewed the conduct of the trial by Pfizer as an act of deception and misuse of privilege."

The report said the treatment of two children during the experiment represented unspecified "serious deviations" from the trial's protocol and concluded that those deviations compromised their care. One was a 10-year-old girl identified only as Patient No. 0069, who was given the experimental antibiotic for three days as her condition deteriorated. She died without receiving any other antibiotic.

Last week, Rep. Tom Lantos of California, the senior Democrat on the International Relations Committee, described the report's findings as "absolutely appalling" and called on Pfizer to open its records.

"I think it borders on the criminal that the large pharmaceutical companies, both here and in Europe, are using these poor, illiterate and uninformed people as guinea pigs," Lantos said.

Lantos said he expected to introduce a bill requiring U.S. researchers to give regulators details of tests they plan in developing countries. "It's the only ethical thing to do," Lantos said. The bill is similar to one his committee approved in 2001 that did not make it out of the House. "There should be a lot of bipartisan support for it. This outrages people."

The report's findings also breathe new life into a lawsuit against Pfizer, according to Kusel, who represents 30 Nigerian families. "It's great news, I'm very excited," she said when told of the committee's conclusions.

The families sued Pfizer in federal court in New York in 2001, alleging that the company had exposed the children to "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment."

A U.S. judge dismissed the suit last summer, saying U.S. courts lacked jurisdiction. Kusel is appealing. "A report like this does not get suppressed without someone high up being involved," she said.




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