Timid new world;

The future of class warfare - The 4th Industrial revolution - top down control mechanisms & the widening of the gaps

By Capt. Wardrobe Aug 26th 2020

Note; the following was written after making notes after viewing the Incite Seminars August 22, 2020 Zoom presentation
by Alison McDowell and Joseph Gonzalez

Level Up: Life In A Post Pandemic Video Game

included further down this page

The World Economic Forum has presented a new paradigm in global society - a push towards technological systems as a method of frameworking human societical existence.

Industrial revolutions have proven to be empirical political use of technology to control human resources - Systems have been built to enable / disable / control input/output from humans within an industrialised scenario based on an ever upgrading technological & cultural progression. These upgrades have been labelled 'improvements' - but it is fast becoming apparent that such improvement is actually an extension of the same mechanisms used in industrial control & subjugation of all human culture, indigenous & post modern.

What I propose is that - the animal that what it is; we are witnessing; is the final stages of the ideology known as Corporate Fascism - resulting from the merger of Corporation & State...but upgraded to form a Technocratic element of Elites, whose aim is to create & design a mallebale virtual world of totalistic cultic control. The method of this control is based in behavioural economics. The Military Industrial state has morphed into a Military Industrial health & entrainment system.


"Influencing people's behaviour is nothing new to Government, which has often used tools such as legislation, regulation or taxation to achieve desired policy outcomes.

But many of the biggest policy challenges we are now facing - such as the increase in people with chronic health conditions – will only be resolved if we are successful in persuading people to change their behaviour, their lifestyles or their existing habits. Fortunately, over the last decade, our understanding of influences on behaviour has increased significantly and this points the way to new approaches and new solutions.

So whilst behavioural theory has already been deployed to good effect in some areas, it has much greater potential to help us.

To realise that potential, we have to build our capacity and ensure that we have a sophisticated understanding of what does influence behaviour."

Cabinet office Institute for government

Covid 19 has similarly enabled a burgeoning global Totalitarianism based on Biosecurity. This situation labelled a pandemic has been largely possible due to the the state of fear of 'terror', originally placed onto an unwitting population after the 'Catalysing event' that the planet witnessed as the Terror Attacks on 911. The ramping up of Authoritarian response to attacks has largely enabled a gradual laxing of democratic process & Human rights in the guise of protection & security.

The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm in The war on Terror
(The Hegelian Dialectic)

1) The government creates or exploits a problem
2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights
3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis

see more about the laws brought in after 11th Sept. 2001

Rampant cronyism, privatisation of all major public services

Institutionalised Racism - Abuse of asylum seekers by private corporate security goons
Arrest & internemnt without due evidence based on suspicion alone...
Secret evidence can be used in trial....
House arrest as control orders for 'terror' suspects
Possession of property if suspected of 'terror' links'
Anti-Social Behavior Orders
Undercover Police in Bars & Restaurants watching for Anti-Social Behavior
Banning of unnapproved protest in public places

Biometric ID cards cited as solution

'Suspicious behavior' detection by CCTV
Body Scanners in Airports and Train stations
Constant ramping of terror fear, bomb threats, terror swoops.
Infiltration of Media by Intelligence services
Perception management - 'Government events' see cheering crowds hired for the occasion
Armed police units with a Shoot to kill policy on the streets
involvement in War on terror in Afghanistan...Lies over Saddam WMD, illegal bombings, invasion & occupation in Iraq

Covid 19 -

The authoritarian measures have now grown to include the following:

– checkpoints (asking about travel, checking temperatures)

– temperature screenings at some airports

– contact tracing apps cataloging all your movements and contacts

– emergency orders/executive orders supporting forced vaccinations, isolation, and quarantine

– involuntary quarantine centers/camps

– thermal drones watching people from the sky

– talk of mandatory vaccines (or making it difficult to live without vaccination)

–face recognition tech to fight covid19 (by tracking people violating lockdowns)

– discussion of immunity passports/digital certificates to travel

– censorship of alternative viewpoints

– raiding of businesses for not closing

– arrests of people violating lockdown

– ankle monitors for those violating quarantine orders

– roving cops searching for people not in the “proper” places”

Derrick Broze - The Last American Vagabond

The 4th industrial revolution promises to be a technotopia of augmented reality and a push towards a new era of bio machine interfaces - robotic manufacture & super tech healthcare - proposals have been put forward and we can now witness the installing of an architecture for human data interaction with the system via a globally covered satellite / ground linked super powerful internet data highway.

The Covid19 event saw technocratic elites announce the benefits of utilising this crisis, eventually gaining momentum for a global economic reset.

"The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making…….As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.”

archived link [source of quote via Off Guardian]

Proposals suggest a new era of economics generated and controlled by a post human artificially intelligent digital ledger [blockchain] based system.

CryptoCurrency - a virtual 'money' based on data - has been cited as the mode of wealth exchange. The reality of cash is to be replaced with virtual tokens which will come to represent an earned status.

With the notion of earning a societal status, Humanity will exist within a behaviour based architecture of control. All humans are cited to become Avatars. They will 'own' & 'control' their digital presence within a game play sandbox environment.

“Yes, we are in a game. We are all being simulated in a Twin Cities simulation, as stated by WEF website. And as a game developer myself, I can tell you that the digital characters in a simulation observe what is called path planning. You see it in most games, where computer AI characters have to traverse terrain in order to get from point A to point B. But path planning can also be done with other metrics, such as career planning.

An assessment of your traits and character personalities are performed and turned into a profile. Based on your score, a planning algorithm will then map out a path that suits your abilities, with a series of skills that you can try to attain (re-skilling).

There is an algorithm called Goal Oriented Action Planning that was invented for the popular game F.E.A.R. where character agent's goals are met by performing various pre-determined actions (skills and learning) in order to get to the goal. These actions all have preconditions. The computer will map out those steps for the characters (you). So, your attainment of "badges" and "certificates" are the pre-conditions for actions you will be taking that was created by AI. So long as you meet these pre-conditions, you get to advance to the next action or state or level or goals of the game, as decided by AI. And yes, impact investors are in the mix of all of this. Investing in the future human capital.”

- Bantam Joe - [Game Designer]

Welcome to Identikit humanity

Humanity is sleep walking into a trap...

state control (via PR through social media & elite controlled linguistic & behavioural sciences) want to label people. As we have seen from history, it makes them easier to track, monitor utilise when useful and dispose of when an irritant.

This is happening for a reason. Creating hyper real enhanced socio political - sexual labels for people to join.

Making teams to fight in their colloseum. They are created by agent provocatuers as cults.

Agents begin by telling potential members "being labelled"- makes them free.

Basically, the 'controllers', people who believe they are the educated set, the elite above the many, are selling oppositional defiance as a type of nazi yellow star in a attractive memetic way.


Passports will become impossible to identify people. This in itself is a good thing for humanity, lose borders...while keeping or constructing their own identity via real freedom.


Maybe the population will be encouraged into accepting an innocuous identity laser tattoo - or the implantable chip, as a mark of identity and with it the supposed 'user friendly' continuous upgrade culture via a cashless smart society that will then proceed to enslave humanity into an inescapable societal prison. Thus making humanity believe it is free in a virtual neon digitised dreamworld.

The notion of freedom might become the ability to change identity via upgrading your image / details via the ID chip / tattoo & interaction on augmented versions of society via state employment based on todays social media...

click for an idea of a possible future

upgradable psycho social sexual fashion politics as a useful tool of a post national corporatist control hub.

Not far from now identity will be spray on. Digital smart dress up. Corporate mercenary intelligence - Politrix & Camouflage. Subterfuge & Steering. False activism to ensnare caring humans as terrorists... Selling control as individualised 'awakened' political thought as a groupthink fashion statement. Identity as an upgradable avatar within enhanced augmented reality.

A totally banal, crass, hyper real interconnected smart consumer environment.

Soon after the 'Emergency' Paradigm of Climate Change / Virus fear / Terror attack etc etc... is established as everday life - Smart infrastructure will permeate every part of everyday existence.

Every building will be able to monitor you & every household appliance from your toaster to your TV [Samsung: already happening] will inform you - & inform on you.

The next industrial revolution is upon us - techno-fascism as collectivist corporatism.

Order [NWO] from Chaos [war] must be sold to every human as a future historic evolutionary fact in order to implement this global control mechanism.

The future of commodity promises to improve humanity via;

1. the internet of things

"The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction." - IOT agenda - Definition of IOT

2. the internet of bodies

"After the Internet of Things, which transformed the way we live, travel and work by connecting everyday objects to the Internet, it’s now time for the Internet of Bodies. This means collecting our physical data via devices that can be implanted, swallowed or simply worn, generating huge amounts of health-related information." WEF - The Internet of Bodies is here. This is how it could change our lives

3. the internet of minds

"IoM utilizes Internet and IoT as its fundamental technologies, incorporating knowledge automation as its core systematic form, and knowledge computing as its core technique. IoM’s key tasks include knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, knowledge exchange, and knowledge association, aiming to build semantic connectivity among intelligent social entities." - Blockchainized Internet of Minds: A New Opportunity for Cyber–Physical–Social Systems Fei-Yue Wang Yong Yuan,Senior Member, IEEE, Jun Zhang,Senior Member, IEEE,Rui Qin,Member, IEEE, and Michael H. Smith

4. The prescription of; management & control of concepts of;

Food & sustenance
Disease & Medicine
Education & Employment
Housing & social welfare
Defense & Security
Entertainment & Culture
Environment & Climate

all within the digital framework of the next level internet within a real architecture of a densely populated smart mega-city environment.

You can access a larger glossary of terms here.

Via Level Up: Life In A Post Pandemic Video Game

Incite Seminars August 22, 2020–Alison McDowell and Joseph Gonzalez

"Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency mining system that leverages human activities, including brain waves and body heat, when performing online tasks such as using search engines, chatbots, and reading ads. “A user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously,” [click on pic for source]

Will it be a classless society?

The question remains; with this sort of architecture being proposed - which will enable people to exist virtually within a digital game reality. What will success / failure be? how will it be measured?

The increasing framework of Operant Conditioning type behaviourism can be witnessed in the ever growing panic caused by the authoritarian reaction to the Covid 19 pandemic. Many Governments have suggested access to services & amenities will be withdrawn from people who do not comply with strict measures to fight the outbreak.

Can one argue this is the architecture of control we will see become prevalent in the proposed 4th Industrial revolution?

If so - then one could argue we are witnessing a form of Technofascist neo fuedalism. One which will seek to control humanity from a top down perspective.

"We have entered a new Middle Ages: an era that most resembles the pre-Westphalian era of nearly 1,000 years ago."

Davos: Congress of the New Middle Ages By Parag Khanna

I suggest there will emerge [at least] five sets of class systems based on their function, Conceptually taken from an relevant contextual source
[George Orwells 1984]

1 - Proles - proles

Will live in Dom-cubes & educated to believe this is good for the climate / green issues.
They will eat robot distributed food composed of medicated protein from insects grown via vertical farms.
Sustenance will appear like modern packaged fast food, to complete the illusion of choice.
They will wear utilitarian clothes possibly virtual sports-entertainments based.
This will be sold at exorbitant prices to complete the illusion of choice.
Choices will stem from adverts implanted in their task driven access earning programs in online virtual life.
They will never be allowed to access any real employment promotion, although an illusion of promotion will be availble which will be sideways in nature.
They will be given a chance to win a lottery.
They will only have access & interaction within levels 1 to 100.
These levels are reserved as a testbed for the experimental behavioural command & control of the management of;

Food & sustenance
Disease & Medicine
Education & Employment
Housing & social welfare
Defense & Security
Entertainment & Culture
Environment & Climate

2 - Party members [administration]

Duties include management of the control of enforced choice; managed democracy; the fake 2 party system which is in fact a political class-

Answer to /interact with A.I global management system in sections; managing;

Food & sustenance
Disease & Medicine
Education & Employment
Housing & social welfare
Defense & Security
Entertainment & Culture
Environment & Climate
Will have Access to travel - & interaction on levels 1-200
All aspects of life here are controlled similarly to proles - only with more access
slightly better enforced choice of food, clothes and services - again only sideways promotion

3 - Party owners - GOVERNERS at Top Corporate & State level
Ideological implementers of behavioural system
Control - Social Health, Environment, Military, Intelligence & Security

Have the function of pretending/appearing to be the Top of the Pyramid



4 - The reality designers - Technocratic overlords - mappers of command & control system

exist in complete secrecy
access to all areas - 1-900
Development & access to advanced technology - held in secret - 50-100 years in advance of current enforced perceptions.



Oligarchy & Bloodline families / Dynasties - DESCENDANTS OF THE OLD ORDER
VIP access to all with access to levels 1-1000
Command, Control & Subjegation of all access & interaction with all levels

Do you really think these neo feudal technocratic overlords of the 1% will give the Proles a decent amount to live on as UBI Soc-Cred?

I see a black market economy rising out of this 4th Industrial Revolution / Globalism 4.0 economics...

A Culture of Humanity not being in the clutches of those who wish to control evolution & patent / privatize manipulate nature.

Surely humanity can continue as a conceptual idea born from a system of open minded, horizonally debated ethics & integrity.

The humans who hang onto old ways, traditions, crafts...passed on by indigenous cultures...will be in control of a great wealth. It will be like owning a hand grenade...in an Amish settlement, if you can forgive my clumsy turnaround analogy.

Those who choose to opt out of the coming techno slavery should be prepared, like the Amish, or any indigenous culture with a strong cultural memory - armed with ancient knowledge -

while those sitting in DomCubes wired into the matrix will be like helpless children - under a technocratic corporate fascism. Their abilities will only stem from what the Corporate hive will allow them to do.

This political class of control freaks with a god complex must be held to account. And...the masses must be hacked into & set free - matrix style.

Who knows? This planet is being directed into a style of political architecture more akin to a second rate Sci Fi Dystopia.

It may be time to "wake up NEO".

"Under the pretext of saving labor, the ultimate end of this technics is to displace life, or rather, to transfer the attributes of life to the machine and the mechanical collective, allowing only so much of the organism to remain as may be controlled and manipulated.”

Lewis Mumford


Surely before we try to transform humanity...we need as a humanity to purge it of all top down tyrannical control?

“To stifle any revolt in advance, we must not take it violent. The methods of Hitler’s kind are outdated. Just create a collective packaging so powerful that the very idea of revolt will not even come to the mind of men.

The ideal would be to format individuals from birth by limiting their innate biological abilities. Then we would continue the packaging by drastically reducing education, to bring it back to a form of vocational integration. An uneducated individual has only a limited horizon of thought and the more his thought is confined to poor concerns, the less he can revolt. We must ensure that access to knowledge becomes increasingly difficult and elitist. That the gap is widening between the people and science, that information intended for the general public is anesthetized from any subversive content.

Especially no philosophy. Here again, it is necessary to use persuasion and not direct violence: it will be widely broadcast, via Television, entertaining entertainment that is always emotional or instinctive. We’ll occupy the spirits with what’s futile and playful. It is good, in a chatter and incessant music, to prevent the spirit of thinking. We’ll put sexuality at the top of human interests. As a social tranquilizer, there’s nothing better.

In General, it will be possible to banish the seriousness of existence, to make a mockery of everything that has a high value, to maintain a constant glorification of lightness; so that the euphoria of advertising becomes the standard of human happiness and the model of freedom. The Packaging will thus produce such integration, that the only fear — which will have to be maintained — will be that of being excluded from the system and therefore not to be able to access the conditions necessary for happiness.

The mass man, so produced, must be treated as what he is: a calf, and he must be monitored as must be a herd. All that makes it possible to sleep with his lucidity is good socially, that which would threaten to awaken him must be ridiculed, stifled, fought. Any doctrine involving the system must first be designated as subversive and terrorist, and those who support it must then be treated as such.”

Günther Anders, “human obsolescence”, 1956

quote taken from this exceptional examination of class war in the future paradigm

The Truth and Affects of the ‘Class System’ by Skeye Hridayam

see also The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism Mark Petrakis

Bill Gates; "Now, I think the movement that we're seeing will be fully integrated into our lives. It will be pretty much like air, water, breathing. It will not be a cyber-space out there that we go visit. It will be in everything we do. " source

Klaus Schwab [WEF] also talked about the revolutionary change that has seen information become a commodity. "I described it as going from globalization to the next stage, which is Google-ization," source

Davos 2019 - This year’s theme is “Globalization 4.0”—building a world order and international architecture for the political realities of the 21st century, [..]and the coming age of automation (or, in Davos parlance, the “fourth industrial revolution”). source

"...we will need another level of innovation. Not just technology innovation—we need system innovation." Bill Gates - 2008 World Economic Forum - Creative Capitalism source

Bill Gates; “No, I want to make the most important speech which I will deliver this year.” And I asked him what is the subject, and he said, “I want to talk about the role of the corporation in society.” source

"Gavi [Global Vaccine alliance] was one of the first major platform initiatives of the World Economic Forum." Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, Bilderberg group member, and ex head of U.N Sustainable Development

"It’s always been a dynamic organisation, and it changes all the time, but I remember when we started with eight people in the basement of UNICEF." Corina Roberts, Senior Executive Assistant to Deputy CEO, Gavi source

"...we will need another level of innovation. Not just technology innovation—we need system innovation." Bill Gates - 2008 World Economic Forum - Creative Capitalism source

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